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Postman Tutorial for Beginners: API Testing using Postman | A Complete Guide

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Postman is one amongst the foremost widespread code testing tools that is employed for API testing. With the assistance of this tool, developers will simply produce, test, share, and document Apis.

This tutorial can facilitate in understanding why delivery boy is therefore famed and what makes it distinctive when put next to different API testing tools. All the examples during this tutorial ar tested and might be foreign in delivery boy.

Introduction to Postman

Postman may be a standalone code testing API (Application Programming Interface) platform to make, test, design, modify, and document Apis. it’s an easy Graphic interface for causation and viewing communications protocol requests and responses.

While victimization Postman, for testing functions, one does not got to write any communications protocol shopper network code. Instead, we tend to build take a look at suites referred to as collections and let Postman act with the API.

In this tool, nearly any practicality that any developer may have is embedded. This tool has the power to create varied varieties of communications protocol requests like GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and convert the API to code for languages like JavaScript and Python.

Terminologies associated with Postman


Application Programming Interface (API) is code that acts as associate negotiator for 2 apps to speak with one another. we tend to use Apis whenever we tend to use associate application like Twitter, Facebook, causation text messages, or checking the weather over the phone.


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is that the assortment of rules for the transmission of information on the planet Wide internet, like graphic pictures, text, video, sound, and different transmission knowledge. the online users implicitly create use of communications protocol as presently as they open their application program.

Example: A user or browser enters the communications protocol request to the server; the server then returns the user response. This response includes the request standing info and will contains the requested material similarly.

The most normally used communications protocol ways are GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, HEAD, DELETE, and choices.

Why use Postman?

Postman is predicated on a large vary of extraordinarily easy power tools. For over eight million users, delivery boy has become a tool of convenience. Following ar the explanations why delivery boy is used:

Accessibility– One will use it anyplace once putting in delivery boy into the device by merely work in to the account.

Use Collections-Postman permits users to make collections for his or her API-calls. each set will produce multiple requests and subfolders. it’ll facilitate to arrange the take a look at suites.

Test development– to check checkpoints, verification of roaring communications protocol response standing shall be supplementary to each API- calls.

Why Use Postman

Automation Testing-Tests are often performed in many repetitions or iterations by victimization the gathering Runner or Newman, that saves time for continual tests.

Creating Environments– the planning of multiple environments ends up in less replication of tests mutually will use constant assortment except for a distinct setting.

Debugging– To effectively right the tests, the delivery boy console helps to trace what knowledge is being retrieved.

Collaboration– you’ll be able to import or export collections and environments to boost the sharing of files. you’ll additionally use an on the spot affiliation to share the collections. Continuous integration-It will support continuous integration.


Before continuing with this tutorial, you must have a basic information of API, automation, and manual testing.


This tutorial is made for people who would love to find out the fundamentals of delivery boy. because the range of internet and mobile applications is increasing, the importance of API testing is additionally growing. therefore this tutorial can assist you to find out delivery boy testing for testing Apis.

After completion of this tutorial, you’ll get a basic level of understanding of delivery boy and API testing.

This tutorial also will provide you with an honest understanding of a way to use delivery boy to execute Apis for any given address for your daily work.

If you are commencing to find out about Apis and delivery boy, you’ll be able to use a spread of channels each in and outdoors Postman:

Use the Bootcamp to figure through lessons within delivery boy. Open it by choosing Bootcamp icon Bootcamp from the delivery boy footer.

Explore workspaces, collections, and additional that you simply will attempt within delivery boy, just like the following:

Learn by API: Explore beginner API ideas.

Postman Training: Learn Apis one hundred and one, Testing and Automation, API Adoption, and API initial, earning delivery boy badges.

Student Program: Take the coed skilled coaching, covering request configurations and take a look at scripting.

What ar you here to find out about?

If you are learning to hold out a selected task or work flow in delivery boy, consider the subsequent topics to seek out resources:
  • Making requests
  • Testing Apis
  • Building and managing Apis
  • Publishing Apis
  • Collaborating together with your team
  • Developing with delivery boy
  • Making requests
If you are building a shopper app or need to attach to associate API, consider some delivery boy essentials:
  • Connecting to Apis
  • Authorizing requests
  • Grouping requests in collections
  • Using variables
  • Visualizing knowledge
  • Testing Apis
If you are testing associate API, you’ll be able to use delivery boy to automatize varied elements of the process:
  • Writing take a look at scripts
  • Automating workflows with the gathering runner
  • Capturing communications protocol requests
  • Test script examples
  • Building and managing Apis
If you are developing a back-end, operating API-first, or got to monitor API performance, delivery boy utilities will contour your workflows:
  • Defining associate API from a schema
  • Monitoring take a look at runs
  • Analyzing API performance
  • Mocking responses
  • Publishing Apis
If you are exposing associate API for public use, delivery boy will support developer onboarding:
  • Publishing documentation
  • Using Run in delivery boy
  • Collaborating together with your team
If you are victimization delivery boy in your company or team, consider these guides to maximise your collaboration:
  • Collaborating in delivery boy
  • Creating workspaces
  • Managing delivery boy for a company
  • Onboarding your team
  • Developing with delivery boy
If {you’re|you ar} desegregation delivery boy together with your CI/CD work flow or are developing with delivery boy Apis or libraries, consider these resources:
  • Integrating with a development pipeline
  • Developing with delivery boy utilities
  • Postman API
  • Providing feedback
  • Share your thoughts on the documentation and facilitate the delivery boy team to enhance it for
  • yourself and different learners! To submit feedback, produce a difficulty within the documentation
  • GitHub repo or post within the community forum.
With over four million users today, deliveryman computer code has become a tool of selection for the subsequent reasons:

Accessibility –simple To use deliveryman tool, one would simply have to be compelled to log-in to their own accounts creating it to access files anytime, anyplace as long as a deliveryman application is put in on the pc.

