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50+ REAL-TIME SAP GRC Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What’s GRC In Sap?


The system for Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) allows you to automatise your world trade transactions, manage massive numbers of business partners and documents, and make sure that your company invariably complies with perpetually dynamic international legal rules.

2. What area unit the key aspects of SAP GRC?


The major elements of SAP Governance Risk Compliance area unit as follows:

  • Compliance Management.
  • Customs Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Electronic Compliance reportage (ECR).

3. Compare code Foreign Trade Vs Sap Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)?


Since the business enterprise systems changing into|have gotten} a lot of advanced and markets becoming further world today the requirement of managing overseas trade of a billboard enterprise is fleetly gaining significance. SAP Foreign Trade and/or SAP Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) affords the tools you would like to contend effectively in today’s market. this enables you to:

  • Manage import and export approaches, group action them expeditiously into the availability Chain.
  • Automatically understand licensing needs for commerce and exportation things based mostly entirely on latest rules.
  • Simplify reportage with automatic approaches for growing, printing and submitting declarations to the customs government.
  • Determine that your merchandise qualifies for Preference managing. offer associate degree spirited interface for causing info via the planet over to be had EDI systems and totally different electronic media.
  • Update or trade statistics altogether applicable foreign alternate files at any time before the final merchandise problem.
  • Foreign interchange code and SAP Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) elements are a unit tightly enclosed with
  • Materials Management (MM) for managing Imports and Sales and Distribution (SD) for handling Exports. within the location of documentary payments it’s conjointly enclosed fastidiously with the monetary Accounting application.

4. What area unit the benefits Of exploitation Sap GRC?


The primary blessings of the utilization of SAP GRC are:

  • Saving the time via machine-driven approaches
  • Expenditure discount
  • Less human paintings troubled
  • Automatic checking the compliance violation and prohibited dealers
  • Can keep the organization emblem and settle for as true with by suggests that of avoiding the fines and consequences
  • Fast exchange process and shopper delight
  • SAP SD Tutorial SAP unit of time Interview queries

5. What’s the Relation Between R/three And Sap GRC ?


SAP GRC is the former decision of the corporate helpful resource preparing software system program created by SAP Ag.

It is associate degree enterprise-huge facts contrivance designed to coordinate all of the assets, statistiC, and activities wished to complete enterprise procedures together with order accomplishment or charge.

SAP GRC became organized into rattling useful modules, protecting the everyday options in the region as an associate degree leader.

The most broadly speaking used modules are monetary s and dominant (FICO), Human Resources (HR), Materials Management (MM), Sales & Distribution (SD), and Production designing (PP).

Each module treated precise business enterprise responsibilities on its own, but became connected to the others wherever relevant. As an example, associate degree invoice from the charge group action of Sales & Distribution may bypass through to accounting, wherever it’ll seem in bills owed and worth of product offered.

SAP unremarkably targeted on high-quality exercise methodologies for riding its software system program approaches, however larger presently augmented into vertical markets.

In these conditions, SAP created specialized modules (known as IS or trade Specific) intermeshed within the direction of a particular marketplace section, consisting of utilities or retail.

6. What area unit The Functionalities concerned In Sap GRC?


The functionalities troubled in SAP GRC are:

Compliance Management: For take a look at world exchange compliance issues.

Customs Management: Deals with customs-relevant transactions.

Risk Management: To decrease the risks committed by financial transactions.

Electronic Compliance Reporting: For submitting the reports for intra-European amendment.

System Administration: Deals with settings and chase of the GRC feeder system.

7. What area unit the key elements Of Sap GRC?


The GRC consist four principal components:

SAP Compliance Management : With SAP Compliance Management you’ll reveal all transactions alpha and export of products, so follow the bequest laws the entire procedure chain with none gaps. A relevant secret is that the observance of boycott lists, embargo checks, and import and export controls, that will all be absolutely enclosed into associate degree already existing structures.

SAP Customs Management : Customs connected tactiC area unit handled by the SAP Customs Management, what’s commissioned through the Customs. Key factors are unit the merchandise sort, customs valuation, the print out of foreign alternate documents and now not least the IT-based customs clearance, employing an electronic communique with the customs. The digital ATLAS machine (automatic tariff and close customs gadget), similarly the ecu transit system NCTS (new computerized transit machine) area unit supported via SAP GRC. this is often for all exportation organizations even further essential, as a result of exploitation

8. What area unit the advantages Of Sap GRC?


Benefits of SAP GRC:

  • Ensure argus-eyed compliance with trade policies.
  • Mitigate risks of massive fines and consequences.
  • Avoid high priced shipment delays at borders and customs.
  • Quick implementation.
  • Lower IT protection costs.
  • Faster Communication with customs.
  • Lots of funding.

