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1.What does one perceive by ‘Project’?


A project may be a temporary endeavor that is undertaken to provide a novel product or resolution. In alternative words, a project features a definite starting and ending at the side of the ultimate product should be specific to the project. A project that doesn’t have these properties may be harmful to our organization because they are feeding up our time, area and alternative resources.

2.What are the seven themes of PRINCE2?


  • LBusiness Case
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • Planning
  • Change
  • Progress

3. What’s Prince2?


PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) may be a structured project management methodology and professional person certification program. PRINCE2 emphasizes dividing comes into manageable and governable stages.

4. What are the seven processes of PRINCE2?


5. List down the key options of PRINCE2 Certification.


  • The main focus is on business justification.
  • Neatly outlined organization structure for the project management team.
  • Planning approach is majorly supported the merchandise.
  • It emphases a lot of on dividing the project into manageable and governable stages.
  • Enhances the reusability of project modules.
  • Flexibility may be applied at any level that is acceptable to the project.
  • Considered to be a useful diagnostic tool for project management.

6. What are the varied steps concerned in directing a project?


The directive Project involves varied activities such as:

  • Supporting a project
  • Accepting the results or final outcomes
  • Providing approval from the management

7.Define ‘Plan’ in PRINCE2 methodology.


A plan provides a timeline starting however and once objectives are to be achieved, by highlighting the foremost merchandise, activities, and resources that are needed for the scope of the set up. In straightforward terms, an idea of any project defines the following:

Risks, Resources, Communication,Scope, Budget, Schedule, Quality

8. that document contains the planned and actual dates for product approval and hand-over?


Product listing document contains the planned and actual dates for product approval and hand-over.

9. Justify quality designing and internal control.


Quality designing in PRINCE2® methodology the method of characteristic the standard necessities of a project like choosing what attributes are needed to create a product appropriate to the aim and set up on a way to deliver the goods of that product. On the opposite hand, internal control is that the method of death penalty the set up and conduct the standard tests to make sure that the merchandise meets the expected necessities.

10. Outline Project Product Description.


This is often created within the starting off a Project method and used throughout the Closing a Project method to assist verify that the project has delivered to expectations.

11. What are the seven principles of PRINCE2?


12. What does one perceive by directional a Project (DP)?


Directing a Project is one in every of the seven processes in PRINCE2® methodology that helps the Project Board to be in charge of the project’s success. It helps the Project Manager in creating key choices and exercise overall management all whereas relegating the regular management of the project.

13. What’s the target of the directional Project process?


The objectives square measure :

  • To ensure there’s authority to initiate, deliver and shut the project.
  • To ensure management direction and management square measure provided throughout the project which the project remains viable.
  • Plans for realizing post-project edges square measure managed and reviewed.

14. What’s the aim of the Managing Product Delivery process?


The purpose of the Managing Product Delivery method is to regulate the link between the Project Manager and also the Team Manager(s).

15. What’s the first objective of the standard Review Technique?


The primary objective of the standard Review Technique is to involve key interested parties in promoting wider acceptance of the merchandise.

16. Why are the seven principle square measure vital in PRINCE2® project management methodology?


In the PRINCE2® methodology, a principle refers to the notions that project management practitioners should follow all the time. These principles square measure developed supported the expertise of the Project Managers on what they needed to achieve success. All those ideas and ideas are filtered and compressed into a collection of everyday activities and behavior. Thus, following these principles can facilitate straightforward management and execution of the project and can additionally guarantee its success.

17. Is that role answerable for manufacturing a Product standing Account?


Project Support answerable for manufacturing a Product standing Account.

18. In PRINCE2® methodology, what square measures the assorted levels of a plan?


Below square measure the four levels of a plan:

Project set up: A Project Plan provides the Business Case with planned prices, and is additionally wont to determine the management stages in conjunction with different major management points within the project. The Project Board uses this set up as a baseline for observance of the project progress.

Stage Plan: Stage Plans cowl the assorted merchandise, resources, activities, and controls that square measure specific to a specific stage and square measure used as a baseline to watch the stage progress.

Team set up: Team setups square measure optional and you don’t ought to follow identical composition as a Project Plan or Stage Plan. Thus, just in case you create use of the Team Plans would comprise of a straightforward schedule appended to the Work Packages that square measure assigned to the Team Manager.

Exception Plan: Exception Plans square measure sometimes created to point out however the project stage is going to be recovered just in case there’s a breach in project or stage tolerances.

19. Does that method permit non-PRINCE2 practices to be integrated into a PRINCE2 project atmosphere once making products?


