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Average Web Developer Salary in India [ For Freshers and Experience ]

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    • 3.Types of Web Developers.
    • 4.Prime Job Responsibilities of a Web Developer.
    • 5.Web Developer Salary in Canada.
    • 6.Conclusion.


What is a web developer salary in Canada? What is a maximum potential a web developer can gain in a Canada? What is a scope of web development in a Canada? These are questions that play a crucial role in deciding a career path in digital marketing domain.

Web Developer Vs Web Designer:

  • Web design & web development are the two separate terms that are often used in interchangeably. Both of them are pivotal under a digital marketing umbrella with the elementary role to commence a journey in a digital world.
  • A web designer is a simply professional who is responsible for an overall design aesthetics of the website. They take care of an external appearance, layout to make a website as attractive as possible.
  • On other side, a web developer or programmer is be responsible for a developing a website, not designing it. They develop a web-based applications using client-server model.
  • Some of common techniques that web developers use include a CSS, HTML, JavaScript in a client-based model, whereas a ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Go, C#, and Java in a server-based concepts.
  • Hence, the web developer is someone who turns a web design into a fully-furnished website or a web application. The salary of the web developer varies as per different factors such as location, experience, company profile, and also skillsets, etc.

Types of Web Developers:

Basically there are three kinds of a web developers with different skillsets to focus on a various aspects of a website creation process. Let’s have a cursory look:

Front-end Web Developer: A Front-end developer builds a front part of a website that visitors see and interact with. The professional front-end developer must have a proficiency in at least three programming languages – CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Back-end Web Developer: A back-end developer is a responsible for how a website behaves and runs on a web. They manage behind-the-scene coding to help website run and a load smoothly. Back-end professionals deal with a server-side using some crucial programming languages like a Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby, etc.

Full-Stack Web Developer: A full-stack developer looks after an entire web development process. They understand a both front-end & back-end development strategies to build the fully finalized website or a web application. Thus, can regard a full-stack developer as complete web developer.

Web Developer Vs Web Designer

Prime Job Responsibilities of Web Developer:

The prime task of the professional web developer is to generate the high-performing and reliable website or a web application. Whether working for the company or as freelancer web developer, a chief job role is to create a product that meets a clients’ needs.Nevertheless the web developer has a following responsibilities to perform:

  • Writing codes in any of a famous programming languages like a PHP, JavaScript, .NET, HTML, etc.
  • Creating backups from a websites to the local directories for an instant navigation in case of problems.
  • Designing or drafting architecture of a web application components.
  • Fixing bugs and the other pertaining issues in existing projects.
  • Performing testing of a websites and applications on various browsers and networks.
  • Running a performance benchmarking tests.
  • Conducting research and contributing to the open source projects.
  • Optimizing existing code and carrying out a code refactoring.
  • Reviewing colleague’s code patterns for a better collaboration.
  • Considering designers and developers for a progressive updates.
  • Registering websites with the search engines to uplift a website traffic.
  • Analyzing client needs to prepare the sound profile for a project.
  • Creating web models (prototypes), including interface, physical, logical, or a data models.
  • Evaluating and recommending a server hardware & software.
  • Developing an appropriate code structures to solve the particular web tasks.

Web Developer Salary in Canada:

Canada is a 2nd largest (by area) country in world. It is the fully-developed nation with ten provinces and three territories, expanding an over 9.98 million square kilometers.Like any other nation, one can a witness incredible demand for the web developers in Canada too. The country is home to tons of a corporate companies and international brands. Furthermore, a new startups are being inaugurated every day, which makes a competition even more drastic.If desiring of having a career as web developer in a Canada, salary is, of course, According to a PayScale website, an average salary of a web developer in a Canada is a CAD 53,519 per annum.

  • JavaScript – C$53,973
  • Web Development – C$53,073
  • PHP – C$51,898
  • HTML 5 – C$52,328
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – C$51,705
Types of Web Developers

In terms of experience (per annum):

  • An Entry-level Web Developer (with less than 1 year of experience) – C$45,535
  • An Early Career Web Developer (with 1 to 4 years of experience) – C$51,538
  • An Mid-Career Web Developer (with 5 to 9 years of experience) – C$60,882
  • An Experienced Web Developer (with 10 to 19 years of experience) – C$69,425
  • A Late-Career Web Developer (with over 20 years of experience) – C$74,558

In terms of company profile (per annum):

  • CGI Group Inc. – C$70,000
  • IBM Canada Ltd. – C$59,000
  • Inorbital – C$49,000
  • Critical Mass Inc. – C$75,000
  • Vortex Solution – C$40,000
  • Open Text Corp. – C$53,000
  • ICOM Productions – C$44,000
  • Nurun Inc. – C$43,000


The scope for a web development career in Canada has grown exponentially during a recent years. Being a tech-savvy or having affinity to the digital world, website development will be the prosperous career for you.If consider a web developer salary in Canada, it is amazingly charming right from an entry-level. However, and become a eligible to earn more with an industry experience and knowledge.

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