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1.How are you able to realize the primary non-repeated character in an exceedingly word?


In order to answer this question, you initially ought to perceive what should be done to market this operation. An operation has to be written that accepts strings and returns the primary non-repeated characters.

For example, within the word, ‘passage’, ‘p’ is that the 1st non-repeated character or within the word, ‘turtle’, ‘u’ is that the 1st non-repeated character. So, however, can we solve this problem? we will produce a table for storing the repetitions for all the characters then choose the primary entries that aren’t recurrent.

In order to jot down a code that may return the primary non-repeated letters, we will use LinkedHashMap to store the character count. This HashMap follows the order of the insertion and characters are initialized within the same position as within the string. The scanned string should be iterated victimization LinkedHashMap to settle on the desired entry with the worth of one. In our own way to approach this drawback is by victimizing firstNonRepeatingChar(String word). This permits the non-repeated character that seems 1st to be known in an exceedingly single pass. This approach used 2 storage to exchange Associate in Nursing interaction. This technique stores non-repeated and recurrent characters one by one and once the iteration ends, the desired character is that the 1st component within the list.

2.How does one calculate the amount of vowels and consonants in an exceedingly String?


  • Loop through the string.
  • Increase the vowel variable by one whenever the character is found to be a vowel, victimizing the if condition. Otherwise, increment the consonant variable.
  • Print the values of each vowel and also the consonant count.

3.How will we tend to check if variety may be a prime number?


This is one in every of the foremost common cryptography interview queries that involve looking for if the given variety may be a prime or not. These sorts of programs at the foundations of recursive thinking as we tend to should come back up with solutions that support the very fact that prime numbers are all natural numbers that can’t be divided by positive numbers apart from one.

We should write code to make loops that check every variety ranging from one to the target variety to envision if the target variety is dissociative by the other positive variety apart from itself or one.

This operation can lead the USA to the answer. Once checking for a variety that’s particularly giant, then we will merely check until the root of N, N being the target variety.There’s no ought to check until N within the case of Associate in Nursing eligible root.

If the amount isn’t dissociative by two, there’s no ought to check if it’s dissociative by alternative even numbers, therefore decreasing the time needed to seek out the answer. This can be an Associate in Nursing optimized version of the answer wherever analyzing the amount before writing the answer comes in handy.

4.How are you able to check if strings contain solely digits?


If you would like to jot down regular expressions for checking if strings are solely numbers or if they contain non-digit characters, you want to 1st get comfy with victimization character sets in Java regular expressions. Programming languages like Java support regular expressions with the assistance of java.util.regex.Matcher category and java.util.regex.Pattern. Java.util.regex may be a dedicated package for this purpose.

In order to validate the existence of solely numbers victimization regular expressions, we will use code to analyze if strings contain a raw number. we’ll check if the string contains solely digits among zero – nine. Though the string contains digits however conjointly alternative characters, it’s not a straightforward numeric string. Regular expressions solely check for number numbers and don’t think about dot characters (.), thus, creating decimal numbers and floating points fail the check.

5.How are you able to reverse the words in an exceedingly target sentence without the assistance of library methods?


This is conjointly one in every of the quite common cryptography interview queries. First, we tend to should perceive demand|the need|the necessity} and the way to fill the gap during this requirement. Once baby-faced with queries like these, we tend to first think about asking the proper queries. Strings are nothing but sentences of set characters that may contain one word or multiple words.

A sentence may additionally be empty. For instance, if we tend to be given the sentence, ‘Programming is fun.’, we tend to reverse it to, ‘Fun is programming.’ effectively. We tend to use regular expressions in Java to divide the given strings into areas followed by applying the reverse()method from the Collections utility category.

Once you’re able to divide the string victimization regex’\\s’, the Associate in Nursing array of words comes back as a result. This conjointly takes care of the words separated victimization from multiple areas. As shortly because the array has come back, you’ll then value more highly to produce ArrayLists from these arrays followed by victimization the Collections.reverse()method. This reverses ArrayLists and each word is initialized within the reverse order.

Now, all that’s left is victimization StringBuilder to concatenate multiple strings through ArrayList iteration. One should ensure that size is such that StringBuilder resizing may be a pricey method in terms of process power and memory. The resizing winds up making new arrays from repetition of the content from the older arrays.

6.How does one get the matching components in the Associate in Nursing number array?