9. Justify Compliance Management?


Compliance Management contains functions concerning import and export management rules. This feature permits you to watch procedures that area unit subject to licensing needs and to suits international legal rules that forestall and/or prohibit trade with people, teams and Sanctioned party list screening.

Legal management: Export (including embargo checking and license management).

Legal management: Import (including embargo checking and license management).

10. Justify the chance Management performs In Sap GRC?


Risk Management is employed for Letter of Credit process, preference determination and also the management of future marketer Declarations. permitting you to attenuate the monetary risk related to world trade activities.The following services area unit available:

  • Preference process.
  • Letter of credit process.
  • Restitution.

11. What are the items that are Achieved By victimization Sap GRC?


These are a number of the items that may be achieved with the assistance of an automatic GRC platform:

  • Reduced risks of trade penalties and fines.
  • Elimination of all the manual tasks with the assistance of automatic tools. Correspondingly, the time related to these manual tasks is additionally eliminated.
  • Seamless and reliable integration through all cross border offer chains.
  • Reduced delays with regards to inward and outgoing custom clearance.
  • Better client satisfaction and protection of the company’s name. Reliable gauging of the believability of worldwide shoppers.
  • All the tasks and procedures that ar {a part|a neighborhood|an ara|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|A section} of those modules are taken care of with efficiency.

12. What Are The Reports obtainable to gauge And Analyze information For Any Of The Services In Sap Gtc?


Using the subsequent reports that are obtainable, you’ll be able to value and analyze information for any of the services you employ in SAP GRC:


  • Imports by product.
  • Imports by country.
  • Import analysis.
  • Imports by workplace of entry or destination.
  • Comparison of imports between transit and customs process document things.


  • Exports by product.
  • Exports by country.
  • Export analysis.
  • Export by customs workplace.
  • Comparison of exports between transit and customs document things Cross-area.
  • Savings from guaranteed warehouse.

13. What’s the distinction between Tally code and SAP software?


Tally may be a basic easy accounting code application. Whereas SAP may be a full-fledged full ERP code. The advantage of ERP code in any massive firm is it provides access to as several workers as attainable that is restricted to their performance. For instance, the PO is raised within the production module, whereas the Invoice is raised within the FICO module. For associate degree Invoice to be processed in SAP, there must be a 3-way watch, as shortly because the 3-way watch is completed, Invoice gets engaged and whereas doing a payment run, it gets picked within the payment run and also the trafficker gets paid.

14. What’s The distinction Between (a/c collectable / owed ) And ( Bills collectable / owed )?


Accounts collectable : Amounts collectable to the Suppliers/Vendors/Creditors. The accounting establishment can also be named as Sundry Creditors. This is often Current Liability.

Accounts Receivable : Amounts owed from the Customers/Debtors. The accounting establishment can also be called Sundry Debtors. This is often Current plus.

Bills collectable : Bills of Exchange drawn with the help of Creditors/Suppliers on the agency and may be a Current Liability.

Bills owed : Bills of Exchange drawn via an organization on its Customers/Debtors and may be a Current plus.

15. Make a case regarding The Electronic Compliance coverage perform Is Sap GRC?


Electronic Compliance coverage : ECR permits the regular hassle of Intrastat declarations to the authorities for Intra-European exchange between U member states. The relevant facts are gathered from the logistiGRC ways, when that is sent to your country wide records government sporadically.

16.What are the PO varieties in buying and Invoices in AP?


Here are primarily four varieties of PO’s are there:

  • Standard PO
  • Blanket PO
  • Contract PO
  • Planned PO

17. What’s ERP?


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource designing code associate degreed is an integrated computer-based system wont to manage a company’s resources effectively. It ensures swish data amongst varied departments in associate degree enterprise or an organization and manages workflows.

18. What are the various varieties of ERP?


  • SAP
  • Baan
  • JD Edwards (now non heritable by Oracle)
  • Siebel
  • Peoplesoft (now non heritable by Oracle)
  • Microsoft Dynamic

19. What’s NetWeaver?


NetWeaver is an associate degree integrated technology platform such that all the merchandise within the mySAP suite will run on one instance of NetWeaver, called SAP internet Application Server (SAP WEBAs).

