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Average Full Stack Developer Salary in India [ For Freshers and Experience ]

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Introduction.
    • 2.A Full Stack Developer Salary in India.
    • 3.Factors Affecting a Full Stack Developer Salary in India.
    • 4.Full Stack Developer Salary Based on Employer.
    • 5.Full Stack Developer Salary Based on Experience.
    • 6.Salaries of a Similar Roles Compared to Full Stack Development.
    • 7.Conclusion.


  • With increasing demand for the Full Stack developers across sectors, it has become one of country’s most prominent choices of careers amongst tech-savvy generation of the country. Another reason is an excellent packages that Full Stack Developers are getting in a market.
  • Currently, the Full Stack Developer’s salary in India ranges from a 2.7LPM to 17LPM, with an average salary of a 5-6 lakhs per anum.
  • Before delving deep into a Full Stack Developer Salary topic, let first under what it is.
  • Just as a name implies, Full Stack Development means a complete development of a website involving both main domains—front-end and back-end. The front-end process involves creating and optimising a visible parts of a website or web application, such as User Interface.
  • The back-end deals with the building and optimising an internal software and managing the servers and database.
  • Since the Full Stack Developer manages both front-end and back-end development,a Full Stack Developer’s salary in India is more high.
  • A full-stack developer is be responsible for building a website or web application from start to end.
  • Be it prototyping or design, database management, or communication with the customers. They are in charge of everything related to creation and working of a website.
  • A Full Stack Developer is be well-versed with all technical skills, programming languages, and frameworks needed for a website’s front and back-end development.
  • If want to be Full Stack Developer,and can pursue an online course in a Full Stack Development and get a good salary as Full Stack Developer in India.

A Full Stack Developer Salary in India:

  • Now must be a wondering, what salary does Full Stack Developer draw in India? Well, will be happy to find out that are average annual salary of a Full Stack Developer in India ranges between the 2.5 to a whopping 17 LPA.
  • However, it also depends on experience, skills, qualifications, and knowledge of all technologies involved in front-end and back-end development.
  • The Full-Stack Developer’s fresher salary in India may vary from the 5-6 LPA, and salary of an experienced Full-Stack Developer can go up to the 17 or 20 LPA.
Full Stack Development

Factors Affecting a Full Stack Developer Salary in India:

Several factors affect salary of a Full Stack Developer in India. These are include:

Employer: It’s no secret that are salaries vary widely from an employer to employer. While some companies are willing to the pay top dollar for the best talent, others are more interested in a cutting costs and may offer lower salaries as result.

Experience: The logic goes, more experience have, the more valuable are to the company. However, this system is far from a perfect. For one thing, it fails to consider more factors that can affect someone’s ability to do their job.

Fresher: The average annual salary of the full stack developer in India with the no experience (fresher) is ₹375,000.

1-4 years of experience: If have 1-4 years of a relevant industry experience, an average annual salary will be ₹553,006.

5-9 years of experience: If have a more than five years of an experience, average annual salary will be INR 12-14 lakhs.

Location: In general, larger cities tend to the offer higher salaries than a smaller towns. This is because of more living expenses, there is a greater demand for the skilled employees in cities, and employers are willing to pay the more to attract and retain talent.

Skills: Full Stack Developer salaries can vary widely based on the individual’s skill set. For example, someone with the highly sought-after coding skills can command a much higher salary than a someone just starting their career.

Full Stack Developer Salary Based on Employer:

  • Salary as a Full Stack Developer depends on a numerous factors, one of them being the company or employer are working for.
  • If Full Stack Developer employee of the companies like Infosys or Tata Consultancy Services, an average annual salary can range between the 3-4.5 LPA There are the other recruiters like an IBM, Nuclei, GALE Partners, and Oracle who offer annual package of 10-15 LPA.
Full Stack Developer Salaries Based On Programming Languages

Full Stack Developer Salary Based on Experience:

  • Another key factor that affects a salary as a Full Stack Developer is experience in a same field.
  • A full-stack developer salary in India for the fresher is around INR 375,000 per annum.
  • The average compensation of the full-stack developer with early-level experience of a 1-4 years is INR 553,006 annually.
  • An employee with the mid-level experience of 5-9 years can secure about a INR 12-14 lakhs.
  • A senior Full Stack Developer with the 10-20 years of experience gets an average of a 19.2 lakhs per year.
  • Be in a Full Stack development or any other field, salary always depends on kind of experience every candidate has.
  • The ones with no experience get minimum annual package, and those with the decade of experience have highest salary packages.
  • To make a successful career as a Full Stack developer,and must be consistent and gain productive experience at the reputed company or organization.

Salaries of a Similar Roles Compared to the Full Stack Development:

Other jobs in a website development and programming offer the similar salary range.These roles are include:

Software Engineer: an Average salary 4-6 LPA.

Front End Developer: an Average Salary 6-7 LPA.

Back End Developer: an Average Salary 5-8 LPA.


One of most astonishing expansions in history of the globe has been the IT industry, which has fueled development of numerous other companies.People are worldwide depend on reliable scripts created by a Java full-stack developers to keep in touch and work together despite being separated by the countries. Although there are different criteria and factors that determine a Full Stack Java developer’s salary in India, key determinants of salary are the skills are possess, how well develop them, and how quickly advance and aid in an organization’s growth.

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