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Must-Know [LATEST] IBM tsm Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What Are Server Configuration Files? Explain Detail?


dsmserv.Choose, dsmserv.Dsk, devconfig.Out, volhist.Out

dsmserv.Decide: All server configuration Information.

dsmserv.Dsk: All the db, log volumes paths.

devconfig.Out: All tool configuration information such device class, drives configuration data.

volhist.Out: All the sequential volumes facts.

2. What Is a Reclamation, Migration? How Will Do It Manually?


Reclamation: It is a manner moving the lively facts from a fragmented volumes to single or few no of volumes. It makes a fragmented volumes reusable.

Command: Reclaim a stg poolname threshold=number

  • length=mins offsitereclaimimit=no of the volumes

Migration:This is used to migrate a files from one stgpool to a next storage pool

Command: Migrate a stgpool poolname lowmig=variety period=minutes reclaim=yes/no.

3. Mention a Reasons For Migration Fail?


If there may be a no volumes inside the subsequent stgpool or if any mig postpone parameter is a mentioned migration outcomes.

4. Have Ever Implemented New Tsm Server? What Is a Process?


NO but recognizea entire process and to say approximately entire shape like an Installing tsm server, developing stgpools, explaining coverage management.

5. What Is a Procedure To Take Backup From a New Backup/archive Client?


First specify a nodename inside the newly hooked up a customer dsm.Opt, login to a customer and take the backup what are want.

6. Is There Any Other Process on Other Than Show Logpin?


What ever the motion done within a server is procedure and show log pin is one in an every of it.

7. How Will Configure a Schedule In Client?


By the usage of a command def time table domname schedname

  • ty=c movement=incre startt= startd= period= durunits=…

8. What Will Do When Volumes are Went Offline?


First will take a look at inside a pastime log what’s the cause and i’m able to manually update get right of an entry to to online update extent quantity call access= on-line

9. How Will Do The Restore To the Client System If Have Access?


Restore route:

Restore course –pick (To restore a specific record)

10. What Is a Maximum Size Of Recovery Log?


13 GB

11. What Will Do If Recovery Log Reaches ninety eight%?


Issue show a logpin command and cancel all of inactive tactics which are pinning the log.

12. How Many Servers & Clients Do Have In a Company?


8 servers, 1500 customers.

13. What Are Daily Activities?


  • Health test of a TSM servers.
  • Checking agenda fame, if any missed or failed schedules are resolving the trouble.

14. Mention Any Other Commands Other Than a Q Db, Q Log?


Using a SELECT commands and can do.

15. What Are Parameters In a Copygroup?


Verexit, verdelete, retextra, retonly, retver.

16. What Is a Command To Take a Db Backup?


A Backup DB devc=deviceclass type=complete/incremental/photograph.

17. Do Have an Idea About Exchange, Tdp Oracle, Tdp Sql?


Yes, recognize an approximately TDP SQL

18. How Will Take a Scheduling Backup In Tdp Sql?


Explain a shed domainname shedname motion= command item=”c:sqlfull.Cmd” startday=” “ starttime=” “ length=” “ durationunits=min

19. What Type Of the Library Model Are Using?


3582 MODEL

20. How Many Drives Do Have?



21. What Is a Model Of The Tape that Are Using? What Is Its Size?


LTO three

Size: 400 GB, when a compressed to 800 GB.

22. Is Library Is Shared? How can Shared It?


Yes,explain library library_name library type= guide/scsi/349x autolabel=sure/no shared=yes / no

23. Is Library Is Logically be Shared Or Physically Shared?


Logically shared

24. If Logically Shared Is All the Drives Accessible To the All Servers?



25. How Will Checkin & Checkout the Volumes In Library?


  • Checkin libvolume library_name volume_name seek=no/sure/bulk reputation=personal/scratch
  • Checkout a libvolume library_name volume_name do away with=bulk/yes/no

26. What Is a Drm?


DRM (Disaster Recovery Manager) if any component that appear TSM server then are need to restore the TSM server for that reason want to apply.

