Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

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Digital Marketing is defined as the process of marketing or advertising the products or services in digital form by the means of digital technologies such as the Internet or the World Wide Web. Digital Marketing technologies started evolving in the 1990s and 2000s period. There are different Digital Marketing technologies to promote the products or services to customers such as Search Engine Marketing, Campaign Marketing, E-Commerce businesses, Social Media Marketing, Direct Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So you have finally found your dream job in Digital Marketing but are wondering how to crack the 2020 Digital Marketing Interview and what could be the probable Digital Marketing Interview Questions. Every interview is different and the scope of a job is different too. Keeping this in mind we have designed the most common Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers to help you get success in your interview.

Below are the 100 important 2020 Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers that are frequently asked in an interview. these questions are divided into parts are as follows:

1. Why is digital marketing preferred over traditional marketing?


This is the era of digital marketing and the prospects are extraordinary. Some of the reasons contributing to the success of digital marketing over traditional marketing are –

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Higher internet penetration
  • Easy analysis, better tracking of leads and performance & usually better performance-focused ROI
  • Better interaction with customers
  • Faster / Real-time optimization
  • Global reach
  • Easy access to product/service information for consumers

2. What are the different types of digital marketing


It is among the most frequently asked digital marketing interview questions.

Different aspects of digital marketing are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing

3. What are the best ways to increase website traffic?


Some of the most popular and effective ways to increase website traffic include –

  • Paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Writing crisp and interesting headlines
  • SEO activities including content optimization
  • Targeting long-tail keywords
  • Guest blogging
  • Seeking referral traffic
  • Posting content on LinkedIn
  • Implementing schema microdata
  • Linking Internally
  • Email marketing

4. Explain inbound marketing and outbound marketing.


Inbound marketing – This includes attracting customers and turning them into leads through different marketing channels like SEO, content marketing, viral videos, webinars, social media campaigns, etc.

Outbound marketing – It involves reaching out to the targeted audience via more traditional forms of marketing, such as TVCs, radio ads, print advertisements, trade fairs, sales calls and emails

5. Can you tell the difference between branding and direct marketing?


Branding is a digital marketing strategy, where a company creates a name, logo or design that can be easily identifiable as a brand name. It is a long-term process, achieved consistently and deliberately, and is believed to be one of the most effective ones.

Direct marketing is a digital marketing technique to reach out to potential customers through different mediums, such as emails, mails, pamphlets, catalogues, flyers, and others.

The basic difference between both is the time taken and mode to reach the consumers. Branding is done to build awareness, whereas direct marketing helps companies reach out to their customers directly.

6. Which form of digital marketing is better: SEO or PPC?


Pay Per Click or PPC is a form of paid marketing where one can display ads in the sponsored results section of each search engine’s results page by paying a fee, while SEO is a free activity that helps to build traffic by achieving high rankings in the organic search results. One can’t say whether PPC or SEO is better, as it depends on business requirements and most importantly, budget.

7. Which are the most important digital marketing tools?


Some popular digital marketing tools are :

  • AdEspresso
  • Ahrefs
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Buffer App
  • Buzzsumo
  • Crazy Egg Heatmaps
  • Digital Point Keyword Tracker
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Discovery
  • MailChimp
  • Moz
  • RankWatch
  • SEMrush
  • SubmitExpress Link Popularity
  • Unbounce
  • XML Sitemap Generator

8. Name some marketing automation tools.


Some of the scalable digital marketing automation tools are :

  • Anygrowth
  • io
  • LeadFuze
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • io
  • Constant Contact
  • HubSpot
  • ExactTarget/Pardot
  • Userfox

9. What is content marketing?


Content marketing is a marketing technique for the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and attract the attention of a well-defined target audience, with the aim of driving them to be future customers.

10. What is the need for content marketing?


A good content marketing strategy helps to –

  • Increase your site traffic
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Educate the market
  • Increase engagement with your brand
  • Generate sales in the medium term
  • Boost lead generation
  • Increase the lifetime-value
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition

11. “Content Marketing is a way to engage your target audience and grow your network of leads and customers” – Do you agree to this statement?


Good content does not focus on selling, but on bringing some benefit to those who read it, such as solving a problem, clarifying a doubt or teaching something. Content marketing must focus on what the public wants – really useful content.

Leads and sales are just the consequences of this process.

