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Our online Artificial Intelligence certification course covers the fundamental concepts of AI as well as the most important AI application scenarios.Throughout this Artificial Intelligence certification course, students will acquire the practical abilities necessary to carry out activities in the real world effectively and professionally.

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A Comprehensive Overview of Artificial Intelligence

The development of computer systems that can carry out activities that normally require human intellect is referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). It includes a range of methods, including computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have the ability to mimic human behavior, improve decision-making, and automate monotonous jobs. However, as AI develops and shapes our society, ethical questions about its effects on privacy, job displacement, and prejudice must be carefully considered. Explore our comprehensive Artificial Intelligence course with placement to gain practical skills and embark on a successful career journey in this dynamic field.

Additional Info

Exploring the Upcoming Development and Trends of AI

  • AI in Healthcare: AI will play a bigger part in healthcare, helping with medication development, customized treatment regimens, and accurate diagnostics. While AI-powered medical imaging equipment will improve illness identification and monitoring, machine-learning algorithms will analyze massive amounts of medical data to improve patient outcomes.
  • Autonomous Cars and Transportation: As autonomous cars develop, safer and more effective transportation networks will be achieved. Thanks to AI algorithms, vehicles will be able to connect with infrastructure and handle challenging areas, which will completely change public transit and logistics.
  • AI-driven Personalisation: By evaluating user data, AI will power personalized experiences in marketing, content recommendation, and e-commerce. Hyper-personalization will increase client happiness and engagement, propelling company expansion.
  • Improved Cybersecurity: AI will be essential in real-time cyber threat detection and mitigation, enhancing threat intelligence and reaction capacities. Security solutions driven by AI will offer proactive defenses against changing cyber threats.
  • AI Ethics and Bias Mitigation: By placing a strong emphasis on these topics, transparent and responsible AI systems will be developed. Fairness and interpretability in AI decision-making processes will be ensured through efforts.
  • AI-driven Business Process Automation: AI will reduce labor costs and increase operational efficiency by streamlining workflows, automating repetitive operations, and optimizing business processes. Automation powered by AI will free up human resources to work on higher-value projects, which will promote creativity and output.
  • AI in Education: By analyzing student data, AI will enhance learning results, tailor learning experiences to each student, and adjust to their unique needs. AI-driven learning environments will make high-quality education more accessible.
  • AI in Environmental Sustainability: Resource management, pollution, and climate change are just a few of the environmental issues that AI technology will tackle. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered systems will optimize energy use and improve environmental conservation and monitoring.

Essential Tools for Maximizing Efficiency on Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning Libraries: Well-known libraries for creating and refining machine learning models include TensorFlow, PyTorch, and sci-kit-learn. To maximize productivity in AI development, they provide a wide choice of algorithms, data pretreatment tools, and visualization capabilities. Explore our comprehensive Artificial Intelligence course with placement to gain hands-on experience with these machine learning libraries and enhance your career prospects in the field.
  • Frameworks for Data Processing: AI applications can more effectively handle large-scale data processing thanks to tools like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. These tools provide fault tolerance, distributed computing capabilities, and support for several data sources, which improve the effectiveness of data preparation and analysis.
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Interactive environments for creating, troubleshooting, and testing AI code are provided by IDEs such as PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, and Jupyter Notebook. They streamline AI development workflows with features like code completion, debugging tools, and version control system integration.
  • Cloud Computing Platforms: Scalable infrastructure and services for AI development and deployment are provided by cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. They maximize productivity and shorten the time to market for AI projects by giving access to storage solutions, managed AI services, and GPU-accelerated computing.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Libraries:Pre-trained models and tools for text analysis and processing are available through NLP libraries like NLTK, spaCy, and Hugging Face Transformers. They improve the effectiveness of NLP-based AI systems by making activities like sentiment analysis, named entity identification, and text production possible.
  • Computer Vision Libraries: Tools and pre-trained models are available for computer vision applications through libraries such as PyTorch Vision, TensorFlow Object Detection API, and OpenCV. They maximize efficiency by making processes like object identification, picture classification, and image segmentation easier.
  • Model Deployment Platforms: Platforms like TensorFlow Serving, Flask, and Docker enable efficient deployment and serving of trained AI models in production environments. They provide scalability, monitoring, and versioning capabilities, ensuring reliable and efficient model deployment for AI applications.
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Tools: AutoML tools like Google Cloud AutoML, Azure Automated Machine Learning, and H2O.ai offer automated solutions for model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and feature engineering. They streamline the machine learning pipeline, reducing manual effort and maximizing efficiency in model development and optimization.

