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HTML Symbols:

There are many mathematical, technical and currency symbols which are not present on a normal keyboard. We have to use HTML entity names to add such symbols to an HTML page.If there no entity name exists, you can use an entity number, a decimal, or hexadecimal reference.


  • <"!DOCTYPE html">
  • <"html">
  • <"body">
  • <"h3">The Currency Symbols<"/h3">
  • <"p">This is Indian Rupee symbol <"b">₹<"b">
  • <"p">This is Euro symbol <'b'>€<'/b'><'/p'>
  • <"p"> This is Dollar symbol <"b">#36;<'/b'><'/p'>
  • <"/body">
  • <"/html">

Some mathematical symbols supported by HTML:

    “&#8704”; “&forall”; FOR ALL
    “&#8706”; “&part”; PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL
    “&#8707”; “&exist”; THERE EXISTS
    “&#8709”; “&empty”; EMPTY SETS
    “&#8711”; “&nabla”; NABLA
    “&#8712”; “&isin”; ELEMENT OF
    “&#8713”; “&notin”; NOT AN ELEMENT OF
    “&#8715”; “&ni”; CONTAINS AS MEMBER
    “&#8719”; “&prod”; N-ARY PRODUCT
    “&#8721”; “&sum”; N-ARY SUMMATION

HTML symbols for Mathematical operation:

HTML code:

  • <"!DOCTYPE html">
  • <"html">
  • <"body">
  • <"h3">Mathematical Operations Symbols<"/h3">
  • <"p">Plus Minus Sign <"b">&#177<"/b"><"/p">
  • <"p"> Multiplication sign <"b">&#215 <"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">Division sign &#247 <"/p">
  • <"p">One fourth part showing sign <"b">&#188<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">Half part showing sign<"b"> &#189<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">Three Fourth part showing sign <"b">&#190<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">There Exist Sign <"b"> &#8707<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">Empty Set Sign<"b"> &#8709<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">CONTAINS AS MEMBER sign <"b">&#8715<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">N-ARY PRODUCT sign <"b">&#8719<"/b"><"/p">
  • <"p">N-ARY SUMMATION <"b">&#8721<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p"> Not a element sign <"b">&#8713<"/b"> <"/p"><"/body">
  • <"/html">


Example showing Arrows and other symbols:

html symbols

HTML code:

  • <"!DOCTYPE html">
  • <"html">
  • <"body">
  • <"h3">Some Arrows and other HTML symbols<"/h3">
  • <"p">LEFTWARDS ARROW <"b">&#8592<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">RIGHTWARDS ARROW<"b"> &#8594 <"/p">
  • <"p">UPWARDS ARROW <"b"> &#8593<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p">DOWNWARDS ARROW <"b">&#8595<"/b"> <"/p">
  • <"p"> BLACK SPADE SUIT &#9824<"/p">
  • <"p">BLACK CLUB SUIT &#9827<"/p"
  • <"p">BLACK HEART SUIT &#9829<"/p">
  • <"p">BLACK DIAMOND SUIT &#9830<"/p">
  • <"/body">
  • <"/html">


HTML insert Symbols

Greek Letters:

Some greek letters supported by HTML

    Α “&#913”; “&Alpha”; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ALPHA
    Β “&#914”; “&Beta”; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER BETA
    Γ “&#915”; “&Gamma”; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER GAMMA
    Δ “&#916”; “&Delta”; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER DELTA
    Ε “&#917”; “&Epsilon”; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER EPSILON
    Ζ “&#918”; “&Zeta”; GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ZETA

Other Entities:

    CharEntity NumberEntity Name
    © “&#169”; “&copy”;
    ® “&#174”; “&reg”;
    “&#8364”; “&euro”;
    “&#8482”; “&trade”;
    “&#8592”; “&larr”;
    “&#8593”; “&uarr”;
    “&#8594”; “&rarr”;
    “&#8595”; “&darr”;
    “&#9824”; “&spades”;
    “&#9827”; “&clubs”;
    “&#9829”; “&hearts”;
    “&#9830”; “&diams”;

How to Write Symbols in HTML:

  • HTML entities are used by developers to add symbols to HTML. An HTML entity is a unique string (a group of letters) that contains either the entity name or entity number for a certain symbol and begins with an ampersand (&) and ends with a semicolon (;). HTML entities that are reserved for many symbols.
  • For instance, we can use the entities “&copy”; (the entity name) or “&#169”; to insert the copyright symbol () in HTML (the entity number). Note how the entity number is preceded by a second hash symbol (#).
  • The symbol renders successfully on the website when one of these entities is used:
  • Angle brackets, ampersands, and quote marks are examples of characters that can be used as both a display character and an actual HTML character.
  • Entities can be typed in or copied from a list to be placed (like the one below). It is simple to memorise and type in the names of entities. The entity name, however, might not be recognised by some older browsers. To ensure that your entity displays correctly across all browsers, use the entity number


HTML webpages more easily and without the help of a professional.Compared to other languages, HTML is supported by the majority of browsers:

  • If you build your website in HTML, anyone in the world can access it.
  • In today’s environment, HTML syntax is simple to learn and apply.
  • The syntax of HTML and XML is quite comparable and simple to understand.
  • HTML is free to use, doesn’t need software to function, and doesn’t require a plug-in.
  • HTML code can be written in a variety of programmes, including Notepad, WordPad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, VS Code, Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Because HTML is a language that is simple to comprehend, SEO is easier to utilise and apply because search engines can easily and clearly explain HTML.
  • HTML is lightweight, therefore webpages and applications load more rapidly when written in it than when written in other languages.
  • They can easily be combined with other programming languages like PHP, JAVA,.NET, PYTHON, and others because they are quite straightforward.
  • The HTML language is user-friendly and may view the changes instantaneously. It is free, or an open source, language.
  • The usage of HTML for developing more innovative and dynamic websites and applications has been transformed by modern HTML and CSS frameworks.
  • HTML is a standalone, open-source language.
  • Since there is a sizable HTML community, developers can find the assistance they need on forums and discussion websites.

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