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How to Become an iOS Developer | Required Skills | Free Guide Tutorial

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    • 1.What is an iOS Developer?
    • 2.iOS Developer Roles & Responsibilities
    • 3.iOS Developer Educational Qualifications
    • 4.iOS Developer Skills
    • 5.Why Become an iOS Developer?
    • 6.Conclusion

What is an iOS Developer?

iOS developers are the professionals who build applications for a mobile devices that run Apple’s iOS operating software. They need to have a strong understanding of ecosystem, patterns, and practices that revolve around iOS platform. iOS developers need to understand how the applications work on various Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. In addition to creating applications for the iOS devices, they need to keep the code, ensure the quality of application, fix application bugs, and ensure application updates.

IOS Developer Roles & Responsibilities

Typically, roles and responsibilities of iOS developer include:

  • Design and build a mobile applications for an Apple’s iOS platform.
  • Ensure a performance and quality of applications.
  • Identify the potential problems and risks.
  • Work on application bugs before release.
  • Unit-test code for the robustness.
  • Publish applications on a App Store.
  • Implement the application updates.
  • Collaborate with various teams to design and ship app features.
  • IOS Developer Educational Qualifications

    • As for the qualifications, usually, iOS developers have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field. Many professionals working in a programming or related fields also upgrade and expand their skills to the transition into the iOS development field.
    • If don’t hold a degree, the best way to start the career as an iOS Developer is to show that have all the required skills to work as iOS developer. To do that, can pursue online courses that will help to build an iOS developer skillset and get started with the projects that showcase skills to potential recruiters.
    • Bootcamp education is the another route that can choose to gain skills and knowledge to become an iOS developer.
    • IOS Developer Skills

      IOS Developer Skills
      • Now, let us look at the skills needed to become successful iOS developer.
      • Work experience as app developer.
      • Experience in the Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, and Cocoa Touch.
      • Knowledge of an iOS back-end services.
      • Proficient in a iOS Frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, and Core Animation.
      • Knowledge of the Apple’s design principles and application interface guidelines.
      • Understanding of mobile development life cycle.
      • Knowledge of the code versioning tools, like Git.
      • Familiarity with a C-based libraries.
      • Knowledge of push notifications, APIs, and cloud messaging.
      • Experience with the continuous integration.
      • Familiarity with general mobile landscape, architectures, and trends.
      • Why Become an iOS Developer?

        Some of top reasons to become a iOS developer are:

        High demand for iOS developers:

        Apple is one of top smartphone manufacturers globally. The more usage of Apple devices has resulted in a high demand for iOS developers. There is scarcity of iOS developers, and this trend is the only expected to continue.

        Lucrative salaries:

        iOS developer positions are command high salaries.

        Work with top companies:

        With the good knowledge of iOS development, can get the opportunity to work directly for the Apple. And can also work for a top third-party firms.

        Continuous learning:

        Apple software is the updated continuously. Thus, as iOS developer, will continuously learn to stay the current and become better developer.

        How to Become an iOS Developer?

        1. Learn Fundamentals

        The first step to becoming iOS developer is to learn iOS development fundamentals. And will need to gain an in-depth understanding of iOS platform, its design patterns, frameworks, etc.

        As iOS developer, will need to know iOS programming languages Swift and Objective-C. Wil l also need the familiarity with a Xcode – Apple’s integrated development environment for the developing apps for all Apple devices

        2. Pursue an as Online iOS Developer Course

        To gain knowledge of a iOS development, can take up a beginner’s or advanced development course. An online course or the certification in iOS development will familiarize with the challenges and opportunities in a developing iOS applications.

        iOS developer courses are a high way to learn how to build the user-friendly iOS applications and deploy them to App Store.

        3. Build Projects & Portfolio

        After learning the basics, can start a building small practice apps. The next step is to build iOS development portfolio that can use to showcase the work to potential employers. can list the best projects in a portfolio to show iOS development skills to recruiters.

        If have a vast portfolio of projects and can list only the perfectly finished the projects and highlight the types of tasks can perform.

        4. Apply for the Jobs

        Once have developed the iOS development skills and have worked on a multiple projects, can start applying for the iOS developer jobs. Can create profiles on a job portals and post resume and iOS apps portfolio to showcase skills.

        Best iOS Developer Courses

      • Whether just starting a career or are an experienced developer, the top iOS developer courses listed below will help to gain skills that help succeed as an iOS developer.
      • Build a very first iOS app on edX
      • Toward Future of iOS Development with a Swift
      • Become a iOS Developer
      • Implementing a 3D Touch in iOS on Pluralsight
      • Intro to iOS App Development with a Swift
      • iOS Persistence and Core Data
      • Passwordless are Login Solutions for the iOS
      • Ionic – Build iOS, Android & Web Apps with Ionic & Angular
      • Top Companies Hiring iOS Developers

        • IBM
        • United Health Group (Optum)
        • Paytm
        • Cognizant
        • Walmart
        • Sopra Steria
        • IOS Developer Salary

          According to the AmbitionBox, the iOS developer’s salary in India varies between the Rs.2 Lakh to Rs.14.0 Lakh, while average annual salary of an iOS developer is a Rs.5 Lakh.

          IOS Developer Salary

          Future of iOS Developers

        • As a customers become more connected with the businesses on their smartphones, many companies, whether big or small, rely on a mobile apps to connect with the customers.
        • Nowadays, more and more businesses are adopting a mobile-first approach. Thus, there is a more demand for iOS developers who can build apps for the Apple devices.
        • The talent shortage for an iOS developers further leads to more developer job opportunities with the lucrative salaries.
        • With the over 2.22 million available apps for iOS (as of the first quarter of 2021), iOS continues to be promising mobile development platform. The current market and also future of iOS developers are look bright.
        • Conclusion

          This was all about iOS developers’ are key responsibilities, skills, and more. Hope this guide will help to better understand how to break into a career in iOS development field. To learn more about the iOS development, take up an iOS development course today to build the iOS skills and take a first steps toward a lucrative career in this exciting field.

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