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In this UFT tutorial, we are going to begin from the fundamentals of UFT and learn all the main ideas of UFT.

What is UFT

UFT additionally stands for Unified purposeful Testing, could be a testing tool designed by the Yankee MNC enterprise IT company Hewlett Packard Enterprise based mostly in California’s San Jose. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are often used to check Graphical program and Application Programming Interface, that are basically a part of any company with but ten,000 workers or over 1000M USD in overall revenue. Currently, the newest version of HPE Unified purposeful Testing is the UFT fourteen.

Before the discharge of the UFT fourteen, horsepower had been hoping on QTP to hold out the purposeful testing of any user interface and therefore the horsepower Service took a look at to check the functioning of the API. Once horsepower discharged the UFT eleven.50, HPE created certain to mix the most effective of QTP and repair, take a look at and named the combining tool Unified purposeful Testing.

In UTF, Unified stands for advanced testing by combining API and user interface. It’s far and away the most effective testing tool for robust functionalities that corporations will integrate into their back-end and front-end software system applications. per horsepower, the UFT fourteen offers higher documentation support.

UFT offers a wonderful assist for Business method Testing, a good component-based framework for testing to produce associate degree economical and powerful platforms for testing overall business processes each mechanically and manually. The mix between automation and manual testing offers less duplication and therefore the reusability element, creating the testing quite quicker. If structured automation is what they would like for corporations, then UFT is that the answer, the all-in-one answer.

Microfocus UFT, at one time referred to as QTP, offers computer code applications with regression and practical automation. Compared to the anticipated outcomes of the app underneath analysis, it lets testers observe bugs, gaps, or defects. UFT is going to be renamed UFT One with the new update.

UFT uses the Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) language to outline the take a look at method and manipulate the testing objects and application controls. employing a UFT tool, developers will measure all 3 layers of the program’s operations through one console: service layer, info layer, and GUI.

Language support

UFT makes use of a VB Script, that could be a scripting language. By the appearance of it, it’s the sole scripting language that ultimately supports the Integrated Development atmosphere of UFT. Integrated Development atmosphere is the program of QTP. aside from VB Script, UFT additionally overtly supports Windows Shell Script and Java. However, it’s suggested to use VB Script as users will take nice advantage of the Object-Oriented Programming, however not inheritance and polymorphism.

Minimum needs to run UFT:

1.HPE suggests sure minimum needs for a pc or laptop computer to put in and run the powerful testing tool. The minimum needs to put in and run the UFT tool are:

Dual Core or higher Processor (Minimum Intel eighth Gen)

Windows 8.1 or higher

Minimum of 2GB RAM. If your pc has extra memory, for instance a minimum of 4GB or 8GB to feature far more add-ins and save results throughout the run sessions.

16-bit Color Support

Integrated HD graphics or 1GB dedicated graphics from NVIDIA or AMD Radeon

Free H drive house of one GB for storing system files, application folders, and files. check that that your pc will have 120MB of complete space of system disk

Needs to Run UFT

First Shortcut– the primary crosscut that you’re going to notice on the desktop screen is that the horsepower Unified purposeful Testing Second Shortcut-The second crosscut that comes once the most application. The crosscut permits you to Run Results Viewer because the name suggests on your pc. Technically, the run results would mechanically open once any take a look is finished. you furthermore might have the choice to open the run results individually by victimizing the second crosscut.

Third Shortcut– The third and therefore the last crosscut is that the Edge Agent performs Testing. The distinction between this crosscut and therefore the others is that Edge Agent is just compatible with computers powered by Windows ten. additional indicating that if your OS is Windows eight or perhaps eight.1, then UFT won’t install Edge Agent. to boot, if you would like to check applications on the dedicated Microsoft browser, Edge, you need to use this application rather than the default Edge browser.

2. The API take a look at Generator Wizard: As the name suggests, this wizard can assist you generate the mandatory API tests directly from the services. 3. Horsepower Edge Agent to superintend purposeful Testing:

You’d have to believe the choice if you would like to check the online applications’ real power on Microsoft’s terribly one Edge Browser. It’s already mentioned that Windows ten is the only software which will notice the sting Agent, that is put in mechanically.

4. Flight API:

HPE provides this distinctive sample application to check API.

5. Flight GUI:

HPE provides the sample application to check the user interface. to create use of the application, you’d need to login into the application.

6. purposeful Testing License Wizard:

By victimizing this wizard, users will install and manage the seat license or perhaps the simultaneous license on the pc.

7. Horsepower small Player:

With this application, UFT permits the users to record and even run sessions in video clips. Usually, these clips are held within the variety of .fbr files. The horsepower small Players single-handed permits users to look at these videos at their convenient temporal arrangement.

8. Horsepower UFT Installation Validation Tool:

When you are running the utility, check that you just hit on the Analyze button to garner the whole inventory of the computer’s general settings.

9. Runtime Engine Settings:

The Runtime Engine permits users to run all of the UFT Graphical program. Business method Tests aboard API Tests on the pc. the most effective part?

