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What is Confluence? : Tutorial For Beginners | A Complete Guide

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Atlassian Confluence Tutorial for Beginners: the way to Use Confluence code

Confluence For Beginner

As outlined in Merriam-Webster lexicon, the word confluence means that “a returning or flowing along, meeting, or gathering at one point”.True to the definition Confluence code, developed by Atlassian, is an efficient team collaboration code that provides a standard platform for groups to figure along and share data with efficiency.

i.e. subscription-based hosted centrally on the cloud also as a Self Hosted application with associated possibility of putting in an in-house dedicated server or utilizing Confluence Data Centers.

This is an excellent tool to alter information repositories. Confluence is thought of as just sort of a wiki with advanced content creation tools.

Why would we like Confluence?

How usually will it happen that testers raise bugs, solely to search out that the necessities were modified someday when development started and because of lack of communication concerning the amendment testers weren’t created awake to this transformation before testing started?

As a result, the reportable bug is then closed as Invalid. This may be frustrating for testers as their credibility is affected in conjunction with confusion and uncertainty concerning what alternative uncommunicated changes could also be given within the application being tested.

Another nuisance is once necessary data is buried below chains of emails over many mail threads and is troublesome to retrieve.

Collaboration tools square measure an honest answer for these situations because:

All data is hold on in one central location, that makes it simply accessible to all or any users, therefore no a lot of scanning of email chains or meeting notes to seem for the specified data

Any updates created to the data triggers a notification to alternative users, that makes it simple for users to stay up thus far concerning the newest discussions

This tool has a simple learning curve therefore doesn’t need any special coaching or certification to begin mistreatment this tool

There square measure various real-life applications that confluence is used for, we’ll be discussing a number of these applications during this article

Advantages Of Confluence

Advantages Of Confluence

1. Content management

Content management includes the creation, maintenance, organization, and deletion of content. The content creation tools square measure simple to use and embrace a range of functions- from basic text data format, making tables all the thanks to linking documents and embedding macros.

The content is organized into separate areas, sorted and organized in class-conscious order pro are nata.

2. Search

This tool supports a full-text look for all the content. The search results can embrace any matching results for the text within the pages main content and comments. This ends up in a really careful search.

3. Confluence Templates

This tool comes with some best practices templates which will be wont to produce pre-formatted pages.

4. Integration with JIRA

JIRA and Confluence square measure each developed by Atlassian and have seamless integration with one another. the event work is tracked in JIRA and therefore the corresponding reports are generated by automatic linking.

5. Page and File versioning

As this is often a collaboration tool, uncalled-for to mention, it’d be employed by varied cross-functional groups in any respect levels multiple times. to stay track of the changes created since the last edit, Confluence saves the older version of pages and files mechanically.

This older version is wont to compare the distinction or maybe revert the last edit if needed.

6. Feedback

Team feedback in a variety of comments is placed on the pages and perpetually named or maybe probe for once needed.

7. User Management

User and group-based permissions originated. it’s even doable to line up separate viewing, writing and admin permissions for every area. we’ll discuss the thought of areas within the next section.

8. Add-ons and plugins

This tool incorporates a big selection of obtainable add-on plugins which will be wont to perform higher than and on the far side what customary the tool must supply. Some standard add-ons square measure Diagrams, Balsamiq Mockups, Scroll PDF bourgeois, etc.

Recommended Reading => associate in-depth tutorial on Confluence Cloud Migration.

Getting accustomed to nomenclature.


The dashboard is the landing page that a logged in user sees when logging in. The dashboard provides a fast pic of the recent updates by the team in conjunction with the recent updates done by the user himself.

Along with the updates, the dashboard additionally shows the areas that the user could be a member of. we’ll discuss a lot of areas within the next section. The sidebar containing updates and area details is foldable to optimize the viewing expertise.

Concept of areas

According to the Merriam-Webster lexicon, one amongst the meanings of the word area means that “a restricted extent in one, two, or 3 dimensions”. areas during this tool square measure how to prepare the content. areas are thought of as individual file containers wherever the content is categorized and arranged in a very purposeful method.

There is no customary rule of what number areas have to be compelled to be or ought to be created. The user will produce any variety of areas with their own specific functions to facilitate collaboration among groups.

Below is an associate example of the areas being created that supported the various structure units.

Header menu

The header menu is visible in any respect pages and contains the Confluence emblem and a default menu with default options- areas, People, Create, help menu, notifications, and private profile management. This header menu is customizable and a lot of menu choices is displayed pro re nata by the user

This dashboard page is accessible from any page- users will click on the brand on the most menu and users are going to be redirected to the dashboard.

