Why You Should Do Microsoft Project Certification

Why You Should Do Microsoft Project Certification?

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Microsoft project certification also goes through these steps which include numerous processes that also include training and testing. Initially, the trainer speaks to you and identifies your area of strength and weakness and accordingly let you know which modules you have to concentrate more. The module designed by Microsoft is common for all the candidates who are planning to take the course certification.

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Microsoft Project Certification :

In this fast-moving world, you are running with the time to get your work done as quickly as possible so that you can fulfill all your commitments that you have in life. Nowadays or task first thing people will look at is whether you are certified or not. If you are certified it portrays to the other person that you are well qualified and have complete knowledge about that particular process or subject. Now when you see in the outside world you will be totally confused because you will find there are so many institutes providing you with different flavors of certification promising lucrative features of it which will either land you in a good job or good promotion.

There is a saying “All that glitters is not gold”. In the same way, it is not necessary that whatever the institutes promise in their certification course you will get it. This isthat you have to take because the certification will directly affect the field in which you want to make your career or which is appropriate for your career project learning.

When you will go out into the market to find a good certification program you will find a lot of options. However, you need to select the certification which can get you more value in future. Out of so many certifications available in the market, you can opt for Here raises the next question why you should do Microsoft project certification? Well, there can be a lot of reasons to consider this option.

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft project learning as an operating system is has been famous for many years. You would have been hearing the name of Microsoft since your childhood. As a product, Microsoft is doing great in the market and the certification provided by Microsoft also holds a lot of weight in the current digital market. The uniqueness of the programs offered by Microsoft is its study material out of which you can learn so many things which can be implemented in your project. Now in the majority of the organizations for project management, they prefer to use Microsoft office suite as the operating system in the system. Microsoft office is considered to be the most standard official software used across the majority of the organizations for business purpose.

If you are working in project management in your organization so, in order to excel in your organization you need to do a future planning and you can gain that promotion if you complete certification. Microsoft office is considered as a basic training program by any institute in their curriculum which will make you with the environment and needs of the Microsoft software. Once you get the basic training in Microsoft program you will start understanding what exactly Microsoft project certification has in store for you. The material provided by Microsoft will also help you to get good knowledge on the subject.

As information technology has become an integral function of modern business so the organizations expect all the employees to have the capacity to handle Microsoft project software smoothly without any hiccups or showstoppers in between. Although if you are working in certain technology for few years you will develop the knowledge about the technology and know-how the system works, the importance of getting the certification and the value which it adds to your profile is still unmatchable. From working in an office and managing projects to constantly keeping in touch with new and upcoming technological trends and updates, gaining certification is the perfect way to communicate that you have the potential to handle big jobs at your organization.

Benefits of Microsoft Project Certification :

Like any other certifications available in the market which involves so many processes to achieve the certification, Once you join the course and go through the entire course module then there will be a training session that you undergo which will prepare you for taking the required examination and then you have to undergo examination for all the modules that you have learned and have to score the cut off mark required to get Microsoft project certification. In order for you to achieve the certification, you will be assessed on the level of skills and your ability to flawless use of Microsoft software to handle project management at your workplace. Microsoft has come up with innovative thinking for this training as there are different skilled people available in the market. The training is divided into two main categories:

  1. 1. For beginners
  2. 2. Seasoned users.