10. Take a look at Batch Runner:

Taking a look at Batch Runner makes it seamless to run various UFT tests in a very single-most session. you’ll be able to use the Add Tests directly from the folder menu. Moreover, you’ll be able to additionally add tests and, at an equivalent time, produce an associate degree overall batch file. To boot, the batch files that are curated within the UFT are curated with the extension as .mtb.

One of the most effective automation techniques out there these days is Unified practical Testing (UFT). It automates mobile, web, hybrid, API, RPA, and enterprise applications and, at the pace of your business desires, delivers quality apps. in line with Enlyft, over 3400 businesses across the world square measure presently victimization UFT. within the close to future, the marketplace for UFT is fast and shows no sign of retardation down. During this tutorial, we’ll address all UFT ideas associated with practicality with an approach of easy-to-understand. This tutorial is planned particularly for beginners with very little or no previous UFT expertise. you’ll comprehend the ideas like what’s UFT, why UFT is the best automation tool, a way to install UFT, what square measure the advantages of UFT, details of UFT certification, and what’s the scope of UFT.

History of UFT

QTP was originally revealed and later non heritable by HP (Hewlett-Packard) by Mercury Interactive. Its original name was Astra fast take a look at and later named fast take a look at skilled, however the newest version is Unified practical Tester (UFT).

HP Testing Service and UFT eleven.5 united HP QuickTest skilled into one bundle of computer code, that was created accessible till 2016 then oversubscribed to small Focus as HP computer code Division. UFT One 15.0.2 is the most up-to-date edition of UFT.

Now, let’s scrutinize the version history of QTP/UFT.

  • Astra Quicktest initial version (1998)
  • QuickTest skilled v6.5 (2003)
  • HP QuickTest skilled v9.1 (2007)
  • Hp-Unified practical Testing v11.5 (2012)
  • Micro Focus UFT v14.3 (2019)
  • Micro Focus UFT One v15.0.1 (2020)
History Of UFT

Why is UFT/QTP the most effective automation testing tool?

UFT One is perhaps the foremost normally used automation platform on the market. it’s notable for its easy use and therefore the support of automation testers from a good cluster. It’s a tool that’s easy.

Let’s explore a handful of points that create it the most effective automation tool:

All will use the UFT small Focus (both technical and non-technical)

Alongside web-based applications, you’ll be able to take a look at the desktop.

UFT facilitates completely different environments for computer code development, like Oracle, SAP, etc.

VB Script is supported by QTP.

In QTP, there’s an integral object repository.

Using the UFT app, you’ll be able to perform practical automation testing while not interruption.

UFT/QTP options

New options square measure enclosed within the most latest UFT version:

AI-based take a look ating: Improves the coverage and speed of your test.

New take a look at Objects: In PDF, Salesforce Lightning, JavaFX, and more, you’ll be able to realize some new objects.

New take a look at Objects: you’ll be able to realize some new objects in PDF, Salesforce Lightning, JavaFX, and more.

Web extensibility support: Provides additional help for third-party and custom controls.

PDF Report Makeover: hypertext markup language results-generated PDFs look higher than ever and square measure easier to use. The norms of the take a look at are often simply understood.

Technology stack: you’ll be able to use new versions of SAP NWBC, Java, Bamboo, TortoiseGit, and plenty of that square measure supported.

Advantages of UFT/QTP

The most vital advantage of victimization UFT is that it’s straightforward to use, and since it includes the language of VBScript, no high-level artificial language is required.

An excellent methodology of seeing.

Installation of UFT

We’ll see a way to install the trial version of UFT during this section. There’s a 30-day trial offered by small Focus UFT One.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the free trial page of small Focus https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/uft-one/free-trial initial and fill within the needed data.
  • Step 2: On subsequent screens, you’ll receive a sure-fire registration message. And attend your inbox and make sure to read small Focus UFT One’s text.
  • Step 3: Next, on the login screen, enter your email details, and click on the sign-in button.
  • Step 4: Your dashboard can seem when you produce your free trial account and choose UFT’s transfer possibility.
  • Step 5: Click on UFT_14.03_Setup.exe on the subsequent screen.
Installation Steps For UFT
  • Step 6: Open it in an exceedingly folder when the transfer method is completed and begin the installation method by double-clicking thereon on your laptop.
  • Step 7: Click on the subsequent button.
  • Step 8: The installation method starts
  • Step 9: within the next screen, choose Microsoft workplace Access info engine 2010 and click on the OK button. Then it’ll begin putting in.
  • Step 10: Then, click the subsequent button once the Welcome screen can seem.
  • Step 11: settle for the terms, then click Next.
  • Step 12: Next, all the add-ins square measure chosen by default. Click on the choice next thereto.
  • Step 13: choose all checkboxes and click on the install possibility.
  • Step 14: when the installation method is finished, click on the end possibility.
  • Step 15: On the desktop, choose the HPE UFT Icon and choose the Continue button.
  • Step 16: On subsequent screens, click OK and therefore the HPE UFT Dashboard seems as shown below.

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