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How to Become a Web Developer? : Everything you Need to Know about the Profile[OverView]

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Naveen Kumar is a Senior Backbone Engineer with 7+ years of experience and he is skilled in multi-protocol LAN & WAN, DHCP, OSI, IOS, Nexus, ACI, CSP, F5 BIG-IP, AVI, Proxy, Symantec, Remo VPN, SSL, Python Scripting, Encryption, and SDN technology.

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Introduction to a Web Development.
    • 2.Who Is a Web Developer?
    • 3.Types of Web Developers.
    • 4.Web Developer Skillset.
    • 5.5 Steps to Become a Web Developer.
    • 6.Conclusion.

Introduction to a Web Development:

Web development is a process of building internet-based on websites and applications. A Web development doesn’t necessarily involve designing the website; but comprises the coding and programming that powers its a functionality.Web Development can be a broadly divided into the three layers:

  • Frontend – Client-side coding
  • Backend – Server-side coding
  • Storage – Database technology

Who Is a Web Developer?

These are some of a technologies used by web developer:

  • HTML for a web layout.
  • CSS for a web styling.
  • ReactJS is the JavaScript framework used for a frontend development.
  • NodeJS is the JavaScript framework used for a server-side development.
  • MongoDB is the database technology for a storing data for web applications.
  • Angular is the another frontend development framework based on a TypeScript.
  • There are many other technologies like a PHP, Java, Ruby, etc used by a web developers.
Web Development Life Cycle

Web developer is one who:

  • Builds and maintains a websites and the other web applications.
  • Takes web design created by either a client or design team and turns it into the website.
  • Collaborates with the clients, stakeholders and designers to be understand the vision.

Types of a Web Developers:

There are majorly three types of a web developers:

  • A Frontend developers who build and maintain a client-side of web application.
  • Backend developers who work behind scenes and manage the services of web application.
  • A Full Stack developers manage a project workflow and work on a required features of web application.

Web Developer Skillset: Web developers have the wide range of skills to learn but it all depends on a roles. Let’s go through some of an essential skills of a web developer.

Here are some of a skills that frontend developer must have:

HTML – A markup language for a building web page layouts.

CSS – Stylesheet for a styling HTML elements in a website.

JavaScript – Scripting language for a bringing web applications to life by a making them more interactive and responsive.

Frontend Frameworks – a Frameworks like React, Angular, Vue help in a making the client-side of applications look a better and speed up the development.

Full Stack developer Skills

The skills that backend developer must have:

PHP – Backend language that helps in a maintaining all the work that happens behind a scenes in the web application.

Python – Python is the prevalent language used in different software development fields. It is used to be handle server-side tasks in web development.

Java – Java is one of most used languages for a software development, and therefore, it is also used in a back-end development by developers.

Database Management – Database languages like a MySQL and MongoDB are used for storing a data for web applications.

5 Steps to Become a Web Developer:

1. Start with a Web Development Basics:

If ever wondered how to become a web development professional, first remember that even the greatest in a field were once novices. Web development itself is a more demanding and sophisticated field, which is why need to first learn a basic skills. CSS and HTML are two programming languages that are considered to be a backbone of the internet. Before moving on to the other web development tools, it is important to first master these are two languages—they will serve as a core skills and help you make practical, intuitive, user-friendly, highly functional websites.

2. Learn Web Development Software:

One of the most important parts of being the complete and professional web developer is becoming a familiar with the different software programs that are commonly used in this field. While it is true that are learning programming languages certainly are critical for the beginner it is important to also learn how to work with latest and greatest web tools, as well as a graphics software. Some examples of these include Adobe Illustrator and a Photoshop as well as with the Dreamweaver and Fireworks—these four will be undoubtedly prove an important for a web development career.

3. Master SEO:

SEO stands for a set of a practices, techniques and methods that are widely used to make the website’s content more easily searchable—as well as more beneficial for the website’s readers. Ideally, good content should be a keyword-rich, 100% original, well-written, and filled with useful information. SEO services often go hand in a hand with web development and web design, and a complete web development professional usually provides a wide array of web-related services. More regard web development as the multidisciplinary field—with good reason since it does not cover only one area of an expertise. Each good web development professional should possess the set of varied skills and qualities—and being highly attentive to detail or having an eye for an aesthetics are only two of them.

4. Emphasize a Practice Rather Than Theory:

One of the most general mistakes are web development professionals tend to make is by focusing too much on a theory, forgetting that ultimately their practical skills will set them apart froma crowd. That being said, a more important part of pursuing the career as a web developer involves the creating dynamic websites that do not need individual HTML pages, but multiple pages using a same design—these are driven by MySQL and PHP. After having created the dynamic website, you should make the best of it and use it for an improving the UX by developing a new website that uses AJAX. By doing so, can experiment with a plethora of flash or the other interactive online applications that will add to an aesthetics, value, function and rating of a website. Lastly must exercise a coding skills with the help of a various programs and systems, like Joomla or Drupal.

5. Take Software Chops to Next Level:

The final step should take in a order to come a professional web inventor is to be enroll in one of the numerous high- end web development programs that will help to take a software chops indeed further. These programs are frequently include the both specialized andnon-technical information along with utmost notorious programming languages, the rearmost features and functions that are used in a web development at the moment in- depth training in a jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, XHTML the other programming languages and more.


Web Development is one of utmost sought after a technology chops in IT assiduity moment. The reason is a fashionability of the internet and the ever- adding number of a people using the internet for diurnal tasks and entertainment.

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