12. What is the role of SEO in digital marketing?


SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it helps your web page easy to find, crawl, categorize and help it rank on the first pages of search results. SEO is a crucial digital marketing channel that involves several activities like crawling, scanning, and indexing, measuring pertinence and recovering.

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13. What are the key areas for using keywords to optimize web page ranking?


Keyword optimization is an integral part of SEO and is done on title and content body. Key areas for keyword optimization include :

  • URL
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • H1 Heading
  • Text Content
  • Image Alt Tags

14. How will you determine if a link is a bad link?


Bad links are usually :

  • Links from a low-authority or questionable domain
  • Links pointing to irrelevant context and/or source
  • Links embedded in the suspiciously keyword-matched anchor text
  • Links pointing to a link exchanges
  • Repetitive links
  • Link from same anchor texts from different websites
  • Links from sites not indexed by Google
  • Spam links
  • Paid links

15. Tell me the tools you would use for Keyword Analysis?


There are a number of tools used in keyword analysis. It can be divided into paid and free tools –

Free Tools – Google AdWords: Keyword Planner, AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator, Keyword In, Soovle, Google Autosuggest, Google Trends, WMS Everywhere, Ubersuggest, Wordtracker Scout, WordStream Free Keyword Tool, etc.

Paid Tools – Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, SEMRush, Moz Keyword Explorer, Majestic, SpyFu, etc.

16. What is the difference between No-follow and Do-follow links?


Technically, the only difference between a nofollow link and a standard “dofollow” link is the presence of the rel=”nofollow” tag.

17. What is Google AdWords?


This is one of the most commonly asked digital marketing interview questions.

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising system, where the companies/advertisers bid on a set of keywords and get their ads to appear on search results. This is the most commonly used PPC advertising system.

18. How does Google AdWords work?


Google AdWords works on an auction system, which occurs every time a user carries out a keyword search. To get the most out of Google AdWords, your Quality Score and bid amount should be optimized. The better the Quality Score and bid amount, the better would be your ad positioning.

19. Name some Google AdWords ad extensions.


  • Affiliate location extension
  • Call extensions
  • Promote extension
  • Structured snippet extension
  • App extension
  • Sitelink extension
  • Callout Extension

20. What is Google AdWords Remarketing?


A targeted digital marketing strategy helps marketers to reach out to people who have already visited their website but did not make a purchase or provide any lead. Google AdWords Remarketing helps in targeting the right people with the right ad, at the right time.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, helps to increase conversion rates. ROI because the past site visitors may be familiar with your brand and may turn into prospective customers.

21. What is the limit for Adwords Ad characters?


For Adwords Ad characters, headlines and subheadings should not exceed 30 characters. Descriptions should be within 90 characters.

22. Differentiate between AdWords and AdSense.


Both AdWords and AdSense are a part of Google’s advertising network. AdWords allow the businesses to advertise on Google’s network, while AdSense enables publishers to reserve space for AdWords placements on their website.

23. How can you improve conversion rates?


Conversion rates can be improved by testing different elements on site, especially on the landing page. One can also experiment with functionality, layout, and style on landing pages.

24. What is the difference between page views and sessions on Google Analytics?


Sessions represent a single visit to your website, while page views represent each time a webpage on your website is loaded by any user. A single session can have multiple page views

25. What to do if an ad is unapproved?


Once you know why your ad is unapproved, start with fixing the problem there and then. After editing the ad, wait for the approval status. Do not panic as it can take one business day.

26. What is keyword streaming?


Keyword streaming is all about analyzing relevant keywords and choosing the best among them for the website based on its target audience. It is an important SEO activity to get organic traffic and leads.

27.Which are the required parts of a Google text ad?


A Google text ad has 3 parts –

  • Headline Text
  • Display URL
  • Description Text

28. What are long-tail keywords?


A long-tail keyword is a longer and more specific keyword phrase. Long-tail keywords usually have less search volumes but have a higher conversion value.

29. What should be the ideal approach for effective PPC campaigns?


The ideal approach for an effective Pay Per Click campaign should be :

  • Adding more PPC keywords to expand the reach
  • Splitting ads into smaller segments to have a better Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Reviewing non-performing PPC keywords
  • Refining landing pages to align with individual search queries
  • Improving campaign relevancy by adding negative keywords

30. What are some of the hallmarks of a good PPC landing page?


A good PPC landing page should have:

  • A clear call to action
  • Trust symbols
  • A powerful headline
  • A list of advantages
  • An image showing the context

31. List some of the qualities of an effective PPC.


Effective PPC qualities are :

  • Expansive – The keyword list should be growing and adapting.
  • Good quality score – It should get more visibility at lesser costs
  • Relevance – It lists targeted keywords.
  • Exhaustive – It should cover the “long tail of search.”