  • Declare Associate in Nursing array.
  • Nest one or two of loops to check the numbers with alternative numbers within the array.
  • Print the matching components if found.

7.How are you able to append texts to files in programming languages like Java?


Appending is extremely totally different as compared to the creation of recent files and writing information into the new files. In cases of appending, files exist already and that we have to merely add text at the tip of the file. This can be just like log files as they’re perpetually updated with the system.

Log files area unit the proper example of appending text as applications iteratively keep appending log details into these files. Work frameworks aren’t needed for this drawback, however you want knowledge to append text into existing files. so as to unravel this drawback, you want to bear in mind convenience categories to put in writing character files.

The class has constructors that assume the satisfactoriness of default byte-buffer and character coding. If you would like to specify the values yourself, you’ll be able to merely construct the OutputStreamWriter exploitation the FileOutputStream. The supply of files depends on the underlying platforms that verify if the file can be created or not.

A few platforms enable files to be initialized for writing functions employing a single FileWrite or multiple file-writing objects. However, constructors from this category are going to be failing once the concerned file is already initialized. FileWriter is employed for writing character streams and FileOutputStream will write raw computer memory unit streams.

8.How are you able to realize the biggest or smallest variety in an associate degree array of integers?


For this answer, we have a tendency to code a performance or methodology that may realize the biggest or smallest variety from arrays that area unit full-fledged integers. We have a tendency to initially produce a supply move into Java exploitation the name and duplicate the written code here for compilation and execution. We will use 2 variables that we will check with as ‘largest’ and ‘smallest’ to store the utmost and minimum values severally from the arrays. The tiniest variety will be initialized exploitation number.MIN_VALUE and also the largest will be initialized exploitation number.MAX_VALUE.

You can use this static methodology to directly decide the best performance. You want to then pass the random arrays through this methodology to visualize if the utmost and minimum values come accurately. You’ll be able to additionally like better to alter this testing through Unit tests in your IDE.

9.What is a knowledge Structure?


  • An information structure could be a storage format that defines the manner data is kept, organized, and manipulated.
  • Some in style information structures are unit Arrays, Trees, and Graphs.

10.What is an associate degree Array?


  • An array is usually cited as a set of things kept at contiguous memory locations.
  • Items keep an area unit of a similar kind.
  • It organizes information in order that a connected set of values will be simply sorted or searched.

11.What is a connected List?


Like an associate degree array, a connected list refers to a linear organization during which the weather isn’t essentially kept in a contiguous manner.

It is essentially a sequence of nodes, every node points towards the ensuing node forming a chain-like structure.

12.What is LIFO?


  • LIFO is associate degree abbreviation for Last In initial out.
  • It is some way of accessing, storing and retrieving information.
  • It extracts the information that was kept last initial.

13.What is a Stack?


A stack refers to a linear organization performing arts operations during an inventory accounting (Last In initial Out) order.

In a stack, parts will solely be accessed, ranging from the utmost to the lowest part.

14.What is FIFO?


  • FIFO stands for initial In initial Out.
  • It is some way of accessing, storing and retrieving information.
  • The data that was kept initial is extracted initially.
  • Till now, you’ve lined up some terribly basic commitments to writing interview queries. Going ahead you may dive deeper into the topic.

15.What is a Queue?


  • A queue refers to a linear organization that performs operations during a first in first out order.
  • In a queue, the smallest amount of recently admissititious parts are removed initially as a hostile stack.

16.How would you discover the second largest variety in the associate degree array?


  • Loop through the array.
  • If the worth of i is bigger than the best,store the worth of i in highest, and store the worth of highest within the second-highest variable.

17.What is Recursion?


  • Recursion refers to a performing career itself supporting a terminating condition.
  • It uses inventory accounting and so makes use of the stack organization.
  • The next number of committees to write interview queries can explore your information on OOPs.

18.What is the OOPs concept?


OOPs stands for Object-Oriented Programming System, a paradigm that gives ideas like objects, classes, and inheritance.

19.What area unit the ideas introduced in OOPs?


Following area unit the ideas introduced in OOPs :

Object : A real-world entity having a specific state and behavior. We will outline it as an associate degree instance of a category.

Class : A logical entity that defines the blueprint from that associate degree object will be created or instantiated.

Inheritance : An inspiration that refers to an associate degree object gaining all the properties and behaviors of a parent object. It provides code reusability.

