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Kofax Tutorial: Getting Started | A Complete guide for beginners

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What is Kofax?

Kofax is the simplest and simplest methodology to assemble, improve, and transmit information from any computer code or information supply — together with websites, gateways, desktop apps, and company systems — while not writing one line of code. The true digital revolution is regarding operating a lot of efficiencies and productively across your business, from the front table to the backend. it’s regarding empowering employees to figure with efficiency and effectively so as to supply an even shopper expertise.

Develop a technology infrastructure that works aboard your employees to extend productivity and eliminate nearly all manual data-driven activities. In this journal, explore how Kofax could assist you in constructing the longer term you explore for. If you would like to counterpoint your career and become knowledgeable in Kofax, then visit Mind Magix – a worldwide online coaching platform: “Kofax Training ” This course can assist you to realize excellence in this domain.

About Kofax Capture

About Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture may be a sturdy document capture tool that processes all types of information and records from any origin or location effectively, reliably, and confidentially. It speeds up business operations by gathering documentation, changing them to correct, usable info, and distributing it to line-of-business apps, processes, libraries, and datasets. Kofax Capture allows you to grab info simply, precisely, and firmly, whether or not it’s in print or in digital type, centrally kept or spread over many workstations and distant offices worldwide. Its strong,integrated analytics options give true management over how your company contacts shoppers and handles documents throughout the organization.

Highlights of Kofax:

    1. 1. Scrutinize or access the building, switching to PDF as needed.
    2. 2. Click the Form Typer instrument under Forms > Fillable Forms to have structure controls distinguished, enacted, and named.
    3. 3. Post-alter the structure if important, moving, adding, or erasing fields. Auto location observes just text boxes and checkboxes. Physically add other structure control types (see underneath).
    4. 4. After clicking the Hand device, fill the structure.
    5. 5. Complete one of the supplementary steps to email the completed structure.

Send the filled structure as a PDF. Send the printed structure along with its constituent parts. Printing only your responses onto the transparent actual structure can convert a static PDF file into a working Word document using PDF’s Form mode. Send that, either online or in person, once you convert, post-alter, and fill out the structure in Microsoft Word.

Issue of Kofax:

As a novice using the Kofax Communication Server, I would desire a step-by-step explanation of the following:

  • The core innovations and concepts of the Kofax Communication Server (KCS) framework.

Arrangement of Kofax :

  • The attached PDF file KCS Core TCOSS.pdf provides a step-by-step tutorial for the initial setup of the Kofax Communication Server center portion (TCOSS).
  • The TCOSS part handles the message steering and uses the WCONFIG software to create the FAX channels, which are discussed.


Kofax Capture integrates your organization’s crucial business rules for methods information science informatics P science scientific discipline} into the capture process, ensuring that every document is processed properly, and automatically foreign into the proper system of record, without further human intervention Kofax Capture boasts the quickest, most versatile scanning and indexing resolution out there. Kofax Capture delivers one platform resolution that leverages consistent business rules, permissions, security, and job settings, no matter the format, source, language, or location from wherever the document was received.


  • For many things, the receipt of a document is the initiation of a method or group action.
  • KofaxCapture permits document submitters to simply capture this content however once and wherever is most convenient for them.
  • From nearly any capture channel, employees and external stakeholders will directly submit documents victimization of the standardized business rules and security controls already engineered into your capture resolution.
  • Tight integration with nearly all capture channels—including high-volume to non-public desktop scanners, multi-function printers, info print streams, email, fax, net service calls from third-party software applications, network file folders, mobile devices, and net applications—provides the widest variety of source capture choices.
  • With the addition of psychological feature document automation, received documents are mechanically classified, separated, and extracted, so exported by Kofax Capture to your back-end systems of record with complete management and bottom or no manual intervention.


Kofax Capture could be an extremely ascendable platform with a variety of system upgrades, together with psychological feature document automation with Kofax Transformation™. cut back time spent pre- sorting forms with machine-controlled document classification and separation. Further increase productivity with machine-controlled knowledge extraction to hurry information process, cut back errors and deliver a lot of correct information to back-end systems. With options like auto registration, zonal image pre-processing, background removal, and automatic check box thresholding, psychological feature document automation capabilities extend your resolution on the far side capture-to archive and straightforward categorization applications to higher worth and more advanced capture-to-process applications.


Kofax Capture is AN enterprise-ready, standard application that can be used right out of the box to satisfy the capture wants of a specific department,- and expanded to satisfy the advanced requirements of a distributed, lean, high-volume, mission-crucial enterprise. Add secure capture channels like email, net applications, MFPs or mobile devices, or machine-controlled document classification, separation, and extraction, to cut back method latency and increase productivity, all from a constant system. From tons to ample documents per day, the answer can capture it all.

integrate together with your crucial business systems With quite a hundred and forty connectors to numerous lines of business applications, Kofax Capture provides economical and automatic data export to a large variety of EW, ERP, pace, and advancement solutions. It uses normal unleash scripts to attach seamlessly to business systems from IBM®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, OpenText®, Hyland®, Pega®, and lots of others, automating easy and complex knowledge transfer processes. the answer may also export to any ODBC-compatible info or to a delimited American Standard Code for Information Interchange file. This flexibility makes Kofax Capture the quality front for any system.


