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What is ODI? ( Oracle Data Integrator ) – A Complete Beginners Guide

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Kaala Patel is an ODI Engineer has 5+ years of experience in AWS Athena, CSV, JSON, ORC, Apache Parquet, and Avro. She has skills with PostgreSQL RDS, DynamoDB, MongoDB, QLDB, Atlas AWS, and Elastic Beanstalk PaaS.

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    • 1.Introduction to ODI
    • 2.What is ODI?
    • 3.History of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
    • 4.ODI Architecture
    • 5.Components of ODI
    • 6.ODI Console
    • 7.Reasons to choose ODI
    • 8.Installing ODI and Demonstration Environment
    • 9.Benefits of using ODI
    • 10.Conclusion

Introduction to ODI

Oracle information measuring system (ODI) may be an utterly distinctive answer that meets all the blending desires. Oracle is named as a pacesetter in 2018 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for information integration tools. During this article, we’re aiming to analyze.

what’s ODI?

In today’s fast-paced enterprise atmosphere, organizations wish for further specialized software system program packages. Such packages have to certify the capability to proportion records among structures and packages. comes that executes with those integration wishes to be additional on time.

What is ODI?

Oracle information measuring system (ODI) may be a statistics integration platform that consists of all the mix desires. It offers an innovative declarative layout technique that is often wont to define the statistics transformation and integration system. Thus, succeeding in clean renovation and development.

ODI offers a high-overall performance degree to execute the statistics validation ANd transformation system wholly} totally on an Extract, Load, and remodel (ELT) design. It, to boot, presents the most cost-powerful answer.

ODI will give a unified infrastructure to contour statistics and application integration. It presents a graphical environment to create, manage, and preserve the statistics integration system.

History of Oracle information measuring system (ODI)

In 2006, Oracle bought Sunopsis ANd advanced it as an Oracle information measuring system (ODI). The foremost goal of ODI is to brighten the Oracle Fusion Middleware services that wish to guide sophisticated objectives and assets. Oracle persisted to supply a separate ODI with its former ETL product Oracle Warehouse Builder.

In 2010, Oracle created the first replacement to ODI with the discharge of Oracle information measuring system 11g. ODI 11g created an ODI framework to use via a method of suggests that of various merchandise which incorporates Oracle SQL, JDeveloper, and Developer.

It to boot brought new capabilities which incorporated the ODI Console and JEE Agent. In later 2013, the ODI 12c became available with a variety of the standard capabilities of Oracle Warehouse Builder.

ODI design

The ODI platform integrates with the Fusion Middleware platform and converts it right into an unmated part. It offers run-time additives as Java engineering programs and is superior to leverage the Oracle WebLogic Application Server’s capabilities.

ODI additives comprehend capabilities for Enterprise-Scale Deployments, hardened security, measurability, and excessive convenience.

Components of ODI


  • The repository is the primary issue of ODI. it’s wont to save the configuration records of comes, execution logs, IT infrastructure, scenarios, and data. Many repository times exist withinside the IT infrastructure, inclusive of User Acceptance, Development, QA, and Production.
  • The repository structure is intended to allow varied environments, modification eventualities, and data. The repository to boot acts as a Version system whereby things are assigned and performed a model variety.
  • This repository consists of 1 Master Repository and diverse Work Repositories. Objects designed with the help of victimization and the patron interface are saved during this kind of repository.
  • The grasp repository outlets the next info.
  • Topology information- server definitions, contexts, languages, technologies, schemas, and plenty of a lot of.
  • Archived and versioned things.
  • Work repositories include advanced things. Many paintings repositories exist withinside the equal ODI installation (to have a separate surroundings or suit the versioned lifestyles cycle). It outlets the next info.
  • Projects- packages, folders, variables, industrial enterprise rules, procedures, information modules, and plenty of a lot of.
  • Models- records save systems and data, records fantabulous constraints, records lineage, schema definition, fields and columns definitions, and plenty of a lot of.
  • Scenarios execution- eventualities, logs, and programing info.
  • When the paintings repository consists of the execution info, it’s way referred to as Execution Repository.

Studio and User Interface:

Developers, Operators, and directors use the ODI Studio to urge right of entry to the repositories. Such a Fusion consumer Platform is employed for reverse-engineering the data, administer the infrastructure, operate, schedule, reveal executions, and expand comes.ODI Studio offers four Navigators to govern the various:

ODI Architecture

Designer Navigator:

Designer Navigator is employed to planning the facts integrity assessments and builds alterations like

  • Automatic reverse-engineering of gift databases and applications.
  • Automatic documentation generation. Customization of code generated.
  • Visualization of facts flows withinside the interface.

Security Navigator:

Security Navigator is employed to deal with protection information in ODI. It permits customers to form customers and profiles and assign shopper rights for ways on accepted objects. It booted the United States of America to fine-music those rights at the item instances.

Operate Navigator:

Operator Navigator may be a producing pursuit and management device designed for IT producing operators. It will manipulate the interface executions withinside the categories and eventualities in producing.