Let’s see what we have in store for both the categories

  1. 1. For beginners: This program targets the group of people who have a minimum or no knowledge about project management. This is for the people who want to make the and new to this program. Here in comprehensive training is provided to everyone who joins this. So if you are new to project management you can enroll yourself for this program. Most of the training institute provides basic Microsoft office training and how to use its various applications to get you familiar so that you get the required knowledge and knowledge of Microsoft suite before starting the course. Microsoft provides 3 days of course training session which involves classroom lectures by the trained and experienced faculty member, availing associated materials and resources for the course which you can use to learn the subject and polish your skill to make yourself exam ready. After that, you need to sit for the assessment and complete the exam. Once you complete the examination and if you scored the required cut off the mark you will be awarded the Microsoft project certification which will help you to build your career in this field.
  2. 2. Seasoned users: This program is for the individuals who already have knowledge and experience in project management. Individuals who are already working on project management and have command on it. If you are one of these individuals you can take this program. As per this program, there will be no lectures or training available for you. You can directly take the exam which will save a lot of time of yours. Once you take the certification examination you will be assessed on the skill and if you attain the required cut off the mark you will be awarded Microsoft project certification and this will take to higher positions in your or any other organization or to other organization.
  3. 3. Once you finish the examination Microsoft will award you with a legit certification that will include the level and skill for which you are certified and you can use this certification to show others that you have acquired required skill and knowledge in Microsoft project software and ready to perform any task related to it and you will also have high chances of getting promoted among all your peers.

Advantages of Microsoft Project Certification :

Majority of the businesses and organizations in this digital era are using Microsoft suites and completely dependent on it for their projects. As most of the organizations are moving towards digitization it will not be possible for them to hire persons who are computer illiterate. In order for the organizations to grow in this digital era, they need personnel who have the thorough knowledge of Microsoft and its products.

This is because today a number of activities rely on Microsoft suites for their project purpose, maybe it can be a small mail they have to draft and send it across to another department using Microsoft Office suite or to manage complex calculation projects in an organization. Here in you come into the picture of why you should have a Microsoft project software certification. So people when they are looking for someone to get help in regards to Microsoft suites they will look up to you for any kind of suggestion and solution. Similarly, when an organization is looking for someone who can step up to the shoes of higher position in project management, they will consider your profile as you are a Microsoft certified professional and they will have full faith on you that the justice will be done to the role provided to you in any circumstances.

As per the market survey, 81% of employers strongly look for personnel who have certification in that particular area so that they can avoid for whom again they have to provide training to make the person project ready. However, you would have been thinking how come employers decide about person skills basis of certification? Well, it is very obvious that a person will achieve the certification only when he has good knowledge on that particular skill if the person does not have proper knowledge and on the subject he wouldn’t have got the certification for the skill. So the higher management is ready to take that calculative risk of considering the person who has Microsoft project certification as Microsoft suite is one of the most trusted service providers in IT and their software’s will be used for years to come.

Many professionals have good knowledge on Microsoft project training management and this fact can be explained by the fact that Microsoft conducts a 3-day training program in Microsoft project training management where anyone can enroll themselves acquire the knowledge and skill set in project management and can excel their future in project management. Another benefit for the organization is that they don’t have to spend money on you to train and teach you about Microsoft project training management and employers don’t have to spend money on the individuals for their certification as you are already certified and it is cost effective for the organizations as well.

Next question in your mind will be the cost of the certification program as Microsoft is considered to be one of the top brands in the market. Well, this is the best part of Microsoft is that it is not so expensive to take the examination. For 3 day Microsoft project certification will cost you $150 which will include classroom lectures and accreditation which is very cheap when considering with other organizations and it also adds a lot of weight to your portfolio. If you want to download resources like an online e-book or any other services it is paid one.

However, Microsoft will train in such a way that you will be projected ready only after 3 days of training. However you can also opt for the expert level wherein you don’t have to undergo any kind of training or sit in a class to learn the subject and this will also save a lot of time and effort for you so that you can come, write the exam and if you clear the exam you can take your Microsoft project certification and go home on the very same day instead of waiting for 3 days. The price range keeps on changing for a different set of skills and level of training you want to undergo to strengthen your profile.

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Microsoft is not only just a system that you will have in your workplace. There are a number of times when Microsoft can be of huge help in your personal life also. So in this digital world, it is really important to keep your pace with changing technology in the market and project management is certainly one of them as many organizations are looking for professionals who are certified to take up an important role in the organizations. So keep yourself updated and certification is the only proof that will say that you are trained professional in this particular skill and will be able to handle critical project related things properly .

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