Use of Collections – deliveryman lets users produce collections for his or her deliveryman API calls. every assortment will produce subfolders and multiple requests. This helps in organizing your take a look at suites.

Collaboration – Collections and environments will be foreign or exported creating it simple to share files. an instantaneous link may be accustomed share collections.

Creating Environments – Having multiple settings aids in less repetition of tests in concert will use identical assortment except for a unique environment. this is often wherever parameterization can crop up that we’ll discuss in additional lessons.

Creation of take a look ats – Test checkpoints like confirming for no-hit protocol response standing will be accessorial to every deliveryman API calls that facilitate guarantee take a look at coverage.

Automation Testing – Through the utilization of the gathering Runner or Newman, tests will be run in multiple iterations saving time for repetitive tests.

Debugging – deliveryman console helps to ascertain what information has been retrieved creating it simple to right tests.

Continuous Integration – With its ability to support continuous integration, development practices area unit maintained.

API Testing victimization deliveryman: Postman is associate application for testing arthropod genus.

Deliveryman is one amongst the foremost well-liked tools utilized in API testing by causing requests to the webserver and obtaining the response back Accessibility, Use of Collections, Collaboration, Continuous Integration, area unit a number of the Key options to find out in deliveryman.

It’s suggested you produce associate account in deliveryman, thus your collections area unit on the market on-line.

You can parameterize request in deliveryman

You can produce Tests to verify a deliveryman request

Collections will be run victimization Newman or assortment Runner

Tutorial_Num What you’ll Learn

Postman Introduction

This Step By Step tutorial explains API Testing mistreatment deliverer together with Basics of deliverer, its parts and Sample Request and Response.

Postman API testing

How To Use deliverer For Testing Diff API Formats

This informative tutorial explains the way to Use deliverer For Testing completely different API Formats like REST, SOAP and GraphQL with Examples.

Postman: Variable Scopes And setting Files

This deliverer tutorial can justify the various kinds of Variables Supported by the deliverer Tool and the way they’ll be Used whereas making and corporal punishment deliverer Requests & Collections.

Postman Collections: Import, Export And Generate Code Samples

This tutorial can cowl, What area unit deliverer Collections, the way to Import and Export Collections into and from deliverer and the way to come up with Code Samples in numerous Supported Languages mistreatment Existing deliverer Scripts.

Automating Response Validations with Assertions

We will perceive the construct of Assertions in deliverer Requests with the assistance of Examples here during this tutorial.

Postman: Pre Request And Post Request Scripts

This tutorial can justify however and once to Use deliverer Pre-request Scripts and Post Request Scripts or Tests with the assistance of straightforward Examples.

Postman Advanced Scripting

We will explore some samples of mistreatment advanced scripting with deliverer tool that will alter North American country to run advanced testing workflows here.

Postman – Command-Line integration with Newman

This tutorial can justify the way to Integrate or Execute deliverer Collections Through the Command-line Integration Tool Newman.

Postman – coverage templates with Newman

Reporting Templates that may be used with the Newman statement Runner to come up with Templated Reports of deliverer take a look at Execution area unit explained here during this tutorial.

Postman – making API Documentation

Get to grasp the way to produce smart trying, titled Documentation with minimal Efforts mistreatment the API Documentation Support Provided by deliverer Tool during this tutorial.

Postman Interview queries

In this tutorial, we are going to cowl a number of the foremost commonly asked deliverer Interview queries round the deliverer tool and numerous API testing techniques.

Postman may be a great tool once making an attempt to dissect quiet arthropod genus created by others or take a look at ones you’ve got created yourself. It offers a sleek computer program with that to create hypertext mark-up language requests, while not the effort of writing a bunch of code simply to check associate API’s practicality.

Let’s say I wished to create a GET request against a fan-made API for the computer game stone to look for cards with “Archer” in their name. If I wished to check a GET request against this route while not exploitation Postman—instead truly writing out code in one thing like Flask—I would have to be compelled to write out a full new route and performance to perform the request, then i’d have to be compelled to specify with additional code what i need the response to appear like, and at last, i’d have to be compelled to print out the response to the console or offer another approach of really viewing the response. Granted, i’d in all probability got to write all this out any thanks to build a functioning app exploitation this API, however doing all this to easily take a look at associate API’s practicality is unnecessarily tedious and long once one thing like mailman exists.

With mailman, such a take a look at is far additional efficient. All I even have to try and do is plug the route into the address bar, choose the GET response methodology on the dropdown box to its left, put down my API key within the “Headers” section, specify that i need the response in “pretty” JSON format, and hit send. Then, i purchase the response information in easy-to-read JSON with a standing code of two hundred, confirming the GET request was thriving. It’s that simple!

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