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Learnovita offers the best SAP ABAP Training in a classroom setting with placement assistance. We created our SAP ABAP Training from the ground up, from beginner to advanced, with project-based real-time training that prepares everyone for industry practises. With hands-on exercises and projects, anyone who completes our SAP ABAP Training in Chennai will become a master in SAP ABAP. Our SAP ABAP instructors have a lot of experience.

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  • 40+ Hrs Hands On Training
  • 2 Live Projects For Hands-On Learning
  • 50 Hrs Practical Assignments
  • 24/7 Students

Online Classroom Batches Preferred

24- Jun- 2024
Monday (Monday - Friday)

Weekdays Regular

08:00 AM (IST)

(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

19- Jun- 2024
Wednesday (Monday - Friday)

Weekdays Regular

08:00 AM (IST)

(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

22- Jun- 2024
Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)

Weekend Regular

11:00 AM (IST)

(Class 3hr - 3:30Hrs) / Per Session

22- Jun- 2024
Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)

Weekend Fasttrack

11:00 AM (IST)

(Class 4:30Hr - 5:00Hrs) / Per Session

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SAP ABAP Online Training Overview

Our SAP ABAP preparation is a placement-oriented curriculum with basic to state-of-the-art modules. Our SAP ABAP trainers are SAP experts with over years of experience in the industry. In our SAP ABAP training course, we deliver realistic real-time projects. Our SAP ABAP training in Chennai, and we provide you with training courses that match your role in the industry. SAP ABAP trainers at our institute are certified SAP experts and professional SAP consultants with excellent skills in their respective functional and technological fields. SAP ABAP Training will:
  • Our trainers are well-positioned to deliver/support SAP programs, the highest standard of training is guaranteed.
  • The course is designed to acquire SAP ABAP which meets the requirements of the industry.
  • This course enables you to sustainably develop and remain in a career ahead of the competition.
  • Trainers have realistic information to allow them to get scenarios in real-time. It helps them achieve their skills in their daily activities.
  • SAP ABAP Training Center has recruited seasoned professionals from the industry, who have been carefully chosen for quality SAP ABAP training.
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Top Skills You Will Gain
  • Transactions
  • Batch Data Conversion
  • SAP scripts
  • Reports
  • Workbench
  • Editor, Dictionary
  • Tools
  • Architecture

SAP ABAP Course Key Features 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 5 Weeks Training

    For Become a Expert
  • Certificate of Training

    From Industry SAP ABAP Experts
  • Beginner Friendly

    No Prior Knowledge Required
  • Build 3+ Projects

    For Hands-on Practices
  • Lifetime Access

    To Self-placed Learning
  • Placement Assistance

    To Build Your Career

Top Companies Placement

An SAP Associate performs SAP system analysis, design, development, and production support activities within the SAP system, demonstrates a high-level understanding of standard SAP data structures & processes. Experience developing in ABAP within the SAP ECC. And are often rewarded with substantial pay raises as shown below.
  • Designation
  • Annual Salary
    Hiring Companies
  • 4.6L
  • 6.5L
  • 12.5L
  • 4.9L
  • 7.5L
  • 15.5L
  • 5.1L
  • 8.25L
  • 17.2L
  • 5.5L
  • 9.2L
  • 18.0L

Training Options

Class Room Training

Talk to Placement Support

  • Experienced Trainers and Lab Facility Offer By SAP ABAP Training in Chennai
  • Best Practice for interview Preparation Techniques
  • Lifetime Access for Student’s Portal, Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question

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24- Jun- 2024 (Weekdays Regular)

19- Jun- 2024 (Weekdays Regular)

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Online Training

₹18000₹ 14500

  • preferred
  • Live demonstration of features and practicals SAP ABAP Online Training in Chennai
  • Lifetime access to high-quality self-paced learning and live online class recordings
  • Get complete certification guidance
  • Attend a Free Demo before signing up.

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Corporate Training

Customized to your team's needs

  • Self-Paced/Live Online/Classroom modes of SAP ABAP Training available
  • Design your own course content based on your project requirements
  • Learn as per full day schedule and/or flexible timings
  • Gain complete guidance on certification
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Self Paced Training

  • 50+ Hours High-quality Video
  • 28+ Downloadable Resource
  • Lifetime Access and 24x7 Support
  • Access on Your Computer or Mobile
  • Get Certificate on Course Completion
  • 3+ Projects
12500 ₹4500

SAP ABAP Course Curriculam

Trainers Profile

Our SAP ABAP Training in Chennai will become a master in SAP ABAP with hands-on workouts and projects. Our SAP ABAP trainers are well experienced and SAP ABAP certified working professionals with more experience in real time projects. Trainer have around 13+ years of Corporate experience .