Polymorphism : An inspiration that permits a task to be performed in numerous ways in which. In Java, we have a tendency to use methodology overloading and methodology preponderating to attain polymorphism.

Encapsulation : An inspiration that refers to the wrapping of code and information along into one unit.

20.In the quantity of occurrences of a personality during a String?


To find the quantity of occurrences, loop through the string and rummage around for that character at each iteration; whenever it’s found, it’ll update the count.

  • int count = 0;
  • char search = ‘a’;
  • for (int i = 0; i < length; i++)
  • }
  • System.out.println(count);

21.Explain Doubly Connected Lists?


Doubly connected lists are an area unit classified as a special variety of connected list within which traversal across the info parts may be exhausted in each direction.

This is created by the presence of 2 links in each node, one that links to the node next thereto and another that connects to the node before it.

22.What is a Graph?


A graph may be a specific variety of organization that contains a collection of ordered pairs.

The ordered pairs in an exceedingly graph {are also|also area unit|are} referred to as edges or arcs and are most typically wont to connect nodes wherever the info may be kept and retrieved.

23.Differentiate between linear and non-linear knowledge structure?


It may be a structure within which knowledge parts area unit adjacent every|to every} other it’s a structure within which each knowledge component will hook up with over 2 adjacent knowledge partsExamples of linear organization embrace connected lists, arrays, queues, and stacks, samples of nonlinear organization embrace graphs and trees.

24.What is a Deque?


  • A deque may be a double-ended queue.
  • This is a structure within which parts may be inserted or faraway from either finish.

25.What’s the distinction between Stack and Array?


Stack follows a final In initial Out (LIFO) pattern. What this suggests is that knowledge access essentially follows a specific sequence wherever the last knowledge to be kept is that the initial one that may be extracted. On the opposite hand, Arrays don’t follow a selected order, however instead may be accessed or referred to as by touching on the indexed component inside the array.

26.Which algorithmic rule is that the best?


There area unit kinds|many varieties} of sorting algorithms: bubble sort, quick sort, balloon type, merge sort, radix sort, and more.

No algorithmic rule may be thought-about because the best or quickest as a result need to be designed for a selected variety of organization wherever it performs the most effectively.

27.Program to seek out the biggest of 3 given integers


  • function largestVal(a,b,c) else if(c>max_val) come max_val; } largestVal(1,0,9);

28. What area unit dynamic knowledge structures?


    1. 1. Dynamic knowledge structures have the feature wherever they expand and contract as a program runs. It provides an awfully versatile methodology of information manipulation as a result of it adjusts the scale of the info to be manipulated.
    2. 2. These twenty secret writing interview queries that check the abstract understanding of the candidates offer the interview a transparent plan on however robust the candidate’s fundamentals area unit.
    3. 3. A successive set of secret writing interview queries focus tests the programming experience of the candidates and dives deep into varied connected aspects.
    4. 4. The code screenshots given beside the below secret writing interview queries helps you offer the solution to the question, with clarity.

29.How does one reverse a string in Java?


  • Declare a string.
  • Take out the length of that string.
  • Loop through the characters of the string.
  • Add the characters in reverse order within the new string.
  • String str = “hello”;
  • String reverse = “”;
  • int length = str.length();
  • for (int i = 0; i < length; i++)
  • System.out.println(reverse);

30.Explain what a Binary Search Tree is.


  • A binary search tree is employed to store knowledge in an exceedingly} manner that it may be retrieved very efficiently.
  • The left sub-tree contains nodes whose keys are unit but the node’s key worth.
  • The right subtree contains nodes whose keys are unit larger than or up to the node’s key worth.

31.How to resolve if the given 2 strings are unit anagrams or not?


Two strings are unit anagrams if they contain an identical cluster of characters in an exceedingly varied sequence.

  • Declare a mathematician variable that tells at the top of the 2 strings area unit anagrams or not.
  • First, check if the length of each string is the same, if not, they can’t be anagrams.
  • Convert each of the strings to character arrays and so type them.
  • Check if the sorted arrays are equal. If they’re equal, print anagrams, otherwise not anagrams.

33.How would you implement the bubble type algorithm?


First, you need to use the LinkedHashSet (Set Interface) to retain the first insertion order of the weather into the set. you need to use loops or formula functions to unravel these forms of secret writing interview queries.

