Citrix Netscaler Interview Questions and Answers

Citrix Netscaler Interview Questions and Answers

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1.What is the connection leasing process?


The connection leading process is a built-in ability of the XenDesktop. The users can connect themselves to the recently used desktops and the applications. This can be done even when the database remains unavailable from the users. However, in case the user is trying to connect to the desktop or the application for the first time, this situation is not valid. All the default connections can be cached easily.

2.What is the Citrix Receiver?


Citrix Receiver is an array of the suite of the products that are responsible for enabling the devices of the client to get connected directly to the other virtualization services which are related to Citrix. All the devices of the clients can be linked to the XenDesktop applications through it.

3. Explain Citrix Access Gateway?


CAG or Citrix Access Gateway is a universal secured socket layer virtual private network appliances. It has features like IPSec and SSL VPN. It enables instant access to the users and secure access to the company. Any information resource can be retrieved by using CAG with secure, single-point access, always-on features. It supports various types of applications including IP telephony. Any application which is hosted on Citrix Presentation Server can be used securely.

4. Explain Citrix? What do you think about it?


Citrix is one of the very popular systems for application deployment. All the customized applications can directly be accessed. The users are free to deliver them without doing much to the remote machines and nodes. In addition to this, e-mail accessing and data transfer tasks can be performed very easily. For the users, it doesn’t matter what exactly was the size of the file or data to be transferred.

5.What are the types of Printer Terminology in the Citrix?


This task can be accomplished in three ways.

  • The very first one is the Network Printer in which the printer driver should be available on the Citrix server. This is a connected printer server and the driver.
  • Second is the Client printer in which the drivers are present on the Citrix server again and it is connected to the workstations within the network.
  • The third is a local printer that is connected to all local devices and the drivers are present on the print operation.

6.Can you tell something about the components in Citrix and how they are different from one another?


There are 4 prime components in the Citrix and they are very useful for the users.

  • The very first one is XenApp which makes sure that users can simply host all applications on the server and ensure the local execution of the same. In addition to this, it enables users to directly access the files through the remote approach.
  • The second component is Netscaler which makes sure of the load balancing of level 4 to the users.
  • The XenDesktop lets the users host a desktop OS with the help of a virtual machine. However, the machine must run on the same server.
  • The XenServer and the Provisioning Server are the other components. XenServer is useful when it comes to combing the multiple servers that are Xen enabled using the clustering technology whereas the XenServer is useful in impost a limit on the overall number of nodes that can be managed through the system.

7.What is the significance of the Zones in the Citrix environment?


Zones are a farm that consists of a subset. There are a lot of server members and one among them is the Zone data collector which manages traffic controlling and this is the prime task of the Zone. It is also possible to establish a communication link between different zones.

8.What is the biggest issue that can be solved by Netscaler?


Netscaler is an approach that simply avoids the low internet speed in which desktop streaming is involved and is based on a central server. On the virtualization solution, excellent support is available that simply lets the users keep up the pace with this.

9.What could be the possible reason when the users fail to launch the Citrix applications?


The application might need special permissions which are not provided

  • The user might not have installed the latest version of the software.
  • The proxy settings might be wrong.
  • The user might be accessing the application directly.
  • Applications should be integrated into the ID.
  • The applications might not be registered on the server.

10.What are the load evaluators which support Citrix?


The Citrix load evaluators that support are Memory Utilization, IP Range, CPU Utilization, Page Swap, Context Switches, Page Fault, Disk Data I/O, Scheduling, and Server / User Application Load.

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11. What is Citrix?


Citrix is an application arrangement framework. With Citrix, one can get to the tweaked application and can likewise be conveyed to remote frameworks. It additionally permits record exchange from home PC to office PC and email getting to.

12. List out the services provided by Citrix?


Service provided by Citrix includes:

  • Citrix virtual memory optimization service
  • Encryption service
  • Citrix XTE service
  • Independent Management architecture
  • Citrix SMA service
  • COM (Common Object Model) services

13. What is Citrix Receiver?


Citrix recipient is an accumulation of a suite of items that empowers customer gadgets to interface with different work area virtualization administrations offered by Citrix. Citrix recipients can interface with customer gadgets to XenDesktop applications, XenDesktop and work areas by means of the HDX protocol.