DRM Daily Operation:

  • Backup of primary storage pool to a copy garage pool.
  • Backup a TSM information base.
  • Move DR Media fame.
  • Run prepare command.
  • Transport a DR media offsite.
  • Return empty media from an offsite.

DRM life cycle:

Mountable: It is to legitimate facts.

Non mountable:It’s far legitimate records can’t be get right of an entry to.

Courier: Prepared to the transfer.

Vault: It’s miles of offsite.

Retrieve vault: Go back to the offsite to onsite.

Courier retrieve:Switch from the onsite.

Onsite retrieve:It’s far in onsite.

27. How Will Move Copy Storage Pools To the Offsite In Drm?


Move drmedia medianame wherein kingdom=courier tostate=vault.

28. Is Lanfree Backup?


If an information to be transferred extra than a 150GB than.

LAN loose backup steps:

  • Install TSM sever in a SAN environment with library.
  • Configure library in the shared mode (def lib shared=sure).
  • Must installation storage agent software in a Client gadget .Then act as a server.

29. What Are the Tdp Oracle Agent Utilities?


Tdpoconf: The tdpoconf software is used for the password preservation and general Data Protection for an Oracle setup and upkeep.

Tdposync: Use a tdposync application to delete the Oracle backups on Tivoli Storage Manager server which are not within RMAN catalog. By as a consequence casting off an undesirable gadgets in Tivoli Storage Manager storage, and may reclaim area on the server. This utility permits to repair such as discrepancies among the Tivoli Storage Manager Server and also RMAN catalog.

30. How To Update a Tdp Oracle Node Password?


Tdpoconf password

31. What Are the Important Configuration Files?


Tdpoconf.Cfg, dsm.Opt, dsm.Sys

32. What Is a Sbt_tape In Rman Backup?


It is a device type.

33. What Is The Use Of a Tdposync?


Use a tdposync application to delete the Oracle backups at Tivoli Storage Manager server which are not inside RMAN catalog. By therefore eliminating the unwanted items in Tivoli Storage Manager garage, and can reclaim area on the server. This software allows to restore a such discrepancies between the Tivoli Storage Manager Server and also RMAN catalog.

34. Explain About the Backup Copy Group Parameters?


Whether a file exist on the node will affect which guidelines are used to run out document copies if files exists.

VEREX: Specifies a quantity of file copies or variations to be preserve. Includes are inactive and lively files.

VERDEL: Specifies a number of versions to maintain after the documents had been deleted from a customer machine.

RETEX: Specifies a no of days to hold inactive record versions .

RETON: Specifies a quantity of days to keep ultimate backup version of a document that has been deleted from a customer file gadget.

Serialization: Specifies a how tsm handles a customer information that to be sponsored up.

35. Define a Server Command?


Def server storage of angent name server password= passwd hla=xx lla=xx.

36. Explain About the Cfgmgr?


  • Bringing explain a nation to available kingdom.
  • If any hardware is attached to a server and isn’t detected ,then run cfgmgr.

37. Lanfree Node Drive Paths Are Offline, What Are Actions Will Take?


Replace a pressure to on line and if nevertheless it isn’t always online delete a route and againdef the path delete paths the use of rmdev and re-run cfgmgr and try to make them on-line with the aid of using for defining force path command again.

38. What Are the Important Lanfree Parameters To Be Added In a Dsm.Sys?


Lanfreetcpport, lanfreetcpserveradress, enablelanfree sure, tcpport,tcpsereraddress,servername, commmethod tcpip, lanfreecommmethod tcpip.

39. How To Break a Plan File?


By the way of going for walks this script of command:pathcscript planexpl.Vbs direction of plan report.

40. What Are the Scripts Available In a Plan File?


2typess of vb and awk.

41.What is use of a Dsmfmt And Dsmserv Format?