Managing Product Delivery permits non-PRINCE2 practices to be integrated into a PRINCE2 project atmosphere once making merchandise.

20. State the scope concerned in planning?


  • Directing a project(DP).
  • Starting the project(SU).
  • Initiating the project(IP).
  • Controlling stages(CS).
  • Managing project delivery(MP).
  • Managing stage boundary(SB).
  • Closing the project(CP).

21. What’s the employment of a top quality register?


Quality register is employed to contain the main points of all planned quality activities, personnel concerned and dates.

22. What are the danger strategies?


The risk methods are

  • Risk tolerance
  • Risk appetency
  • Ongoing Activity
  • Avoid, Seek, Neutral

23. What are the seven themes of PRINCE2?


24. What are the activities in the SU process?


  • Appoint the chief and project manager
  • Prepare business case define
  • Select project approach
  • Plan Initiation stage

25. Name the Prince2 deliverables?


The Prince2 deliverables are

  • Project arrange
  • Work package
  • Business case
  • Issue log
  • Risk management arrange
  • End of stage report

26. Difference between avoiding threat and reducing threat?


    Avoiding a Threat Reducing a Threat
    This is essentially a straightforward method wherever the project is altered so as to stop the danger from occurring. This can be essentially the arrangement to scale back the danger chance and its impact. Avoiding risk is valuable, thus, most of the project managers rummage around for ways in which to scale back them.

27. State the approaches created in planning?


The approaches created in coming up with are:

  • Product or deliverable coming up with
  • Work-based coming up with

28. What are the methods concerned in risk?


The methods concerned in risk are:

  • Risk appetency
  • Avoid, seek, neutral
  • Risk tolerance
  • Ongoing activities

29. Why is a project split into a number of stages?


Splitting up a project into multiple stages helps the Project Managers to break down the entire project activities into manageable chunks. This allows for more efficient management of the project. Also, with splitting the project into stages, similar kinds of work can be grouped together and the funds and resources can be allocated better to each stage. It will, in turn, increase the efficiency and reduce the unnecessary wastage of money as well as resources. Also, with this approach responding to the customer needs becomes easier and enhances the agility of the projects.

30. Which document is used to define the acceptance criteria and roles for the projects in PRINCE2® methodology?


The Project Product Description is used to establish project responsibilities and acceptance criteria. This document is created during the Starting up a Project process and used in the Closing a Project process. This document helps in verifying the project meets customer expectations.

31. During which process of a PRINCE2® based project, a Checkpoint Report is produced?


Generally speaking, a Checkpoint Report is generated during the Managing Product Delivery process. Through the establishment of a few formal agreements on acceptance, execution, and delivery of the project products, this process is in charge of supervising and controlling the work between the Project Manager and the Team Manager.

32. What are the three steps of quality review technique?


The three steps in the quality review technique are listed below:

Preparation:This is done in order to discuss any potential errors that need to be updated in the project before the review meeting.

Review Session:During this meeting, a number of questions are brought up and discussed in order to identify the error or problem areas. Then, a strategy is developed to correct those mistakes.

Follow-up:This is done to make sure that all mistakes or issues have been resolved and the finished product is ready to be delivered to the client.

33. What do you understand about the PRINCE2® configuration management methodology?


In PRINCE2®, configuration management is a technical and administrative activity that primarily focuses on developing, maintaining, and regulating the change of configuration during the course of the entire lifespan of the finished product. The primary entity that is subject to configuration management is known as a configuration item. This entity may be a straightforward component of a product or a group of items that will be made available to the consumer.

34. Which PRINCE2® theme addresses the ongoing viability of the different project plans?


The last theme of the PRINCE2® methodology i.e Progress is responsible for addressing the ongoing viability of the different project plans.

35. Differentiate between the Starting up a Project process and the Initiating a Project process?


    launching a project Start of a Project
    This is the initial stage of gathering data in order to quickly decide whether to start a project or not. This procedure is carried out following the Starting Up a Project procedure.In this procedure, information on the project’s beginning is collected, and the project’s governance is also established.

36. What’s the utilization of the PRINCE2® method?


PRINCE2® integrates totally different methodologies that facilitate in adding flexibility to the comes and therefore creating it additional responsiveness. It jointly aids to decide on the project team and assign responsibilities to them. PRINCE2® methodology gets a collection of processes, themes, and principles that helps you through your work. mistreatment this methodology military operation conjointly becomes simple and effective.

