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What is Selenium and Why Should You Learn Selenium | Everything You Need to Know

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Kavita Srinivas is a senior test lead who guides and monitors the analysis, design, implementation, and execution of the test cases, test procedures, and test suites. She has 9+ years of experience with Selenium-Java, Test NG, Junit and Cucumber, HCM, Payroll, Comp, Absence, Recruiting, JIRA & PoVs, Selenium, JUnit/TestNG.

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In any case, you’re at the perfect locales since YOU really want to learn Selenium. I ’m saying this since robotization testing has surprised the world and the business is searching for affirmed experts. Learn further with the Selenium Online Training. Assuming similar inquiries persist, also, at that point, don’t stress on the grounds that in this blog, I’ll give you 10 prevailing provocations behind why you ought to learn Selenium.

1.Open special source:

Any association can use Selenium to test their website or web operation and indeed independent programmers can learn and exercise robotization testing using Selenium WebDriver.The problem with other testing tools is that they’re moreover certified tools, or their functionality isn’t as good as Selenium.

2.No special zilches:

Most importantly, you can test the website on any cybersurfer, be it Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Internet Explorer or indeed Opera for that matter of fact. The simplicity demanded to work with Selenium can be related to how easy it’s to plugin USB drives to your system for transferring data.

3.Multiple programming language support:

Programming languages for selenium- learn selenium- edurekaThis has to be the single most important factor for any programmer to get into the robotization Testing sphere. The utmost tools in the request need you to be specialized in one particular programming language.But with Selenium, you won’t face too numerous restrictions.

4.Vacuity of frameworks:

Selenium fabrics are veritably analogous to templates. You can make slight revision to the law as per your demand for different conditions, rather than making noncommercial changes. There are colorful fabrics like:

  • Data driven testing.
  • Keyword driven testing.
  • Mongrel testing.
  • Module driven testing & numerous further.

5.Strong presence in the DevOps lifecycle:

Selenium forms an integral part of the DevOps lifecycle because utmost companies are now replacing Agile or Waterfall approaches with the DevOps approach. Also because utmost of the software products developed currently are delivered on the pall, web grounded testing tools.

6.Easy integration with other tools:

Selenium can be fluently integrated with other open source tools. Since utmost of the tools used in DevOps or else are veritably useful and open source, those tools have a lot of takers. And when these tools are integrated with Selenium, we can achieve robotization( nonstop testing in DevOps).

7.Resemblant & Distributed Testing:

This should be an important factor in impacting you to learn Selenium because with other tools, you’ll miss the luxury of resemblant & distributed testing due to system outflow( performance) or lack of functionality.

8.No reliance On GUI Based Systems:

Since Selenium tests can be executed without a GUI, the tests can be carried out on web waiters and robotization can be achieved by cataloging.

9.Inflexibility while designing test cases:

Inflexibility with Selenium- learn selenium- edurekaFor designing test cases in Selenium, you have the inflexibility to design it either via programming sense or by record and playback approach.However, you can use IDE to record your tests and export the programming sense to an original programming language of your choice, If you don’t have the specialized knowledge to script WebDriver law.Selenium WebDriver can be used to write your sense using programming languages( which happens utmost of the time) or you can use Selenium IDE to record your tests.

10.Adding demand for selenium testers:

Since Selenium’s operation is growing constantly, indeed the demand for Selenium testers is growing proportionately. Take a look at the below graphs to understand what’s their demand and how important Selenium testers get paid on a normal basis.I hope these reasons make sense to you and convey the significance of learning Selenium( demand & force).

Significance of Selenium

Contrivances around as are getting more brilliant at an extremely quick rate. It’s a lot of a fact that the vast maturity of the errands that were formerly performed physically are presently astronomically performed through programming. Another driving explanation is the expanding number of guests on the web.

All effects considered, we ahead long have 6 billion or further guests on the web in 2019. With such a wide range of guests, the commodity that generally matters is the fineness of the product or the web operation playing out a concerned errand. You may have no indication except for the verity of the matter is programming is turning into an inconceivable vocation choices and stages like Selenium have astronomically contributed to this.

There are really sure purposes behind this. Look at the stylish 10 provocations behind why you ought to learn Selenium in underneath passages.

