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commvault backup basics

Commvault Operations

Disaster Recovery Backup:

Disaster recovery backup performs normal backups of the CommServe information. it’s essential to fetch this info just in case of a system failure or disaster.

Data Aging:

We run the info aging operation for removing the info that has prolonged its user-defined retention rule.

Restore DR information to disk:

We can restore by jobs feature for restoring the Disaster recovery backup information.

Auxiliary Copy:

The auxiliary copy operation permits the United States to form minor copies of the info associated with the info hindrance operations, no matter the native copy.

Send Log Files:

We can send and think about the log files of the operations on our system through a CommServe pc.

View Schedules:

Through the CommCell browser, we will modify and think about all the roles regularly for running on a CommServe server through the roles planned window. The regular jobs window permits the United States to review the regular jobs and acknowledge the consumer computers they execute.

Event Search:

We can perform a research operation for specific events that happened in our CommCell configuration.

View Log Files:

Files within the provided pc might vary in keeping with the computer’s role within the CommCell design.

View Admin Job History:

We can see the duty history of all administration jobs that are dead.

View Users Logged In:

We can read the users recently logged onto the CommCell Console.

Commvault Disaster Recovery:

Commvault Disaster Recovery

It is a bunch of procedures that we tend to use for getting ready and convalescent through a CommCell disaster. we will outline the CommCell disaster as:

  • Loss of access to the storage resources.
  • Loss of CommServe practicality.
  • Loss of the assembly service from the corrupted or lost information.
  • CommServe Recovery

CommServer practicality offers the first administration and management for the whole CommCell cluster. Failure within the CommServe system ends up in the CommCell cluster turning into non-functional. So, it’s essential to arrange and develop the disaster recovery method for shielding the CommServe host and information.

Following square measure the CommServe Disaster recovery solutions:

Disaster Recovery Backups: CommServe computer code executes the disaster recovery jobs for shielding the CommServe production information. The disaster recovery backups contain the CommServe information and alternative databases. During this methodology, we tend to backup the information to the disk media and move to the tape media oftentimes.

CommServe LiveSync: we will produce one or a lot of committed systems as freelance or inactive CommServe hosts, install the CommServe computer code and purpose to the CommServe information for simple activation of the CommServe host. We tend to mechanically replicate the logs and databases on the assembly or active CommServe host to the freelance host oftentimes.

SQL information Mirroring: we tend to use the information mirroring feature of the SQL server for storing the assembly CommServe host and also the freelance CommServe host within the adjacent synchronized state.

Migrating CommServe to the newest hardware: If we tend to commit to update the software or hardware for our CommServe host, utilize the “CommServe Hardware Refresh” method.

Commvault Console Access

We can access the CommCell console through the subsequent four methods:

Web-Based: we will access the CommCell console remotely through the Java-capable application. For the java net access, we tend to have put in the Java Runtime surroundings compatible version. Web-based access additionally wants the CommServe host to possess CommCell Console and IIS.

Local: By default, we tend to install the CommCell Console at the side of the CommServe computer code permitting direct graphical user interface access from the CommServe host.

Remote Host: we will install the CommCell Console as AN freelancer on any remote host. Remote access during this configuration will utilize port 8401 to be on the market on the CommServe host.

Alternate IIS host: For a lot of security, we will use AN alternate IIS host to permit web-based CommCell Console Access. In native Web-based access, the alternate IIS host wants CommCell Console and IIS.

Commvault Cloud Services; The Commvault cloud services portal offers a group of solutions for watching and managing our information. we will transfer the computer code updates, see our health report and reportage dashboard. To access these solutions, we should always register the merchandise to form the account. Once making the account, we will utilize the Commvault store for downloading the updates, app studio applications, reports, workflows, and alert rules.

Critical options of Commvault cloud services square measure as follows:

Commvault store: It downloads the computer code service packs, computer code installer, reports, restricted distribution tools, workflows, and alert rules.

System Discovery Tool: It decides what sort of information protection your surroundings needs.

Cloud Metrics Reporting: This feature monitors our CommCell surroundings health through the metrics reportage on the cloud services portal.

Branding Consoles: we will customize the net Console and CommCell Console for mistreatment of the pictures and logos of our organization.

Cloud-Based File Analytics: It permits the United States to check the File analytics report in keeping with our CommCell surroundings on the cloud services portal.

Media person Tool: This tool is useful for convalescing the CommServe disaster recovery information.

Disk Performance Tool: This tool tests the write and reads operations over the disk of the filing system volume.

Personalization requests: Approach the Consulting services cluster for requesting a customized cluster for our organization.

Backup Agents:


Backup is the basis of the in depth information protection and management policy. The Commvault computer code provides continuous and effective restore and backup of the info in our organization from the in operation systems, applications, and databases. Commvault computer code forms on this base by incorporating the applying data with the worldwide duplication, indexing, hardware snapshots, search, replication, and reportage. Backup agents square measure the computer code that’s put in on the systems to secure and access the info. Following square measure the essential Backup Agents:

Active Directory: The Active Directory iDataAgent offers granular restore and backup of separate Active directory attributes. The active directory iDataAgent, at the side of the Windows filing system, provides complete information protection for the domain controller and alternative systems within the domain.

DB2: The DB2 agent offers an efficient and throughout recovery and backup resolution for the DB2 knowledge in our organization. We are able to do a granular recovery and backup of specific knowledge logs or files in our information. The DB2 agent offers the resilience to backup the DB2 databases in numerous environments.

