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What is Email Marketing and Its Tools | Step-By-Step Process [ OverView ]

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Rishi Dhawan is an Email Marketing Expert with 7+ years of experince in Mailchimp, Elastic Mail, Omnisend, SendPulse, Benchmark Email, SEMRush, KWFinder, Moz Pro, Ubersuggest, and SpyFu.

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.How Can be Email Marketing Tools be Used to Engage Audience?
    • 2.Active Campaign.
    • 3.MailChimp.
    • 4.Gist.
    • 5.Constant Contact.
    • 6.HubSpot.
    • 7.GlueUp.
    • 8.Zoho.
    • 9.Act-On.
    • 10.Sendinblue .
    • 11.Campaign Monitor.
    • 12.SalesHandy.
    • 13.Moosend.
    • 14.Conclusion.

How Can be Email Marketing Tools be Used to an Engage Audience?

  • Educate consumers on a new products and services.
  • A Share industry events and a business news.
  • Alert consumers of a contests and promotions.
  • Promote a blog content.
  • Guide consumers down a sales funnel.

1. Active Campaign:

From its user-friendly interface, to its an extensive analytics, Active Campaign is a full package when it comes to email marketing tools, offering services to the assist marketing, sales, and service professionals, all through a one convenient portal. The cost-effective platform empowers users to identify a most effective campaigns through a split A/B testing, while a marketing automation lets users “set it and forget it,” streamlining all the digital marketing efforts.An Other Active Campaign features include:

  • A library of an attractive pre-designed email templates.
  • Event tracking to the communicate personalized messages with the consumers based on a specific interactions.
  • Automated sales of CRM that helps to prioritize leads while tracking each interaction.

2. MailChimp:

One of the most famous email marketing platforms, and for a good reason, MailChimp does not be disappoint. The digital marketing application comes loaded with extensive range of a features to help build and engage audiences and convert potential leads into a real sales. Four pricing plans help to find the perfect plan for growing a business and 24/7 customer service support makes a onboarding a breeze. It’s no surprise MailChimp is trusted by a some of biggest and most respected brands.An Additional MailChimp features are include:

  • Advanced segmentation to the target the ideal audience through each email campaign.
  • Automated marketing campaigns to be re-engage potential clients or consumers.
  • A Real time performance tracking that captures how many emails are delivered, the open rate, click through a rate and more.
Benefits of Email Marketing

3. Gist:

Streamline a marketing plans with the Gist’s comprehensive email marketing tools. Through full range of a digital marketing products and services, users can create a standout customer service experiences for the visitors. Its all-in-one solution – including the marketing automation, live chats, and an event tracking – makes Gist a perfect platform to the compliment of marketing efforts.Other Gist features are include:

  • Engage in a real-time conversations with the consumers through a live chat or chat bots.
  • Receive leads from the multiple channels including a social media platforms.
  • Save time and increase the productivity through a inbox automation.

4. Constant Contact:

Building the brand is simple with Constant Contact’s email marketing tools. Grow business with ecommerce website, generate social ad campaigns, and create the professional marketing campaigns with a simple drag and drop editor tools. With impressive deliverability rate of a 97 percent, can rest assured the digital marketing does not go unnoticed.Additional Constant Contact features are include:

  • An Interactive email campaigns to help start the conversation with an audience.
  • Grow the contact list through custom forms for the website.
  • In-depth campaign reporting to help achieve a business objectives.

5. HubSpot:

HubSpot quite literally does it all with the features to assist both sales and marketing of a business. Reach sales goals are quicker with lead management software, ad software, and a pipeline management tools. An email marketing tools available provide long lasting of ROI and can help to build meaningful relationships with the consumers.

  • An Email campaigns, social media, and Google analytics, HubSpot offers the comprehensive marketing reports for all the channels in one location.
  • An Email workflows to automate a tasks and sales processes.
  • A Content optimization to ensure best of SEO practices and improve the Google Ranking every time.

