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Python Project Ideas for Beginners | All you need to know

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Python is quickly becoming one of the most popular standard programming languages available today. It seems as though this pattern is going to carry on well into the year 2021 and beyond. Therefore, if you are just starting out with Python, the best thing for you to do is to brainstorm some ideas for Python projects that can be completed over the course of a semester.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some interesting Python project ideas that beginners can work on to put their Python knowledge to the test. These projects will allow beginners to put their Python knowledge to use. In this post, you will learn forty-two of the best Python project ideas for beginners to get you started on the path to becoming proficient in Python.

As soon as the topic of potential professions in software development is brought up, ambitious software engineers are required to figure out their own comes. Putting your academic knowledge into practise by working on projects that are relevant to the real world is the most effective way to refine your abilities and acquire practical experience.

If you have a job that involves working on live projects, it will help: to boost your self-confidence – As you gain experience with real-world tools and technologies, you’ll develop a greater sense of confidence in your abilities while simultaneously becoming more aware of the areas in which you need improvement.

In order to experiment, you will need to work on a Python project that will force you to become familiar with new tools and technologies. The more you educate yourself on the most recent development tools, environments, and libraries, the greater the scope of experimentation you will have with the projects you are working on.

You will learn more about Python if you continue to experiment with a variety of different project ideas using Python. to get to the heart of SDLC — once you’ve built a project from the ground up, you’ll have a better knowledge of how the software development life cycle works in general.

Over time, you will acquire the skills necessary to plan before writing the code, execute the code, manage the testing process, repair errors, deploy the code, and periodically update your product. All of these abilities will come to you with experience.

To become an expert in the concepts of programming – One of the most significant advantages of developing real-world applications is that, with enough repetition, you may become an expert in the concepts and patterns underlying programming in a number of different languages.

Project ideas for those who are just beginning with Python

This list of Python project ideas for students is suitable for novices, as well as folks who are just starting out with Python or data science in general. These ideas for Python projects will get you started with all of the practicalities you need to get to your career goal of being a Python developer.

In addition, if you are in your final year of school and are looking for ideas for a Python project, this list should get you started. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get straight into some Python project ideas that can help you improve your foundation and allow you to move up the ladder. you will furthermore enrol for a free course that leads to a Python certification.

1. Mad Libs Generator:

Students who want to begin playing with their active Python skills might try their hand at the Mad Libs Generator. This is one of the best ways to get started. This is typically the best project to start with if you are a newbie who is just getting started with package development. This project will show you various methods for exercising control over the data that is entered by users, with a primary focus on strings, variables, and concatenation. The format of the application is designed in such a way that it will prompt users to enter a sequence of inputs that will be compared to a Mad Lib.

The input might be anything at all; it could be a noun, an adjective, a pronoun, or anything else. After all of the inputs have been provided, the application will be able to take the information and arrange the inputs in the form of a tale example.

2. Range Approximation:

This is typically one of the easier Python comes, despite the fact that it is a thrilling one. you’ll even decision it a mini-game. Create a programme in which the computer chooses a random number from any range, such as one to ten, one to one hundred, or any other range. Then, provide the user an opportunity to guess the number by touching the screen. Every time the user makes an incorrect guess, the system provides him with an additional hint and lowers his score. The hint will be multiples, divisible numbers, larger or smaller numbers, or some combination of these concepts.

During this Python project, you could also require functions to check the inputted range against the guessed number, to decipher the difference between the two, and to determine whether an actual number was inputted or not.

3. A game based on a text-based journey:

This can be a simplified form of the game called “journey.” It relies solely on text input. During this iteration of the game, players have the ability to navigate around a number of distinct rooms inside the confines of a single setting. Based on the player’s input, the game will provide explanations for each of these settings. This could be one of the most interesting projects to be done with Python.

Movement direction is extremely important in this context. You will need to construct walls and determine the directions in which users can move through the rooms, set movement restrictions, and additionally incorporate a huntsman that will track in whatever direction a user has walked or been affected while playing the game. Mentioning Python is one of those things that will make your resume look far more interesting than those of other people.