32. What are some of the important components of a PPC campaign?


The important components of any PPC campaign are :

  • Keywords
  • Ad copies
  • Landing page
  • Bid amount
  • Call to Action

33. Explain the benefits of PPC for Lead Generation.


Following are the benefits of using PPC for lead generation :

  • Attracts relevant and potential users
  • Helps to achieve immediate keyword rankings and traffic
  • Bids on various stages of the digital marketing funnel
  • Provides a complete control on message for each funnel stage
  • Effectively tracks the ROI
  • Grows your leads database and markets them with other methods

34. Which are some popular PPC tools?


Some of the popular PPC tools are –

  • SEMrush
  • Optimizely
  • Unbounce
  • Keyword planner
  • Adwords Editor
  • AdWords Wrapper

35. What is the conversion rate in PPC?


Conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total ad clicks.

E.g. If you get 10 conversions from 100 clicks, your conversion rate is 10%.

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36. Why do we do a competitive analysis?


It is one of the most frequently asked digital marketing interview questions. In an answer to this, you can say –

Competition analysis is believed to be the strategic element. It is a very critical part while chalking out a company’s digital marketing plan. It is very important to identify competitors and evaluate their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses. It is tough to establish a product’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) without doing proper competition analysis. Besides, it also helps to decide on strategies for attracting targeted consumers.

37. What is a responsive website?


It refers to a site created using Responsive Web Design (RWD). A responsive website is compatible with multiple devices and browsers and responds very well to user interactions.

38. Mention some bidding options.


Some of the popular bidding options are :

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions(CPI)
  • Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA)

39. What is the success metric of social media?


Social media is not just about likes and follows, if these likes and follows don’t convert into sales, leads or boost your business, they are not adding any value.

*Here you would need to put forward some intelligent examples and focus more on audience engagement.

40. Name the key metrics to measure the success of paid search campaigns.


The success of paid search campaigns can be measured by the following metrics.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Quality Score
  • Wasted Spend

41. What do you understand by the quality score of an ad?


It is the rating given by Google of the quality and relevance of both keywords and PPC ads. It is multiplied by the maximum bid to determine the rank of the ad in the ad auction process.

42. Tell us some effective ways to improve the quality score of an ad.


The ad can have a good quality score if :

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Quality Score
  • Wasted Spend

43. How would you use Twitter for business development?


Twitter is among the most imperative social marketing channels to boost the business, and the catch is the usage of the most trending hashtags, which can drive massive traffic to the website.

44. How would you use LinkedIn for digital marketing?


Using LinkedIn is an ideal way to boost brand image. With around 500 million users, it is a perfect place to communicate with the audience. One can answer the questions of users, participate in the discussion, and post brand relevant stuff to educate the users.

45. Why should we use YouTube for digital marketing?


It has become a very important social media marketing channel these days. We can present a better picture of the brand by creating interesting videos, which can help to boost SEO traffic, create brand awareness, expand social reach, and improve the ROI.

46. How will you write a perfect marketing email?


The main motive of sending out emails to the consumers is to make them aware of the brand and connect with them on a personal level. While sending out any marketing mail, we should :

  • Use a very strong and attractive subject line
  • Keep the mail simple
  • Landing page
  • Address the user’s need rather than talking about the brand
  • Keep the CTA hard-hitting and useful

47. What should be the ideal length of marketing emails?


A marketing email should not be very long and clumsy. It should convey all the important information in the first or to the max the second line. The entire mail should be read within 10 seconds.

48. Tell me what KPIs you would use in social media reporting.


The most popular key performance indicators in social media reporting are –

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Traffic data
  • Leads
  • Active fans/followers
  • Brand mentions

49. How will you Increase the CTR?


A Call to Action (CTA) button plays a major role in improving the CTR, as people tend to take action when they are asked to do so. So using hyperlinked tabs of Click Here! Know More! Shop Now! etc., can help to achieve an improved CTR.