With integrated analytics, Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation customers will clearly see, however,once and wherever operations are most and least economical right down to the system user, document, and index field. determine the foremost well-liked and most efficient collaboration channels. determine and adapt the forms that lead to the foremost errors and friction with external stakeholders like customers and suppliers. Get unjust information to cut back or eliminate friction, increase productivity and improve client engagement.

Robotic method Automation with Kofax Kapow:

Robotic method Automation with Kofax

Are you uninterested in wasting un numerable hours programming or consulting resources? Kofax Kapow Robotic method Automation (RPA) allows you to assemble, enrich, and analyze information from any web-based resource, modify business operations, link inheritance to cloud services, act with partners, and boost search suggestions in a time period and while not the requirement for cryptography or coaching. Kofax Kapow RPA allows you to simply expand the platform#39;s capabilities to smartphones and tablets, sanctioning you to conduct and monitor automation and association programs at any moment and with any parameter. Among the distinctive traits square measure the following:

  • Integrate information from a broad variety of formal and informal sources and information schema.
  • Easily produce and deploy integrations as internet applications that modify individuals to look at and act on information.
  • Integrate company systems, operations, datasets, info repositories, and analytic tools with information.
  • Acquire, improve, and associate degrees deliver large amounts of knowledge firmly on an enterprise platform.
  • Kofax’s sturdy platform allows you to with efficiency gather essential market insight, modify tedious, information-driven operations, and modify content and information transfer from older company resource management solutions.

Kofax reveals however you will cut back effort, money, and total value by utilizing Kofax Kapow RPA to try and do the subsequent tasks:

  • Construct a bridge between completely different applications and systems.
  • Streamline information integration processes.
  • Encourage cooperation.
  • Market data at your fingertips.
  • Significantly reduced development prices.
  • Mind Magix YouTube Channel.

Kofax Transformation Modules:

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) may be a complete suite of document categorization and data extraction tools for processing a broad sort of unstructured and structured documents, together with bills, sales orders, surveys, and messages. It incorporates intelligent document recognition technology that mechanically classifies, separates, and extracts information from any document, freelance of its kind, content, or format. shoppers enjoy a centralized answer for all business operations across the organization.

Either process documents at the native or worldwide company level, Kofax Transformation Modules give unmatched flexibility and speed. KTM processes dozens to countless documents daily at a high rate, utilizing the complete capability of this generation of multi-core systems, sanctioning organizations to fulfill productivity or deliverability restrictions at intervals such that timeframe. KTM eliminates human entry, documentation scanning, and sorting mistakes by guaranteeing the retrieved info is extremely reliable. Through subtle imaging techniques on codes and offline-handwritten content in over a hundred and forty languages, KTM could also be accustomed to method numerous types of documents. What is more, by learning through patterns, KTM analyzes new styles of documents and adapts to your necessities, eliminating the requirement for setup and parameter changes.

The ROI is real with KTM because of the implementation of a unified capture model that includes all of your company’s demands, and the seamless and fast process of documentation. Explore Kofax Interview queries that assist you to grab high-paying jobs. Kofax AI and Machine Learning KTM delivers machine learning and AI capabilities for project designing, execution, and production phases so as to organize the system and incrementally enhance the standard of the outcomes. The KTM AI and Machine Learning chest encompass the subsequent components:

#1 cluster Tool: The KTM includes a tool that examines unordered teams of documents and organizes them in keeping with their common options. This procedure could also dole out the mistreatment of each graphical and content-based criterion. when utilizing the cluster tool, you regularly have a transparent plan of that document classes square measure the foremost necessary in an exceedingly project and may be educated initially.

#2 body Documents: This will be accomplished by utilizing the first document sorts known by the cluster tool. These document formats are often created mechanically or manually by teams within the KTM desktop surroundings. associate degree administrator provides the system with an associate degree example document for every file kind.

#3 Extract body Fields: The next objective is to extract the file type’s specific information fields. this can be accomplished by merely indicating to the program the situation on the page wherever the knowledge for a definite field ought to be retrieved. This can be accomplished by the utilization of mouse clicks. whereas KTM doesn’t retain absolute locations, it will retain characteristics around the extraction location.


Kofax brings along info capture, business analysis, teamwork, property, and statistics to deal with the issues of process time period information encounters effectively. it’s the world’s initial unified platform for developing and deploying good method applications. Its unmatched skillfulness eliminates all standard boundaries between applications like scanning, getting into information, teamwork, automation, and analysis.

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