Job Roles and Responsibilities of Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Research Scientist: By studying machine learning algorithms and neural networks, AI Research Scientists develop AI technologies. They work with multidisciplinary teams, create creative AI models, and keep up with the most recent developments in AI research. Enroll in our comprehensive Artificial Intelligence course with placement to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a rewarding career as an AI Research Scientist.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: To tackle challenging issues, machine learning engineers develop and apply machine learning systems. Then work alongside software engineers and data scientists to create and train machine learning models and then optimize the models' performance in practical applications.
  • Data Scientist: To glean insights from data, data scientists apply statistical analysis, machine learning, and data mining techniques. They create prediction models, clean, preprocess, and analyze big databases, and then share the results with relevant parties.
  • AI Ethics Specialist: These professionals make sure that AI technologies are developed and used ethically. They encourage diversity and inclusion in AI development, highlight biases and ethical implications in AI systems, and provide guidelines and standards for the ethical use of AI.
  • AI Product Manager: These professionals oversee the creation of goods and services that use AI. They work with cross-functional teams to establish the product's vision and strategy, and they make sure the product complies with legal and business standards.
  • AI Solutions Architect: To solve business problems, AI Solutions Architects provide comprehensive AI solutions. They choose the right AI technology, work with stakeholders, and manage the deployment and execution of solutions.
  • AI Software Engineer: Using AI and machine learning, AI software engineers create and manage software systems. They create software modules and algorithms, incorporate AI models into software systems, and guarantee the functionality and quality of software.
  • AI company Analyst: To assess the chances of AI adoption, AI Business Analysts examine company needs and procedures. They carry out market research, work with stakeholders, and convert business needs into technical specifications for AI solutions.

Top Hiring Companies for Artificial Intelligence

  • Google: With a wide array of AI-powered goods and services, Google is a pioneer in AI research and development. The organization employs AI experts in several fields, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. Top AI talent is drawn to Google through initiatives like TensorFlow and Google Brain, which provide opportunities to work on innovative projects.
  • IBM: With AI-powered products like Watson, IBM is a leader in AI research and development. The organization employs AI experts to work on machine learning, cognitive computing, and natural language processing projects. IBM's AI projects provide AI specialists with chances to have an effect by concentrating on sectors including healthcare, finance, and cybersecurity.
  • Amazon: Across its cloud services, digital assistants like Alexa, and e-commerce platforms, Amazon uses AI. The organization employs AI specialists to create speech recognition software, recommendation systems, and logistical optimization algorithms. With Amazon's growing AI efforts, specialists in AI may now contribute to cutting-edge projects.
  • Microsoft: AI is integrated into Microsoft's software, cloud services, and research projects. The organization employs researchers, data scientists, and AI developers to work on initiatives such as Microsoft Research and Azure AI. Microsoft offers AI-driven solutions in several industries, such as cybersecurity, banking, and healthcare.
  • Facebook: On its social media network, Facebook uses AI for picture identification, personalized recommendations, and content control. The business employs AI specialists to create algorithms that boost platform security and improve user experience. AI experts may contribute to ground-breaking research through Facebook's AI research section, FAIR (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research).
  • Apple: AI is integrated into Apple's digital services, software, and hardware products. The corporation employs AI experts to work on initiatives including computer vision, machine learning, and Siri. Enhancing user experience, privacy, and security throughout its product ecosystem are the main goals of Apple's AI activities.
  • NVIDIA: Using GPUs and AI accelerators for deep learning and AI research, NVIDIA is a top supplier of these products. The organization employs AI researchers and engineers to work on robotics, autonomous automobiles, and healthcare initiatives. Among NVIDIA's AI ambitions is the creation of hardware and software tools for large-scale model training and deployment.
  • Tesla: With its electric automobiles, Tesla uses AI for predictive maintenance, energy optimization, and autonomous driving. The business employs AI experts to create AI algorithms for Tesla Autopilot and other cutting-edge driver-assistance systems. With a focus on expanding the capabilities of autonomous car technology, Tesla's AI efforts give experts in the field the chance to collaborate on cutting-edge projects.
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Top Skills You Will Gain
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Computer Vision Biometrics
  • Algorithm Design
  • Computational Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Course Key Features 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 5 Weeks Training

    For Become a Expert
  • Certificate of Training

    From Industry Artificial Intelligence Experts
  • Beginner Friendly

    No Prior Knowledge Required
  • Build 3+ Projects

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  • Placement Assistance

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Our Artificial Intelligence course enhances the hiring process, guaranteeing companies acquire proficient professionals adept in implementing and optimizing AI solutions. Graduates can expect competitive pay scales, with placement assistance facilitating substantial salary increases.