HDFS: Commvault software system offers the incorporated approach that we tend to need for archive and backup HDFS. We tend to install the Commvault software system on the Hadoop shopper Node or Hadoop DataNode. These nodes are a unit referred to as knowledge access nodes. After we tackle Hadoop, we tend to specify one knowledge access node because the master node. The master node ought to be accessible all the time, and it acts as an impact shopper that divides the backup and restores operations among knowledge access nodes.

Microsoft SharePoint Server Agent: The Microsoft SharePoint server agent offers in depth security of on-site SharePoint documents and farms in our organization and SharePoint on-line in workplace 365. We are able to utilize this agent for acting complete, progressive, synthetic, or differential backups in step with the backup set we’ve to secure. Once a system failure just like the breakdown of a software system, package, or hardware happens, the SharePoint Server agent offers recovery of the document or farm with all the integral knowledge.

HCL Notes and Domino: The HCL Domino includes the databases that Domino iDataAgents Notes Document and Notes information support. The Domino IDataAgents supply restores and backup support for various sorts of knowledge. We tend to use Notes information IDataAgent because of the disaster recovery tool. We tend to use the iDataAgent if our main objective is complete information recovery just in case of an information or system crash.

Big knowledge Applications:

We can use the Commvault software system to support massive knowledge applications and file systems. We are able to install the Commvault software system on multiple knowledge access nodes, and afterward, outline one in all the information access nodes as a master node.

Cassandra: we are able to Utilize the Commvault software system for acting the distributed restores and backup of Cassandra databases.

MongoDB: we tend to utilize the Commvault software system for acting the distributed restores and backup of the MongoDB databases.

Greenplum: we tend to use the Commvault software system for doing restores and backup of the Greenplum databases.

Cloud Applications:

We can use the Commvault software system for accessing the information on the various cloud applications. We tend to utilize the Commvault software system for running the backup on cloud applications and store the backup info on a tape or disk.

Amazon DocumentDB: we are able to use the Commvault software system for safeguarding the Amazon DocumentDB clusters throughout multiple regions and accounts. Commvault incorporates the AWS native snapshots for safeguarding the Amazon DocumentDB clusters.

Alibaba RDS: Commvault software system is useful for polishing off the logical dumps of the Alibaba RDS databases for moving the information on the disk within the on-site or cloud to satisfy our storage and compliance objectives.

Azure Blob Storage: Commvault backups our knowledge saved within the Azure Blob Storage.

Google Cloud Storage: Commvault software system performs the backup of our knowledge kept in Google Cloud Storage.

Azure Client: Commvault software system backs up the information kept in Azure Storage.

Commvault Reports:

We can use the reports on the net Console, Command Center, CommCell Console, and Cloud Services Portal. By putting in Commvault, we are able to mechanically embrace a good variety of reports. By exploitation the subsequent info, you’ll be able to confirm that reportage methodology suits your organization:

Customization: amendment the present reports and develop new reports for your organization’s necessities.

Commvault Store: we tend to use the Commvault store for downloading numerous reports.

Cloud and Web-based access: Through the Command center, the cloud services portal, and therefore the net console, we tend to see the reports within the new edition of any browser.

Critical Information: we tend to emphasize the information that shows failures and errors for reacting chop-chop to resolve the issues.

External Databases: we tend to connect with external knowledge bases for making the reports in step with your enterprises’ data.

Sharing: we tend to share the specified reports with different users on the premise of their security roles.

Commvault Activate:

It is an associated toolset that contains sensitive knowledge governance, compliance search, and file storage optimization.

Sensitive knowledge Governance: By exploiting sensitive knowledge governance, you’ll be able to realize sensitive knowledge in numerous knowledge sources like OneDrive for business, files, email messages, etc.

File Storage Optimization: we tend to utilize the file storage optimization dashboards for analyzing the unformed knowledge to make your mind up what quantity knowledge we tend to store on our servers and World Health Organization possesses the information.

Compliance Search and Discovery: By exploiting the compliance search application, we are able to gather the ESI(Electronically keep info for risky custodians. We are able to gather the e-mail messages through the mailboxes possessed by the e-mail messages and guardian that features the custodian’s email address within the From, To, BCC, CC fields.

Commvault Tools

Commvault provides numerous tools and utilities, they are:

  • SaaS.
  • Devices.
  • Databases.
  • VMs.
  • Containers.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Apps: we are able to utilize the Apps tool within the net console for making the application packages by merging reports, alerts, workflows, tools like scripts.

App Studio: App Studio could be a low-code utility that we tend to use for developing custom applications within the command center. We tend to develop applications for pursuit and assembling the information within the primary location and automating manual tasks.

Automation: Automation is the feature that allows you to execute machine-controlled check cases through the Commvault interface. It wants the advancement package and check automation package to be put in in our CommCell surroundings.

Collaboration Tools

Events Organizer: Events organizer is {an online|a we tend tob|an internet} application that we use to form and monitor company events like seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. We are able to generate reports and make surveys to watch and track the surveys and events.

Administration Tools

CVInstallNetworkServer Tool: we tend to utilize the CVInstallNetworkServer tool for putting in the Samba servers and NFS-Ganesh on the UNIX system MediaAgent.


In this Commvault tutorial, we’ve enclosed all the options and components of Commvault to produce you with the elemental data of the Commvault software system. I hope this text helps you learn and upgrade your skill set. If you have got any queries, allow us to understand by commenting within the below section.

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