37. WHO area unit thought of because the primary stakeholders in an exceedingly PRINCE2® project?


Below area unit the first stakeholders of a PRINCE2® project:

  • Users
  • Suppliers
  • Business Sponsors

38. What number merchandise are outlined in PRINCE2® and what area unit they are?


There area unit twenty six merchandise that are outlined in PRINCE2® that I even have listed below:

  • Benefits Review arrange
  • Business Case
  • Checkpoint Report
  • Communication Management Strategy
  • Configuration Item Record
  • Configuration Management Strategy
  • Daily Log
  • End Project Report
  • End-Stage Report
  • Exception Report
  • Highlight Report
  • Issue Register
  • Issue Report
  • Lessons Log
  • Lessons Report
  • Plan – Project, Stage, and Team
  • Product Description
  • Product standing Account
  • Project transient
  • Project Initiation Document
  • Project Product Description
  • Quality Management Strategy
  • Quality Register
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Register
  • Work Package

39. What area unit the objectives of Closing a Project(CP) method in PRINCE2® methodology?


Below area unit the assorted objectives of the Closing a Project process:

  • Ensuring the merchandises support once the product delivery and project closure.
  • Reviewing the project performance of the project by scrutiny the particular project with the baselined documents.
  • Assessing the advantages already non inheritable then coming up with the review of advantages which can be non inheritable once the project is finished.
  • Addressing the open problems and risks within the project then performing arts a follow-up action supported the recommendations.

40. Differentiate between missive of invitation for amendment, associate degree off-specification and a tangle or concern in PRINCE2.


Request for Change Off-Specification Problem/ Concern:

Requests for amendment are a few things that a client makes for adding into or dynamical either scope of a project or the standard of a product. A client needs to create this request. This can be the method within which a provider makes an error, either by not delivering the merchandise on the maturity date or by not meeting the desired quality criteria. a tangle or a priority in project management are a few things which may throw the project off the track.

41. What area unit the four integrated parts of PRINCE2?


42.List down the varied activities concerned in Managing A Stage Boundary.


Below are the activities concerned during this process:

  • Planning for successive stage.
  • Updating the project arrange and therefore the business case.
  • Reporting stage finish.
  • Producing associate exception arrange.

43. What does one perceive by trade in PRINCE2?


Tailoring implies applicable use of PRINCE2® methodology in associate project at hand by making certain that there’s an appropriate quantity of designing, control, governance and use of the processes and themes.

44.Name the activities concerned within the CP process?


The activities that are concerned within the CP method are:

  • Evaluating comes
  • Preparing planned closures
  • Preparing premature closures
  • Suggested project closures
  • Hand over comes

45. outline business case?


A business case is named as revalidation of the project and kick-starting the project that’s owned by organizations.

46. What’s the distinction between dominating a stage, Managing product delivery and Managing a stage boundary?


Controlling a stage Managing product delivery Managing a stage boundary dominant a stage is the method of managing the project on a day-after-day basis by acting 3 primary functions:To assign work to the team manager, Monitor and report on delivery, Take corrective action and manage the arrangement. Managing product delivery is the method that interfaces with the dominant stage method. Here, the team manager takes care of the merchandise delivery, reports on progress and returns finished work to the Project Manager. Managing a stage boundary is that the method that is performed anytime a stage is nearing its ending. At this time of the project, a project manager must review completed, add the present stage, assess the uncompleted tasks, produce an idea for successive stages and determine merchandise, prices and time for successive stages in additional detail.

47. State the aim of configuration management?


Configuration management helps to trace the merchandise.

48. during which method is that the justification of the project examined and therefore the Project arrange created?


In initiating a Project the justification of the project is examined and therefore the project arrangement is made.

49. What comes with PRINCE2?


PRINCE2® encourages communication between all entities of all levels concerned in a very project.

50. What are the varied aspects of Project Performance?


According to the Prince2 framework, the Project Manager must have management over these six aspects of the project performance, and that they are as follows:

  • Quality
  • Benefits
  • Scope
  • Cost
  • Risk
  • Timescales

51. What’s the role of the Project Manager?


The Project Manager plays a key role in corporal punishment the Prince2 comes. he’s answerable for designing all the sequence of activities and different works. The Project Manager must monitor the work progress and check whether or not it’s matching with the first set up or not. The role of the Manager is to produce the correct info at the correct time for the correct person to create and choose selections concerning the project.

52. What are the progress controls provided by Prince2?


Progress Controls in Prince2 play a significant role in managing changes in a good manner according to risks and complexities.

Prince2 provides 2 differing kinds of Progress Controls, and that they are listed below:

  • Time-Driven Controls
  • Event-Driven Controls

53. Name the project which will be administered while not victimizing the Prince2 framework?


Management of the Product Delivery method will be administered while not victimizing the Prince2 framework.