The advantage of victimization NetWeaver is that you just will access SAP information victimization the net (HTTP protocol) or maybe mobile. Thus, you’ll be able to save on prices concerned in coaching users on SAP Client-side user interface.

20.Explain the SAP GRC Architecture?


21. What’s the very best unit and smallest unit in an exceedingly Warehouse structure?


The highest unit in an exceedingly Warehouse is Warehouse range and smallest unit may be a storage bin.

22. What’s a storage section? give samples of the storage section?


This is a part of the storage sort and represents a gaggle of bins with identical characteristicCS. Usually used storage sections are fast-paced or slow moving things, etc.

23. What’s a piece Center in an exceedingly Warehouse?


A work center in Warehouse is allotted to a storage sort and a physical unit to perform packing, deconsolidation or consideration activities. Storage sort allotted to the work center features a role of labor center, decide purpose or decide purpose and identification. you’ll be able to additionally assemble over a piece center in an exceedingly storage sort.

24. Where does one use Work Centers in Warehouse processes?


Work center is used for the subsequent the subsequent.

  • Packing
  • Deconsolidation
  • Counting
  • Quality check

25. Outline the fundamental settings for SAP GRC?


Customizing Path: LogistiC Execution property Extended Warehouse Management Integration → Basic Setup of property → assemble SAP GRC Specific Parameters.

26. However are you able to produce a piece center for packing within the SAP GRC system?


To create a piece center for packing, you would like you would like

  • Warehouse
  • Storage sort
  • Inbound Section
  • Outbound Section

27. What’s Direct labor?


This includes time to perform warehouse activities like choosing, packing, putting away, etc. This includes further activities to manage warehouse like Sweeping, cleaning, housework etc..

28. What area unit totally different Warehouse method sorts in SAP GRC system?


There area unit totally different Warehouse method classes that area unit predefined in GRC system

  • Stock Removal
  • Putaway
  • Internal Movement
  • Goods receipt posting
  • Goods issue posting
  • Physical inventory
  • Cross Line putaway

29. What area unit worth accessorial Services in Warehouse management?


Value accessorial Services outline the merchandise process to be performed in an exceedingly warehouse and includes activities like packing, labeling, assembling, etc.

30. What area unit parts of SAP GRC?


31.What is the distinction between ERP and GRC?


While GRC functions as an area to store and organize all of your interactions with suppliers, ERP focuses on increasing your business’ overall potency.

32. What area unit the advantages of SAP GRC?


The main edges of SAP GRC area unit coordinative business operations, automating operational workflows, and standardizing product and services acquisition. SAP provider Relationship Management is a perfect answer to manage your provider relationship, contracts, acquisition method speed, and different management connected tasks.

33. Is GRC a procurement?


Supplier relationship management is employed by offer chain professionals World Health Organization often contend with suppliers in areas like acquisition, project management and operations. typically known as offer chain relationship management, GRC is one amongst the various disciplines of offer chain management.

34. Why is GRC important?


Supplier Relationship Management is regarding serving to make positive buyer-supplier relationships and determines activities to interact in with every provider. The goal of GRC is to contour and improve processes between a vendee and its suppliers.

35. What will SRAM stand for?


SRAM is an associate word form comprising the names of its founders, Scott, Ray, and Sam, (where Ray is the name of the company’s 1st business executive, Stan Day).

36. What’s the SAP GRC portal?


SAP GRC (Supplier Relationship Management) could be a SAP product that facilitates the acquisition of products via a web-based platform. You’ll be able to scale back the time span and cost accounting of acquisition cycle victimization innovative ways to manage business processes with key suppliers.

37. What’s HCM SAP?


SAP HCM (SAP Human Capital Management) could be a human resources management system. because the successor to SAP 60 minutes, it contains all functions that are relevant for personnel administration, payroll, mortal management, and personnel development.

38. What area unit the variables?


Variables area unit parameters of question|a question |a question} set within the parameter query definition and aren’t full of values till the queries area unit entered into the workbooks.

39. Mention what the various varieties of variables are?


Variables area unit employed in the various application are:

  • Characteristic variable
  • Hierarchies
  • Hierarchy nodes
  • Text
  • Formulas
  • Processing sorts
  • Replacement Path
  • User entry/default sort

40. Mention a number of the setbacks of SAP?


  • It is overpriced.
  • Demands extremely trained employees.
  • Lengthy implementation time.

