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What is Siebel CRM – Tutorial | A Complete Guide for Beginners

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Pankaj Vidyarthi (Senior Siebel Developer )

Pankaj Vidyarthi is the sr Siebel developer in Siebel CRM Communications lets service providers manage, synchronize, and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service. He has 6+ years of experience with SAP, SugarCRM, Zoho, Sage, Zendesk, and CRMNEXT.

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What is Siebel CRM?

Siebel CRM is presented by Oracle which is a total package of solution management of customer relationships.

Modify it easily and transform as per our organizational needs through and use it for major aspects management.

Service, sales, contact center, marketing, partner management, customer loyalty management, and so on are examples.

Now it is used for most of the market managers which includes consumer goods, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, financial services, utility retail, healthcare, high technology, etc.

Why Use Siebel CRM?

There are some reasons to use the Siebel CRM, as follows:

  • Apart from its powers, it is a market leader in cloud availability.
  • Oracle is delivering CRM on Demand benefits for the last four years and is performing well.
  • Oracle also provides the power to back and forth between its Fusion CRM and CRM on Demand services.
  • Calculate it for the most extensive use of the CRM.
  • Maintaining the customer base with a better user experience.
  • Can adopt the innovation with the assistance of Siebel CRM.
  • There are 4000 companies using the Siebel CRM and have got effective results.
  • It provides transactional, analytical, and lots of features which will cause users to experience highly simplified management solutions.
  • This is one of the most advanced systems and has been inscribed with the innovative features.
  • which will help in managing the customer base of the entire company.
  • CRM integration not only helps for maintaining a customer database ,also allows to contact each and every customer.
  • Many customers lose interest in the middle of the checkout pages.

Either square measure is not interested to shop for the merchandise to any extent further or are troubled concerning whether they are able to come to the merchandise, or the foremost common reason is that the page load time.

CRM keeps track of those clients associate degree sends them an alert message to urge the customer.

Benefits Of Siebel CRM

The given below are :

Social CRM :

It is developed to display the performance of a salesperson.

It analyzes the qualified manager and leads of our business campaigns.

It is useful for matrix maintenance as well as our overall customer statistics plan. To have more advantages by using this , we may base the Siebel for social activities.

Customer Data Integration :

It is one of the necessary works that is used for customer information storing which is used for the future.

It helps us to get the customer’s database and to trace them for positive contribution developing for the organization.

Quote And Order Capture :

This is a result of creating the process of frustration as easily.

Tacks more products from different catalogs and systems.

Finally, organizations gain more amounts of revenue so the Siebel CRM is mostly used by them.

It’s very difficult to track customers manually.

But when we use Siebel CRM we don’t have any tensions.

Partner Relationship Management :
What Is Partner Relationship Management
  • Maintaining a big organization, I need to ensure valuable partnership creation.
  • To choose the correct partnership Siebel CRM finds as the best result.
  • Trust it for best results.
Business Intelligence Relationship :

It maintains the best business intelligence to help customers grab as per our needs.

The essential application of BI used for CRM is the dashboard, data mining, drill down, etc.

Applications Of Siebel CRM

It maintains different applications that are present in the Siebel CRM,

The given below are some applications of Siebel CRM.

Business Analytics Applications :

It is used to get the business analytical study to ensure the analysis of the organization’s development.

Contact center and service :

It transforms the business call center into a total sales, marketing, service delivery house.

Take it for the customer’s interaction to get more income.

Customer Data Integration :

It is used to keep the total customer data and help to design our business solid database.

Customer Order Management :

It is one of the parts of customer relations when our customers do not get orders on time, they avoid services next time.

But this application helps to deliver products as a first come first served.

Enterprise Marketing :

We may profit our business marketing by using the applications of enterprise management,

which are available with the Siebel CRM we may take it as our business marketing always.

Partner Relationship Management :

It is used for properly maintenance of relationships with the help of partners,

To ensure us to profit effectively and best results.

Sales :

All the organizations may be small or large, all are looking for a solid sales base.

We may profit with CRM for best quality sales to develop sales in the perfect time.

Siebel Tools:

Siebel Tools is an integrated environment for configuring the Siebel Application employed by the Siebel developer.

It’s a strong application development environment and I want to configure it to satisfy the business needs.

It’s not a programming environment.

Its interface primarily wants to develop or change object definitions.


By maintaining many trendy features and benefits.

Siebel CRM profits millions of customers in a short time.

It’s one of the essential products of Oracle and designed for the customer’s needs.

It may not be in the first place but millions of customers are advantages from it.


To maintain our business developed by using this CRM.

We require command of this Siebel CRM.

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