14.What Is Citrix XML Broker?


Citrix XML dealer acts as a go-between the web interface and homestead. It gets the qualifications of the client from the web interface. It recovers the applications that have client consent to get to. It is finished by autonomous administration design and comes back to the web interface. XML merchant identifies the server in the ranch, once the client is confirmed. It restores the address of the administration rendering server to the web interface. It works between IMA administration and web interface.

15.Name any three important ports which are directly associated with the Citrix Services?


These are IMA Port 2512 & 2513, CMC and SSL port and UDP Port

16.How to implement Policies in Citrix?


The Citrix policy can be applied through Console Management in 3 levels

  • Farm Level
  • Citrix Server Level
  • Policy

17.Is there any boundation on the refresh time for the Local Host Cache? 


When the IMA is stopped, the Local Host Cache has a time limit of 30 minutes.

18.What Is Lhc In Citrix?


The IMA benefit executing on every Presentation Server downloads the data it requires from the focal information store into a neighborhood MDB database known as the Local Host Cache or LHC.

19.How You Can Remove Dead Server From The Citrix Management Console?


To expel dead server from the Citrix Management Console you need to run:

  • DSVERIFY SERVERS/CLEAN/FORCE for advancing the Data Store
  • DSVerify can be executed on any of the servers in the farm

20.Can you explain what issue the NetScaler solves?


The Netscaler technology resolves issues of low-speed internet and low bandwidth that needs to stream a desktop from a centralized server. This provides slow streaming compliance on the virtualization solution to provide optimum support and feature on the client machine.

21.Netscaler Load Balancing Persistence to specific members?


In the Netscaler load balancing persistence rules it is straightforward to sticky a client IP to the same member each time.

22.How does Citrix Netscaler licensing differ from the other Citrix product licensing?


As an appliance or hardware, Netscaler is separate from most other Citrix products that use a license server. It is licensed independently.

23.What is the Role of the XenDesktop Controller?


A controller is the server-side architectural component of XenDesktop that is responsible for distributing desktops, managing user access, and optimizing connections.

24.What exactly do you know about the Data Store in Citrix? What kind of information can it store?


The Citric farm needs a lot of information about the configuration and the same is present in the Data Store. It is possible to modify the Meta Farm Server whenever the need for the same is felt. It can easily store the information about the User & Server Configuration, Print Environment, as well as Published Environment.

25.What free tool from Citrix will allow you to analyze your log files, profile your Citrix environment, scan for known issues and attach a log file to a Citrix support ticket?


Citrix Insight Services or TaaS

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26.What do you understand from the Web Interface in the Citrix?


It is also known as NFuse and is useful in offering the Web access to the Unix, Java, Linux, as well as to Windows-based applications which are hosted through the server software meant for the Citrix environment. The Citrix simply let the users have the server-side control of all the applications that come with a tag of Citrix. Also, the applications can directly be accessed through the web browser interface.

27.What are the two most common ports used on XenApp ICA sessions? What are each used for?


Ports 1494 (ICA/HDX) and 2598(Session Reliability)

28.What according to you are the services that Citrix can easily provide?


One of the best services that can simply be assured from it is the Citrix Virtual memory optimization. For security and privacy, it offers another service called Encryption service that simply lets the users keep up the pace with the same. The Citrix SMA Service is another one that cut down the complexity from several important tasks in a very reliable manner. Moreover, it provides the Independent Management Architecture that let the users get the desired outcome from the cluster approach.

29.Is it possible in the Citrix to clear the XenServer cache?


Yes, this is possible and the users can perform this task through the command prompt.

30.Abbreviate LHC in the Citrix?


LHC stands for Local Host Cache. It is basically a local database in the Citrix Environment.

31.What are the default tests available in Health monitoring & recovery tools?


The tests in XenApp health monitoring and recovery tool are:

  • XML Service Test
  • Terminal Service test
  • Logon Monitor test
  • Citrix IMA service test

32.What is a Citrix XenApp Data Collector?


It stores dynamic information, for each of the zones in a farm we have a data collector. For example, how many users are on a server, what the users are doing, what applications are being run.

