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Instagram vs Facebook : Which is More Effective | Difference You Should Know

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    • Facebook: Big audience, big changes
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    • Instagram Stories
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With 2.32 billion and 1 billion monthly active users, respectively, Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social networking sites worldwide. While 37 percent of U.S. people now use Instagram, only 10 percent did so in 2012.Given the huge popularity and audience size of various social networks, it may be tempting to disperse resources among sites.But is this the greatest way for marketers to effectively reach their target market? Let’s examine the statistics to decide if Facebook or Instagram – or both – is the correct choice for your brand.

Instagram: Expanding audience and new possibilities

Instagram was once characterized as a photo-sharing software for teens, but its user base is expanding and diversifying. Currently, 67 percent of 18-29-year-olds are Instagram users, making this demographic the platform’s largest.

Facebook: Big audience, big changes

Facebook has, without a question, the largest readership of all social media platforms worldwide. More than two-thirds of American adults claim to use the website.The social network also provides advertisers with the most sophisticated targeting choices. It is difficult for marketers to disregard these truths.

Teens in the United States are spending less time on Facebook and more time on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, according to recent statistics.According to a recent survey, Facebook engagement has been gradually declining. Although consumers continue to use the site, they are spending less time on it than in the past.

Now that we’ve seen how wonderful of a marketing opportunity Facebook is, let’s examine how we may maximize its potential.

These allow your company to establish a Facebook presence. This is all complimentary. These pages facilitate:

  • Give your clients and other interested people regular updates.
  • Connect people to the items or services you offer.
  • Interact with your consumer, enhance their engagement, solicit their comments, and provide customer support.
  • Share information on specials, offers, and other promotions.
  • Create a group of brand-loyal customers.
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your niche.
Advantages of Facebook marketing

Business Instagram accounts:

Your brand would be recognised as a business if it had a business profile. Moreover, it offers numerous advantages to its consumers.

Accounts for businesses can aid in:

  • The provision of Instagram Insights.
  • Including a contact button on one’s profile.
  • Displaying your affiliation with the industry.
  • Links added to your profile.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories allow you to showcase your brand straight from a smartphone or desktop computer of your choosing. Narration aids in:

  • Through the use of relatable and individual content, you may engage your audience.
  • Humanizing your brand.
  • Frequent contact with a big population.

Instagram Stories

These assist you increase brand engagement, develop brand awareness, promote sales, and present users with the latest information. Narratives are useful for:

  • Developing a following for your brand.
  • Consistently engaging your audience.
  • Generating visitors to your sites.
  • Providing a variety of content posting options.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is a well-known platform that enables your brand to communicate with individuals on a personal level. Messenger is useful for:

  • Customer acquisition.
  • Facilitating commerce.
  • Observant driving.

Instagram DMs (Direct Messages):

Direct messages allow your brand to utilize Instagram’s direct messaging tool to expand its business. It is useful for:

  • Building rapport within your industry.
  • Increasing your followers’ brand loyalty.
  • Streamlining lead generation and conversions.

Live Facebook:

Facebook Live allows businesses to interact with their audience in real-time. Facebook Live contributes to:

  • Repurposing live videos for use as content on your company’s social media pages or groups.
  • Helping to humanize your brand by revealing what goes on behind-the-scenes.
  • Allowing users to interact with your brand via question-and-answer sessions and more.

Instagram Live:

IG Live can assist you in communicating with your audience in real-time, thereby enhancing your discoverability and connection with your users. It is useful for:

  • Having excellent exposure.
  • Receiving instantaneous notifications for a live stream.
  • Real-time engagement with one’s followers.

Shop on Facebook:

Facebook Shop is a business page tab application that enables customers to make direct purchases from your store. It is useful for:

  • Boosting conversions.
  • Engagement with prospective clients.
  • Providing information on the latest deals and promotions.
  • Recompensing brand advocates for their dedication.
  • Increasing brand recognition and exposure.

Instagram Retail:

Instagram Shop can assist you with integrating your product catalog and product profile. In addition, it can aid in:

  • Simple product discovery.
  • Additional sales opportunities, conversions, and much more.
  • Now, let’s investigate Facebook Ads.

Ads on Facebook:

Facebook Ads would help spread product/brand awareness within the News Feeds of a specific, targeted audience on Facebook. It can facilitate:

  • Brand awareness enhancement.
  • Finding your brand’s ideal target audience.
  • Spending less to achieve greater results.
  • Remarketing to current demographics.
  • Boosting earnings, sales, and leads.

Instagram Ads:

The various types of Instagram ads that can be displayed are:

  • Photo ads
  • Video Ads
  • Ad Rotations
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Advertorials
Benefits of Instagram Ads

Insights for Facebook

It can provide information that can be used to track and measure results for the purpose of refining your marketing campaign. Insights can aid in establishing:

  • Reach and engagement Measures.
  • People.
  • Views of Posts, plus much more.

You can acquire the following extra information:

  • When your audience is online.
  • The types of posts that generate the most success for you.
  • The most recent posts from the pages you follow, as well as additional content.
  • Instagram Insights is the final component.

Insights on Instagram

Instagram Insights is an analytical tool that can provide information regarding follower demographics, actions, and brand content. Insights can aid in establishing:

  • Influence reaches and impressions.
  • The ratio of best-to-worst performing content’s profile visits to engagement follows website clicks and more.


Facebook and Instagram could be a winning combination for brands with a diverse audience (including both older and younger generations). With relevant and effective content, marketers can reach both audiences where they spend their time.If your brand’s audience is more narrowly defined (older or younger), one platform or the other may serve it better.

Try out both platforms and conduct tests if you are still uncertain. In any case, leaving anything to chance is the last thing you want to do. Check out our Digital Marketing Certification Course and Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing to learn more about additional digital marketing strategies and best practices.

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