AWS Career Guide

AWS Career Guide

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AWS is one of the popular clouding environment in today’s IT industry. So anyone willing to start their career in AWS right now will always be a very attractive choice anyway for their future. As per assumption based on current buzz, within upcoming 5-6 years, there will be no physical server for any kind of web application, all will be moving to a specific cloud environment, Career in AWS is always be the best choice for choosing cloud environment in attractive cost with maximum iconic features.

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Education required for Career in AWS

Basic understanding of normal IT related education is obviously required for starting your career in AWS. It is very much required on a clear understanding of cloud computing, have to be confident on how it works and proper utilization of the same. Knowledge requires specifically on hardware and software configuration, advance networking skill, server set up and their performance tuning ability, operating system memory management where ever require, application deployment utility and database or data source configuration, all are might be required for starting of understanding AWS. But please note, it is not mandatory to know about all, if you have those experience it will definitely help the people to learn AWS.

Career Path in AWS

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is always a wonderful choice for improving your career paths as it is always a dynamic approach and looks like very much highlighted in as up growing business unit to the entire world or globally. AWS has been starting their business on specifically in clouding from 2006 onwards, at that time it actually provided proper require infrastructure platform into the cloud for some of the companies of different size. As AWS is mainly helping for the power of a computer, huge storage system, and other network or hardware related critical services very easily and low cost in a cloud, it automatically popular to an entire critical organization.

Now considering current IT market, using of AWS is increasing very smartly day by day and many small or big companies are already targeted to start or move their own business entire in AWS for a better option. So it is automatically impacting in the Job market, expert people on AWS will always be highlighted in the current job market.

AWS has provided a certificate from their authorized center. Obviously certified professional will get more priority in the current competitive job market without exception. But before getting certificate have to learn about AWS in a proper manner for clearing the interview. It is one of the key popular certificate available in the global market. AWS normally provided below two kinds of certificate:

Associate Certificate: It also has three kinds of different exams, after clearing all those 3 exam one members will be called as an associate in AWS.

  • Associate on solution architect
  • Associate as developer
  • Associate of SysOps Administrator

Professional Certification: It is mainly for the experience candidate, here also have two exams on the same.

  • Professional on solution architect
  • Professional on DevOps Administrator

Job Positions or Application Areas For Career In AWS

Varieties job position available in the current market for AWS professional. As the example below can be some highlighted jobs:

  • Build one of the world best scalable and load balancing solution: It normally looking for some experience AWS engineers who are really expert on providing varieties or specific solution on improving the scalability of the server or the physical system by maintaining proper load balancing of multiple cloud computing. This feature is mainly concentrating on improving the availability of the server on big application with multiple clouding PC.
  • Build one of the world largest price markets where the price of clouding computing space will decide dynamically: Normally looking for AWS developer for this kind of critical requirement, their main target to build one specific environment which provided one dynamic market price based on the proper innovation without exception in specifically for cloud computing space. Main target on improving performance or scalability of the system, resolving some problems which create excitement, or optimizing some critical software, all can be done but behind their pricing models.

Rather than above kind of exceptional job, some common job like AWS (Software) development engineer, AWS database administrator, Open cloud product manager, business analyst or developer in AWS, are available in the market any time for the fresher’s and experience both.


Salary is never a big factor for experience and knowledgeable professional. As AWS is currently playing one of the key roles in all the up growing clients, so definitely experience or certified professional in AWS will get the very high package, sometime it will be over expectation. Currently, there have different pay scales for individual certification provided by the AWS. As per current common information that salary can be started at $99330 for a simple VMware certified professional. This amount can be increasing huge for the professional like who is certified as a solution architect in AWS. If anyone has solution architect certificate, he can able to receive near about $125800. But as I told salary can be different based on changing environment, country or state. But the average salary for any AWS professional really attractive anywhere compares to others.

Career Outlook in AWS

Amazon web service (AWS) is obviously one of the leading providers of clouding environment, there has no doubt on the same. AWS certification is also a very valuable and highlighted certification currently in the IT industry. These certificates will provide one clear identification to the organization that it directly validated from an expert professional of AWS platform and as well as it will open a key door for other organization in IT industries. Whether you are willing to be a developer, administrator, architect, database administrator, or even improving career in analytics part on big data normal data, AWS always be a good career path to choose.

Here’s a list of AWS Certifications that will help you in moving forward on the AWS career path. 

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
    •  Individuals with the skills required to show an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. Recommended for those looking to achieve Specialty or Associate certification.
  • AWS Certified Developer—Associate
    • Individuals in a development role with 1+ years’ practical experience developing and maintaining an AWS-based app.
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator—Associate
    • Individuals working in a systems admin/operations role with 1-2 years’ experience deploying, managing, and operating in AWS.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate
    • Individuals working in a solutions architect role with 1+ years’ experience creating cost-effective, fault-tolerant systems on AWS that have high availability and are highly scalable.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer—Professional
    • Individuals in a DevOps engineer role possessing 2+ years’ practical experience provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Professional
    • Individuals in a role with 1+ years’ practical experience in AWS system management and operations.
  • AWS Certified Big Data—Specialty
    • Individuals running complex Big Data analyses possessing a minimum of two years’ experience using AWS
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking—Specialty
    • Individuals carrying out complex networking tasks.
  • AWS Certified Security—Specialty
    • Individuals in a security role with a minimum of two years’ practical experience securing AWS workloads.
  • AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder—Specialty
    • Individuals working in a role that requires you to build, test, and publish Amazon Alexa skills.
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty
    • Individuals working in a Development or Data Science role; certifies your ability to design, implement, deploy, and maintain machine learning solutions.
  • All these certifications from AWS are globally recognized and validate the individual’s AWS skill.

AWS Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud PractitionerAWS Certified Solutions Architect – AssociateAWS Certified Solutions Architect – ProfessionalAWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – AssociateAWS Certified DevOps Engineer – ProfessionalAWS Certified Security – Specialty
 AWS Certified Developer – AssociateAWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty 
 AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty  
 AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty  
 AWS Certified Database – Specialty  
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Amazon is really very much serious on this specific AWS domain, and they are constantly investing or innovating on that specific part of this cloud computing. So updating is always going on this specific AWS certification. And the open job will always be increasing for their up growing attitude and gaining market interest more. Also willing to mention AWS will not only provide high salary, but it will also give you a very good role in your career which gives you proper job satisfaction.

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