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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.What is time management?
    • 2.The importance of time management.
    • 3.3 types of time management techniques.
    • 4.Top time management tools.
    • 5.Conclusion.

What is a time management?

  • Time management refers to a practice of planning and consciously controlling how much time is spent on a particular task. Most often the aim will be to increase the productivity or efficiency.
  • It entails juggling various tasks related to life, work, hobbies, interests and family in order to make a best use of time.
  • Making best use of a time will enable a person to choose how they manage their different activities and how much time they wish to spend on every one.
  • There are various t things one can do or use in order to an effectively manage time and reach goals or complete important projects and tasks that have a particular due date.
  • At the start time management was only really used in the work or business environment. However a term has now evolved to encompass life and its all activities more generally.
  • A time management system is a combination of all various tools, methods and techniques used to manage a time effectively.
  • Most often good time management is the crucial to project management as its an effectiveness will find whether the project is finished properly and on time. However a one should bear in mind that there can be a structural and technical variations in a time management influenced by various cultural concepts of time.
  • More generally an effective time management can help to work smarter without necessarily working harder. Even if already don’t have a much time and are working under a high pressure.
  • Bad time management could lead to be increased stress and also lower effectiveness.
Time Management

The importance of a time management:

  • Whether give a monetary value to a time or not time is invaluable to be most of us. There are plenty of ways in which to be approach time management.
  • Could organise a time using apps change a sleep time and write to-do lists.
  • First of all need to take a step back and look at a wider picture. Understand why managing a time is important and what could gain from it. Here are a some reasons why time management is so be vital.

Time is not limitless:

  • No matter how decide to allocate a time there will only ever be a 24 hours within one day. This applies to be everyone.
  • It applies to the colleagues who seem to accomplish twice as much as can do as well as to be other colleagues who only seem to be a managing half of what are doing.
  • Recognising an importance of effective time management will make it simpler for to accomplish a tasks and rise through ranks.

Can do more with a less effort:

  • When are able to control how can spend a time also increase an ability to focus. With the greater focus also generally comes be greater efficiency because aren’t losing momentum. will quickly start an accomplishing a tasks faster and a workday will seem to fly by.

Better ability to make a decisions:

  • Whether a tactic relies on dividing a day into chunks or a prefer writing to-do lists and will soon discover that a one positive consequence of managing a time effectively is that will be able to make a better decisions.
  • When feel like don’t have enough time and have to make a decisions will be more likely to make a rash decisions and jump to conclusions. And usually do that without a thinking about the various possible options. This context is bound to a lead to bad decision-making.

Make your career more successful:

  • An Effective time management is a key to a successful career. Rather than a just going with the flow and will be able to actually be in a control of a life. When start accomplishing a more every day making a better decisions and feeling calmer people will notice.
  • This means others an including senior members of staff will trust to get things done. This increased a visibility will also make an opportunities for a career advancement more forthcoming.
Importance of Time Management

An Opportunities to learn are everywhere:

  • It goes without saying that a more can learn the more value will go up in the eyes of an employer. A Learning opportunities are everywhere if actually stop and make use of them. When managing a time effectively also have a more time to do this.
  • For example could support the another team on a project they have been working on or volunteer for the company event. can learn a lot even by just spending the bit of time with people outside of an own department.

Less stress:

  • When aren’t in control of a time can easily start a feeling overwhelmed and also rushed. Once this feeling is there it becomes a complex to figure out how much time a different tasks will take to be complete.

Free time is vital:

  • An Everybody needs a some time to relax.
  • When keep busy also achieve a more things in less time. All the time can save throughout the day by thinking through how can allocate a time adds up. can then spend this time by relaxing and unwinding at end of a productive day.

Self-discipline is important:

  • Effective time management leaves no space for procrastination. And the more effective one can become at managing a time the easier it will get to discipline and also avoid procrastinating.
  • This will have a impact in other areas of a life where have been unable to achieve a goals due to lack of the discipline.
  • The positive cycle of an effective time management.
  • Good time management has the domino effect. All need to do is actually start a cycle.

3 types of time management techniques:

  • Pomodoro technique.
  • The Eisenhower matrix.
  • The 80/20 rule (Pareto analysis).

Top time management tools:

There are plenty of tools out there that can help with managing time more effectively. Here made a list of those which are think are fundamental to know:

  • ProofHub
  • Zapier
  • TimeCamp
  • Monday


Effective time management is one approach to alleviate some of life’s stressors. Time management approaches and technologies can assist in restoring order at least in the workplace.

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