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Technical Architect Certification| A Complete guide

Last updated on 28th Jan 2023, Artciles, Blog

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    • In this article you will get
    • Who is Technical Architect and What do they do?
    • Roles and responsibilities of Technical Architect
    • How to become Technical Architect in simple steps?
    • Conclusion

Who is Technical Architects, and What do they do?

A technology architect is the professional who plans and develops a new technologies and systems. They are usually interested in the building technology and can only predict a near future based on reasoning. As technology architect, will report directly to a IT director or maybe an executive team member. As a technical architect, must adhere to a corporation’s IT business process are while embarking on a new project. One of the objectives will be to design a framework for a new technology solutions.

Roles and responsibilities of Technical architect

Roles and responsibilities of Technical Architect

A technical architect would be involved in the variety of fields, from a database planning and organization to building and designing an e-commerce platform. As a result of variety, and will be required to have an extensive working knowledge of a technologies like UNIX, MySQL, and even Oracle. should also be a knowledgeable about programming languages.

The majority of a certified technical architects will found a work in a firm that offers such projects to clients or within an organization. Also, will collaborate with them to finished a task and ensure that all the requirements are completed before it is made available to public. Creating cloud-based business solutions is the large part of the job, and will be actively involved in explaining business requirements, providing ideas and comments at every level of the process.

How to become Technical Architect in simple steps?

Step 1:Master Skills

Most of a technical skills mentioned in this post will be learned throughout a schooling and early career as technical architect. After have got a job, consider taking a couple of briefs, online training to extend a skill set. And will also need a some soft skills for management aspect of technical architecture.

A)Soft Skills:

In addition to a hard skills, tech architects must have a sophisticated problem-solving abilities and the capacity to manage the projects. This requires excellent interpersonal skills in order to an effectively communicate and work with the stakeholders. Because of IT projects typically have a short deadlines, TAs must be prioritize workload, foresee problems, and assign jobs to the other members of the team.

B)Hard Skills:

Understanding of a strategic IT solutions, as well as thorough understanding of a computer hardware and networking systems Understanding of an operating systems like a Windows and UNIX, as well as databases such as a MySQL.Experience with the cloud computing and technologies.

C)Other Competencies:

Experience as technical architect or a project manager is required.Prior expertise in a software development and system management is required.

TOGAF (The Open Group Architectural Framework):This certification targets a critical business goals by providing an EAs with a standardized vocabulary for mapping an IT development initiatives.

Master of SCRUM:An agile project management framework certification, often used in a software development.The BCS Foundation Certificate is the intermediate business and solution architecture qualification.

Technical Architect Certification Training:An online boot camp of a teaching Linux, Python, MySQL, and cloud computing essentials. Furthermore, it benefits are technical architects to continue their education and gain a certifications in certain programming languages and IT systems far into careers. This will aid in more increases and is more coveted to recruiters.

Step 2:Determine a Ideal Timeline

Need to choose a hours set in a day to learn so that can achieve a goal of becoming a technical architect.

Can become a technical architect by studying in whatever way to choose such as:

  • Classroom Courses
  • Online Training
  • Customized Courses
  • E-Learning
  • One-2-One Training

What is a for Technical Architect?

As a career progresses may find taking on more responsibilities or assuming a leadership. Following the career route, a technology architect might utilize a career map to find their professional ambitions. For example, someone may start as solutions architect, work their way up to project manager, and finally become a senior director of information technology.

Togaf architecture


Technical architects are part of the wider network of IT architects that work closely together on a various components of main enterprise-wide projects.They will work directly with the key stakeholders, solution architects, and others to handle the current state architecture and transition it to future state architecture that will be improve day-to-day workflows.

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