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Microsoft Dynamics AX Tutorial | The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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Abdul Gani has 5+ years of experience with coding in X++, SQL Server, .NET, SSRS, and SSIS. His role in succession planning is that of BI/Power BI with all stages of AX Development.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Dynamics AX 2012 by Microsoft Medium and big businesses alike may benefit from Microsoft’s Dynamics AX, which is an ERP system. Facilitates productive efforts. Take advantage of shifts in the marketplace and compete internationally. Like other Microsoft products, Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to help businesses automate and simplify their financial, business analytics, and supply chain activities.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Microsoft Dynamics
  • Aside from MDCC, Microsoft is building AX in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Hyderabad, India; Moscow, Russia; Shanghai, China; and Karachi, Pakistan This section contains information about the Microsoft Dynamics AX workspace, common tasks that all users may accomplish, enterprise portals for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft accessibility products and services.
  • Future Microsoft’s Partner Sources website offers a “Statement of Direction” that describes Dynamics AX’s future development objectives. According to the company, future versions of AX will have expanded vertical market capabilities, cloud computing, and HTML5. However, Microsoft will abandon what is known as AX.
  • Because the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built on a completely different configuration, there are no upgrading alternatives, such as Axapta 2.5> 3.0 or AX2009> AX2012. The presence of was a well-known source of information for Axapta before Microsoft purchased it. Before Microsoft bought it in 2002, this was a unique web-based newsgroup with a large number of members and messages.
  • We transferred newsgroup information to Microsoft Business Solutions newsgroups after including Microsoft Axapta into the Business Solutions Suite. [14] The oldest Axapta Technet post available now comes from August 2000. [15] In the Axapta 3.0 period, this newsgroup, combined with a reliable official Microsoft website
  • It took up the majority of the available space. Few documents were openly available at the time. Axapta’s online presence has risen dramatically since Microsoft published Dynamics AX 4.0, with increased interest from professional blogs and continued improvement on MSDN.
  • MSDN was primarily placeholders when it first launched, but it now provides more thorough material, ranging from the full SDK to white papers and code samples. community Dynamics partners, end users, and MS MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) workers make up the majority of the AX community. Many groups are dedicated to expanding on Microsoft’s knowledge.
  • The Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG) is a software user community. Dynamics User Group (DUG) is a user, partner, and freelancer online community. Mibuso (Mibuso) is a user, partner, and freelancer online community. Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations (Dynamic netsoft Software Services) is a software user community. Furthermore, Microsoft hosts a large community forum.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX was an enterprise resource planning software application from Microsoft. It’s a member of the Microsoft Dynamics family. ThickClient was decommissioned in 2018, and the online product was rebranded Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as part of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 package.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX is now widely used in the software testing industry and is a significant contributor to corporate growth. This is regarded as one of the greatest ERP products on the market. Microsoft Dynamics AX is incredibly powerful and was designed to satisfy the demands of both medium and big businesses.
  • One-time investments in these are long-term profitable. Accounting, human resources, marketing, production, and sales are all departments of every organisation. Each of these areas has its own set of skills.
  • Human Resources, for example, is in charge of salary, benefits, recruitment, training, and evaluations, among other things. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) combines the core operations of several departments into a single package. ERP is typically composed of numerous “modules” that perform common duties such as manufacturing modules, human resource modules, supply chain management modules, sales modules, and so on.


Microsoft Dynamics BENEFITS

1. Microsoft Dynamics AX’s Logistical Advantages

Improve Customer Satisfaction: Dynamics AX improves the flow of materials and goods with enhanced logistics management, allowing products to reach customers faster. Improve product quality by leveraging real-time insights to resolve issues as they arise. Microsoft Dynamics AX also provides linked order processes, allowing for speedier customer response times.

Increase your visibility: Dynamics AX tracks assets efficiently, reducing reporting errors and automating when possible. Data collection and predictive analytics provide useful insights into all aspects of your supply chain.

2. Microsoft Dynamics AX’s Operational Advantages

Reduce Operating Expenses: Why wouldn’t you want to reduce your company’s operational spending? Dynamics AX provides financial process automation, encumbrance control, budget planning control, and even three-way matching. After you’ve deployed Dynamics AX, you’ll benefit from automation throughout your supply chain, which will help you save money on procurement.

Boost Productivity: Through sophisticated, targeted systems, Dynamics AX enables your staff to make informed, proactive decisions. Microsoft Dynamics Role Tailored gathers information, tasks, and insights pertinent to certain jobs. Automation, job prioritisation, and integration features are included in Role Tailored. This puts resources at the fingertips of your staff, allowing them to perform better, faster, and smarter.

3. The Architectural Benefits of Dynamics AX

Scale Smoothly: With Dynamics AX, you can quickly adapt your system to meet your evolving business needs. A model-driven, layered architecture makes it simple to create and maintain unique business processes, as well as upgrade to new releases.With instant-on capabilities, you can simplify and accelerate deployment to suit ever-changing business requirements. Because the design is adaptable, you can deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX all at once or system by system. This shortens implementation timelines and allows for the deployment of one business scenario at a time.