54. At that stage the request to approve subsequent stage set up is made?


At Managing a Stage Boundary method the request to create subsequent stage set up is formed.

55.what is the Business justification for projects?


A bedrock at the center of PRINCE2 is that every project should have a clearly outlined objective, a goal, a customer, tangible advantages or profits, and a comprehensive value assessment of the project. This helps the team to remain centered on a transparent goal and permits them to figure towards a transparent profit and incentive.

56. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager?


At every stage of the project, the project manager ought to clearly outline the roles and responsibilities for people and groups. This cuts the litter and everybody is obvious regarding what they’re chargeable for and what’s expected of them. This conjointly offers a transparent performance metric for all team members.

57. What are the professionals and cons of the PRINCE2 methodology?


    1.For higher communication and answerability in your comes, then PRINCE2 project management is among the simplest for you. 1.At each stage, there’s various documentation to keep up and update.
    2.It focuses a lot on outputs and provides for continuous improvement therefore progress and results are secure. 2.Because of the shortage of involvement and time the senior management typically has, this inevitably slows down the project.

58. What are the documentation sorts in PRINCE2?


Documentation could be a key part of the various stages of any project. This helps keep the project heading in the right direction and submitting info to the board for review and quality checks.

Some of the kinds of documents in PRINCE2 project management methodology include:

Business case: Business case explains the requirement for the project and what edges it will waken the corporate and also the user.

Risk register:The possibilities of risks and opportunities and their impact on the project are maintained here.

Quality register:This log is to form a positive that there are not any gaps between expectations and deliverables.

Issues register:Accustomed list all the problems highlighted by team members.

Lessons log:It contains a record of the teachings learned from previous stages.

59. What’s Product delivery management?


The project manager makes positive that there’s no gap between deliverables and quality expectations. The project board makes a final analysis and either approves the merchandise or requests revisions.

60. What are the five stages of project management?



61. What will PMI symbolize in project management?


Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading association for a growing community of several project professionals and changemakers worldwide. because the world’s leading authority on project management, PMI empowers individuals to make ideas a reality.

62. What comes 1st in PRINCE2?


This is the primary method in PRINCE2. It’s a pre-project method, designed to confirm the prerequisites for initiating the project square measure in situ. The method expects the existence of a Project Mandate that defines in high level terms the explanation for the project and what outcome is sought-after.

63.How is that tailor to suit the project principle applied in Associate in Nursing agile context?


Ensure that the project’s controls and therefore the means Progress is measured square measure supported the project’s scale, complexity, importance, capability and risk.

64. that may be a PRINCE2 time driven control?


An internal control that’s periodic in nature, to change future higher authority to watch progress – e.g. a bearing that takes place each period of time. PRINCE2 offers 2 key time-driven progress reports: stop Report and Highlight Report.

65. What’s a highlight report in PRINCE2?


A highlight report is employed to produce the project board (and presumably different stakeholders) with an outline of the stage standing at intervals outlined by them. … The project manager conjointly uses it to advise the project board of any potential issues or areas wherever the project board might facilitate.

66.What square measures the six kinds of tolerances within the PRINCE2 methodology?


67. What’s a blue blood tool?


PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) could be a structured project management technique and practitioner certification programme. PRINCE2 emphasizes dividing comes into manageable and governable stages. It’s adopted in several countries worldwide, together with the United Kingdom, Western European countries, and Australia.

68. Is PRINCE2 a framework or methodology?


Closures area unit nothing however a stateful function.

A closure is Associate in Nursing inner perform that has access to outer function’s variables additionally to its own variable and international variables.In easy term a closure could be a perform within a perform.Closures victimization Lexical scoping during which perform have access to international and outer variables.Below could be a sample example of Javascript closure.

69. What percentage project managers ought to have a PRINCE2 project have?


PRINCE2 says there’s one Project Manager so the Project Manager United Nations agency that works for the provider will still have the work title of Project Manager on their card, however as way as this project is bothered, they’re a Team Manager.

70. What roles will be combined in PRINCE2?


Standard samples of combined roles during a project include:

Project Managers and Team Managers.

71. What’s a provider in PRINCE2?


In PRINCE2 terms, a provider is somebody whose skills or resources are needed to provide the project’s specialist merchandise. … It’s going to jointly embrace that the United Nations agency maintains the project’s merchandise when they’re delivered if this is often a provider responsibility.