Dsmfmt create a volumes in console/ dsmserv format approach initializes a server database and log, dsmfmt create volumes in a console.

42. How to restore a Tsm Server Database using Dbs/incr/complete database backups?


Dsmserv restore a db.

43. How to restore a Tsm Server Database Without a Volhist File, Devconfig Files?


Need to recreate it before can start a repair operation. The tool configuration of file ought to follow those conventions:

This instructions need to be on this order:


44. Explain about a Drm Tape States? How to change from a One State To Other?


  • Mutable/not mountable/courier/vault/vault retrieve/courier retrieve/onsite retrieve//// move a media volname had been nation=x to kingdom=x

45. What are the Tsm Server Configuration Files And Explain Them?


Devconfig.Out, volh.Out dsmserv.Disk, dsmserv.Opt

46. What are the Tdp Sql/change/domino Configuration Files?


  • tdpsql.Cfg, dms.Sys/domdsm.Cfg,dsm.Sys/tdpexc.Cfg,dsm.Sys

47. How to find a Scratch Count?


Select a remember(*) from libvol where the status=scratch.

48. How to update a Drive/library Paths?


  • Replace a course servername force call src=server dest=drive libr=libname tool=device call on-line =yes update a path servername librname src=server dest=libray device=device name on a line =sure.

Found all drives are taking a 30mins time to dismount quantity from the Drive after the backup/restore/migration/reclamation or any process.

49. Tape stuck in a Drive, How do resolve it?


Checkout a tape, strength cycling pressure, raise the ticket to a Hardware group.

50. How to checkin a cleaning tape?


Checkin libvolume Libraryname volname popularity=purifier cleanings=10/most effective for a scsi libr checklabel=no/for cleaner it should be no.

51. Explain about a Search=sure/no/bulk Parameter in a checkin command?



52. Specifies that only a named volume is checked into a Library.


For SCSI libraries:

The server issues the request to have the volume inserted into cartridge slot within the library or, if available, into entry port. The cartridge slot or access port is be diagnosed by using its detail deal with.

For a 349X libraries: The volume ought to already be in a library, or can put it into ta I/O station while induced.

Yes: Specifies that a server searches the library for the volumes to be checked in.

Bulk : Specifies that a server searches the library’s access/go out ports for the volumes that can be checked in an automatically. This alternative most effective for applies to a SCSI libraries.

53. How does an Expiration And Reclamation are be co-related?


After walking an Expiration, expired files are deleted from a database and by strolling reclamation movements are fragmented statistics from one or extra vols to filling or a new volumes.

54. Would like to a Run Backup Db Daily 4 Times; How do Configure?


Depend on a client requirements.

55. When do need to use a Maxscratch Parameter?


To growth volumes for a storage pools.

56. What is use of a Cache Migrates Files=yes for a Disk Storage Pools?


Restoration is a faster for purchaser.

57. What is use of a Reuse Delay Parameter? To which stroragepools use?


After deleting a files from the tapes what number of days it ought to wait earlier than returning to scratch.Copy garage pools.

58. What is use of a schedule Prompting In a Client Schedule Backups?


Server will initiate a time table technique with the aid of a contacting the purchaser.

59. What Is Use of a Journal Based Backups?


By putting in this software program and will take modified files and directory that are stored in that folder.

60. How to restore Single File, Using an Image Backup?


There isn’t any hazard of a restoring single document in the photograph backup. Have repair a complete image.

61. How to find out a Damaged Files In Storagepool Volumes? How to Restore Damaged Tape?


  • Audit vol volname preview=no.
  • Restore vol volnme preview=sure.
  • Restore vol volname copystg=copystgname.

62. What are advantages of a Server to Server Communication?


Export and import Command Routing and also Enterprise control.

63. Can create Server to Server Communication between the Server A which is five and Server B which is 6.2 ?



64. What is use of a Crossdefine Parameter?


If pass def is on and can set up server to a server communication.