First, you need to convert the arrays into Arraylists and so produce LinkedHashSets from these ArrayLists. If input arrays contain a bigger range of duplicates then it may end up in multiple temporary arrays, increasing the price of commerce the content. This restriction enforces that we have a tendency to approach this drawback in an exceedingly manner that needs less memory and process power.

We should take away the duplicates however not copy them into the ensuing arrays, so not deleting the duplicates entirely however merely substituting them with zero because the default worth.

34.How would you implement the bubble type algorithm?


Declare associate degree array.Nest a few loops to check the numbers within the array.

The arrays are sorted in ascending order by substitution the weather if found in the other order.

  • {
  • int[] a = one, 2, 7, 6, 4, 9, 12 };
  • for (int k = 0; k < a.length; k++)
  • }

35.How to generate random numbers in Python?


We can generate random numbers by exploiting totally different functions in Python. They are :

random() – This command returns a floating purpose range, between zero and one.

uniform(X, Y) – It returns a floating purpose range between the values given as X and Y.

randint(X, Y) – This command returns a random number between the values given as X and Y.

36.How are you able to replace or take away characters from strings?


Suppose we’ve got a string, ‘Woocommerce’, and that we want to exchange the letter ‘r’ with ‘n’, there square measure multiple ways to realize this. String categories in Java give multiple approaches to exchange characters within strings exploitation CharSequence and substrings.

You can simply decide a replacement methodology within the string which will find yourself commuting the target character and returning the required character as a result. Strings square measure changeless in programming languages like Java.

Thus, each time these operations like removal or replacements square measure performed on strings, new string objects square measure generated by default. There square measure four full ways for commutation strings exploitation Java:

  • replace(char oldChar, char newChar)
  • replaceAll(String regex, String replacement)
  • replace(CharSequence target, CharSequence replacement)
  • replaceFirst(String regex, String replacement)

CharSequence is one in every of the super interfaces for strings, StringBuilder and StringBuffer, permitting the United States of America to pass off any of the objects from these as arguments for this replacement methodology. replaceAll() finishes up commutation each single match with replacement strings whereas replaceFirst() solely replaces the primary matches.

All in all, all of those squares measure powerful methodologies that settle for regular expression. Java.lang.String category permits these full ways which will simply replace single characters or substrings in Java.

It is extremely suggested to use replaceAll() as this replaces each prevalence of matching characters. Following this approach permits the United States of America to expect regular expression patterns, therefore garnering additional power. This methodology also can replace each comma with pipes for changing comma-separated files into pile delimited strings.

However, if one needs to solely replace one character, one will simply use the replace() methodology that takes the previous and new given character into consideration.

37.How does one reverse an associate degree array?


  • Loop until the half-length of the array.
  • Replace the numbers resembling the indexes from the beginning and also the finish.
  • reverse associate degree array.

38.How would you swap 2 numbers while not employing a third variable?


  • Declare 2 variables and initialize them with values.
  • Make b the total of each number.
  • Then figure the total (b) from a, thus a is currently swapped.
  • Lastly, figure a from the total (b), thus b is additionally swapped.
  • {
  • int a = 10;
  • int b = 20;
  • b = b + a; // currently b is total of each the numbers a = b – a; // b – a = (b + – a = b (a is swapped) b = b – a;
  • // (b + – b = a (b is swapped)
  • }

39.Print a Fibonacci series exploitation recursion?


The Fibonacci numbers square measure the numbers within the following number sequence :

We can calculate them by exploiting the mathematical formula employed in the Fibonacci algorithmic operation.

  • public static int fibonacci(int n) [*fr1] in each iteration step till it finds the part.
  • It works on the sorted arrays since it compares the values of adjacent components then calculates the middle variety.
  • If the worth of low becomes bigger than high at any purpose, it means that the part isn’t a gift within the list.

40.What square measures Binary Trees?


  • A binary tree is an associate degree extension of the connected list structure wherever every node has at most 2 kids.
  • A binary tree has 2 nodes in the least times, a left node and a right node.

41.How does one take away all occurrences of a given character from the input string?


Use the inbuilt string methodology “replace” to exchange a personality with the other character, as well as symbols and white areas.

  • String str1 = “Australia”;
  • str1 = str1.replace(“a”, “”);
  • System.out.println(str1); // australia

42.Showcase Inheritance with the assistance of a program?