  • Designation
  • Annual Salary
    Hiring Companies
  • 2L
  • 4.6L
  • 12L
  • 2.5L
  • 4L
  • 11L
  • 2.9L
  • 4L
  • 6.9L
  • 3.2L
  • 6.2L
  • 8.2L

Training Options

One to One Training

₹23000₹ 18000

  • Exclusive one-on-one sessions for personalized skill development.
  • Latest version curriculum is provided by industrial professionals.
  • Get industry-recognized certification with placement assistance.
  • Lifetime Access to Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question.
  • Work on multiple Industry-specific projects to enhance your portfolio.

Online Training

₹21000₹ 16000

  • preferred
  • Schedule your sessions at your preferred timings for maximum convenience.
  • Lifetime access to high-quality self-learning and live online class recordings.
  • Attend a Free Demo before signing up.

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Corporate Training

Customized to your team's needs

  • Self-Paced/Live Online/Classroom modes of training available.
  • Design your own course content based on your project requirements.
  • Comprehensive certification guidance for your career advancement.
  • Get 100% Job-oriented Training With Dedicated Placement Support.
  • Receive 24x7 assistance and support to maximize your learning experience.

Self Paced Training

  • 50+ Hours High-quality Video
  • 28+ Downloadable Resource
  • Lifetime Access and 24x7 Support
  • Access on Your Computer or Mobile
  • Get Certificate on Course Completion
  • 3+ Projects
12500 ₹4500

Artificial Intelligence Course Curriculum

Trainers Profile

Our Artificial Intelligence instructors, certified experts with vast industry experience, are presently engaged with top multinational corporations. Committed to imparting learners with the latest insights and industry best practices in Artificial Intelligence, they ensure readiness for success in today's competitive job market.

Syllabus of Artificial Intelligence Online Course Download syllabus

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • History and Evolution of AI
  • Applications of AI
  • Narrow vs. General Intelligence
  • Ethical Considerations in AI
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Feature Engineering
  • Model Evaluation and Validation
  • Basics of Neural Networks
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • Transfer Learning
  • Introduction to NLP
  • Text Preprocessing
  • Language Modeling
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER)
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Translation
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Image Processing Techniques
  • Object Detection and Recognition
  • Image Classification
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Video Analysis
  • Understanding AI Bias
  • Fairness and Accountability in AI
  • Bias in Data and Algorithms
  • AI Regulation and Policy
  • Responsible AI Practices
  • Introduction to Knowledge Representation
  • Semantic Networks
  • Frames and Scripts
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Expert Systems
  • Ontologies
  • Overview of Robotics and AI
  • Robot Perception
  • Robot Learning and Adaptation
  • Robot Planning and Control
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Governance Models for AI
  • Societal Implications of AI
  • AI and Employment
  • AI and Inequality
  • AI and Human Rights
  • Global Collaboration in AI Governance
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Industry Projects

Project 1
Sentiment Analysis on Social Media

Analyzing social media sentiment helps gauge public opinion, track trends, and understand user attitudes for informed decision-making.

Project 2
Image Classification Project

Developing an image classification model using deep learning techniques to accurately identify objects in images for various applications.

Project 3
Chatbot Development

Creating chatbots involves designing conversational flows, natural language processing, and integrating AI to engage users effectively.

Mock Interviews

  • Mock interviews by Learnovita give you the platform to prepare, practice and experience the real-life job interview. Familiarizing yourself with the interview environment beforehand in a relaxed and stress-free environment gives you an edge over your peers.
  • Our mock interviews will be conducted by industry experts with an average experience of 7+ years. So you’re sure to improve your chances of getting hired!

How Learnovita Mock Interview Works?