Topology Navigator:

  • Topology Navigator is employed for dealing with facts describing the info gadget’s logical and bodily design. It manages contrivance data’s topology, the facts servers associated with those schemas and technologies, contexts, languages, agents, and repositories.
  • The facts server description, site, and system allow ODI to run the blending interfaces in varied bodily environments.
  • ODI offers a Java API to hold out all of the design-time and run-time operations. ODI software system Development Kit (SDK) is to be had for standalone Java servers and applications.

Run-Time Agent

While coming up with, builders generate things from the business enterprise rules. The code of such things can be retrieved from the repository with the help of victimization Run-Time Agent. It connects info servers and orchestrates the code that executes on those servers.

Also, work facts that embrace the big variety of execution time, processed records, and plenty of additional. The Run-Time Agents area unit of 2 types.

Standalone Agent:

It runs withinside the Java Machine and should install had been needed to perform the blending flows.

Java EE Agent:

It may be deployed as a web software system and revel in the functions of Associate in Nursing software system server.

These retailers had multi-threaded Java packages that guide load equalization and distribution over the facts system. It holds the execution schedule that is often delineated in ODI and is termed an outdoor computer hardware. It will invoke from the java API or internet carrier interface.

ODI Console :

Users may have to study, get right of entry to the repository, producing operations, and perform topology configuration through an internet-primarily primarily based wholly UI noted as ODI Console. The net software system could also be deployed within the Java EE software system on a server like Oracle WebLogic.

ODI provides a novel plug-in to reveal and manipulate the Java EE and standalone agents that integrate with the Oracle Fusion Middleware management Console.

ODI Console

Reasons to decide on ODI :

The key motives why businesses ought to decide ODI for the mixture wants area unit as follows:

  • Simplest structure: The ELT structure eliminates the need of Associate in Nursing ELT Server among goals and provides a server. It makes use of the goal and provides servers to hold out sophisticated changes.
  • Independent platform: ODI helps all structures, OSs, and Hardware with the identical software system program.
  • Data glorious firewall: ODI guarantees the defective info to be detected and recycled automatically before putting it into the goal application. For this, no programming is required following info integrity laws and constraints on ODI and goal application.
  • Data connectivity: ODI helps all RDBMSs, beside main information Warehouse structures inclusive of Teradata, Oracle, Sybase IQ, IBM DB2, Exadata, and diverse completely different technology inclusive of LDAP, flat files, XML, and ERPs.
  • Faster improvement and protection: The declarative regulations-pushed technique to info integration reduces the product’s going to grasp curve and can increase fecundity within the course of current protection. Such Associate in Nursing technique separates the definition of the ways from the $64000 implementation to declarative laws from the data flows.
  • Cost-saving: The removal of the ELT server and ELT engine reduces the preliminary hardware and software system program acquisition and protection expenses. This reduces the overall expenses of the venture and therefore the fee for current enhancements.
  • Better performance: the traditional ETL technique is based on one-of-a-kind engines that attain information row by row, limiting the performance. Customers will execute information transformation on the right track servers, which are primarily and entirely based on gift SQL and RDBMS engines, providing much better performance, by imposing an Associate in Nursing ELT structure.

Installing ODI and Demonstration Atmosphere

Before installing any ODI additives, check the machine requirements and certification documentation to ensure that the environment meets the minimal, established requirements. The machine wants report consists of all of the records, which incorporate hardware and software system program wants, libraries, stripped-down disk space and reminiscence wants, and libraries, patches, or programs wants. To set up the ODI, do the following steps:-

  • Download 11g ODI media Pack and therefore the 11g demo surroundings for the platform to a short folder.
  • Extract the downloaded documents and run the following command with appreciation for your running machine.

Benefits of victimization ODI

1. The basic good thing about ODI is that it makes use of the native practicality of goal and provides structures that don’t need a separate server to place in ODI.

2. ODI is an Associate in Nursing ETL device that follows the ETL method.

3. All four navigators to be had in the ODI studio area unit clean to navigate with one or two windows.

4. It requires a lot of less time to method, a lot of less work force, lowest fee to manage and establish.

5. Agents in ODI area unit the as well as profit that would produce and manage severally on standalone machines or could also be deployed on JVMs for excessive following and availability purpose.

6. It will perform batch loading, which provides higher overall performance, and should perform row-by-row loading.

7. ODI doesn’t need excessively high-pperformance servers or a separate server.

8. Quality manipulation is each different as well as good thing about ODI to filter out the error facts and find them loaded right into a separate table.

9. Consoles get right of entry to offer the data flows among tables and type of item loading to understand however an amendment may have a control on the choice tables and jobs.

10. The version browser is likewise different for each different profit; this is often to understand the modifications among model objects.


Oracle Information Measurement Instrument (ODI) is a vigorous integration platform that consists of all information integration designs, inclusive of event-based, service-based, and information-based. It combines all of the data integration parts, inclusive of knowledge management, information movement, information services, and knowledge synchronization, to prove that statistics are correct, consistent, and well regular over sophisticated systems.

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