33.What is the function of streamed apps?


Streamed apps come with platinum edition, and here the vdisk is sustained by a provisioning server to target devices.

34.Name any three benefits that you can derive with the Citrix Netscaler?


The three benefits are:

  • The users can assure traffic optimization in the network 
  • It encourages the delivery speed
  • The users can confirm the infrastructure intelligence

35.Name some different versions of Netscaler ADC you are familiar with?


Some of the different versions are Netscaler VPX, Netscaler MPX, and Netscaler CPX.

36.Explain how you can view the LHC information?


The LHC information is found in the file imalhc. mdb, and this file is available in c:\program files\citrix\independent management architecture\directory.

37.Name a few load evaluators that are supported in Citrix?


Load evaluators that are supported in Citrix include:

  • Scheduling
  • User Application Load
  • Server Application Load
  • Page Fault
  • CPU Utilization
  • IP range
  • Context Switches
  • Page Swap etc

38.What is Windows Print Server?


A print server is a device that connects printers to the client computer over a network. It accepts printed jobs from the computer and sends the jobs to the appropriate printers.

39.Tell me about query command in Citrix


  • Qfarm
  • Querydc
  • Queryds
  • queryhr 

40.Name the consoles which are used manage Citrix server


  • Citrix Management Console
  • Access Suite
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41.Mention what’s the question Command In Citrix?


Query command in Citrix includes

  • qfarm
  • querydc
  • queryds
  • queryhr

42.Mention what’s internet Interface Or Nfuse?


Citrix internet interface software package provides internet access to Java, UNIX system and Windows applications that square measure hosted via Citrix application server software package. Citrix offers server aspect management of hosted applications, whereas Citrix internet interface makes applications accessible through an internet browser interface.

43.Justify what’s Citrix Xml Broker?


Citrix XML broker behaves as associate degree treated between the online interface and farm.  It receives the credentials of the user from the online interface. It retrieves the applications that have user permission to access. it’s done by freelance management design and returns to the online interface. XML broker detects the server within the farm, once the user is echt.  It returns the address of the service rendering server to the online interface.  It functions between IMA service and internet interface.

44.Justify what’s The Step To Clear Xenserver Cache?


To clear XenServer cache you’ve got to use the command Dnscmd Server Name/clearcache.

45.Mention what square measure The Default Tests accessible In Health observation & Recovery Tool?


The tests in XenApp Health observation and Recovery Tool square measure

  • Citrix IMA service check
  • Logon Monitor check
  • Terminal Service check
  • XML Service check

46.List Out the Load Evaluators that square measure Supported In Citrix?


  • Load evaluators that square measure supported in Citrix includes
  • Memory Utilization
  • CPU Utilization
  • IP Range
  • Page Swap
  • Page Fault
  • Context Switches
  • Disk information I/O
  • Scheduling
  • Server Application Load
  • User Application Load

47.Mention What’s The Limit Of Refresh Time For native Host Cache In Citrix?


The refresh time set for native Host Cache is half-hour, it will be created once IMA is stopped.

48.Justify however you’ll be able to read The Lhc Information?


The LHC info is found within the file imalhc.mdb, and this file is accessible in c:program files citrix independent management architecture directory.

49.Explain the utilization Of Shadowing In Citrix?


In Citrix, shadowing resembles for one user to affix remotely to a distinct user. One user can use the session of another user remotely.

50.What is Data store in Citrix?


  • Datastore is that the citrix data that stores all the static data regarding the farm
  • Farm Configuration
  • Published application configuration
  • Administration accounts
  • Server configurations
  • Printer configurations
  • Polices

51.What are Authentication varieties And Authentication Points?


  • Authentication varieties
  • Explicit
  • Pass-through
  • Pass-through with identification
  • Smartcard
  • Anonymous
  • Authentication purpose
  • Web interface
  • Web server
  • ADFS partner account
  • Access entry
  • Kerberos

52.What is the Employment Of Desktop Virtualization?


Desktop virtualization provides optimizations techniques to deliver the applications, data and desktop surroundings to the users. It extra provides the protection by managing all the applications and desktop systems at one place. It manages and updates utterly completely different static desktop footage from one place and permits the customization of applications to provide high performance, security and movableness to each user.