4. A machine for rolling dice:

Due to the fact that the name of the programme suggests it, we are going to be acting out the process of rolling dice. This can be one of the intriguing projects that can be done in Python, and it can produce a random number for each die as the programme is being run. As a result, users can use the dice as many times as they want, for as long as they want. Following the user’s roll of the dice, the software will then produce a random number between one and six and a half (as on a typical dice).

The user will then be presented with the quantity in question. In the event that customers would rather have another go at rolling the dice, it provides an additional boost. The programme should also include a function that will randomly select a number between one and six and output it. This function should be included in the programme. These Python courses for beginners will make it easier to construct a solid basis for fundamental programming concepts.

5. Executioner

This might be an additional round of the game “guess the word.” Variables, random numbers, integers, strings, chars, input and output, and booleans are some of the fundamental ideas that you will need to keep in mind when constructing this project. Within the game, players had the opportunity to make letter guesses, and each player was given a limited amount of opportunities to do so (a counter variable is required for limiting the guesses). To begin, this is certainly one of the intriguing aspects of the python.

You will generate a list of terms that is already ordered and from which users can select words. In addition, you will need to incorporate particular functions to check whether or not a user has submitted a single letter, to determine whether or not a user has entered a single letter, to determine whether or not the input letter is within the hidden word, and to output the appropriate results (letters).

6. Address and Phone Book

This could be one of the most helpful Python projects for people just starting out. Everyone keeps their names, addresses, phone numbers, and even email addresses in a contact book for easy access. These facts may include a person’s email address. are frequently a command-line project in which you may design an application for a contact book that users will employ in order to store and see contact information.

The application should also give users the ability to edit their contact information, delete contacts, and view a list of their saved contacts. The SQLite database provides the best possible setting for saving contact information. Managing a project using Python, even for inexperienced programmers, can be helpful for getting a career off to a good start.

7. Email Slicer

This might be one of the useful Python packages that will come in handy in the years to come and have a lot of applications. Using an email address, the application can assist you determine the username and name associated with that address. You can even personalise the appliance and then communicate with the host by sending them a message with this information.

Email Slicer in Python

8. The rule for binary search

Have you ever come across the idiom, “Finding a Needle in a Haystack”? Utilizing a binary search technique, this program’s sole purpose is to attempt to fulfil the aforementioned goal. You are going to generate a list of random ranges between zero and one hundred, with each succeeding number having a difference of two between them.

The software will check to see if the entered random number is contained inside the list whenever the user inserts a number at random. As a result, it will serve its purpose by dividing the list in half. If the programme locates the quantity in one half of the list, it will remove the other half of the list and vice versa if it finds the quantity in the other half.

The search will continue either until the programme locates the number that was entered by the user or until the size of the subarray becomes 0 (which indicates that the number is not in the list). You will be able to produce and put into action an algorithmic rule with the help of this Python project plan. The rule will look for a component in a list.

9. Desktop Notifier App

Have you ever pondered the process through which notifications are processed? This straightforward design for a Python project is going to shed some light on the situation. Desktop notifier applications are software that you install on your computer that runs in the background and sends you notifications at predetermined intervals. In order to create a programme of this nature, we strongly suggest that you make use of libraries like as notify2, requests, and so forth.

10. A Python-Based Novel Generating Program

Python may be used to create a project that is not only enjoyable but also thrilling, and it has the potential to do miracles with children. In a nutshell, the computer will ask users for inputs like as the name of a place, an action, and so on, and then it will construct a tale based on the information that was provided. The narrative stays the same throughout, with only minor adjustments made in response to the players’ choices.

11. YouTube video transferer

Working on a YouTube video downloader is one of the simplest ideas for students to begin playing with their active python comes. This is because YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Every every month, YouTube is viewed by more than one billion unique users. In most cases, there are videos that we would like to save on our computers forever.