72. What area unit the four steps within the management process?


73. What is an exception in PRINCE2?


The PRINCE2 name for a big issue is Exception, which means the issue is outside the agreed tolerance. Now, imagine you are sitting on the Project Board.

74.Why do you need a business case in a PRINCE2 project?


During the project, a PRINCE2 business case is a major control document that is referenced on a regular basis to ensure and confirm that the project remains viable. PRINCE2 business cases will contain justifications for a project, such as value for money for what is to be done and why it should be done now.

75. What is an output in PRINCE2?


According to the PRINCE2 term, the output can be understood as a product delivered by the project. For example, a new IT system is a project’s product called output. The output can be a tangible product or intangible service and is created by the process and the output of the project is in fact deliverable.

76. What three ranges of scale can projects have in PRINCE2?


PRINCE2 recommends three levels of plan – project plan, stage plans and optional team plans; each is appropriate for the level of management which uses it.

77. What is a baseline in PRINCE2?


A baselined product is a reminder of the original state and as a comparison against the current position. The Project Board can compare the baselined Project Plan with the current project plan to see how well the project is going compare to the original expectations.

78. How does PRINCE2 agile describe Scrum?


The most fundamental difference between PRINCE2 and Scrum is that the former is a project management methodology whereas Scrum is an agile development approach used by teams. Scrum enables teams of people to work together collaboratively with the customer.M

79. Can PRINCE2 be used in construction?


What’s unique about PRINCE2 is the way in which its 100% industry independent, which means it can be applied in pretty much any area of business and to any project therein.

80. What is a checkpoint report in prince2?


A Checkpoint Report is used by the team manager to report to the project manager. Information on the progress of the work done compared to the agreed team plan is also included in it. The project manager will agree on the frequency for these reports with the team manager when they are accepting the work package.

81. In which context would PRINCE2 agile be used?


PRINCE2 Agile is for any project and not just for IT projects. Most of the heritage and thinking behind agile has come from IT and software development, but PRINCE2 Agile does not assume an IT context – although it can be used in an IT context, it is not an IT framework or an IT method.

82. What is identification in the project cycle?


The identification phase analyzes the relevance of the project ideas. This includes the stakeholders and target group of the project. It analyzes potential problems these parties might have and what options there are to address and resolve them.

83. What are the limitations of PRINCE2?


  • Only has 2 tools and techniques (over 100 in PMBOK® Guide).
  • Doesn’t cover soft skills.
  • Easy to run PINO projects (PRINCE2 IN name Only).
  • Requires senior management buy-in to be successful.
  • Requires experience to apply it well.
  • Has an (unfair) reputation that it’s documentation-heavy.

84. What does the 2 stand for in PRINCE2?


PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2nd version. PRINCE2 is the world’s most popular project management methodology.

85. Who invented PRINCE2?


PRINCE2 was developed as a UK government standard for information systems projects. In July 2013, ownership of the rights to PRINCE2 were transferred from HM Cabinet Office to AXELOS Ltd, a joint venture by the Cabinet Office and Capita, with 49% and 51% stakes respectively.

86. What are the minimum number of stages required in a PRINCE2 project?


There are a minimum of two management stages in a project: the Initiation Stage and one further Management Stage. The Closing a Project process is then the last part of the 2nd Stage in a two-stage project. A PRINCE2 project is planned, monitored and controlled on a stage-by-stage basis.

87. How many types of project metrics are there?


Project metrics can be categorized into three main categories: Pure project management measurements (Example: Estimation accuracy) Indicators of project success (Example: Stakeholder satisfaction) Indicators of business success (Example: ROI).

88. What are the constituents of a project?


  • Outline of business justification and stakeholder needs.
  • List of requirements and project objectives.
  • Project scope statement.
  • List of deliverables and estimated due dates.
  • Detailed project schedule.
  • Risk assessment and management plan.
  • Defined roles and responsibilities.

89. Name the process that sends a request to deliver a project?


The request to deliver a project is triggered by Initiating a Project.

90. What is the most important part of the project planning?


One of the most obvious–and most important– steps of a project plan is defining your project goals. When you set your goals before work begins, you, your client, and your team are all on the same page and future misunderstandings can be avoided. Good goals are realistic, clear, and measurable.

91. What are the three highest concerns you want to create a project?


Typically, individuals can answer in terms of the triple constraint of:

Time:They’ll have most well-liked deadlines.They will have needed deadlines.

Cost:They will wish you to stay inside an explicit budget.

QualitY:They will set you specific quality standards to satisfy.

92. What are the kinds of projects?


The types are.

  • Compulsory
  • Not for profit
  • External Project
  • Evolving needs
  • Multi organization project

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