Utilize Additional Microsoft Software with Dynamics AX: You also get access to additional Microsoft software with Dynamics AX. Connect with other enterprise services like as applications and communication platforms, either on-premises or in the Cloud, to get the most out of the product. This connectedness will result in improved communication and collaboration throughout your firm.

4. Microsoft Dynamics AX’s Industry-Specific Advantages

Dynamics AX includes industry capabilities for manufacturing, distribution, services, retail, government, and more. Consider the following retail and manufacturing examples:

Retail and Distribution Dynamics AX:

Dynamics AX improves the user experience for you and your customers by streamlining multichannel management, shop operations, merchandising, and financial processing. You can do the following using retail solutions:

  • Connect with Customers: Reach customers no matter where they are by controlling how, when, and where they shop through omnichannel control.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Increase client engagement and productivity by providing real-time information and comprehensive order management.
  • Scale Easily: With Dynamics AX’s flexible, omnichannel solution, you can easily scale your E-commerce firm.

Manufacturing Dynamics AX:

Dynamics AX provides operational and customer service tools to help you compete in the global manufacturing game. Manufacturing solutions allow you to do the following:

Address Changing Customer Needs: Because customers’ needs are continuously changing, a flexible, scalable, and agile platform like Dynamics AX is essential for growth.

Improve Efficiency: Increase visibility and streamline internal procedures to reduce time-to-market and provide timely client service.

Empower Your Staff: Assist your employees in doing their best work by giving them with an ERP platform that is personalised to their needs and can grow and scale with them.

Who is Dynamics AX designed for?

Dynamics ERP is appropriate for medium and big businesses. Medium-sized businesses benefit from pre-defined localization for the country in which they operate. These localizations can be implemented by purchasing Microsoft licencing codes. As a result, the cost is considerably lowered because the firm just pays for what it requires.Larger firms with diverse businesses can benefit from integrating multiple modules into a single ERP solution.Dynamics AX was specifically designed to be a support system rather than a barrier for large corporations operating globally and in certain industries. Large enterprises require a product with the infrastructure to support it since they have special management, legal, currency, and data needs.

Functional Area:

Each module’s functional area contains knowledge of the basic domain knowledge. B. Trade and logistics, finance, and so on:

Functional Area

1) Technical fields: Knowledge of basic coding and object-oriented programming can be extremely beneficial in learning the technical components of AX. Because you need to retrieve data from the database, the fundamentals of SQL queries are also highly useful. For development, the AX employs the X ++ programming language. Object-oriented programming techniques such as inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism are used in the language. X ++ is similar to C and Java in that it uses interactive queries to retrieve data from a database. Basic functional knowledge of regularly used phrases such as general ledger, sales order, purchase order, inventory, and so on is also highly beneficial.

2) Functional area: Domain knowledge is essential for understanding the functional features of AX. For example, in the Treasury module, you must understand the fundamentals of bookkeeping, accounting regulations, and general ledger modifications. You must understand how the trade process works in real-world businesses in order to work in trade and logistics. After you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can go on to AX. Functional consultants can learn it by relating it to real-world examples of how a company runs. AX code is mostly made up of extensions of off-the-shelf products. B. Customize forms and reports, as well as add new forms, fields, reports, and other features. A technical consultant can learn AIF after knowing the fundamentals (Application Integration Framework).

What is happening with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX?

As you may be aware, Microsoft is attempting to bring many of its products under the Dynamics 365 umbrella. Dynamics NAV was just introduced to Dynamics 365, and the same thing happened with Dynamics AX.It is now available under Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition if you are seeking for it. Enterprise Edition, which is entirely based on the robustness of the Dynamics AX ERP, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, offers the same optimization for large and multinational companies with its wide range of tailor-made applications ranging from accounting with multiple devices to international supply chain.Dynamics AX, like any other Microsoft Dynamics product, can be purchased directly from Microsoft or from a licenced Microsoft reseller.

It is critical for organisations to have a digital presence in this ever-changing digital environment. D365 may be integrated with a wide range of third-party applications. Data can be safely exchanged with mobile apps. Microsoft power apps can be used to easily construct many apps. We can build interactive reports for presentations, analytics, and engaging visual representation of data by combining Microsoft Power BI with D365.As you can see, Dynamics AX, and now Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition, were designed to assist and support large multinational corporations. It is tailored to the challenges of a multi-company and multi-currency firm, and it provides benefits and features that are relevant to the difficulties of large corporations.


Microsoft Dynamics AX assists your firm in improving its financial performance, lowering costs, and increasing income. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives organisations a competitive advantage by linking partners, customers, and workers via the Cloud, enhancing security and customer experiences.However, because Dynamics AX support has stopped, you must plan your transfer journey now. Here’s how you can go about it.

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