41. Mention wherever the area unit t-code name and program values are stored? make a case for however are you able to realize a listing of all t-codes within the SAP system?


To view the dealing table TSTC, you’ll be able to use dealing code st11, and you’ll be able to outline a replacement t-code victimization dealing se93.

42. Mention what the distinction between OLAP and data processing is?


OLAP: OLAP stands for on-line Analytical process it’s a news tool designed to know your information_schema, dimensions, associated composition facts

Data processing:Data processing is the process of gathering unprocessed data and turning it into information that can be used

43.What area unit the benefits of SAP GRC?


44. Mention what area unit the various layers within the GRC system?


Different layers within the GRC system includes:

  • Presentation Layer
  • Database layer
  • Application layer

45. Mention what’s the method to make a table within the knowledge dictionary?


To create a table within the knowledge lexicon, you have got to follow this step:

  • Creating domains (data sort, field length, range).
  • Creating knowledge parts (properties and sort for a table field.
  • Creating tables (SE eleven).

46. Mention what’s AWB?


AWB stands for Administrator worktable. It’s a tool for watching, dominating, and maintaining all the processes connected with knowledge staging and process within the business data deposit.

47. Make a case for what’s Bex?


Bex suggests that Business is human. It permits the end-user to find reports, analyze data, read reports, and may execute queries. The queries within the book will be saved to their various roles within the Bex browser. It’s the subsequent parts of the Bex instrument, Bex Map, and Bex net.

48. Mention what’s the importance of ODS in BIW?


An ODS object serves to store debugged and consolidated dealing knowledge on a document level. It defines a consolidated dataset from one or additional info-sources. This dataset will be evaluated with a Bex question or associate Infoset question

49. Mention what’s the distinction between Domain and knowledge Element?


Data Element: It’s associate intermediate object between domain and table typeDomain: It defines attributes like length, type, and attainable worth vary.

50. Mention what area unit SET parameters and acquire parameters?


To use parameter IDs, you would like to “set” values within the international memory space then “get” values from this parameter ID memory space. within the case of the net program, you have to “Set” values from screen fields, and you may “get” these values for screen fields.

51. Mention what’s beer, IDOC, EDI, RFC, and make a case for briefly?


ALE: Application Linking enabling

IDOC: negociant documents

EDI: Electronic information interchange

RFC: Remote call

52. Mention what’s LUW (Logical Unit of labor.?


LUW may be a span of your time throughout that information records square measure updated, either commit or rollback.

53. Mention what BDC stands for?


BDC stands for Batch digital communication.

54. Direct Input technique


Batch Input Session technique, decision group action technique, Mention what’s meant by a “baseline data” in SAP AR and AP, The baseline date is that the originate that the payment terms apply. Usually, it’s the document date on the invoice however may be the date of entry or posting originating from the ledger.

55. Mention what does one mean by one-time vendors?


In specific industries, it’s out of the question to make new master records for each vendor’s commercialism partner. One-time vender permits a dummy vendor code to be used on invoice entry, and also the data that’s ordinarily held on within the vender master is keyed on the invoice itself.

56. Mention what square measures the quality stages of the SAP Payment Run?


While death penalty the SAP Payment Run the quality stages of SAP includes:

Entering parameters: It includes getting into company codes, vendor accounts, payment ways, etc..

Proposal Scheduling: The system proposes a listing of invoices to be paid.

Payment booking: Booking of the particular payments into the ledger.

57. Mention what’s the distinction between the “residual payment” and “partial payment” ways of allocating take advantage of account receivable?


The distinction between the residual and partial payment includes. Partial payment: for instance, let say invoice A456 exists for $100 and client pays $70. With the partial payment, it offsets the invoice with a remaining balance of $30. Residual Payment: whereas in residual payment, invoice A456 is cleared for the total price of $100, and a replacement invoice point is created for the remaining balance of $30.

58. Mention what square measures internal tables, check tables, price tables, and clear tables?


  • It is the quality information sort object; it exists solely throughout the runtime of the program.
  • Check the table is at field level checking.
  • Value table are at domain level checking
  • The clear table can exist with identical structure each within the word book moreover as within the information precisely with identical information and fields

59. Mention what’s associate degree application, presentation, and information servers in SAP GRC?


The application layer of a GRC system is formed from the appliance server and also the message server. Application programs in associate degree GRC systems run on application servers. mistreatment the message server, the appliance servers communicate with presentation parts, the information, and additionally with one another. All the info square measure holds on in an exceedingly centralized server, that is thought as an information server.

