Career Paths for Today's SEO Specialist

Career Paths for Today’s SEO Specialist

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   I read stories of many people working in the SEO industry. They do have a major in SEO, but they serve the brands in different ways to excel in their SEO knowledge and skills. One is thriving well in the consulting world while another is analyzing online businesses to find the cure for low rankings. Some are popularly no as Entrepreneurs of marketing while others involve in suggesting cutting-edge strategies to help owners save their website.

All I am saying is SEO is not your only calling. You have the opportunity to pivot the role without changing your skills.

In the world where you are enthusiastic about mingling websites with daily-changing search engine tricks, there are 7 career paths available to explore your SEO passion.

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1. Online Marketing Manager :

Online marketing manager controls communication between brands and their targeted audience. They are responsible for managing internal teams dedicated to crafting content, promotional messages, and other marketing material to publish across multiple online channels. They work in different forms of media ranging from traditional advertising to digital marketing to managing social media platforms.

Depending on the size of the company, you can either master all the subjects relevant to online marketing and manage them well or specialize in one of them while handling a small team.

3 Keys Skills of Online Marketing Manager :

  • Coordinating multiple online marketing strategies
  • Managing budgets for online marketing campaigns
  • Building relationships with various online media outlets

2. Content Marketer :

  • In this social media age, content marketers make a real impact on startups and big organizations. Their key job is to plan, create, and share content that resonates well with customers to generate brand recognition. At the same time, they work on growing the online presence of the company, attracting the attention of potential customers from various networks via content, building trust for the brand, and bringing back old customers.
  • Content marketers manage all activities relevant to the content. They are also called Content Manager as the content is their base. For them, content is king. Either they create content on their own or hire a writer to do the same, it’s their decision.

 3 Key Skills of Content Marketer :

  • Plan, Create and Share Content
  • Educate and Attract Potential Customers via content
  • Bring Back Old Customers through content

3. Digital Marketer :

Digital marketers are the ones responsible for coming up with ideas that aid the overall growth of the company. Their job profile begins with understanding the key objectives of the company which lead them to create marketing plans. From developing marketing campaigns to promoting the product or service of the company, they are responsible for everything that comes in-between. A digital marketer remains in touch with new technologies and analytic tools to keep up with the trend.

If you choose the path of a digital marketer, you will be playing a major role in enhancing the brand’s growth within the digital world while driving website traffic and acquiring new customers. In short, you have to learn whatever it takes to push the organization forward.

 3 Key Skills of a Digital Marketer :

  • Effective communication with colleagues and customers
  • Data analytic skills
  • Adaptability to the ever-changing digital world

4. SEO/SEM Expert :

  • SEO expert uses organic strategy for better search results while SEM expert relies on the paid strategy to promote products or services like PPC.
  • SEO is a part of SEM.
  • An SEO expert helps search engines to understand the website. He/she determines or analyzes whether the site is helpful for users or not. It also drives traffic to the website, enhances the brand’s awareness, and grows business.
  • An SEM expert’s job is to use paid tactics for quick search engine results. His strategies consist of planning budgets, creating ads, running PPC campaigns, and handling other paid online marketing tasks.
  • In today’s online competitive space, you can’t survive on organic tactics only. You possess a combination of SEO and SEM skills to drive quick and organic results to the site.

 3 Keys Skills of SEO/SEM Expert :

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identifying targeted audience

5. Social Media Marketer :

Social Media Marketers are involved in building and sharing content on social media networks to accomplish branding goals. They also promote the company’s product or services across social channels. They create all types of content based on the context of social networks. From a simple tweet to images & videos to a long-form article, they create and share it all to improve the social presence of the organization and attract the targeted audience from social media networks.

  • Looking at the growing addiction of users towards social media, social media marketers are and will be in high demand.
  • To begin your career in social media marketing, you have to be deeply connected with social media and concern about social users which may not be a big deal for you. Aside, you must learn to consider business goals to plan a fool-proof social media marketing strategy with a sense of purpose.

 3 Keys Skills of a Social Media Marketer :

  • Create, Curate, and Share Engaging Content
  • Keep context in front
  • Research your audience and contact with influencers

6. Marketing Analyst :

  • Marketing Analysts measure, manage and analyze marketing performance of the business to maximize its fruitfulness and to optimize it for a higher return on investment (ROI). Understanding marketing analytics is their key job. Wif the help of data collection and analysis, they come up wif reports on profound insights into consumer preferences and the latest trends. Analysts often rely on data and analysis to monitor campaigns and their possible outcomes which help marketers spend each dollar effectively.
  • Being a marketing analyst, you have to research a lot and gather loads of data. Analysis is your weapon to help companies market their product or services at the right time and the right place serving the right audience.

 3 Keys Skills of a Marketing Analyst :

  • Keep an eye on marketing and sales trends
  • Monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Gather and analyze all types of data relevant to the company and its consumers
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7. Entrepreneur / Consultant :

  • Combine all the above-mentioned skills and you can become an Entrepreneur. Combine a few, you still have a good chance. Either use your skills in bringing up your own product or services in the web world or help others for the same as a consultant. Both ways, you live your dream of thriving in marketing space on your own terms.
  • The only condition here is apart from having marketing skills, you have to learn other skills of an Entrepreneur. Leadership and management skills should be your forte. You have to swear by growing and expanding your business.
  • Skills Required: Choose your own set of skills. No rules apply in Entrepreneur world
  • Average Income Per Year: Depends on your business, how you offer services and how far you are willing to go.

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