You won’t find that option on YouTube, but you can build an app with a simple user interface that will give you the opportunity to download videos from YouTube in a variety of file formats and with varying degrees of video quality. Once you get started working on this project, you’ll realise that despite its intimidating appearance, it’s actually quite straightforward.

12. Blocker for the Python website

When we browse the internet, a number of websites that we would rather not visit keep popping up. One of the practical applications of Python is the creation of a software that prevents specific websites from loading. Here, you may construct such a programme. College students who require an environment free from interruptions from social media will find this software to be helpful. Your resume will stand out from that of other applicants significantly more if you highlight your participation in a Python project.

13. Make a Yarn from It

Things start to get more fascinating around this point due to the fact that playing with strings is an immensely more complex skill to begin with.

The beginning of the software presents the user with a set of inputs that they are prompted to enter. These may take the form of an adjective, a preposition, a proper noun, or anything else. After all of the inputs have been assembled, they are inserted into an extremely premade tale template by means of the concatenation operation. The whole tale is wrapped up with a nice little bow on top of some unintentional insanity right at the conclusion.

14. What’s the proper noun here?

The meaning behind this name is that the user will need to guess each and every one of the created words. You are going to generate a list from which the word should be guessed, and at the same time, you are going to place a limit on the number of guesses that are permitted.

When this occurs, you will be responsible for developing the fundamentals yourself! When the user enters the word, you have the option of indicating whether or not the written alphabet appears in this explicit spot. It’s possible that you’ll need a function that can anticipate whether the user is entering alphabets or ranges, so that error messages can be displayed accordingly.

15. The game of “Rock, Paper, and Scissors”

If you are lonely and bored because you do not have a playmate, then playing a game of rock, paper, scissors with the computer that you invented yourself for five minutes will make you feel better. This is another place where we frequently make use of the random function. You will first design a move initial, and the application will then create one. In order to indicate the motion, you will either need to input a single alphabet or the full string. In order to determine whether or whether the move is valid, it is necessary to obtain an operate can.

16. Leap it

In the course of working on this Python project, you will be asked to enter a year and determine whether or not it is an intercalary year. In order to accomplish this, you will need to develop a function that recognises the pattern of leap years and can attempt to fit the year that is inputted into the pattern. You will finally output the result by utilising a Boolean expression as the final step.


You provide the function a number, and it determines whether or not that number is part of the Fibonacci sequence based on whether or not you gave it the correct format. The inner workings are exactly the same as the more advanced version of the ‘Leap it!’ application.

One thing that can be said about all of the aforementioned options is that they will help you improve your fundamental skills. You are going to be the developer as well as the person who fixes any bugs. not to mention, you’ll be finishing off your work by creating and implementing a variety of functions, in addition to working with variables, strings, integers, operators, and other things along those lines.

Learning about these concepts in an extremely fun manner through building projects will facilitate to grasp and remember them more, similar to how two plus two is the building block of your mathematical knowledge. In the same way that two plus two is the building block of your mathematical knowledge, so are these concepts.

The following are some of the most straightforward ideas for Python projects that you can base your work on. When you’ve finished with these, we’ll proceed to the level after that.

Ideas for Python Projects at an Intermediate Level

Calculator building your own graphical user interface calculator might make you aware of a library such as Tkinter, which allows you to generate buttons to execute a variety of operations and display results on a screen. This is true even though the use of calculators isn’t particularly widespread.

Combination Tally Clock and Timer Another useful software, this one allows the user to set a timer and then tells them when the countdown has expired.

Random arcanum Generator It is a time-consuming effort to create a robust password and remember it. You are going to create a programme that solicits certain words from the user and then uses those words to generate a random arcanum mistreatment. With the help of the phrases that the user entered, the user will be able to keep the password in their memory


Random article from Wikipedia This is a complex yet user-friendly application. The next thing that happens is that it inquires as to whether or not the user needs to look at that article. In the event that the answer is yes, the fabric will be displayed; otherwise, another random report will be shown.

