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SAP BPC – What is Business Planning and Consolidation? : All you need to know [ OverView ]

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Anuj Kumar, the SAP Ui5 Fiori developer, has more than four years of experience in the industry. He is proficient in domains such as OData services, annotations, ABAP, and RFC. His experience with SAP's cloud-based CRM solution, SAP gateway development, and SAP Hybris solution.

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    • In this article you will get
    • Preface to SAP Business Planning and connection
    • SAP BPC Overview
    • What’s EPM in SAP?
    • SAP BPC Architecture
    • Core Capabilities
    • Conclusion

Preface to SAP Business Planning and connection

SAP BPC is a SAP module that provides planning, budgeting, soothsaying and fiscal connection capabilities. SAP BPC stands for Business Planning and connection. It provides a single view of fiscal and functional data and an intertwined result that supports performance operation processes similar as conforming plans and vaticinations or accelerating budgeting and ending cycles.

It provides erected-in functionality for:

  • Strategic plan
  • Budget
  • Reporting
  • Forecast

SAP BPC Finance has two platforms. It’s nearly 80% the same functionality except for the difference in the reverse- end. Each platform has two performances.

SAP BPC MS( Microsoft Platform) – SAP BPC7.5 MS and SAP EPM 10.

SAP BPC NW( NetWeaver Platform) – SAP BPC7.5 NW and SAP BPC 10 NW.

Like any other module, the SAP BPC module also contains master and sale data. BPC in SAP is divided into two factors called “ Administration ” and “ Reporting ”.


SAP BPC Overview

Fiscal planning, budgeting and soothsaying are important rates for any organization to run a business successfully. Integrated – planning and connection into one product. Single operation reduces conservation, increases data integrity, and simplifies deployment. It also enables flexible planning and connection functions.

Strategic plan:

It helps the operation platoon to formulate its vision, charge, core values and objects. The platoon develops strategic plans to maintain its competitive advantage in the business.


It isn’t simply a vaccination of unborn issues. It’s also a plan of the organization’s conduct and anticipated operations in the coming time. The budget is prepared for active operation and dimension of commercial performance.


This ensures that performance progress is covered, problems are anticipated, and nonstop enhancement sweats are promoted.


It’s the act of prognosticating the results. This is done to show the changes in the internal and external terrain throughout the time. What determines how the internal or external terrain affects the original plans and budget? The main ideal is to give lower threat operation planning and more accurate information for decision timber.

What’s EPM in SAP?

The use of EPM results is getting wider in the fiscal divisions. It’s analogous to CPM( Corporate Performance Management), BPM( Business Performance operation) and FPM( Finance Performance Management). EPM is being used as a unique depository for managing applicable information.

Business needs benefits and features:

  • Process Control Business Process Flow( BPF) ways for environment- Driven Workflow and Process effectiveness.
  • Centralized data and operation operation.
  • Status monitoring and workflow operation.
  • Part- grounded security and stoner authentication.
  • Dimensional inspection trail for budget, cast and factual.
  • Interpretation control supports any number of performances.
  • Data lockdown as per dimension or specified period.
  • Compliance and auditability inspection follows the history of the entire planning, reporting and vaticinating.
  • “ A Single interpretation of the verity ” at reported figures.
  • Data- grounded translucency – and data change – visibility.
  • Ensures responsibility as belief in figures increases power responsibility.

SAP BPC Architecture

SAP BPC Architecture. It uses colorful business rules and script sense for planning.

BPC Administration:

BPC Administration allows directors to perform conservation and setup tasks for BPC customer operations.BPC fiscal administration has two interfaces; A customer operation and a web interface. The Administration conduct pane lists the conduct available for both interfaces.

To start BPC administration:

Any of the following will work.

  • Open a cybersurfer and type http://<' garçon name>/ osoft, where<' garçon name> is the name of your BPC garçon.
  • From the Windows Start menu, choose SAP> BPC
  • From your Windows desktop, click on the BPC icon
  • From the Launch runner, elect BPC Administration
  • From the Administration conduct pane, elect the task you want

The press customer is a Microsoft Explorer- suchlike window. Where we manage particulars similar as operation sets, operations, business rules, confines and business process flows. The cybersurfer allows customer operations to set and control operation parcels, as well as to maintain BPC web parameters.

