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SQL Server Certification 2016 | A Definitive Guide

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Introduction.
    • 2.New Functions and Features of a SQL Server 2016.
    • 3.A Updates in SQL Server 2016 Certification and Training.
    • 4.Who Can Go for a SQL Certifications?
    • 5.List of SQL Certifications.
    • 6.Conclusion.


Microsoft launched the new version of a SQL database platform known as SQL Server 2016. Apart from changes to database platform even a certification pathway for SQL Server 2016 has been updated with a few changes.Look at the changes made to this new version of a SQL as well as the changes in a MCSA SQL server 2016 certification pathway.

New Functions and Features of a SQL Server 2016:

Some of the most important enhancements in a new database platform include:

  • All employees using a SQL server on any kind of device will now have the access to business intelligence. This also includes an Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  • An Advanced encryption abilities to ensure that a data is always protected no matter if it is in a motion or being used.
  • A database system backing for main memory for all workload which can handle the performance surges of up to 100 times.
  • Cloud functions which can be used for an installing hybrid architectures which can divide a workload and assignments throughout Microsoft Azure to help an organizations reduce costs and provide a better agility to the users.
  • Integrated R support with an improved analytics to enable clients use a predictive analytics immediately on a analytical and operational data.

A Updates in SQL Server 2016 Certification and Training:

For SQL Server 2014 and 2012 were required first to get a MCSA in basics of SQL Server after which were allowed to go for a role-based certifications. With the 2016 version Microsoft has moved back to pathway of SQL Server 2008 by again introducing a role-based certifications right at MCSA level.There are now three various pathways for a 2016 SQL certification which focus on a different roles like a Database Development Database Administration and also Business Intelligence.

SQL Server

1. Database Administration Certification:

With the help of a Database Administration certification candidates can learn about an administering developing and managing SQL Server 2016. Also learn about how should approve and handle the user access create and assign various database roles and automate server management.This course will also cover SQL Server 2016 installation, configuration and management. The certification is ideal for professional database administrators who use SQL Server 2016 on a regular basis. You must pass two exams to obtain Database Administration certification. The examinations are as follows:

  • Administering of SQL Database Infrastructure- Exam 70-745.
  • Provisioning of a SQL Database- Exam 70-765.
  • Just clear 70-765 exam if have a SQL Server 2012/2014 certification to get MCSA certification in Database Administration of a SQL Server 2016.

2. Database Development Certification:

The development course teaches are how to use Transact-SQL language which is general for all the disciplines of a SQL Server. This knowledge is not just required for a development of database but also for the business intelligence and administration of a database.Also learn skills like an advanced table designs in-memory tables and column store the indexes in detail. This certification is for a professionals who closely work with 2016 version of a SQL Server create and manage databases and are looking to be improve their SQL competencies. To get this certification and need to clear the two exams:

  • Data Querying with a Transact-SQL- Exam 70-761.
  • SQL Database Development- Exam 70-762.
  • If already have a SQL Server 2012/2014 certification and can get the MCSA certification for a SQL Server 2016 in Database Development by just clearing a 70-762 examination.

3. Business Intelligence Development:

If need to learn a business Intelligence fundamentals of SQL Server 2016. With it will able able to learn about how can use data warehouse solutions of a SQL Server 2016 for supporting business intelligence. Apart from this will also get to learn about all important features and functions of a latest version of SQL Server for the producing business solutions.After completing this course will able to process question analyse and report more large quantities of raw data related to a business. Data mining, DAX, MDX and creating the multidimensional cubes and databases are some other important parts of this course. If use a SQL Server 2016 and are involved in a business intelligence department this certification is sure to benefit of career.Two exams that are need to clear to get a SQL certification in Business Intelligence Development include:

  • Implementation of a SQL Data Warehouse- Exam 70-767.
  • Developing Data Models in a SQL- Exam 70-768.
  • Only need to clear 70-768 exam to get a Business Intelligence Development certification of a SQL Server 2016 if already have a SQL Server 2012/2014 certification.

Who Can Go for a SQL Certifications?

Anyone with a basic understanding of SQL and databases is eligible for certification mainly:

  • A Software Developers and IT Professionals.
  • A SQL and Database Administrators.
  • A Project Managers.
  • A Business Analysts and Managers.
  • A Business Intelligence Professionals.
  • A Big Data and Hadoop Professionals.
  • Those aspiring for career in a SQL development.

List of SQL Certifications:

Microsoft offers a large number of certifications. Have a well-organized list of SQL Server Certifications organised by its components to provide a clear picture:

  • Entry Level: Database [For Students or Beginners]
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Cost Per Exam: US$127
  • Exam 98-364 (Database Fundamentals)
  • Associate Level: SQL-related Credentials at MCSA
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Cost Per Exam: US$165

MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development

  • Exam 70-761 (Querying Data with Transact-SQL)
  • Exam 70-762 (Developing SQL Databases)

MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration

  • Exam 70-764 (Administering an SQL Database Infrastructure)
  • Exam 70-765 (Provisioning SQL Databases)

MCSA: SQL 2016 Business Intelligence Development

  • Exam 70-767 (Implementing an SQL Data Warehouse)
  • Exam 70-768 (Developing SQL Data Models)

MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014

  • Exam 70-461 (Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014)
  • Exam 70-462 (Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Database Administration)
  • Exam 70-453 (Improving Data Warehouse Implementation with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014)


SQL Server is a relational database management system that offers a variety of tools and add-ons for data-driven applications businesses and business intelligence (BI).A career in SQL Server is stable because growth is consistent here and SQL Server skills will secure a job no matter where you are in the world.SQL Server is a database tool maintained by Microsoft and obtaining a Microsoft certification is like standing out in a crowd. This certificate will demonstrate skills and strengthen your profile.

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