Reddit larva This is one of the best Python project ideas for beginners to get started with. There are a lot of people that want to spend as much time online as they can because they believe that Reddit is a useful platform. You will programme a larva to keep an eye on several subreddits and send you a message as soon as it discovers something helpful. It will save a lot of time for Redditors and provide helpful information at the same time.

Application written in Python for the Command Line Python is well known for its use in the development of great command-line applications. You will create your software, which will assist you in sending emails to a variety of individuals. The application will ask for your credentials as well as the contents of the email, and it will then transmit the information by misusing the command line that you have generated.

Timer this could be considered “one of Alarm clock applications are utilised by people located all over the world. It is a fairly easy command Line Interface (CLI) Python programme for a developer with intermediate skills. Nevertheless, this project is not your standard alarm clock in any way. During the course of this application, you will be asked to enter YouTube URLs into a computer file and then design the interface to view the file. If you set a specific time within the alarmclock, it will select a YouTube link at random from the document and play the associated YouTube video when that time arrives.

Ticktacktoe do you agree that playing tick-tack-toe with our classmates in elementary school is one of the activities that we tend to look back on with the happiest of memories? It is one of the most entertaining games that can be played anywhere; all you need is a pen and paper to get started. Tic-tac-toe is a game that can often only be played by two people at once. The participants create a square grid. In many cases, this is considered to be the most effective idea for a Python project.

Steganography is the art of concealing a secret message in another sort of medium, such as enciphering a message and then inserting it into a photograph or video. You have the ability to create a programme that will, on your behalf, safeguard messages contained within photographs.

Money making machine you may create this “straightforward” graphical user interface (GUI) application using Python. You’ll be constructing a currency converter, which, as the name suggests, will allow you to change the value of one currency into another. For instance, you may change one rupee into another unit of currency such as the pound or the euro.

This application will have a straightforward appearance, and the primary function, which will be converting money units from one type to another, should receive the greatest attention and consideration. You are going to make use of Tkinter, which is a high-quality Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit that comes packaged along with Python.

Sticky Notes from Post-It Brand The use of Post-It notes is an excellent way to jot down insignificant errands and ensure that you do not forget about carrying them out. During the course of this undertaking, we are going to develop a digital representation of the real post-it notes that have an adhesive backing. Since this programme is hosted on a digital platform, the primary motivation for its development was to provide users with the ability to take their post-it notes with them wherever they go.

The application should provide users with the option to create an account, a selection of several formats for post-it notes, and a categorization tool that enables users to organise their notes in a hierarchy. You’ll want to consider utilising Django for this project because it already has a user authentication function built into it.

Website property Checker The job of a site connectivity checker is to navigate to a URL and display the status of that URL, which indicates whether or not it is a live URL. website property Checker This project will check the live status of URLs, functioning along the same lines as a similar project. The website connectivity tester is one of the more interesting and attention-grabbing Python comes for beginners.

A generator for directory trees the ability to visualise the link between files and directories that is provided by a Directory Tree Generator makes it much simpler to understand where files and directories are located on your computer. You can use the os library to list the files and directories included within a certain directory for the purposes of this project.

To reiterate, the docopt or argparse frameworks are fantastic tools that can be utilised for the project. The following are some suggestions for projects in Python’s intermediate level that you will work on. If you still want to examine your data and compete against some robust comers, you may do so here.

Ideas for Python Projects at an Advanced Level

1. A test of your speed at typing:

Let’s start with some advanced Python project ideas that are suitable for beginners. Does anyone else remember the old typing test game that was available in Windows XP and earlier versions? You will clone the programme in order to conduct a typing speed test on yourself. To begin, you are going to want to construct a user interface making use of a library such as Tkinter. After that, you should make a fun typewriting test that displays the user’s speed, accuracy, and words per minute at the conclusion. In addition, the ASCII text file for the application will be made available to you online.

