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What Is GitHub and How Do You Use It | Step-By-Step Process with REAL-TIME Examples

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Ram Chandra is a Git Technical Lead Engineer and an expert in hands-on experience in the Git or GitHub ecosystem using Rust, Bash, Ruby, and REST APIs. He has a certified professional with more than 6 years of professional expertise.

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    • In this article you will get
    • 1.A GitHub use case
    • 2.What is Git?
    • 3.What is GitHub?
    • 4.What are GitHub’s features?
    • 5.How do you use Git and GitHub?
    • 6.GitHub’s Competitors
    • 7.Conclusion

A GitHub use case

Let’s consider a case of Decathlon, world’s largest sporting goods retail brand. The company has over a 1600 stores in 57 countries, with the more than 87,000 employees.Each company, no matter how large or small, inevitably experiences are challenges and obstacles.

  • How would company maintain a workflow visibility and avoid redundancies in such large workforce?
  • How would company hire developers for so many diverse locations?

GitHub to a rescue! GitHub is not only a affordable resource but also features a great open-source community. Since it is the cloud-based tool, the code is conveniently visible across an entire client organization, facilitating every participant’s contributions.

GitHub allows the collaboration with developers from all over world. An Open-source solutions like GitHub enable the potential developers to contribute and share knowledge to benefit a global community.The version control system, or VCS, is an element in Git that is best suited for a tackling Decathlon’s two problems. So, let’s expand the knowledge of GitHub by taking closer look at a Git version control system and see why it’s such game-changer.

What is Git?

Git is the version control system used for a tracking changes in computer files, making it a top-rated utility for programmers world-wide. Git can handle the projects of any size.Git is used to coordinate a workflow among project team members and track progress over time. It also benefits the both programmers and non-technical users by a keeping track of their project files.Now that have been introduced to a Git, have the foundation needed to understand what is a GitHub better.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is the Git repository hosting service that provides web-based graphical interface. It is world’s largest coding community. Putting a code or a project into GitHub brings it be increased, widespread exposure. A Programmers can find source codes in many various languages and use a command-line interface, Git, to make and keep track of the any changes. GitHub helps each team member work together on project from any location while a facilitating collaboration. Can also review the previous versions created at earlier point in time.So now know what a Git and GitHub are. Time to gain better understanding of an importance and relevance of what is a GitHub by exploring its features.


What are the GitHub’s features?

1.Easy Project Management:

GitHub is the place where project managers and developers come together to be coordinate, track, and update their work so that a projects are transparent and stay on a schedule.

2.Increased Safety With Packages:

Packages can be a published privately, within team, or publicly to open-source community. The packages can be used or reused by a downloading them from the GitHub.

3.Effective Team Management:

GitHub helps all team members stay on a same page and organized. Moderation tools like an Issue and Pull Request Locking help team to focus on a code.

4.Improved Code Writing:

Pull requests help an organizations to review, develop, and propose new code. Team members can discuss any implementations and also proposals through these before changing a source code.

5.Increased Code Safety:

GitHub uses a dedicated tools to identify and analyse vulnerabilities to code that other tools tend to miss. A Development teams everywhere work together to secure a software supply chain, from start to the finish.

6.Easy Code Hosting:

All code and documentation are in a one place. There are millions of a repositories on GitHub, and every repository has its own tools to help host and release code.

How do use a Git and GitHub?

Here’ is a very broad overview of steps need to use the both Git and GitHub. can find a more details regarding specific commands:

Create a GitHub account,Create repository or “repo” for short. This is where store a code.

    1. 1.Build file.
    2. 2.Make commit. Whenever create a file or change it, create a Git commit to store a new version.
    3. 3.Connect a repo with the computer system.

GitHub’s Competitors

The market offers many alternatives and competitors to a GitHub. As of end of 2020, top ten competitors are:

    1. 1.Bitbucket
    2. 2.Google Cloud Source Repositories
    3. 3.Phabricator
    4. 4.GitLab
    5. 5.Gogs
    6. 6.Gitea
    7. 7.SourceForge
    8. 8.Apache Allura
    9. 9.Launchpad
    10. 10.AWS CodeCommit

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Why Github?


Hope this article has helped to understand a GitHub’s relevance. Learned the basics of version control system and how Git works. Can explored why GitHub’s features make it such vital resource, then wrapped up by a listing GitHub’s alternatives and competition.

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