There are no specific requirements for a SAP ABAP .

Syllabus of SAP ABAP Course in Chennai Download syllabus

  • What is ERP?
  • Why we need ERP?
  • Advantages of ERP
  • Major ERP Packages
  • What is SAP?
  • History & Features of SAP
  • SAP R/2 Architecture (Limitations of R/2 Architecture)
  • SAP R/2 Architecture (Types of work processes)
  • SAP R/3 Application Modules
  • SAP Landscape
  • What is ABAP?
  • Logon to SAP Environment
  • Transaction Codes
  • Multitasking Commands
  • Comments
  • Errors
  • ABAP/4 Editor (SE38)
  • Steps for Creating a Program
  • Elements in R/3 Screen
  • Output Statements
  • Operators in ABAP
  • Data, Parameter & Constant Statements
  • Data Types & Classification
  • Data Objects & Classification
  • Text Elements
  • String Operations
  • Control Statements
  • Field Strings
  • ABAP Dictionary Introduction
  • Data Dictionary Functions
  • Data Dictionary Objects
  • Data Base Tables
  • Structures
  • Views
  • Data Elements
  • Type Groups
  • Domain
  • Search helps
  • Lock objects
  • Primary Key and Foreign Key
  • Table Maintenance Generator
  • Creating a package
  • Difference between local objects & packages
  • Transferring local objects to packages
    • Variants Introduction
    • Creating variants in ABAP Editor & Data Dictionary
  • Message Class Introduction
  • Message types
  • Calling message class in Report & Dialog Programs
  • election Screen Introduction
  • Parameter Statement
  • Select-options Statement
  • Selection-screen Statement
  • Screen tables and its fields
  • Dynamic screen modification by using Modif ID Key
  • Select
  • Insert
  • Modify
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Internal Tables Introduction
  • Declaring Internal Table
  • Populating Internal Table
  • Processing Internal Table
  • Initializing Internal Tables
  • Inner Joins and for all Entries
  • Control Break Statements
  • Debugging Techniques Introduction
  • Break-points (Static & Dynamic)
  • Watch Point
  • Dynamically changing internal tables contents in Debugging Editor
  • Options to step through the program in Debugging Editor
  • Modularization Techniques Introduction
  • Includes
  • Subroutines
  • Passing Parameters to Subroutines
  • Passing Tables to Subroutines
  • Function Groups & Function Modules
  • Reports Introduction
  • Classical Reports
  • Interactive Reports
  • Techniques Used for Interactive Reports
  • Hotspot
  • Hide
  • Get Cursor
  • MPP Introduction
  • Relationship between Screen, Flow Logic and Program
  • Flow Logic Events
  • Process Before Output (PBO)
  • Process After Input (PAI)
  • Process on Value Request (POV)
  • Process on Help Request (POH)
  • Include Programs in MPP
  • Include TOP
  • Include I01
  • Include O01
  • Include F01
  • Dynamic Screens
  • Leave Screen
  • BDC Introduction
  • Recording
  • MDC Methods
  • Call Transaction Method
  • Session Method
  • Handling Table Controls in BDC
  • Legacy System Migration Workbench
  • Different methods
  • Flat file creation
  • Uploading Data
  • File Handling
  • Application Server
  • Presentation Server
  • SAP Scripts Introduction
  • Components of SAP Scripts
  • Layout Set
  • Standard Text
  • Out Put Program
  • Modifying Standard SAP Script Layouts
  • Including Logos
  • SAP script Utilities – Upload/Download
  • Smart Forms Introduction
  • Graphics Management
  • Style Maintenance
  • Paragraph Formats
  • CharLearnoVitar Formats
  • Writing print program and designing layouts
  • ALV Reports Introduction
  • ALV \through Function Modules
  • ALV Types
  • Introduction to Distributed Environment
  • Introduction to Cross Application
  • Introduction to RFC
  • Ceating RFC Destination between 2 Systems
  • Creating Remote Enabled Function Modules
  • Creating program using Remote Enabled Function Modules
  • ALE Basics
  • Overview of Outbound & Inbound Process
  • Configuration Steps
  • Define Lgical systems
  • Assign client to logical system
  • RFC Destination
  • Customer distribution model
  • Creating Ports
  • What is an Idoc?
  • Types of Idoc
  • oBasic Idocs
  • o Extension Idocs
  • Creating Idocs
  • Message Types
  • Assigning Idoc type to Message type
  • EDI Basics
  • Dofference between ALE & EDI
  • Overview of Outbound & Inbound Process
  • Configuration Steps
  • Port Creation
  • Partner Profile Creation
  • BAPI Overview
  • Creation of BAPI
  • What is workflow?
  • Overview of workflow
  • User Exits Overview
  • Types of User Exits
  • Field Exit
  • Screen Exit
  • Function Exit
  • Menu Exit
  • BADIs Overview
  • Defining a BADI
  • Implementing a BADI
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Need customized curriculum?