2. Content mortal:

There are many websites, articles, and other sources of knowledge available on the internet. When we have something specific we are looking for, it can be difficult to go through all of them. For the purpose of this application, you will be able to develop a content aggregator that performs automated searches of standard websites in order to find content that is relevant to the user’s needs, then complies with all of the content and enables the user to select the content that meets their needs. It’s very similar to Google, however it’s not affiliated with Google. And this might be the best approach for the next Python project you work on.

3. Machine Learning:

An application for renaming and resizing many images in bulk Because of the complexity of this project, it is necessary for you to have a solid understanding of machine learning. First, we’ll show the software how to pre-process the data, and then we’ll conduct several activities to resize and rename the photographs. Because the programme begins to learn, it is able to do a large number of functions simultaneously.

Machine learning in Python

4. An explorer of the Python filesystem:

Because it examines your familiarity with Python’s many different concepts, this task has the potential to become a significant undertaking. You have a goal of developing a programme that can be used by anyone to navigate the files on their computer. You also have the option of including extra features, such as searching and copying and pasting text. Because it simplifies and expedites the process of developing applications with graphical user interfaces, Tkinter could be a worthy choice to consider for this project.

5. Plagiarism Checker:

Writing content is quickly becoming one of the most successful and lucrative online enterprises. There is not yet a free programme available on the market that can be used to check documents for instances of plagiarism. A software that scans the first few pages of Google and tests for plagiarism can be created with the use of a linguistic communication process library and the Google search API. Both of these resources are available to programmers.

6. Web Crawler:

An online crawler is a type of programme script that automatically navigates the internet and saves the content of a certain webpage it visits. Python is one of the most helpful languages when it comes to searching for up-to-date information, and one of the most helpful python comes is an internet crawler. For a programme of this nature, you will want to think in terms of several threads. You will be able to “create” (form, produce), “produce,” or “formulate” the crawler bot by using Python’s request module; alternatively, you can utilise Scrapy. It is a web travel framework written in Python that reads ASCII text files and was developed specifically for web scraping and the extraction of information using APIs.

7. An audio player:

Music is something that everyone enjoys listening to, and you may even develop your own music player software. Then, returning to the topic of music, your programme is able to search through the file folders on your computer for music. Making an interactive interface that standard users are able to make use of is one of the aesthetic challenges that may be presented to you when working with Python. The user interface of the application will be very intuitive and may allow users to skip tracks, adjust the volume up or down, and view information. The majority of this project will focus on learning the principles of Python programming, information management, the development of algorithmic programmes, and processing.

8. An Extending Consideration of Comparative Value:

This proposal for a Python project has the potential to be both impressive and beneficial. You may create a programme that, similar to Trivago, examines a few well-known websites to determine the price of a product and then displays the one that offers the best bargain to you as the user. It is a useful programme, as evidenced by the fact that a number of companies have already begun using it. This extension can be used for a variety of different things, such as groceries, stationery, and so on.

9. Expense huntsman:

The term “expense tracker” refers to a type of computer code programme that, as the name suggests, helps you keep tabs on your expenditures and can even perform cost-benefit analyses on such expenditures. You will construct an easy expense tracker using Python for this project. This tracker will allow the user to keep tabs on their various outlays of money. Expense huntsman is one of the popular new Python packages, and it should be able to perform applied mathematics analysis as well. This would allow it to provide users with accurate insights regarding their expenditures, allowing them to better organise their money. You will be able to construct the user interface for this application with the help of PySimpleGUI, and even Python libraries such as Pandas and Matplotlib will be useful tools for the project.


In this article, we covered forty-two different project ideas that can be accomplished using Python. We usually begin with some simple projects that are appropriate for beginners and that you should have no trouble completing. After you have completed the simple Python projects, I recommend that you return to the beginning, study a number of fundamental concepts, and then move on to the more difficult Python tasks. When you reach a point where you are comfortable with yourself, you will be able to go on to more difficult projects. You will want to get your hands on these Python project ideas if you want to take your Python skills to the next level. At this time, you should act and place to check all of the data that you’ve obtained from our guide to python project ideas in order to develop your very own python project

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