60. Make a case for what’s a corporation in SAP?


Company in SAP is the highest structure unit where monetary statements like profit and loss statements, balance sheets are drawn in keeping with the needs of organizations. one company contains one or several company codes. All the corporate codes in SAP should use identical COA (chart of accounts and financial year).

61. Mention what’s the distinction between SAP BASIS and SAP ABAP?


SAP ABAP is the artificial language used at intervals SAP to customize, generate forms, generate reports, etc. whereas SAP basis is, the administration module of SAP wont to manage code changes, upgrades, information admin, network setup, etc.

62. List out the various kinds of supply systems in SAP?


The different kinds of the supply system in SAP includes:

  • SAP GRC supply system
  • SAP BW
  • Flat files
  • External Systems

63. Make a case for what’s Extractor?


In the SAP supply system, extractors square measure a knowledge retrieval mechanism. It will fill the extract structure of a knowledge supply with the info from the SAP supply system datasets.

64. Make a case for what’s an extended star schema?


The star schema consists of the actual fact tables and also the dimension tables. The master information connected tables square measure unbroken in separate tables, that has relevance to the characteristiC within the dimension tables. These separate tables for master information square measure termed because the Extended Star Schema.

65. Make a case for what ought to be the approach for writing a BDC program?


  • Convert the heritage system information to a file into the interior table referred as “Conversion.”
  • Transfer the file into the SAP system known as “SAP information Transfer.”
  • Depending upon the BDC sort decision group action or produce SESSIONS.

66. Mention what square measures the foremost edges of reportage with BW over GRC?


Business Warehouse uses {a information|a knowledge|and information} warehouse and OLAP ideas for analyzing and storing data whereas the GRC was supposed for a group action process. you’ll be able to get identical analysis out of GRC, however it’d be easier from a BW.

67. Mention the 2 kinds of services that square measure want to traumatize communication?


To traumatize communication, you’ll be able to use 2 kinds of services.

Message Service: So as to exchange short internal messages, this service is employed by the appliance servers

Gateway Service: This service permits communication between GRC and external applications mistreatment CPI-C protocol.

68. Mention what square measure reason codes utilized in Account Receivable?


“Reason Codes” square measure tags that may be allotted to explain under/overpayments throughout the allocation of incoming client payments. they ought to not be necessitated with “void reason codes” used once outgoing cheques square measure created.

69. Mention what protocol will SAP entranceway method use?


The SAP entranceway method uses TCP/IP protocol to speak with the shoppers.

70. Mention what pooled tables?


Pooled tables square measure wont to store management knowledge. Many pooled tables are united to make a table pool. Table tool may be a solid table on the info within which all the records of the allotted pooled tables square measure keep.

71. what’s client Service Management Solutions?


We can show you the way to leverage your SAP investment to develop innovative, valuable solutions for your Service business. Our deep vertical expertise in client service in SAP permits a North American nation to propose tailored resolution design during a} very short quantity of your time and to set up and run your SAP client Service project collectively.

72. What will SAP GRC offer?


How will corporations optimally organize their client service, scale back prices, and increase client satisfaction? In theory, the conversion potential in commission and maintenance is incredibly giant. Why it’s relatively straightforward to attain a fast come on investment (ROI). With the GRC (Customer Services) module, SAP offers a comprehensive software system that digitally covers the whole price chain within the place. With these tools, corporations will improve their client service by covering the company’s existing structure structures and also the service workers handling all service processes digitally.

73. What square measures the options of sap?


This operate comprises:

  • Structuring and maintenance of the put in base victimization technical objects.
  • Warranties, management.
  • Call management, victimization service notifications, service orders and sales orders.
  • Call observation with response and repair times.
  • Link between put in base and business partners.

74. What’s Master knowledge in SAP GRC ?


Equipment Master: Material No. + Serial No. + Warranty

Serial Number: distinctive variety or I.D given to a product

Installed Base: Represents client

Functional Location: Represents the placement wherever machine is put in

Work Center : Represents Department within the company

Cost Center : Represents Technician or Mechanic

Activity : Activity represents the work or repair or service that is finished by the price center.

