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What is Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification and Why is it Important? [ OverView ]

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    • 6.Certified Ethical Hacker Salary
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What is Certified Ethical Hacker?

A Certified Ethical Hacker is the professional who knows how to investigate a vulnerabilities and weaknesses of system and try to defend it from a malicious attacks. A CEH uses a same tools and knowledge as illegal hacker but uses it lawfully to assess a security facilities of a particular system. The Certified Ethical Hacker course is designed to be incorporate a systematic process in an ethical hacking domain and give individuals of an opportunity to acquire required knowledge and skills to become an ethical hackers.

Ethical Hacking

How to become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

The International Council of an Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) administers of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. The security professionals interested in a certification must attempt ethical hacker examination certified by a EC-Council that includes the 125 questions. The council extends of an eligibility to following individuals:

  • Professionals who have at least two years of an experience in information security or a similar fields.
  • Professionals who have a completed a CEH training course under guidance of a EC-Council.

However, no formal education is be required to get CEH certification. Most candidates who have strong background in a computer science, computer programming, mathematics, software engineering, information security, etc., choose a certification. They have bachelor’s or a master’s degree in an IT management, computer science, cybersecurity, or a similar fields.

Certified Ethical Hacker Job Description

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) plays significant role in a growing IT security field. The CEH job description involves a blocking malicious hacking attempts by using the preventive countermeasures. Ethical hackers use a various techniques and tools to be compromise a systems and ensure their safety.

The hackers use a same applications as malicious hackers to find vulnerabilities associated with system to improve its cybersecurity. Ethical hackers who have taken a paid Cyber Security training get hired by a businesses to ensure a data protection.

  • Discuss a security system with clients.
  • Research an organization’s name, network, possible penetration sites, etc.
  • Conduct a different penetration tests on a system.
  • Identify and also note security breaches and flaws.
  • Identify a high-level security areas.
  • Rate or review a security network.
  • Suggest security upgrades after an inspection.
  • Arrange penetration test reports and submit them to be a client.
  • Conduct penetration tests after an implementing a new security measures.
  • Suggest an alternate security upgrades.

Certified Ethical Hacker Skills

Individuals must know skills required to become a certified ethical hackers to excel in field. So, what do an ethical certified hackers do? Ethical hacking needs a multitude of skills discussed below:

1.Computer And Networking Skills:

The crucial prerequisites to becoming ethical hacker involve sound knowledge of the computers and networking systems. So, aspirants must have a core knowledge associated with the both fields to defend against attacks in future.

2.Operating System:

Knowledge of an operating systems is the another crucial skill required to become ethical hacker. have to learn concepts like a Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc. if need a CEH certification.

3.Penetration Testing:

Must have a hands-on experience and knowledge of tools and methodologies associated with the penetration testing to become a certified ethical hacker.

4.Coding Knowledge:

Must have a strong programming skills to succeed in an ethical hacking field. Can take a formal training in analyzing or reading codes to identify malicious vulnerabilities.


It is significant for to understand a concepts associated with the cybersecurity, like a antivirus, database management, password management, etc., to excel in ethical hacking field.


Cyberattacks have become a complex with time and also technological advancements. So, must have a critical and analytical reasoning skills as an ethical hacker to solve problems and challenges.

Ethical Hacker Skills

Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is a currently in its 11th version and is also called a CEH v11. It teaches an aspirants about the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, methodologies, techniques, etc., used by a hackers and security professionals to hack organization legally. Now, what is the CEH-certified ethical hacker? The critical updates associated with the CEH v11 below to understand a work of a CEH-certified hacker.

1.Parrot Security OS:

The operating system provides a better performance on a lower-powered machines and laptops. It also offers an in-depth understanding of a larger repository of an OS tools.

2.NICE/NIST Framework:

CEH v11 includes a significant specialty areas under a NICE/NIST Framework’s job category, having elements like a Protect and Defend (PR) roles, Analyze (AN), and also Security Provision (SP).

3.Cloud Security, OT, And IoT Modules:

CEH v11 includes the updated IoT and cloud security modules to an integrate container technologies, cloud computing threats, and a IoT hacking tools.

4.Cloud Computing Threats:

An Organizations struggle to defend themselves against a data security theft incidents because of a misconfigured cloud environments. CEH v11 helps to identify, respond, and also avoid cloud-based attacks.

5.IoT Threats:

Can learn to defend be against IoT-based attacks in a private cloud services by taking CEH v11 certification, as it covers a latest IoT hacking tools.

6.OT Attacks:

Can gain IT, IIoT, and OT expertise to be secure critical operational technology deployments by a learning the advanced skills in CEH v11.

7.Malware Analysis:

CEH v11 incorporates a latest malware analysis tools and techniques for the banking, financial malware, ransomware, OT malware analysis, etc.

8.Fileless Malware:

Fileless malware attacks are have become common in today’s security threats. So, can get in-depth knowledge of an endpoint security solutions for such attacks by a choosing CEH v11.

9.New Operating Systems:

CEH v11 includes a latest operating systems like a Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 10, etc., configured with the firewalls, domain controllers, and the other vulnerable web applications.

The CEH examination includes as 125 multiple questions, and get a four hours to complete them. Must answer 70% of questions successfully if want to pass a test.

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary

Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) are among highest-paid professionals, and they have a big demand across various sectors. The average salary of a certified of an ethical hacker is $105,329. The salary range is between the $93,961 and $120,164. In India, an average salary of an ethical hacker is a Rs. 509,679. The average monthly salary of the hacker is between the Rs. 29,000 and Rs. 41,000.


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification enables a security professionals to identify and understand a potential threats to a system. It helps them learn tools, technologies, and methodologies need to defend against malicious hacker attacks and the other threats to a security system. CEH v11 is a latest version of certification course, which is be available online.

Certified ethical hackers are be responsible for analyzing an organization’s security system and the potential threats and suggesting security solutions to curb them. IT security risks and also threats have become complex with a time. So, certified ethical hackers can help a defend against such challenges are through their in-depth knowledge and be hands-on experience.

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