53.Is Citrix Xen Full Fill the requirements created By Desktop Virtualization?


Citrix xen virtualization provides one declared desktop virtualization that gives on demand services for desktop and completely different applications. It permits the user to firmly deliver the resources through information superhighway to PCs and to the patron area with high user experience.

54.Is XenDesktop Helps In Popularizing The Businesses?


Citrix xen desktop provides a high level of virtualization to help businesses build their tool and increase their output or productivity day by day. the choices that are provided ar as follows:

  • It permits the virtual house and workflow to increase productivity.
  • It provides latest choices and facilitates businesses with tools to incorporate those merely.
  • It offers a simple to use virtualization platform to deliver fast, economical and versatile applications.
  • It manages, turns out and secures desktop applications from one location.

55.What is the employment And Purpose of producing A Desktop Virtualization Platform By Citrix?


Citrix has provided a platform that gives desktop virtualization and it delivers the desktop services and applications from anywhere to the users. It reduces the standard and improves the protection of the data. It provides a centralized place to manage the datacenter. It delivers high end experience for the user and provides high latency inside the network. It offers reduced time for execution of the applying and adaptableness inside the delivering customised desktops to every virtual and physical device.

56.What is the three half Approach To Desktop Virtualization?


The 3 phases provided by Citrix Xen is as follows:

Assess: this will be a district where the user groups get profiled and prioritized per the applications they are exploitation. the selection of ordering and user segments virtualization takes place.

Design: throughout this stage a technique to make an in depth vogue area unit reaching to be encircled exploitation the networking thought. it will embody active directory, storage and image manipulation. This will be the half where all the requirements are reached to be finalized before install.

Deploy: throughout this stage the xen desktop virtualization area unit reaches to be placed in, tested and deployed per the look.

57.Is Desktop Virtualization utterly completely different From Application Virtualization?


Desktop virtualization provides the desktop package its surroundings and applications from the data center, whereas application virtualization entirely brings application from the data center.

Desktop virtualization brings entirely the desktop choices not the applications related to it, whereas applications keep the desktop separate and convey entirely those applications that are required at a specific time. This fashion optimization and efficiency area unit is usually maintained.

58.What are the varied Flavours offered In Citrix Xendesktop Addition?


Citrix xen desktop virtualization comes in many flavors which they are as follows:

  • Express edition- {this is|this is often|This can be} the edition that might be an endeavour version and users will use it for 10 days. it’s limitation likewise on the usage.
  • VDI (virtual desktop interface) provides measurability and to boot virtual desktops exploitation the client-server model.
  • Enterprise edition- it’s all the tools offered for personalisation and it’s a cheap platform that offers flexibility, measurability and delivery of applications with no hassles.
  • Platinum edition- it is a whole package to deliver full performance monitor, Qos capabilities and services for end-to-end delivery. it’s support for virtual desktop support.

59.What is the distinction Between Desktop Virtualization And Virtual Desktop Interface?


  • Virtual desktop interface might be a form of desktop virtualization, whereas desktop virtualization is itself a singular entity that is separated with others.
  • VDI turns out a virtual machine and executes the user’s desktop inside it, whereas desktop virtualization permits running the customised desktop with none virtual machines.
  • VDI works only for few users that have utterly completely different demands but it’s unsuitable to meet all the strain for all users, whereas desktop virtualization meets and provides all the required choices to the user.

60.What are the choices Of Citrix Xendesktop Virtualization?


Citrix xen provides high end functionalities to the user for desktop virtualization. It to boot provide the next choices such as:

  • High definition user experience: It provides high end transmission graphics, real time collaborations and property through peripherals. It provides breadth and depth for easy viewing of high end 3D graphics.
  • Flex Cast: provides fast delivery of the new technology that permits the delivery of hosted models to meet the requirement of the users.
  • On demand apps: Citrix provides the provision for on demand applications to the users. It to boot provides the provision to manage the functionalities of applications on virtual desktops.

61.How does Citrix Netscaler permitting vary from the other Citrix item authorizing?


As a machine or equipment, Netscaler is separate from most other Citrix items that utilize a permit server. It is authorized autonomously.

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