65. How to configure a Virtual Volumes? And what is advantages of it?


First set up server to server conversation in each the servers and a reg neighborhood node as server in faraway after which in neighborhood def server. Moving the statistics through vaulting.

66. What are the daily activities On Tsm?


Check a DB & healing log, Volume management etc..

67. If Dbspace is full then what will do?


Add database volumes with an aid of the command line as a TSM server will no longer paintings if DB is complete.

68. What is a maximum size of Recovery Log?


20 GB in a TSM 5.3

69. What are primary in an environment?


A primary storage pool is used, if available, to access the requested file when a user wishes to restore, retrieve, recall, or export file data.

70. What are the storage devices that have worked on?


Library of IBM 3584, 3582 and so on.

71. What is a Reclamation?


It is the method of a shifting the fragment records from one or more volumes to the distinct volume, in order that are volumes being reclaimed can be used as a scratch volumes in TSM once more. By using this technique and can save a variety of space in a TSM. This technique is managed by using a reclaim threshold parameter of garage pool.

72. What is a collocation and advantages of it?


Storing information of the customer at minimum volumes. This will assist in a quicker restores as much less media mounts can be need all through repair.

73. Tell something on a Migration?


Transferring a statistics from the disk to tape pool.

74. What kind of a Tape Library is attached to a Tsm Server?


IBM 3584.

75. Define audit library command?



76. Tell about a media management are doing?


  • A Preparing volumes.
  • Labeling.
  • A Check in, test out and so on.

77. How will prepare a sratch volume?


A label libvol volume on call.

78. What is the difference in between Label And Checking?


Labeling is a naming vol and checking is inserting a vol to fit.

79. What exactly a role of Recovery Log?


Storing a transaction, which isn’t always devoted to a DB and are, required for consistency of a TSM DB.

80. What is difference in between a Dsm.Opt And Dsm.Sys File?


  • Dsm.Decide report is a purchaser document which includes tsmservername pointing to dsm.Sys.
  • Dsm.Sys commonly utilized in a UNIX surroundings includes a server stanzas and the parameters like node name, control class and password get admission to the alternatives.

81.Health monitoring cmds?


  • q db f=d
  • q log f=d
  • q event * * t=c
  • q stg f=d
  • q occasion * t=a

82. What are file lookouts if a Tsm Server Crashes?



83. How will check a Dr Media?


Move a drmedia command is used.

84. What is a secondary storage pool?


A Disk pool, Tape pool.

85. How many frames are there in the environment?


No solution.

86. Which library are using?


IBM 3584.

87. Difference between the V5 And V6.2?


In a ver6.2 have got deduplication alternative.

88. What is a Prole Process (tsm)?


Background method in a TDP for hardware. (TDP for ESS).

89. What are various types of a Backups?


A Full, incremental, differential.

90. What is difference between a backup and archive?


Backup is for the brief duration garage and wherein as archive is for a long term storing a facts Backup is having versions archive does no longer have versions and backup is full, incremental, differential where as a archive is as it’s miles image.

91. What is difference between an active and inactive file (tsm)?


Inactive, which no longer brand a new backup. An Active that’s cutting-edge backup.

92. How will take a backup in Tsm?


dsmc i or dsmc sel.

93. What are the various server configuration files?


dsmserv.Choose, volhist.Out, devconfig.Out, dsmserv.Dsk.

94. How to check a version Of Tsm?


q status, q system.

95. Which command is used to check a backup status in Tsm?


q occasion* *

96. Which are the Tsm Configuration Files?


dsmserv.Choose, dsmserv.Dsk,volhist.Out, devconfig.Out

97. How will change a password of Tsm Server?


Set a server password *****

98. How will identify which level of a Backup Taken?


dsmc a backup query

99. Suppose have to Take a full backup on friday and then friday to thursday incremental and then full backup?


Might be a scheduled in crontab.

100. Which are systems eligible for an incremental backup?


Home listing of all the customers.

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