Updated on: 30th Nov 2020

Selenium Certification Training

9432 Ratings(4.5)

Our Selenium Online Certification Course teaches you everything from the Selenium IDE and WebDrivers to sophisticated HTML and the TestNG framework, Selenium Grid, and CI/CD testing. Important concepts including Selenium IDE configuration, locators, WebDrivers, advanced HTML techniques, the TestNG framework, Selenium Grid, and CI/CD testing are covered in detail.

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Updated on: 28th Nov 2020

Python Training Online

9452 Ratings(4.6)

With the Python Certification Course online, participants can apply their knowledge and skills to real-world projects, solving problems and building applications that simulate industry scenarios. This hands-on approach reinforces learning and provides valuable experience, making graduates of the course highly desirable candidates in the job market.

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Updated on: 23rd Nov 2020

Data Science Course Online

9665 Ratings(4.6)

Learn statistical modeling, machine learning, and data analysis with our Data Science certification course. Get proficient with Python, R, and essential tools through practical applications under the guidance of industry professionals. Our extensive curriculum guarantees that you are prepared for today’s data-driven problems, advancing your career as a highly sought-after data scientist.

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Updated on: 23rd Nov 2020

AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course

9500 Ratings(4.8)

Learnovita’s AWS Solutions Architect Online Certification Course allows to develop your information of AWS Elastic Cloud Compute, VPC, Aurora database provider, load balancing, auto scaling, and AWS S3. You gets practical enjoy the use of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-provider (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-carrier (IaaS), and private cloud programming.

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Updated on: 22nd Nov 2020

Full Stack Developer Course Online

9689 Ratings(4.6)

Learnovita’s comprehensive Full Stack Developer course offers certification and a placement guarantee for mastering frontend and backend technologies, honing your skills through hands-on projects. Gain the confidence to excel in diverse industry roles with the assurance of job placement support upon completion.

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Updated on: 06th Aug 2020

Java Online Course

9746 Ratings(4.8)

Learnovita’s Java Online Certification course offers an in-depth exploration of Core Java fundamentals, ensuring learners thoroughly understand essential concepts like threads, strings, and exceptions.

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