Artificial Intelligence Training Objectives

  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Coding challenges
  • Access to AI tools
Machine learning, data analysis, AI platforms like TensorFlow and Google Cloud AI, and the real-world application of AI solutions are just a few of the subjects covered in Google Cloud courses.
Our AI training program provides students the chance to work on real-world projects, which improves their employability and job preparedness by giving them practical experience and skill development.
    In the Indian market, artificial intelligence has bright career prospects. It is a popular choice for professional advancement, with increasing demand in industries including
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • E-commerce
Because artificial intelligence (AI) plays such a major role in driving efficiency and innovation, talents in the field are in great demand across sectors. Employment responsibilities range from data scientists and engineers to consultants and engineers.
Python programming IDEs, libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch, frameworks like Keras, and AI platforms like Google Cloud AI and Azure AI are examples of AI technologies.
  • Diverse Applications
  • Job Opportunities
  • Government Initiatives
  • Funding
  • Increasing Demand
For AI classes, it's normally advised to have a basic understanding of programming, mathematics, and statistics and be familiar with ideas like machine learning and data analysis.
Learning about AI can empower you to navigate the increasingly automated world, understand emerging technologies, and contribute to solving complex problems across various fields, ensuring relevance and adaptability in the future job market.
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Exam & Certification

Enrol in our online course, practice coding, work on projects and use study guides and tutorials to hone your knowledge and abilities and prepare for the AI certification.
A certification in artificial intelligence (AI) verifies your abilities to prospective employers, improves your CV, and shows your competence and mastery in AI technology.
Yes, holding AI qualifications greatly enhances employability and increases chances of securing employment, especially when paired with relevant experience and skills.
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Python
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty
  • NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Certifications

Recently Placed Students

Artificial Intelligence Course FAQ's

Certainly, you are welcome to join the demo session. However, due to our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards, we limit the number of participants in live sessions. Therefore, participation in a live class without enrollment is not feasible. If you're unable to attend, you can review our pre-recorded session featuring the same trainer. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our class structure, instructor quality, and level of interaction.
All of our instructors are employed professionals in the industry who work for prestigious companies and have a minimum of 9 to 12 years of significant IT field experience. A great learning experience is provided by all of these knowledgeable people at LearnoVita.
  • LearnoVita is dedicated to assisting job seekers in seeking, connecting, and achieving success, while also ensuring employers are delighted with the ideal candidates.
  • Upon successful completion of a career course with LearnoVita, you may qualify for job placement assistance. We offer 100% placement assistance and maintain strong relationships with over 650 top MNCs.
  • Our Placement Cell aids students in securing interviews with major companies such as Oracle, HP, Wipro, Accenture, Google, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Amazon, CTS, TCS, HCL, Infosys, MindTree, and MPhasis, among others.
  • LearnoVita has a legendary reputation for placing students, as evidenced by our Placed Students' List on our website. Last year alone, over 5400 students were placed in India and globally.
  • We conduct development sessions, including mock interviews and presentation skills training, to prepare students for challenging interview situations with confidence. With an 85% placement record, our Placement Cell continues to support you until you secure a position with a better MNC.
  • Please visit your student's portal for free access to job openings, study materials, videos, recorded sections, and top MNC interview questions.
LearnoVita Certification is awarded upon course completion and is recognized by all of the world's leading global corporations. The National Institute of Education (NIE) in Singapore and LearnoVita are the exclusive authorized Oracle, Microsoft, Pearson Vue, and PSI exam centers, as well as an authorized partner of AWS. Additionally, those who want to pass the National Authorized Certificate in a specialized IT domain can get assistance from LearnoVita's technical experts.
As part of the training program, LearnoVita provides you with the most recent, pertinent, and valuable real-world projects. Every program includes several projects that rigorously assess your knowledge, abilities, and real-world experience to ensure you are fully prepared for the workforce. Your abilities will be equivalent to six months of demanding industry experience once the tasks are completed.
At LearnoVita, participants can choose from instructor-led online training, self-paced training, classroom sessions, one-to-one training, fast-track programs, customized training, and online training options. Each mode is designed to provide flexibility and convenience to learners, allowing them to select the format that best suits their needs. With a range of training options available, participants can select the mode that aligns with their learning style, schedule, and career goals to excel in Artificial Intelligence.
LearnoVita guarantees that you won't miss any topics or modules. You have three options to catch up: we'll reschedule classes to suit your schedule within the course duration, provide access to online class presentations and recordings, or allow you to attend the missed session in another live batch.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@learnovita.com if you have any questions or need further clarification.
To enroll in the Artificial Intelligence Course at LearnoVita, you can conveniently register through our website or visit any of our branches in India for direct assistance.
Yes, after you've enrolled, you will have lifetime access to the student portal's study materials, videos, and top MNC interview questions.
At LearnoVita, we prioritize individual attention for students, ensuring they can clarify doubts on complex topics and gain a richer understanding through interactions with instructors and peers. To facilitate this, we limit the size of each Artificial Intelligence batch to 5 or 6 members.
The average annual salary for Artificial Intelligence Professionals in India is 6 LPA to 8 LPA.
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