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Front End Developer Salary in India | Everything You Need to Know [OverView]

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Front End Developer Salary-How much to expect?
    • 2.Front End Developer Salary in India.
    • 3.Who is a Front End Developer?
    • 4.What does a Front End Developer do?
    • 5.What are the variables influencing the salaries of front end developers in India?
    • 6.Which pays more backend or frontend?
    • 7.Conclusion.

Front End Developer Salary-How much to expect?

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of the lives changing how are work how can learn and how we interact with each other. Each website encounter a today is created by a web developer – but who is the web developer? Simply put a web developer is the programmer who specializes in a development of World Wide Web applications using a client-server model. The main goal of the web developer is to create a website with best possible user experience.With an everything today being web-dependent and simple to learn web development has become a famous choice among new developers. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics nemployment of a web developers in the US is projected to grow a 27% from 2014 to 2024 much faster than an average for all the occupations.There are the three main types of a web development – front end back end and full stack. Front end developers deal with what user sees i.e. visuals. And a back end is all logic that makes a things happen.

Front End Developer Salary in India:

Salary has always been most important aspect while be choosing a career. The more experienced a developer is better salary will earn. Front end developer salary in a India is also dependent on different factors. So let us discuss an average salary the factors affecting it and what to an expect.According to the PayScale, the average front end developer salary in India is around be ₹487,700 per year (₹40,600 per month). The average salary can go up to be maximum of ₹ 1,200,000 per annum and can go as low as ₹ 260,000 per annum depending on a skill and experience.Given below are results of a public survey conducted by a LinkedIn that shows the average front end developer salary in India. It also shows an average monthly basis front end developer salary. Below is a breakdown of Front End Developer Salary into the different categories:

Basic Pay: ₹122,400 – ₹1,400,000.

Bonus: ₹3,740 – ₹187,900.

Profit Sharing: ₹0 – ₹221,900.

Total Compensation: ₹131,140 – ₹1,809,800.

Average Front End Developer Salary for adifferent tech-cities in India:

    Location Average Salary
    Gurgaon, Haryana ₹626,419
    Mumbai, Maharashtra ₹586,238
    Bengaluru, Karnataka ₹519,817
    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ₹506, 279
    Pune, Maharashtra ₹481,394
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu ₹471,114
Front End Developer

Who is the Front End Developer?

A front-end dev is responsible for an interior design of a home that is built by back-end dev. The front end of a website is a part with which clients or users interact. Everything see on the Internet, including the forms, dropdowns, menus, sliders etc. is a combination of a HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What does Front End Developer do?

Front end is about developing a better things that users will see a first in their web browser. Although there are the some variations among companies and can generally expect a front end developer to include the some or all of following responsibilities:

  • An Optimization of a user experience.
  • Using a HTML, JavaScript and CSS to bring concepts to a life.
  • An User interface development and aslo maintenance.
  • Using a advanced front end frameworks like an Angular and React to create a complex user interfaces.
  • Ensuring that their site comes up a correctly on various devices (Responsive Web Development).
  • Making websites are more interactive for users in a various browsers (cross-browser).
  • Management of a software workflow.
  • Following the SEO best practices.
  • Bug fixes and testing for an usability.
Front End Developer Salary

What are Factors that Affect a Front End Developer Salaries in India?

When discuss the salary of front end developer receives there are a few factors that affect a annual salary of a developer. Some of factors that affect front end developer salary in India are :

Experience – skills and knowledge of front end development can land a job that can pay well. The more experienced are the better ability to offers a solutions for the bugs and therefore the salary.As per a pay scale an entry-level front end developer (less than a1 year of experience) earns an average of ₹305,498 per annum. The average salary of mid-career (1-4 years experience) developer can be ₹452,073. A senior (5-9 years of experience) front end developer can earn an average of a ₹806,231. A veteran (with 10+ years of experience) earns be around ₹ 1,435,000 annually. Experienced front end developers can expect the salary up to 180% higher than a amateur peers. Mid-level front end developers also be earn 70% above average salary.

Company – The company has the direct impact on the salary of front end developer in India. Even with a little experience salaries in top-tier companies can go up in a price. There has been a big increase in the employment of a front end developers in MNCs. More companies and startups have also started creating a dedicated positions for the front end developers. Even Google has a started hiring UX/UI designers.

Location – Location also acts as the important factor in deciding the salary of front end developer. A developer working in a Gurgaon can expect an average salary of ₹626,419. The salary of the Front End Developer in Bangalore is around ₹ 518,817. This figure takes the significant drop in Chennai where front end developer earns a ₹471,114 per year. This difference is due to various working conditions, clients and cost of living in a states.

Skillset – The salary of the front end developer in India also varies based on a skillset he or she possesses. Skills in a JavaScript is expected to pay an average of an around ₹506,000 per year. A React.js (a JavaScript library) developer can be expect to earn around ₹589,000 per year. Whereas skills like are Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML5 pay less than a market rate.

Which pays more a backend or frontend?

Because of more technically complex role involved back end developers can expect to have the higher average salary than a front end developers. However both roles can expect a good amount of an interaction depending on skills.

Conclusion :

Front end developers will always be in a demand. If know how the web works and how users need it to work and may be more apt. Front end development is a good opportunity to get a stable more paying job.

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