Create practicality

Create practicality is employed to form new pages among any chosen areas within the desired class-conscious order. We’ll discuss this practicality in additional detail within the next section.

Read our complete guide to find out everything regarding Atlassian’s wiki ! Your groups store plenty of knowledge in numerous tools: they write tutorials in Word, get into Google Drive, save Powerpoint slides in Sharepoint ANd export Jira coverage into a stand out sheet. Have you ever calculated the quantity of your time spent sorting out AN information? the quantity of emails sent to raise wherever a specific file may be?

You’re trying to find an answer to those issues? During this article, allow us to show you Confluence: the Atlassian’s wiki.

What is Confluence?

What Is Confluence

Confluence could be a supply of knowledge: your groups can go there once sorting out AN info.

Confluence is also AN Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution: you produce, organize, comment, share and keep up-to-date your content all at a similar place.

What will Confluence appear as if ?

You need to grasp 3 ideas to find out the way to use Confluence the correct way:

The dashboard is the Confluence home page. You’ll notice there the most recent updates and shortcuts to your favorite areas. confluence

Space is a container of pages. They’re just about like folders wherever you category your documentation by team, department or project – that’s up to you.

Pages at the core of Confluence: you produce a page in a very house to share your data.

Why use Confluence?

Centralize data

Confluence gathers all knowledge and data from a corporation into one tool. From the welcome kit for brand spanking new workers to your meeting notes or product requirements: any info helpful to your groups are shared among Confluence.

A simple tool for your users

Confluence could be a straightforward and accessible answer. Once making a page, you get an application (What You See Is What You Get) text editor: no need to be compelled to be a developer to master Confluence!


Once your page is made, you’ll be able to scan it from a pc yet as from a pill. you’ll be able to access Confluence from a straightforward browser, and if you’ve got a smartphone you’ll be able to even access it from the dedicated golem or iOS app. You finally notice the knowledge you were trying to find at any time and any place!

A cooperative documentation

The key to a victorious documentation is to stay the content up-to-date and simply accessible. Confluence lets users collaborate on a page: they will comment, like and share a page in a very few clicks.

The most likable Confluence feature is that the cooperative piece of writing, obtainable since Confluence six. This piece of writing mode permits you to edit a page with colleagues a bit like you’d in Google Docs: every user is drawn by its avatar within the prime right-hand aspect of the page, and every of them encompasses a coloured indicator to ascertain WHO is doing what. This course is for usage of Jira as a check management Tool.

JIRA lets America prioritize, assign, track, report and audit our ‘issues,’ from package development, hardware defects and distribution to various owner, to improvement and alter requests and making reports et., I will be supplying you with access to the tool for the following in order that if an incomprehensible one thing or one thing has been updated you’ll be able to have hands-on practice.

Introduction to confluence

The package Development Life Cycle (SDLC), every snip of knowledge connected with building AN application at any stage is extraordinarily vital.Missing out on some piece of basic knowledge will lead engineers and analyzers to revamp or amendment the applying requirements as indicated.For building best-performing applications, there’s a necessity to possess AN clear arrangement and nice coordination among each one of the teams break away at the enterprise.

Assuming that there’s any miscommunication at any section of the SDLC, it would build the top result distinction from the best one as way as requirements.All the basic knowledge might not be accessible on a solitary stage which could cause people to pass up some knowledge. To tackle this issue, it’s elementary to possess a solitary stage for updates and informing with the goal that every and each individual WHO is break away at a task will have similar comprehension for the duration of each one of the stages (like enterprise the executives, content administration, then forth) of the package Development Life Cycle.

To stay far from any miscommunication and advance an honest and clear comprehension among all people operating in varied phases of the SDLC, a joint effort device is needed which might effectively offer a stage for all to urge associated, share data, get refreshes, speak with each other, then on A product organization, Atlassian, thought of AN application referred to as Confluence which will fill all the on top of wants.

Conversion is essentially a bunch coordinated effort application or programming that offers a stage for all teams handling a task to join forces and share refreshes and knowledge viably.This can decrease a large amount of correspondence holes on totally different problems connected with the SDLC. It helps all offices/groups to rearrange, share, and remark on their work.

Making a Space

To make another house, a shopper has to head to the house dropdown menu and choose “Make space” then, at that time, choose “Group space” when this, the shopper will build another cluster house.


Pages ought to be visible within an area.

Pages contain knowledge connected with cooperation, project plans, project conditions, diary entries, then on that we have a tendency to store on them succeeding creating them.

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