Activity rating: Activity Pricing is the pricing/cost/charge of the service done by the price center.

75. What’s The Behaviour Of Procurance Sort X ?


Procurement sort X – offer alternative relies whole on matching date then precedence then value. If every In-house Production and External procurance is viable then In-residence Production (PPM) is chosen as offer of deliver.

76. What’s the mixing of SAP GRC?


For data on different service-related functions, ask the subsequent documentation:

PM Structuring Technical Systems: for data on structuring and managing technical objects

FI-AA quality Accounting : User Guide for data on managing serviceable things as tangible assets

MM : Services Management for data on service records

PM : Maintenance Notifications for data on maintenance notification practicality

PM : Maintenance Orders for data on maintenance order practicality

SD : Sales, Sales Order process for data on managing and asking sales orders and repair contracts

PS : Project System for data on victimization comes

77. What’s the aim of SAP GRC?


This part supports you once representing, managing and processing all services that you simply give to your customers. You can:

  • Structure and manage technical objects that services ought to be performed (for example, technical systems, machines).
  • Manage knowledge for warranties and business partners.
  • Create service requests.
  • Plan and execute requested services.
  • Bill the prices that arise as a results of the services being dead.
  • Monitor decision process so as to stay to deadlines and in agreement response times.

78. What’s client Service Management Consulting?


Major business processes in Service:

  • Field Service.
  • Customer decision management.
  • Contract management.
  • Contractual services entitlements, free periodic inspections.
  • Plan technicians on jobs and locations.
  • Optimize resource allocation.
  • Execute work on-site , capture visit report, update put in base, come material to inventory.
  • Return units to depot for examination or restoration.
  • Loaner from trunk stock usage.
  • Depot Repair with its sub-processes.
  • Customer unit repair.
  • Exchange.
  • Advanced or forward exchange.
  • Loaner Management.
  • Loaner and different pools.

Advance loaner to client at the beginning of a repair method. And request loaner come towards finish of client repair, synchronic with logistiC offer chain, shipments and warehouse management.

79. What’s SAP GRC?


Full style of SAP GRC stands for (Customer Services), a well-liked SAP ERP tool that gives the essential functionalities to a huge variety of client specific tasks, and is taken into account to be a crucial extension of the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module.

80.Explain the flow sheet of SAP GRC?


81. Mention what are the 2 places wherever you wish to assemble CIN (Country Version India)?


The two places wherever you have got to assemble CIN is money Accounting > Tax on sale and buy, and different is supply General -> Tax on merchandise Movement.

82. Will Dynamic Alerts Show Up In Alert Monitor ?


Dynamic Alerts don’t show up within the complete alert monitor. Network alerts are to indicate pegging relationships.

83. Is SAP A Database?


NO. SAP isn’t info, however it’s an associate application that creates use of databases provided by different vendors like Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

84. Make a case for what SAP Posting Period is? what’s the dealings code to open and shut posting period?


SAP posting amount is to form a positive that posting amount for the business sales order is aligned with money posting date, which implies once money accounting is prepared for closing and proceed with the payment.

85. However will A dealings Be dead Even once No Authorization ?


SE93 – dealings code for dealings Code E.g. CRC1 produce Resource has txn code CRASH. Thus if you are doing not have authorization to form a resource you’ll use SE93 and enter txn CRASH and so check the F8 button to travel to the txn.

86. Will we have a tendency to run a business warehouse while not SAP GRC implementation?


Yes, you’ll run a business warehouse while not GRC implementation. you have got to easily transfer structures related to business warehouse information sources (ODS table, Infocube) to the arriving information files or use third-party tools to attach your flat files and different information sources.

87. Mention what does one mean by datasets?


The datasets are serial files processed on the appliance server. they’re used for file handling in SAP.

88. What are the variables?


Variables ar parameters of question|a question |a question} set within the parameter query definition and aren’t stuffed with values till the queries are entered into the workbooks.

89. What’s Master information In Dp?


Master information in Demand coming up with primarily Characteristic worth mixtures usually termed CVGRC. CVGRC are the look mixtures against that information that are kept in key figures.

90. What’s The Behaviour Of Procurance Sort X?


Procurement sort X – supply choice relies on matching maturity date then priority than price. If each In-house Production and External procurance is feasible then In-house Production (PPM) is chosen as a supply of provide.

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