The category Cat inherits the property color from the category Animal by extending the parent class (Animal).

This way a category Cat will have additional parent categories if it needs to inherit their properties.

Example :

  • Class Animal
  • class Cat extends Animal
  • }

43.Explain overloading with the assistance of a program?


Overloading:When a category has 2 or additional ways with an equivalent name, they’re known as full ways.

44.How does one check if the given variety is prime?


Use if statements to examine for every condition singly :

  • If the amount is zero or one, it can’t be prime.
  • If the amount is two, it’s a primary variety.
  • If the amount is undividable alternative numbers, it’s prime.

45.How does one add all the weather in an associative array?


  • Use a for loop to ingeminate through the array and keep adding the weather therein array.
  • int[] array = one, 2, 3, 4, 5 };
  • int add = 0;
  • for (int i : array)
  • sum += i;
  • System.out.println(sum);

46.Why is Java referred to as the “platform-independent programming language”?


Interviewers raise this question as a result of they need to see whether or not you recognize the essential options and foundations of Java code and their real-world edges. Once responsive to this question, build it clear to the asker you recognize the platform independence feature was one in every of the first functions for making Java code and the way this feature creates real-world edges in application. you’ll be able to use the STAR interview technique once describing the real-world application edges of this feature by describing a particular example of code you have got written text file for every platform. Platform independence suggests that the execution of your program isn’t addicted to the software package being employed. Earlier programming languages, like C and C++, needed developers to compile separate ASCII text files for each software package they run it on.

For example, at my last job, I wrote Java code employing a Linux software package. We have a tendency to then run this computer memory unit code on the other software package, like Microsoft or Mackintosh, by changing the code victimization of the Java Virtual Machine, that is obtainable to put in on all in operation systems. this protects the developers time as we have a tendency to solely need to write the ASCII text file once.”

47.Give an example of a time after you had to figure with a team to unravel a drag.


An asker may raise this question to see your ability to figure with a team and if you’ll be able to boost their company culture. Once responsive to this question, specialize in the abilities that might cause you to associate quality to the company’s team and the way you have used those skills to successfully complete a team comes within the past.

Our team functioned by distributing every developer a distinct piece of code to write down. When I finished writing the code allotted to Pine Tree State, I helped the team end the project early by serving to different developers to work on their code.”

48.Describe a Java program for the Fibonacci series.


This question is another specific exercise that may show your information of victimization Java code to finish a task. The asker most likely needs to check that you just will hit the right resolution in an appropriate quantity of your time. This can be a perfect time to elucidate your method aloud as you write your code to indicate the asker your thought method.

  • import java.util.Scanner;
  • public class Fibonacci
  • {
  • public static void main(String[] args)
  • {
  • int n, a = 0, b = 0, c = 1;
  • Scanner s = new Scanner(;
  • System.out.print(“Enter value of n:”);
  • n = s.nextInt();
  • System.out.print(“Fibonacci Series:”);
  • for(int i = 1; i <= n; i++)
  • {
  • a = b;
  • b = c;
  • c = a + b;
  • System.out.print(a+” “);
  • }
  • }
  • }

49.Write a Java program to indicate scroll up and scroll down.


This question may be a basic task that you just might receive despite your expertise level. keep in mind to elucidate your method fastidiously as you write the lines.

Example answer :scrollBy(arg1,arg2).

50.Write a Java program to reverse a string while not victimizing the String integral.


This is another specific Java secret writing exercise the asker might use to check your Java information and skill.

51.Write a program to count the full range of characters in a very strong?


  • function Charcount(string)
  • return length;
  • }
  • console.log(Charcount(“sikandar”));

Explanation : Here in console.log() we have a tendency to square measure business the perform Charcount(“sikandar”) by passing the string sikandar , and also the perform can come back North American nation the length of the string and console.log() can print the length of the string to the console window.

We square measure initializing length with worth zero within the perform.At line three the loop starts the reading character beginning with index zero and it’ll increment the length by one within the loop.

52.Write a program to Capitalize the primary letter of a String?


  • function Capitalize(name)
  • Capitalize(“sikandar”);
  • name.charAt(0) offers the character at index zero ,toUpperCase() converts it into capital and name.slice(1)
  • removes the primary character of the string

53.How to notice Factorial of variety victimization JavaScript?


So what’s the factorial of a range:The factorial of variety is that the product of all the numbers from one to its number.