Creating a new dimension:

Confines represent the realities of a business( eg, accounts, company canons, and orders). They represent master, textbook, and scale data for each business reality.It’s possible to produce new confines in a BPC operation set. There’s no restriction to produce multiple confines in SAP BPC. These confines also come with participating confines that are available for use in any operation within the app set.Some confines are needed. It must be present in all operations within the operation set. Whereas the dimension type determines the dereliction parcels to be included in the dimension. It’s possible to add fresh parcels as demanded.

BPC Reporting:

With BPC for Office, we’ve all the functionality of Microsoft that we’re used to. BPC for Office allows to collect data, induce reports, perform real time analysis and publish reports in colorful formats.You can take reports fully offline and distribute them grounded on stoner access rights.

BPC Security:

Druggies This is used to add druggies to the terrain and manage their access rights.Brigades You can define a group of druggies with the same access rights.Data Access Profile It enables setting up biographies for the tasks to be performed.Task Profile This is used to set up biographies and enable access to data in models.

SAP BPC client Profile:

There are over,000 BPC guests around the world. While they all partake in an introductory common set of capabilities, due to the flexible nature of the platform, each client has a unique BPC perpetration. They can configure results with their “ secret sauce ” and other stylish practices to give them a competitive edge in their assiduity. guests range from small and medium- sized businesses to the top ten members of the Fortune 500.

SAP bpc moment:

BPC also includes Business Process Flow( BPF) which can be used as a formal workflow for both fiscal and functional processes, or as a menu to organize colorful means including input forms, reports, books and dashboards. can be used as

BPC attracts druggies with its innovative stoner experience including native Excel integration. The authors of BPC at Outlook Soft understood that Excel was important for fiscal druggies to carry out their diurnal tasks. Copying and pasting information into a personal tool or using a web interface can not match the inflexibility, power, variety, and convenience of Excel. They successfully turned Excel into a “ window for databases ” and they removed numerous of the traditional pain points associated with Excel.

BPC Architecture

Core Capabilities


Planning is generally defined as a long- range plan gauging several times, which can be entered into any combination of periodicity( weeks, months, quarter times). Some companies use models with strategic or long- range planning that run times or indeed decades into the future. These plans are generally at a advanced position than calculated or read. The planning cycle also combines colorful types of fiscal and non-financial information to form a complete view. BPC provides a platform to integrate business planning, strategy, operations and fiscal processes.


A budget cycle is a complete outlook for the forthcoming time grounded on your business timetable. Some budgets begin with predefined hypotheticals or pretensions( top- down), while others begin with a set of detailed inputs from colorful actors in the organization( bottom- up). It’s relatively common for organizations to develop a budget that contains a combination of both top-down and nethermost-up hypotheticals, with multiple performances being developed during an iterative and cooperative process.


numerous companies have abandoned the traditional 12- month budget in favor of a rolling cast, which looks at the remaining months of the time and a full 12- 18 months( or further) into the future. BPC simply combines factual ages with cast ages into an order or interpretation. It facilitates more effective reporting and analysis. For illustration, the May cast interpretation( order) will have four ages( January – April) of factual data, and at least eight ages of cast data. It allows druggies to fluently compare the current cast with the former cast ages.


BPC has erected- in fiscal intelligence, including strong legal and operation connection capabilities. These capabilities include the capability to import data from colorful data sources. SAP BPC guests can enjoy a variety of integration options including real- time integration with SAP’s leading ERP result, S/ 4HANA. BPC also completely supports non-SAP ERP systems.

Numerous BPC druggies have multiple ERPs – One of our guests had so numerous accessions that they consolidated over 90 different GLs with different COA’s. fresh connection features include currency restatement, intercompany elimination, allocation, fractional power, equity pick- up, journal, and reporting and analysis. Reporting and analysis features include P&L, balance distance, cash inflow statement to accommodate internal and external fiscal reporting requirements.

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