50. How will you write a great CTA?


A CTA button should be simple, loud and very clear. To create a perfect call to action, we should

  • Keep the CTA button visible and upfront
  • Use action-oriented language
  • Create urgency
  • Talk in the first person
  • Keep it short and sweet

51. Have you ever heard of Google My Business? If yes then shed some light on it.


Yes, it is a service offered by Google, where a business can be listed on the Google search engine to have improved visibility. It requires :

  • Adding and updating business information
  • Adding photos of the business
  • Interacting with consumers
  • Responding to Google reviews, on time
  • Managing business information

52. What is Google Trends?


It is another very useful service by Google, which monitors the popularity of a keyword in a particular region in a particular time frame. It uses real-time search data to understand user behavior.

53. Should we use G+ for digital marketing purposes?


Being a service of Google, G+ was started as a viable alternative for Facebook, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for most of the businesses and thus it is not recommended for digital marketing purposes.

54. How will you avoid Google’s penalty?


Google penalty can be avoided by ensuring –

  • The website is simple, clean and well-performing
  • The website is mobile-friendly
  • The website is user-friendly
  • Links are not broken
  • Content is not duplicate
  • Smart keywords and tags are used

55. Why should you take up digital marketing certification? Is that even relevant?


Of course, it is relevant. Certification helps to gain and enhance your authorization at the professional level and adds value to the work. You will get to learn new skills and establish knowledge of the subject. Besides, it helps explore new work opportunities at professional organizations.

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56. What is AMP?


AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, it is a project from Google and Twitter to make very fast mobile pages. AMP is an open-source library that helps to create lightweight and fast loading web pages. It has enabled online marketers and publishers to create mobile-friendly web pages, which can be supported at different platforms, and is more compatible with all types of browsers.

57. How do you stay updated with new digital marketing trends?


This is one of the most commonly asked digital marketing interview questions. Digital marketing is a dynamic field and businesses want to employ highly skilled professionals, updated with the latest market trends. It is imperative that you follow blogs, podcasts, and webinars to keep yourself abreast of the updates. Fields like SEO are very dynamic as Google’s algorithms change very often. Tell the interviewer how you follow the most popular blogs and forums like Social Media Examiner, Mashable, Neil Patel blog, etc. You can also talk about network and marketing events where you interact with people that in turn help you enrich your knowledge.

Never say that you never do anything to keep yourself updated with digital marketing news, else the follow-up digital marketing interview question can lead you into trouble.

58. Do you think we are following some old school or wrong digital marketing tactics these days? How would you like to change it?


That’s why we said that you need to keep yourself updated on the latest trends. Do homework before appearing for the interview – go through the company’s website, check its social media, the posts, how they respond to users on social platforms and their LinkedIn page. Going through the clientele is also a good idea. Even if you have found glitches on their social platform, you do not need to be very honest and point out every error. Just carefully assessed the social media strategies of the company, you would need to come up with things that can help them have a stronger presence on those platforms.

59. What enticed you to this digital marketing vacancy?


Now it’s the time for you to recall the job posting and come up with the stuff that really attracted you to the vacancy. It could be the brand name, the opportunity, the designation, the location, or anything else. You need to understand the psyche of the interviewer, he is trying to know if you have made a good research about the company, its products, and services or you are just interested to change your job?

You need to focus on the role and say that how you wanted to work for one of the best organizations in the domain and how you believe that the opportunity can be a stepping-stone in taking the career ahead.

60. How do you think your knowledge of digital marketing will benefit our company?


Your answer should be all about describing your personal experience working as a digital marketing professional. Think about the skills that you have earned over the years and how they would benefit the business. It is always a good idea to mention any campaign you have successfully taken up recently and how such experiences can be relevant to the business you are being interviewed for. The interviewer wants to know what makes you different from the other candidates in terms of knowledge, experience, expertise and wants to make a decision.

These are some of the most common digital marketing interview questions you may be asked in your interview. Get ready with answers to these digital marketing interview questions. Your dream job is not far away!

61. How are you going to explain digital marketing?


Digital marketing is all about brand marketing tactics via online channels. It includes various methods and techniques like SEO, SEM, Link building, Email marketing, PPC, etc.

62. In what segments you can categorize digital marketing?


Are you a fresher and preparing digital marketing interview questions and answers for freshers, then start scratching from the basics. Digital marketing – the term can be easily categorized into two segments. Namely inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing refers to the technique whereby one can take up the assistance of social media, webinars, e-books, newsletters as well as the increase in the number of clicks on the links i.e. PPC.

This helps a customer to learn regarding the company and all the products offered by it.