Example :

54.Find the longest word in a very strong

We square measure changing the string into an associative array part supported area between them. we’ve got a variable initialized with zero, loop can ingeminate till the length of the array, loop we have a tendency to check newstr[i].length>longestWord if it’s true then we have a tendency to square measure distribution the new length to the longest length. and out of doors of the loop we have a tendency to square measure printing it.

55.How to replace all prevalence of word during a string Javascript?


  • function replaceAll(str)volt-ampere pattern = “tech”;
  • console.log(str.replaceAll(pattern,”technology”)); }
  • replaceAll(“pathstage may be a technical school and tips and tricks blog”);

We square measure substitution all the occurrences of technical school with technology. pretty easy and self instructive .

56.Find the best variety within the array


We square measure initializing goop with the worth at zero index of the array, And iterating the loop until the length of the array. Within the loop we tend to square measure checking if the worth at goop is a smaller amount than the worth at the actual index within the array then we tend to square measure assignment the worth in goop.

57.Find very cheap variety within the array


58.How to Swap 2 numbers while not employing a third variable?


59.What is a negative index in Python?


Python features a special feature sort of a negative index in Arrays and Lists. Positive index reads the weather from the beginning of the associate degree array or list; however within the negative index, Python reads parts from the top of the associate degree array or list.

60.Write a program to visualize if a worth exists in an associate degree array?


  • function elementExist(element)
  • else doesn’t exists…”);
  • }
  • }
  • elementExist(2);

In If condition we tend to square measure exploitation indexOf() technique to visualize whether or not a given price or component exists in associate degree array or not.indexOf() technique returns the index of the component within the array if it’s found, and returns -1 if it’s not found.

61.Write a program to get rid of duplicate from associate degree array


Let’s perceive the code, thus here we tend to square measure receiving associate degree array of parts as a performance argument i.e oldarr , Then we tend to square measure making a replacement array i.e newarr , we tend to square measure pushing all the distinctive parts into this array. At line three we tend to square measure scheming the length of the array and storing during a variable len.We might do that within the loop additionally however certain loop anytime there’ll be length calculation once the loop iterates which might be costlier. Within the loop we’ve a condition where we tend to square measure checking if the component doesn’t exist within the new array exploitation JavaScript indexOf technique ,if the component doesn’t exist already then we tend to square measure pushing the component.

62.Write a Program to visualize prime


A prime variety may be a variety that is dissociative by one and itself solely, In alternative words, n > one may be a prime if it can’t be equally divided by something except one and n. Example square measures a pair of, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17,…

  • function isPrime(num) after I === 0)
  • return true;
  • }
  • isPrime(17);

In the higher than program variety is passed as associate degree argument to the perform, The for loop is being employed to ingeminate through the positive numbers to visualize if the quantity is dissociative by positive numbers.

The condition {number one|no 1|number one|#1} i == zero checks if the quantity is dissociative by numbers apart from 1 and itself.

If the rest price is evaluated to zero, that variety isn’t a main variety, and that we square measure returning false else true.

63.Write a program to visualize a string is word or not


In the higher than code ,We square measure rending the string reversing it and so connection ,this will kind a replacement string. and so examine the new string with the first one.

If each string square measures equal then this is often a word else it’s not a word.

64.How to convert an inventory into a string?


When we need to convert an inventory into a string, we will use the technique that joins all the weather into one and returns as a string.

Example :

  • Weekdays = [‘sun’,’mon’,’tue’,’wed’,’thu’,’fri’,’sat’]
  • listAsString = ‘ ‘.join(weekdays)
  • print(listAsString)

65.Program to visualize if a given positive variety is multiple of three or multiple of seven.


  • function checkMultiple(num)num%7==0){
  • return true;
  • else
  • }
  • checkMultiple(12);

66.How will variable declaration have an effect on memory?


The amount of memory that’s to be reserved or allotted depends on the info kind being kept therein variable.For example, if a variable is asserted to be “integer type”, thirty two bits of memory storage can then be reserved for that exact variable.

67.Program to visualize if the last digits of 3 given positive whole numbers are the same.


  • function checkLast(x,y,z)
  • else
  • }
  • checkLast(100,50,60);

68.What is the output of the below program?


