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What is Linux Operating System? | A Complete Guide with REAL-TIME Examples

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    • Preface to Linux
    • History of Linux OS
    • Design of Linux OS
    • Uses of Linux OS
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Preface to Linux

Linus Torvalds published the Linux kernel on September 17, 1991, and it’s an open- source Unix- suchlike operating system- grounded family. generally, Linux is packaged as a distribution that includes the supporting libraries, system software, and kernel, all of which are handled by the GNU Project. Several Linux distributions include the name” Linux” in the title, still the Free Software Foundation prefers the expression” GNU/ Linux” to emphasise the significance of GNU software, which has caused some controversy.Firstly created for Intel x86 armature- grounded particular computers, Linux has now been ported to further surroundings than former operating systems.

Because of the influence that Linux- grounded Android has over smartphones, Linux has the largest installed base of any general- purpose operating system, including Android.Linux is only utilised by only 2.6% of desktop PCs.Linux runs on numerous bedded systems, which are biassed whose operating system is frequently erected into the firmware and is largely tuned to the system.

History of Linux OS


AT&T’s Bell created and allowed of the Unix- grounded operating system in 1969. Unix was written entirely in assembly language, as was common at the time. Dennis Ritchie innovated the C language upgrade in 1973. Because a Unix high- position language perpetration was available, porting to different computer systems was simple.


Torvalds enrolled in a Unix course at the University of Helsinki in the fall of 1990. The course was tutored on a MicroVAX minicomputer running Ultrix, and one of the needed textbooks was AndrewsS. Tanenbaum’s Operating Systems Design and perpetration. Tanenbaum’s MINIX operating system was included in the paper.

Current development:

Greg Kroah- Hartman, the Linux Kernel’s primary maintainer, directs its development. The Free Software Foundation’s administrative director is William John Sullivan, who backed the GNU factors. individualities and pots ultimately produce non-GNU third- party factors.

Popular and marketable uptake:

Linux systems are extensively utilised in calculating moment, from bedded computers to virtually every supercomputer, and have established a place in garçon deployments similar as the well- known Beacon operation mound. Linux distributions are decreasingly being used in commercial and domestic desktop surroundings.

Design of Linux OS

Several open- source masterminds concede that the Linux kernel didn’t grow through development but rather through natural selection. A Linux- grounded system is a compatible Unix- suchlike operating system that draws heavily on Unix design generalities from the 1970s and 1980s. A system like this uses the Linux kernel, which is a monolithic kernel that handles train systems, supplemental access, networking, and process control. motorists for bias are either directly incorporated into the kernel or loaded as modules while the device is active.

A bootloader, similar to systemd- charge, SYSLINUX, LILO, or GNU GRUB. It’s a software that can load the Linux kernel into the computer’s main memory when the firmware login is completed and the machine is turned on.An init program, similar as sysvinit or the more recent Upstart, OpenRC, and systemd. It’s the process tree root and the first process declared by the Linux kernel. In other words, each exertion begins with init. It starts procedures similar to login prompts and system services.

Software libraries include law that may be executed by running processes. On Linux systems with Brownie- format executable lines, the dynamic linker that manages dynamic library use is known as Ld-linux.so.

User Interface:

Though a variety of stoner interfaces are available, GUI shells are the most well- known on desktop computers, packed with wide desktop surroundings similar to Xfce, Pantheon, LXDE, Cinnamon, MATE, GNOME, and KDE Tube.Most notable stoner interfaces are operating with the notion of the X Window System, known as” X”.It provides network translucency and allows a graphical program running on one machine to be shown on another, where a stoner may interact with it.Certain X Window System extensions, still, aren’t network-compatible.With theX.Org Garçon, numerous X display waiters are available, the most well- known being the standard perpetration.

Videotape Input structure:

Due to the diversity and complexity of different biases, as well as the enormous number of norms and formats controlled by those APIs, it must acclimatise to more match with other biases. An advanced userspace device library is also essential for having userspace apps that can operate with any format supported by bias.

Linux OS architecture

Uses of Linux OS

Web waiters:

As of May 2015, W3Cook provides statistics grounded on the top Alexa disciplines, estimating that 96.55% of web servers use Linux,1.73 use Windows, and1.72 use FreeBSD.

Laptops and Desktops:

According to web garçon data, the estimated Linux request share on desktop PCs as of May 2022 is about 2.5. Microsoft Windows has a request share of around 75.5, whereas macOS has roughly 14.9.

Mobile bias:

Android has surfaced as the most popular Linux- grounded smartphone operating system. In July 2022, Android was used by 71.9 of smartphones encyclopedically. Likewise, Android is a well- known tablet operating system, accounting for further than 60% of tablet deals in 2013.

Film Production:

For numerous times, Linux has been the platform of choice in the film business. 1997’s Titanic was the first significant picture to be made available on a Linux garçon. Since then, major workrooms have switched to Linux, including Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Pixar, and DreamWorks Animation.

Government use:

Several public and original governments have begun to favour Linux distributions. Every public high academy in Kerala has gone as far as being needed to borrow Linux. For its Loongson processor series, China uses Linux as its only operating system, enabling it to be technologically independent.

Features of Linux OS


An operating system is a stoner interface that facilitates commerce between a person and computer tackle. It’s a pivotal element of all computer outfits, including smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other widgets.

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