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63. What is SEO? What is a keyword and how important it is in SEO?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique in digital marketing that allows increasing the website traffic quality through organic search engine results.

Digital marketing uses the keyword for user convenience when searching to find specific information on a search engine. For a better ranking in SEO, keywords are important and the place of applying keywords in content will reflect the site ranking tool.

64. What are on-page and off-page optimization?


On-page optimization directly handles the structure and content of a site whereas off-page optimization boosts the search engine ranking by fetching external links to point back to it.

65. What are the different types of SEO Practices?


The SEO practices can be broadly classified into two categories – White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. White hat SEO as the name refers, is the most legitimate practice to get higher rankings in the search engine result pages. A white hat SEO practice strictly abides by Google’s guidelines for SEO. The most commonly practiced white hat SEO techniques are publishing quality content on the website, HTML optimization and restructuring of the website, link acquisition campaigns

Black hat SEO practices are considered to be illegitimate and against the guidelines provided by Google and Google’s algorithms. Obviously, Black hat SEO includes the practices that aim at finding weaknesses and loopholes in Google’s algorithms in order to rank higher in the search engine result pages. The most common black hat SEO techniques include spam links, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links, etc that only mislead the users and redirecting to the sites that they didn’t vouch for

66. Why is online marketing preferred more than offline marketing?


Most people today go for digital marketing as it comes with numerous benefits. SEO, web development, and hosting are some of the most useful platforms for online marketing.

The range of leads is extraordinary. It is capable of one to reach a huge number of individuals quite easily via online marketing.

On the other hand, with technological development, a number of people reading newspapers, listening to the radio or watching TV goes down.6

67. How are bad links characterized?


Bad links have some characteristics like:

  • Website links that are not related to your sites.
  • Low Pagerank and Low traffic links
  • Links from link exchanges
  • Link from the same anchor texts coming from multiple websites.
  • Links from those sites that are not in Google index.
  • Blogs or articles spammy links
  • Paid links

68. What are the best ways to get a natural backlink to your site?


For a newly launched website, the chances of getting fast and natural links are almost zero. One common method to get a natural backlink is to write guest posts on reputable websites in your niche. While you write do not simply do it for the purpose of getting a link instead but instead, you can write for more than one time. What is more important is that you must do it only for reputed websites

69. Name some areas where keyword optimization is done?


For a better page ranking, keywords placement is important. The areas are:

  • Website Title
  • Website URL
  • Meta tag
  • Headings
  • Web page content

70. Why do you do competitive analysis?


A competitive analysis is a very critical part while working out a marketing plan for any company. It is identifying the competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service. With this evaluation, you can establish your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and therefore decide on what attributes you can focus in order to attract your target market.

71. Can you explain about Google Adwords?


If you are searching for online marketing interview questions, then it is quite mandatory to know about Google Adwords. Expect a question on this. It works on Pay per Click model and is the only successful PPC ad system in the world. It helps a business to create ads that will be displayed on Google.

72. What are the different ways to promote digital marketing?


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

73.  Name some channels to promote digital marketing?


  • Affiliated Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Social Networking
  • Social Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Video Advertising

74. How can you increase traffic to a website in the most efficient manner?


To effectively increase traffic to a website, you need to focus on SEO and referring links primarily. It will not only help you gain visitors but also assist in brand recognition.

However, the essential factor you need to focus on is User Retention.

For example, getting Moz Link and around 10 thousand visitors to the website is a good result. Though, you need to remember that the conversion ratio will be comparatively low.

However, converted leads are very certain to land on the website various times. But if you focus on retaining the users, you are going to experience an increased conversion rate gained from a few thousands of visits in just a few months.

By focusing on engaging users, you can go ahead with building a site whereby people will come back again and again.

75. What are the top digital marketing tools you are aware of?


Here are some of the top Digital Marketing Tools:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • RankWatch
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Moz
  • Google Analytics
  • StumbleUpon
  • Crazy Egg Heatmaps
  • Favicon Generator
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • Digital Point Keyword Tracker
  • Submit Express Link Popularity
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76. Are you aware of the difference between direct marketing and branding?


In the case of branding, the advertiser has to expose his brand to sites and applications having higher audience reach. The most known methods here are YouTube ads, custom ads, display target ads and remarketing.

But in the case of direct marketing, the advertiser is mostly interested in establishing communication with his target audience, very common campaigns here are shopping ads, dynamic search ads, Search Network only and others.

This kind of remarketing assists in targeting the right person or clad with the right ads.

