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    • How to enroll in a CCIE Course?
    • How can I apply to the CCIE programme?
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About CCIE Course

Cisco Systems offers a 1.5-year CCIE credential programme. For people who want to work as network engineers, the CCIE certification programme is a must. The course is structured to resemble a course for network engineers at the associate level.Candidates must pass both the written qualifying exam and the on-site lab examination. The course confirms the information and abilities that a networking entry-level professional would pick up throughout their first few years of employment. The learner receives theoretical and practical network instruction through the CCIE course.

CCIE Certification

Qualifications for a CCIE Course

Students must fulfil the CCIE eligibility requirements of the course given by their individual institutions or colleges in order to be admitted to the course. Students must have received at least a 55% on their 10+2 test from an approved board in order to be eligible for the CCIE course. Students of all ages are eligible to take the CCIE exam. Students who have taken networking courses for a year are best suited for the CCIE course. No national entrance test is required of students to enrol in CCIE programmes. Students don’t need to be majoring in anything in order to take the Cisco CCIE course.

How to enroll in a CCIE Course?

The criteria for colleges/universities that offer courses are different from those for CCIE entrance. Students interested in the course can get in touch with colleges and universities that provide Cisco CCIE courses. A worldwide training partner for Cisco’s CCIE programme is Pearson Vue. There is no set upper age limit for applicants to the CCIE programmes. While several other institutions and universities have admission exams for a course they are providing, CCIE does not.

How can I apply to the CCIE programme?

CCIE has a distinct admissions procedure than other institutions and universities. Students must fulfil the eligibility conditions in order to enrol in CCIE. Candidates can apply for the course by visiting the websites of the colleges and universities where the CCIE course is offered. For the admissions process, both online and offline techniques are employed.

Online candidates must follow the instructions and learn more about the CCIE certification by visiting the college or university’s official website. The admissions procedure differs from college to college/university, thus candidates should frequently visit the institution’s official website. If a student submits an offline application, they must verify the admissions process in person at a Pearson Vue training facility. The following steps are part of the general admissions process.

Selecting Process:

A college in India offers the CCIE course to those who qualify. The length and cost of the CCIE programme differ from those at other schools and institutions. The majority of private schools admit students either immediately or after an interview, depending on the procedure used by the institution. The names of students who are chosen for a CCIE course at the best institutions or colleges in India are released online. Students can get the final results online or by email. Encourage qualified people with extensive networking experience to apply.

Popular CCIE entrance exams

Chief Controller of Imports and Exports is the full name of the position in a global corporation. An admission test based on standards is offered by several institutions and universities that offer CCIE courses. Students that take the best IT-based examinations can also pass the CCIE course entrance test. For applicants to this programme, several universities use the Tamil Nadu Common Admission Test (TANCET) as their entrance test. With the cutoff mark, other colleges and institutions conduct their entrance tests. Among the best CCIE entry examinations are:


An overview of CCIE entrance exams:

Before taking the examination, it is crucial for students who want to enrol in a Cisco CCIE course to familiarise themselves with the Cisco entrance exam format and course material. Students in India who are doing the CCIE course would be able to easily pass the exam by preparing in advance. The entrance exam typically has the following structure: The exam is offline; English is the language of the paper; The exam lasts for two hours; The paper is in MCQ format; There are three sections to the paper: Section I is Engineering Mathematics, Section II is Basic Engineering & Science, and Section III is course selection with candidates.

Salary for CCIE Courses in India:

With experience, a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert graduate may expect to earn up to INR 5-10 LPA (Source: PayScale). Students are compensated based on their education, employment history, and degree of advancement in a networking programme. The CCIE certificate degree has grown in popularity over the past several years as a result of the development of technology. Compared to other occupations, network engineers receive a respectable wage.

The qualities of the best CCIE graduates:

Graduates of the CCIE programme should be proficient in networking and unified communications. The development of skills in accordance with a student’s interests can also have an impact on career growth. To develop in their jobs, students must acquire certain abilities without feeling obligated to do so. The success of students depends on their networking skills and their capacity to pick up new networking techniques. The following are some abilities that CCIE grads ought to acquire:

  • Network Engineering
  • Critical Thinking
  • Routing Protocols: EIGRP, OSPF, BGP
  • Problem Solving
  • Operational Support
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • SAN Networking Knowledge
  • Unified Communication
  • OSI Model
  • Multicasting Knowledge: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Cisco ASA Firewalls
  • Virtual Networking
Types of CCIE Certification


The certification programme known as CCIE focuses on learning how to design, construct, install, manage, and troubleshoot business networks. After successfully completing this course, students will be prepared for careers as network architects, network security engineers, senior network security engineers, principal network architects, network engineers, senior network engineers, security consultants, system engineers, and many other positions.

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