Microsoft Certification vs. Cisco Certification

Microsoft Certification vs. Cisco Certification

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Cisco Certification vs. Microsoft Certification – In today’s competitive world, Getting a professional certificate or degree has become equally important in conjunction with the academic education. Most of the Multinational Companies and even the leading IT giants look to hire candidates who are proficient in computers with an excellent educational background. The professional certifications are given to those applicants who have completed a program or a course of study from an authorized training center. The candidates have to appear for an exam, and they receive the certificate only after qualifying it. The certificate is an official proof that you are qualified to be given a specific post within the IT industry. In addition to all these, it is imperative to keep on upgrading your knowledge about the change in technology. You need to delve into the topics.

However, you also have to keep on renewing your certification annually. Some may be valid for the lifetime. You may have to look in a re-certification examination or show that you are continuing the process of learning. The IT sector has become of the largest employers in the present day time offering high salaries and lucrative future. Therefore, certifications prove to be a bonus in your resumes when you go out there for applying for a job. There are a few certifications which focus on specific technological knowledge. The vendors of those technologies offer them.

Candidates pursuing professional certification in computers do get puzzled regarding the choice. They find themselves in a dilemmatic situation because they are not able to decide which the right course is for them. Some popular certificate programs are readily available which can make the decision making even tougher. Some candidates do not know which certification will suit with their tech expertise or skill. One of the other advantages of these certifications is that you do not require any college degree in , Order to enroll for the course. However, to maximize your earnings from the program, you need to go through proper intensive training. It is incredibly vital to get a comprehensive knowledge of all the technical aspects of moving on into the field. Some of the most persuaded certifications include Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA which provides for A+, Network+, Linux+, Security+, Apple, Information Systems Audit and Control Association and Project Management Professional, etc.

But the two significant certifications are Microsoft Certified Program and Cisco Certified Program. Therefore, it is essential to make a detailed comparative study between these two so that you can know which is better. However, first and leading it is necessary to get intimate with what the prerequisites are to apply for the program.

The Microsoft Certification :

The Microsoft Certification is meant for people who are interested in making a career in the IT sector. Suppose if you want to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) then you need to have a couple of years experience in development, configuration and troubleshooting, installation, Microsoft servers, and databases. There are other certifications such as MTA which is designed primarily for the college students and so it does not need you to fulfill any condition. Nevertheless, you have to pass an examination for each of the certifications.

The Microsoft Certifications help in enhancing your skills, and you can implement the knowledge while working in your field. It has been known as one of the esteemed programs that are valued worldwide. By applying the skills, of course, you can increase the productivity of your company. In fact, to offer to generate more attention in individuals, Microsoft initiated another certification program known as its Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program in April 2012. Another important step taken by the company in this regard was the introduction of Microsoft Cloud-Build Certification which took the place of Microsoft credentials. This means the business firms can employ new techniques such as MCIPT, MTCS, and MCPD. All these credentials are expected to get a good rejoinder in the coming years.

This is not all. Microsoft has made yet another change in its revamped certification. It has introduced Recertification. The candidates need to sit for one or two additional tests where their skills are put to the test. Re-certification will increase the value of attained knowledge, and you will always remain updated. The Microsoft Certifications have usually been having three categories level wise. They are-

  • Associate
  • Expert
  • Master

The Cisco Certificate :

If you are keen to make your career in the networking area, then you should go for the Cisco certification which is equally worthy as the Microsoft Certifications. Unlike Microsoft, it is not a software business, but they offer routers and help in tracking the IP numbers. You can monitor the routers and send traffic from one server to another. However, their functionality is limited. They act as a messenger. You can send music and another document from one place to another through the internet. The curriculum of Cisco Certification is different and gives an in-depth knowledge of the networking system as well as business communication devices. You get to know how the IT network topology works and how you can build secure networking. Cisco Certification has a high demand in the IT industry today.

The recent certification programs have been organized keeping in mind the industry demand and to make computer networking professionals more compatible. Therefore, five different stages have been added to the new course include- Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and, Architect.

Eight Paths of Cisco Certification :

The Eight Paths of Cisco Certification are incorporated within the five levels of the program. Cisco Certification is quite helpful in selecting your area of service. The eight tracks are-

Routing and switching


  • Network Security
  • Service provider
  • Service provider operations
  • Storage networking
  • Voice
  • Wireless

By now you must be curious to know which the more demanding Cisco Certification Programs are that offers the high salary. They are-

  • CCENT Certification
  • CCNA Certification
  • CCDA Certification
  • CCNP Routing & Switching

Pros and Cons of Microsoft and Cisco Certification :

First, it is essential to view the benefits and drawbacks of Microsoft Certificate.

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The benefits :

  • Microsoft is a well-renowned software company, and most people are familiar with it; even non IT, professionals.
  • It can give a particular impetus to your resume while applying for a job.
  • You get the experience to work with Microsoft servers and software.
  • Not every IT company makes use of Microsoft techniques
  • It offers some programs for the ambitious IT professionals.
  • You get to know only about Microsoft software and computer languages associated with it.
  • The examinations are tough
  • Cisco Certification also shows that you are experienced in IT networking.
  • Cisco Certification is also a well-established company that manufactures networking devices and IT infrastructure equipment such as router and switches.
  • You can use the knowledge to various IT brands.
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The Drawbacks:

  • It is difficult to avail this Cisco certification, and the program is costly.
  • The certificate has to be renewed after every three years.
  • Not everyone knows about this certification program

Whom to Choose: Microsoft or Cisco :

One of the significant differences between these two certifications is regarding their working technique. The Microsoft server needs to be updated on the weekly basis if not daily. On the other hand, the router in Cisco Networking has to be configured within 6 months. Microsoft keeps a track record of the users and computers, whereas Cisco helps in tracking IP numbers. Once the path of the internet is set up, it does not change.

Another benefit which Microsoft offers over Cisco Certification is that the former has introduced some certification programs more than the later. Although Cisco offers 5 levels of certification, the numbers of courses are less than Microsoft. The examinations related to the certifications are quite stringent in Cisco, and so it is difficult to avail the certificate. But the exams involved with Microsoft are not so severe. If we compare the reputation of these two certification programs, we can say that Microsoft is more popular than Cisco as more people are close to the program. It has also been seen that the IT companies usually give bent to a Certified Microsoft Engineer as opposed to the Cisco Networking professional. Not only that, there is a diversity in their starting pay/salary as well. It is interesting to note that the wages of Cisco Engineer are more than Microsoft Certified Engineer. A Cisco Engineer earns forty-five to fifty thousand whereas MCE earns forty thousand.

The Final Verdict :

After a complete comparison between the two most popular certifications, it can be said that both programs help in boosting your career and offer you better pay. Microsoft focuses on server maintenance and Cisco on networking system. Therefore, you have to make a final choice about what you want to pursue based on your preference and interest.

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