77. Explain the limitations of Online Marketing


The limitations hitched to Digital Marketing are as follow:

  • The services and products that are offered as well as promoted are not merely tangible, and thus it is not possible for a customer to carefully analyze whether the products they are buying are perfectly Ok or not.
  • There prevails an uncertainty almost always since the services/product quality and their authentication cannot be fully confirmed.
  • Most of the time, the products that are seen online turn out to be differing from the products that are delivered actually to the potential buyer placing the order.

78. How relevant are digital marketing certification?


Getting Digital Marketing Certification will help you to gain and enhance your authorization at the professional level over the subject. It helps to establish knowledge and skill for digital marketing. You can take this as an advantage to gain more opportunities to work at a highly professional organization.

79. What attracted you most to be a part of the Digital Marketing Industry?


Try to prepare more interview questions for marketing freshers and be honest with your answers. First of all, here you need to say the reason you applied for this job. Is it the reputation of the industry that attracted you most? Or is it the high pay scale of digital marketing professionals.

Via this question, the interviewer actually wants to learn about your commitment to this industry and also what factors in you make you different and the best pick from all the candidates who are available.

Thus it is essential that you reveal your enthusiasm and full commitment to this industry.

It is only with an honest answer that you will be able to reflect your dedication and commitment towards this sector in the long run.

80. How has your qualification helped your digital marketing career?


This is a good question if your degree is not related to marketing or digital marketing.

In this case, what were the skills you needed to complete your degree and dissertation and how it can be applied in the digital marketing industry?

With this question, the employer wants to know what knowledge and skills you gained from the college could benefit their organization in the long run.

81. Can you mention any biggest challenge in your digital marketing career so far?


This is a tricky question as they want to know how you deal with the challenges.

Before you answer, think carefully and it is fine to answer which resulted in a failure if you have learned from it and how you could successfully implement it later.

If you have a successful story, try to convince your future employer with this. Surely you will get through the interview.

82. What are the things that you prefer most in the field of Digital Marketing?


Say about the matter that you like related to this field. Consider the tasks you are looking ahead to for including in your day and the areas you do enjoy working the most.

Don’t just opt for those ‘easy-going’ tasks. Do talk about taking up challenges you are capable of meeting.

83. How are you going to experience benefits from our Digital Marketing business?


All that you need to talk about here is your personal experience as well as your professional experience. Do talk about how the skills you are having is going to benefit the overall business.

Mention your own digital marketing story i.e. the things you have learned over the span of your work tenure with the previous company or team and how this very knowledge can help in the growth of the business.

Render focuses upon the unique abilities you possess. Discuss what makes you different from all other applicants. In short, do talk regarding the skills, experience, and knowledge that you have acquired so far.

84. In the digital marketing industry, where are you expecting to see yourself after five years?


This is a very tricky question asked in almost all interviews and your commitment, passion and career plan are scaled based on how you are going to answer this question.

The interviewer intends to learn if you are the right candidate for whom the investment can be done or not.

Note: Don’t talk about personal aspirations. Instead, discuss the following things:

  • Professional goals
  • Core strengths- the way they can help the company
  • Interest in the job profile you have applied for.

85. What are the measures you take up for keeping yourself updated with the news and latest trends in the field of Digital Marketing?


This question is commonly asked. As because the area of digital marketing is very dynamic in nature, it is essential to stay updated with books, blogs, podcasts, and webinars.

Don’t simply say anything that you didn’t do to date for keeping yourself updated with digital marketing news or else the follow-up question can lead you into trouble.

Some Personalized Questions and Answers for Digital Marketing Interview

Here are a few personalized questions often asked with respect to that job profile you have applied for:

For Digital Marketing Fresher Jobs

In the case of a fresher’s job in the field of digital marketing, you will have to encounter questions that relate to your theoretical knowledge.

Here, your level of confidence in the knowledge and skills you possess are going to be tested by the interviewer. Hence, these are some of the questions that you are likely to be asked:

86. How are you going to rate yourself on the scale measuring 1 to 10 based on your knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing knowledge?


Make sure neither to overestimate nor to underestimate yourself.

Through this question, the interviewer intends to learn if you are acquainted with your strengths as well as weaknesses.

Do analyze what knowledge and skills you possess and the quantum of work you need to learn.

87. Which is essential: engagement numbers or the likes/followers?


Now, it’s again a tricky question!