  • Selenium has No Special zilches/ Cybersurfer or tackle demands.
  • Selenium supports multiple programming languages.
  • Vacuity of Frameworks.
  • Selenium can be fluently integrated with other tools.
  • Selenium has resemblant & Distributed Testing.
  • Selenium has zero reliance on GUI grounded systems.
  • Selenium has inflexibility while designing test cases.
Significance of Selenium

Demand for Selenium Certified Testers:

Being an open source outfit implies that Selenium can be employed by anyone liberated from cost. The device can be employed by an association to test their point or web operation and with the backing of Selenium WebDriver, free inventors can indeed learn and exercise automation testing.

Varied with Selenium, other relative testing bias are moreover authorized accouterments or their utility is n’t similar to Selenium. For case, Test Complete, IBM’s RFT, HP’s QTP, Ranorex Case. Selenium is the reasonable titlist as far as rudiments in examination with other testing instruments.

Selenium has no special zilches:

Another inconceivable benefit that Selenium offers is the customer does n’t need any unique zilches or program or outfit to run Selenium outfit. A customer neither bears a frame with 16 GB RAM or high HDD nor a Mac OS or Windows OS or Linux OS. A customer can test any point on any program, be it Firefox, or Google Chrome, or Internet Discoverer, or Safari or indeed Opera.

Selenium supports multiple programming languages:

The main variable for any inventor to get into the robotization Testing world is that it upholds colorful programming cants. Greatest biases are accessible in the request which requires the scholars to be well clued in one specific programming language. The most well- known pre arranging cants being JavaC#, VBScript, and so forth which are demanded by different biases.Still, if there should be an circumstance of Selenium, anyhow of whether its customer is talented in just one of these cants, he she can begin their profession with some other language, for illustration, PHP or Pearl or Python or Java and so forth.

Availability of fabrics:

Structures are principally the same as formats, which permits the guests to make slight revision to the law per their prerequisite for colorful conditions, rather than changing the entire law. The most well known systems are:

  • Information driven testing
  • Module driven testing
  • Admixture testing
  • Banner driven testing

As utmost associations are presently displacing Agile or Waterfall approaches with the DevOps approach, this has made Selenium a abecedarian piece of DevOps lifecycle.

Selenium can be fluently integrated with different tools:

Selenium is feasible with other open source bias and can be easily coordinated with them. Since the maturity of the biases that are employed in DevOps or in any case are extremely precious and open source, those accouterments have a great deal of guests. Likewise, when these instruments are coordinated with Selenium, robotization( nonstop testing in DevOps) can be fulfilled without any problem.

Selenium has resemblant and distributed testing:

Selenium has an element of executing different Selenium trials on an analogous machine or on remote machines. By exercising Selenium Grid trials are executed on remote machines. Assuming a customer performs equal and circulated testing, he saves time to run tests, execute the tests in an analogous machine, or can execute the tests on web servers too.

In the event that a customer is n’t intrigued to set Selenium Grid in his frame, also, at that point, he can use online Selenium Grids, as LambdaTest which gives entrance to beyond what 2000 program conditions over which he can run his tests and really computerized cross-program testing. In the business, executing the tests fleetly and consummately is completely abecedarian, which is beyond the realm of possibilities with different instruments.

Selenium has zero reliance on GUI based systems:

On account of Selenium’s no reliance on GUI grounded fabrics, Selenium tests can be done on web waiters and robotization is attainable by reserving its prosecution by coordinating it with different accouterments . No reliance on GUI likewise brings about extraordinary enhancement in customer’s machines.

Selenium has inflexibility while designing test cases:

A Selenium customer has the rigidity of planning the trials either exercising programming explanation or by playback and record strategy. Assuming a customer does n’t have the essential technical information to prearrange WebDriver law, he can use IDE to record his transferring out and test the programming explanation to a similar programming language of his decision for executing it as a webDriver test. More frequently than not guests use Selenium WebDriver to compose their explanation exercising programming language.

Interest for selenium certified testers:

This explanation does n’t need any explanation as we as a whole realize that Selenium instrument is one of the most sought after bus- testing outfit in the request with parcel of scouts looking for pukka Selenium analyzers.The beneath added illustration will help you with understanding their interest and how important are they getting compensated on a normal.

Selenium Testing


These are the main 10 apologies for why you ought to learn Selenium right now. You can principally change your vocation to an advanced position and can have generally fulfilling and most freehandedly compensated positions with you in the wake of carrying the right capacities. The Selenium preparing is accessible basically and the salutary thing is you can get the original whenever you need.

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