Industry Projects

Project 1
SAP link for ABAP Development Tools

SAP link for ABAP in Eclipse brings ease of use to SAP Code Exchange ABAP developers.

Project 2

This Project is use generate your professional Excel spreadsheet from ABAP.

Project 3
Amazon Portal to Sage 11 ERP

In This Project we will Develop an Interface from Amazon Portal to Sage 11 ERP system to UPS Portal

Mock Interviews

  • Mock interviews by Learnovita give you the platform to prepare, practice and experience the real-life job interview. Familiarizing yourself with the interview environment beforehand in a relaxed and stress-free environment gives you an edge over your peers.
  • In our mock interviews will be conducted by industry best SAP ABAP Training in Chennai experts with an average experience of 7+ years. So you’re sure to improve your chances of getting hired!

How Learnovita Mock Interview Works?

SAP ABAP Training Objectives

  • Developers use SAP ABAP to build the SAP R3 Platform.
  • When it comes to programming, it is a basic language that is simple to pick up.
  • It gives you the option of using procedural or object-oriented programming.
  • It also assists SAP customers with the enhancement of SAP-based applications.
  • In comparison to Java, C#, and C++, ABAP is not a difficult language to understand. The challenge is more in being able to convert a business requirement/user requirement into a technical solution/code; it has more to do with the essence of the program/application you're writing than with the programming language itself.
  • The main goal of SAP ABAP is to learn the key concepts of Object Oriented Programming and how to incorporate them into SAP ABAP to implement different applications, as well as to learn the concepts of ABAP Objects and how to use them in Workbench tools to create and improve their own business applications.
  • Basics of ERP.
  • Scientific information about SAP R/3.
  • ASAP methodology.
  • ABAP fundamentals are covered in this article.
  • Operation of internal tables.
  • A debugger for the ABAP programming language.
  • In-depth analysis of DDIC.
  • SAP's ABAP domain offers a diverse range of career opportunities.
  • Given a programmer's commitment, ABAP may provide a significant career boost.
  • When joining the SAP group, one begins as a trainee, then progresses to junior consultant, consultant, senior consultant, and finally lead consultant.
  • Not every IT professional is a programmer, and programming knowledge is not needed.
  • In most SAP implementations, 90% of the people involved are business people, and 10% are developers who code in the system.
  • The role for which you will be qualified is SAP System Administration, which does not require any coding.
  • Layout design, modification, and management.
  • Sorting in ascending and descending order is possible.
  • Filtering the data.
  • Totals and subtotals will be shown.
  • Detail information is displayed.
  • Lists of items to print and a print preview.
  • Data extraction.
  • SAP is the most stable and effective platform for developing business applications, and ABAP is an integral part of SAP.
  • SAP's ABAP programming language has aided in the coding of many legacy systems that are difficult to redo in Java.
  • Yes, it is worthwhile to learn when used in conjunction with other SAP applications such as ABAP for HANA, ABAP for S4HANA, ABAP for BW, ABAP for BPC, ABAP for CRM, and so on.
  • Learning isn't harmful in and of itself, but make sure you use it as a stepping stone to more advanced software as you gain experience.
  • You might find that previous work experience will assist you in becoming a SAP ABAP developer.
  • Many SAP ABAP developer jobs, in reality, require prior experience as a SAP ABAP consultant.
  • Many SAP ABAP developers, on the other hand, have previous work experience as ABAP-developer or SAP BW consultant.
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Exam & Certification

At LearnoVita, You Can Enroll in Either the instructor-led SAP ABAP Online Course, Classroom Training or Online Self-Paced Training.   SAP ABAP Online Training / Class Room:
  • Participate and Complete One batch of SAP ABAP Training Course
  • Successful completion and evaluation of any one of the given projects
SAP ABAP Online Self-learning:
  • Complete 85% of the SAP ABAP Certification Training
  • Successful completion and evaluation of any one of the given projects
Honestly Yes, LearnoVita Provide 1 Set of Practice test as part of Your SAP ABAP Certification Course in Chennai. It helps you to prepare for the actual SAP ABAP Certification Training exam. You can try this free SAP ABAP Fundamentals Practice Test to Understand the Various type of tests that are Comes Under the Parts of Course Curriculum at LearnoVita.
This is the Certification levels that was Structured under the SAP ABAP Certification Path.
  • SAP ABAP Certification Exam (C_TAW12_740)
  • Learn About the Certification Paths.
  • Refer and Read Recommended Books Depending on Which Exam you are Going to Take up.
  • Join LernoVita SAP ABAP Certification Training in Chennai That Gives you a High Chance to interact with your Subject Expert Instructors and fellow Aspirants Preparing for Certifications.
  • Solve Sample Tests that would help you to Increase the Speed needed for attempting the exam and also helps for Agile Thinking.
Honestly Yes, Please refer to the link This Would Guide you with the Top 20 Interview Questions & Answers for SAP ABAP Developers.