In case you are not curious enough and don’t like to explore, you will never get to know that social media is not just about the number of followers or likes.

If those followers and likes don’t convert into sales or boost your business, what is the point to run after increasing them?

Therefore, it is the engagement that is better than those followers or likes.

88. What made you apply for this position in digital marketing?


With the answer you give, the employer needs to know about the business you worked in and what made you apply here. The role? The company? The salary? Or the location? If it is the salary please hide it from the employer as you will get a bad impression in this regard.

89. How are you going to drag the attention of more and more potential buyers for the products /services offered by our business via Facebook or some other social media forum? Discuss.


This is again a tricky question to answer.

The interviewer intends to learn whether you have come up for the interview mugging up the answers or you are well acquainted with every aspect hitched to digital marketing and hence know who should be your target audience.

You should not talk regarding tactical approaches for taking marketing decisions. Instead, you should take time to take a few steps back and analyze the situation minutely before ending up with a solution.

Ask your interviewer some questions like ‘Are you intending to read something or especially jump to what you intend to have?’ His/her answer to this question will help you land up with the right answer meeting the situation.

90. Do you find anything wrong with the digital marketing tactics that we are adhering to right now? How would you like to change it?


Here comes that question demanding you to be well acquainted with everything regarding the company you have applied for.

Thus, it is always better to conduct research and minutely go through the website of the company, check its social media profiles and also get a complete idea regarding their clients.

It will help you to answer the question thrown to you strategically.

It is good to point out the mistakes hitched to their company but doesn’t land up with a particular solution.

Here you can go with proving these 3 points when answering to the above-mentioned question:

  • You have carefully assessed the prevailing tactics and the strategies of the company.
  • You are very honest about their shortcomings that you have identified.
  • Offer a few effective strategies for proving that you are beyond the critics.

Digital Marketing Manager

Here are a few questions and answers for the experienced digital marketing managers applying for this very post:

91.  How are you going to set up-track-analyze whether a campaign you conducted was a success?


Here discuss the campaign’s driving goal which can vary from enhancing brand awareness, lead generation or boost up social media followers.

As per the objective of the campaign, there is the need to layout strategic planning.

You need to talk regarding tracking the campaign’s progress via Google Analytics or any other sort of monitoring tool for staying updated with the progress of the campaign.

Explain the manner you are going to take a leap. It is essential that you minutely mention your visions upon which you can act.

92. Do you know more about our company and our competitors? Say the PPC strategies used by us


These kinds of questions are asked to know how much time you have spent to know more about the organization before coming for the interview. Always do your homework before going for the interview. Learn about the company’s history, background, competitors and the methods to adopt good PPC work and also the strategies of competitors by reading every case study on their website. Joining for PPC training Kochi helps you to know every PPC strategy adopted by reputed organizations and also get to know the detailed PPC knowledge before appearing for an interview.

93. Which search campaign you consider as the best one and explain why?


By raising this question, the interviewer wants to know your accomplishments on your resume. The best digital marketing training Kochi will help you to answer the question easily even if you are a fresher as there will be lots of practical sessions. List your successful PPC campaign and try to explain the feedback of the campaign. You can freely tell them about the objectives, targeted keywords and reason behind using the keywords and also the best result you have received.

94. Do you think Search Engine Marketing is important and why?


If you are fresher in the PPC industry, try to know about SEM along with PPC because there you start with the basics. SEM is one of the fastest marketing channels that are growing and also cost-effective. Thus an organization can build a good brand at generating leads and online sales. If an organization doesn’t go for SEM strategy, they are truly behind the competition.

95. What are the ways to measure the SEM efforts that are successful?


If your aim is to spread awareness, then tracking clicks and impressions on paid and organic search listings are possible. But if the objective is to quantify the brand performance then measure through conversion rate. In order to generate qualified leads, it is better to track email queries or online registrations.

96. If the company is planning to expand the business to Australia, should it get listed on local search engines?


If listed on the local website directory or smaller regional directory, the company’s popularity can be increased by boosting search engine placement. Local directories that provide direct links to the website listed are available but other companies use scripts in order to track the clicks. This, in turn, drives the visitors to the website.

97. How to know the PPC landing page is good and attractive?


 Digital marketing courses Kochi helps you to know every detail of PPC with a clear understanding. A good and attractive landing page looks like:

  • Many benefits
  • Trust symbols
  • Powerful headline
  • A clear call to action
  • Lead capture form

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