  • >>>names = [‘Chris’, ‘Jack’, ‘John’, ‘Daman’],
  • >>>print(names[-1][-1])
  • The output is : n

69.Program to seek out the add of associate degree array of numbers.


70.Program to exchange One Character With Another


  • function replaceChar(str, a, b)
  • else
  • }
  • console.log(newstr.join(”));
  • }
  • replaceChar(“Hi sikandar kumar”, “r”,”.”);

71.How does one rectify a Python program?


By exploitation this command we will rectify a python program.

  • $ python -m pdb

72. Describe the < Yield > Keyword in Python?


The < yield > keyword in Python will flip any operation into a generator. Yields work sort of a normal come keyword.

But it’ll perpetually become a generator object. Also, an operator will have multiple calls to the < yield > keyword.

Example :

  • def testgen(index):
  • weekdays = [‘sun’,’mon’,’tue’,’wed’,’thu’,’fri’,’sat’]
  • yield weekdays[index]
  • yield weekdays[index+1]
  • day = testgen(0)
  • print next(day), next(day)
  • Output : sun mon

73.Program to ascertain variety is word or not in JavaScript


74.How to convert a listing into a tuple?


By exploiting Python < tuple() > operations we are able to convert a listing into a tuple. However, we have a tendency to can’t modify the list once turning it into a tuple, as a result it becomes immutable .

Example :

  • weekdays = [‘sun’,’mon’,’tue’,’wed’,’thu’,’fri’,’sat’]
  • listAsTuple = tuple(weekdays)
  • print(listAsTuple)

75.How to convert a listing into a set?


Users will convert the list into a group by exploiting the < set() > operator.

Example :

  • weekdays = [‘sun’,’mon’,’tue’,’wed’,’thu’,’fri’,’sat’,’sun’,’tue’]
  • listAsSet = set(weekdays)
  • print(listAsSet)
  • output : set([‘wed’, ‘sun’, ‘thu’, ‘tue’, ‘mon’, ‘fri’, ‘sat’])

76.How to count the occurrences of a selected component within the list?


In Python list, we are able to count the occurrences of a personal component by employing a < count() > operator.

Example # one :

  • weekdays = [‘sun’,’mon’,’tue’,’wed’,’thu’,’fri’,’sun’,’mon’,’mon’]
  • print(weekdays.count(‘mon’))
  • Ou.put : 3
  • Example # a pair of :
  • weekdays = [‘sun’,’mon’,’tue’,’wed’,’thu’,’fri’,’sun’,’mon’,’mon’]
  • print([[x,weekdays.count(x)] for x in set(weekdays)])
  • ou.put : [[‘wed’, 1], [‘sun’, 2], [‘thu’, 1], [‘tue’, 1], [‘mon’, 3], [‘fri’, 1]]

77.What is the NumPy array?


NumPy arrays are a lot more versatile than lists in Python. By exploiting NumPy arrays, reading and writing things is quicker and a lot more economical.

78.How are you able to produce Associate in Nursing Empty NumPy Array In Python?


We can produce Empty NumPy Array in 2 ways that in Python:

  • 1. import numpy
  • numpy.array([])
  • 2.numpy.empty(shape=(0,0))

79.How to check if a key exists during a JavaScript object?


  • var person =
  • //it can print true just in case the key exists else false.
  • console.log(“name” in person);

80.What is the output of the below code?


  • >> import array
  • >>> a = [1, 2, 3]
  • >>> print a[-3]
  • >>> print a[-2]
  • >>> print a[-1]
  • The output is : three, 2, 1

81.Program to ascertain if 2 given number values are unit within the variance 50…99. come true if either of them area units in the aforementioned vary.


  • function checkInRange(x,y)kind algorithm

We assume the primary component within the array to be sorted. The second component is kept on an individual basis within the key. This is the primary 2 parts. you’ll then take the third component and do a comparison with those on the left of it. This method can proceed till a degree wherever we have a tendency to type the array.

  • int[] a = { one, 2, 7, 6, 4, 9, 12 };
  • for (int m = 1; m < a.length; m++) zero && a[n – 1] > a[n])
  • }

82.How to print the ad of the numbers ranging from one to 100?


We can print add of the numbers ranging from one to a hundred exploitation this code :

  • print sum(range(1,101))
  • # In Python the vary operation doesn’t embody the top given. Here it’ll exclude one zero one.
  • # add operate print ad of the weather of vary operate, i.e 1 to 100.

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