Recently Placed Students


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Yes, you can attend the demo session. Even though We have a limited number of participants in a live session to maintain the Quality Standards. So, unfortunately, participation in a live class without enrolment is not possible.If you are unable to attend you can go through our Pre recorded session of the same trainer, it would give you a clear insight about how the classes are conducted, the quality of instructors, and the level of interaction in the class.
All Our instructors from SAP ABAP Classes in Chennai are working professionals from the Industries, Working in leading Organizations and have Real-World Experience with Minimum 9-12 yrs of Relevant IT field Experience. All these experienced folks at LearnoVita Provide a Great learning experience.
The trainer will give Server Access to the course seekers, and we make sure you acquire practical hands-on training by providing you with every utility that is needed for your understanding of the course
  • LearnoVita Best SAP ABAP Training in Chennai will assist the job seekers to Seek, Connect & Succeed and delight the employers with the perfect candidates.
  • On Successfully Completing a Career Course from LearnoVita Best SAP ABAP Course in Chennai, you Could be Eligible for Job Placement Assistance.
  • 100% Placement Assistance* - We have strong relationship with over 650+ Top MNCs, When a student completes his/ her course successfully, LearnoVita Placement Cell helps him/ her interview with Major Companies like Oracle, HP, Wipro, Accenture, Google, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Amazon, CTS, TCS, HCL, Infosys, MindTree and MPhasis etc...
  • LearnoVita is the Legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Students's List on our website.
  • More than 5400+ students placed in last year in India & Globally.
  • LearnoVita is the Best SAP ABAP Training Institute in Chennai Offers mock interviews, presentation skills to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation with ease.
  • 85% percent placement record
  • Our Placement Cell support you till you get placed in better MNC
  • Please Visit Your Student's Portal | Here FREE Lifetime Online Student Portal help you to access the Job Openings, Study Materials, Videos, Recorded Section & Top MNC interview Questions
After Your Course Completion You will Receive
  • LearnoVita Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the World.
  • LearnoVita is the unique Authorized Oracle Partner, Authorized Microsoft Partner, Authorized Pearson Vue Exam Center, Authorized PSI Exam Center, Authorized Partner Of AWS and National Institute of Education (nie) Singapore
  • Also, LearnoVita Technical Experts Help's People Who Want to Clear the National Authorized Certificate in Specialized IT Domain.
  • LearnoVita is offering you the most updated SAP ABAP certification training in Chennai, relevant, and high-value real-world projects as part of the training program.
  • All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning, and practical knowledge, making you completely industry-ready.
  • You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc.
  • After completing the projects successfully, your skills will be equal to 6 months of rigorous industry experience.
At LearnoVita you can enroll in either the instructor-led SAP ABAP Online Course, Self-Paced Training, Class Room, One to One Training, Fast Track, Customized Training & Online Training Mode. Apart from this, LearnoVita also offers Corporate Training for organizations to UPSKILL their workforce.
LearnoVita Assures You will Never lose any Topics and Modules. You can choose either of the Three options:
  • We will reschedule the SAP ABAP classes in Chennai as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities.
  • View the class presentation and recordings that are available for online viewing.
  • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.
Just give us a CALL at +91 9383399991 OR email at contact@learnovita.com
Yes We Provide Lifetime Access for Student’s Portal Study Materials, Videos & Top MNC Interview Question After Once You Have Enrolled.
We at LearnoVita believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics and Can Access more information and Richer Understanding through teacher and other students' body language and voice. Therefore, we restrict the size of each SAP ABAP batch to 5 or 6 members
Learning SAP ABAP can help open up many opportunities for your career. It is a GREAT SKILL-SET to have as many developer roles in the job market requires proficiency in SAP ABAP. Mastering SAP ABAP can help you get started with your career in IT. Companies like Oracle, IBM, Wipro, HP, HCL, DELL, Bosch, Capgemini, Accenture, Mphasis, Paypal, and MindLabs.
The Average salary of SAP ABAP Developer in India is ₹4,43,568 per annum.
You can contact our support number at +91 93800 99996 / Directly can do by LearnoVita E-commerce payment system Login or directly walk-in to one of the LearnoVita branches in India.
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