Amazon Web Services – WorkMail

Amazon Web Services – WorkMail

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What is Amazon WorkMail?

Amazon WorkMail is for the existing AWS users as it provides secure and managed business email and calendar service. It allows the user to access the email, contacts, and calendar using the client application of their choice. This includes Microsoft Outlook, native iOS and Android email applications along with the client application which supports the IMAP protocol, or directly through a web browser. To meet the compliance requirement the user can compile Amazon WorkMail with the existing corporate directory, using email journaling. In addition, the user can control both the keys that encrypt the data and the location in which the data is stored. Through programs, the user can manage users, groups, and resources using the AWS WorkMail SDK

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Ubiquitous Access

Users will synchronize their mailboxes with iOS, Android, Amazon fire, and Windows Phone devices. If you’re migrating from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server. Your users’ mobile devices will automatically hook up with Amazon WorkMail with no end-user reconfiguration needed, and no modification in user expertise. A feature-rich net consumer is additionally offered for users to access their email, calendar, and contacts.

Enterprise Grade Security

Amazon WorkMail automatically encrypts all of your data at rest with cryptography keys you manage, using the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Amazon WorkMail additionally permits you to retain full management over the data neighbourhood by selecting the AWS region wherever all of your data is kept.

Outlook Compatible

Amazon WorkMail provides native support for Microsoft Outlook on each Windows and Mac OS X. Therefore users will still use the email consumer they’re already using while not having to put in any further software system, like plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook.

Managed Service

Amazon WorkMail makes it simple to manage the infrastructure of the company. In addition, email infrastructure eliminates the necessity for up-front investments to license and provision on-premises email servers. There’s no advanced software system to put in or maintain. Moreover, there is no hardware to manage. AWS WorkMail handles all of the patches, back-ups, and upgrades without any external help.

Active Directory Integration

AWS WorkMail firmly integrates together with your existing Microsoft Active Directory in order that users will access their mailbox using their existing information. This makes it simple to manage users and teams with provided systems management tools, that include Active Directory Users and Computers.


Amazon WorkMail options are easy, low, monthly per-user valuation and price $4 per user per month which has 50GB of storage per user.

Functions of Amazon WorkMail

Following are the functions of AWS WorkMail, let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Enterprise Grade Security.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft outlook.
  • Journaling.
  • Active Directory Integration.
  • Administrative SDK.
  • IMAP Protocol Support.
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Feature rich web client.
  • Remote Management.
  • Large storage for Mailboxes.
  • Protection against Spam and viruses.

How to Use Amazon WorkMail?

Step 1 − Sign in to AWS account and open the Amazon WorkMail console using the following link −

Step 2 − Click the Get Started button.


Step 3 − Select the desired option and choose the Region from the top right side of the navigation bar.


Step 4 − Fill the required details and proceed to the next step to configure an account. Follow the instructions. Finally, the mailbox will look like as shown in the following screenshot.


Features of Amazon WorkMail

Secure − Amazon WorkMail automatically encrypts entire data with the encryption keys using the AWS Key Management Service.

Managed − Amazon WorkMail offers complete control over email and there is no need to worry about installing a software, maintaining and managing hardware. Amazon WorkMail automatically handles all these needs.

Accessibility − Amazon WorkMail supports Microsoft Outlook on both Windows and Mac OS X. Hence, users can use the existing email client without any additional requirements.

Availability − Users can synchronize emails, contacts and calendars with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc. using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol anywhere.

Cost-efficient − Amazon WorkMail charges 4$ per user per month up to 50GB of storage.

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Hence, the Amazon Workmail removes the burden of hardware and software maintenance as the complete functions are managed by the Workmail. WorkMail handles all of the patches, back-ups, and software upgrades. AWS Console helps to manage the functions too and provides an overall better experience. Amazon has also collaborated with some of the email migration firms which make it easier to transfer the emails to AWS WorkMail. These solutions can be migrated from Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server, Google Apps for Work, IMAP and POP to email, meetings, contacts, and notes. 

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