6. GlueUp:

For businesses in an event industry, it’s imperative to deploy a email marketing tools that provide a unique support need to push ticket sales and a grow revenue. GlueUp is transforming an event industry with the digital marketing solutions that support a growth of the business. Formerly an EventBank, GlueUp excels in a providing the tools need to create a standout events with ease.Additional GlueUp features are include:

  • Create and promote the hundreds of events that engage the audience.
  • Market and sell the webinars and training courses.
  • Engage and grow company’s memberships through a GlueUp’s Membership Management Suit.
Email Marketing

7. Zoho:

Stunning email templates and a real-time analytics make Zoho an email marketing tool that engages the customer base and drives a sales. Zoho’s full range of a digital tools and applications helps to automate the marketing strategies and increase the productivity, and this is just the tip of iceberg with this multipurpose application. Marketing, accounting, human resources, and a sales – Zoho helps streamline a day-to-day operation of the small business. The Other Zoho features are include:

  • A fleet of the applications to support all assets of sales and also marketing strategies.
  • Transform the digital marketing with an interactive email campaigns, forms, and landing page builders.
  • Identify a business opportunities through in-depth performance tracking and metrics.

8. Act-On:

If looking to grow an audience, this platform is a perfect addition to your arsenal of a tools. Act-On’s cloud-based on application optimizes a customer engagement, transforming visitors into the leads and sales. The platform’s impressive technology assists the companies big and small in creating a stellar brand experiences, while working to an improve the sales funnel. Attract, engage, and convert visitors with the Act-On’s email marketing tools and also product suites.An Additional Act-On features are include:

  • Deliver a perfect message to the segmented audience through a automated messaging.
  • An Enhance audience engagement and drive sales with an Act-On’s automated Journey Builder.
  • Optimize content for a better search engine ranking with a SEO audit tools.

9. Sendinblue :

Sendinblue provides all marketing support necessary to grow the business. Their intuitive email marketing tool allows the users to create an effective email campaigns. Personalization features from a segmentation to automation are sure to enhance the audiences brand experience. In addition to its email marketing functions, Sendinblue provides a plethora of digital marketing tools that are include a Facebook ads and retargeting.The Other Sendinblue features are include:

  • An Automation workflow templates to increase the workplace productivity.
  • A Drag-and-drop design blocks to create an attractive email newsletters.
  • A Smart scheduling functions to improve an email campaign open and click through rates .

10. Campaign Monitor:

Connect with an audience and make a message heard through Campaign Monitor’s email marketing. Create effective campaign with professionally designed templates or be customize a content with easy drag-and-drop editor. Direct a customer journey with the timed automation and contact segmentation. Grow an email list and convert leads with range of a marketing products and services.Additional Campaign Monitor features are include:

  • An Advanced analytics to help users track an effectiveness of a campaigns and make educated decisions to be increase engagement.
  • It’s a simple drag-and-drop design tools assist the users in a creating beautiful and professional email campaigns.
  • A Personalized marketing automation to make a sure right message is sent to be right recipient at a right time.

11. SalesHandy:

An Effective campaigns built right in a inbox. SalesHandy is email productivity tool that empowers a users to track, schedule, and follow up on messages sent directly through email provider. Arm sales team with the SalesHandy to gain insights necessary to better engage email recipients and also increase sales.The Other SalesHandy features are include:

  • Follow up with the prospective buyers and clients with an automated messaging.
  • Make a better digital marketing decisions with an engagement data.
  • Increase the productivity through an automations and scheduling functions.

12. Moosend:

Ideal for an email automation, Moosend’s lengthy list of a features are designed to empower its user to create a beautiful and effective emails, no design degree necessary! Integrate Moosend with the online store to automate campaigns for a cart abandonments and product recommendations. Share forms across all social platforms to easily grow for mailing list and expand a customer base. Promote the business with a couple clicks of button with a Moosend’s email marketing tools.An Additional Moosend features are include:

  • A Launch strategic email marketing campaigns with an email list of segmentation and automation.
  • Grow an email list with a custom sign-up forms for a website or social media profiles.
  • An Automate marketing tasks to better engage with the audience.


Email marketing is the proven online-marketing element that can reach high percentage of an addressees and improve a customer experience. A prerequisite for this approach is the structure for a message that is well thought out and content that is be highly relevant to a target group.

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