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How to use Google Search Console | A Tutorial for Beginner’s Guide

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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console could be a free net service hosted by Google that has some way for publishers and search selling professionals to watch their overall web site health and performance relative to Google search.

It offers an outline of metrics associated with search performance and user expertise to assist publishers improve their sites and generate additional traffic.

Search Console additionally provides some way for Google to speak once it discovers security problems (like hacking vulnerabilities) and if the search quality team has obligatory a manual action penalty.

Important features:

  • Monitor categorization and locomotion.
  • Identify and fix errors.
  • Overview of search performance.
  • Request categorization of updated pages.
  • Review internal and external links.

It’s not necessary to use Search Console to rank higher neither is it a ranking issue.

However, the quality of the Search Console makes it indispensable for serving to improve search performance and conveyance additional traffic to a web site.

How to start:

The first step to victimization Search Console is to verify web site possession. Google provides many alternative ways to accomplish web site verification, counting on if you’re supportive a web site, a domain, a Google web site, or a Blogger-hosted web site. Domains registered with Google domains are mechanically verified by adding them to look Console.

The majority of users can verify their sites victimization one amongst four methods:

HTML file transfer.

Meta tag

Google Analytics trailing code.

Google Tag Manager.

Some {site|website|web web site} hosting platforms limit what will be uploaded and need a particular thanks to verify site homeowners.

But, that’s changing into less of a difficulty as several hosted web site services have AN easy-to-follow verification method, which is able to be lined below.

How to Verify web site possession

There are 2 commonplace ways in which to verify web site possession with an everyday web site, sort of a commonplace WordPress web site.

HTML file transfer.

Meta tag.

When supportive a web site victimization either of those 2 strategies, you’ll be selecting the URL-prefix properties method.

Let’s stop here and acknowledge that the phrase “URL-prefix properties” means that fully nothing to anyone however the Googler WHO came up there with phrase.

Don’t let that cause you to want you’re on the point of enter a labyrinth blind. supportive a web site with Google is straightforward.

HTML File transfer methodology

Step 1: attend the Search Console and open the Property Selector dropdown that’s visible within the high left-hand corner on any Search Console page.

Step 2: within the pop-up labelled choose Property sort, enter the URL of the positioning then click the Continue button.

Step 3: choose the hypertext mark-up language file transfer methodology and transfer the hypertext mark-up language file.

Step 4: transfer the hypertext mark-up language file to the foundation of your web site.

Root means that So, if the downloaded file is termed verification.html, then the uploaded file ought to be situated at

Step 5: end the verification method by clicking Verify back within the Search Console.

Verification of a regular web site with its own domain in web site platforms like Wix and Weebly is comparable to the higher than steps, except that you’ll be adding a meta description tag to your Wix web site.

Troubleshooting with GSC

Ranking in search results depends on Google’s ability to crawl and index webpages.

The Search Console URL examination Tool warns of any problems with locomotion and categorization before it becomes a significant downside and pages begin dropping from the search results.

Troubleshooting with GSC

For each submitted URL a user can:

Request categorization for a recently updated webpage.

View however Google discovered the webpage (sitemaps and referring internal pages).

View the last crawl date for a URL.

Check if Google is employing a declared canonical URL or is victimization another one.

Check mobile usability standing.


The coverage section shows Discovery (how Google discovered the URL), Crawl (shows whether or not Google with success crawled the URL and if not, provides a reason why), and Enhancements (provides the standing of structured data).

The coverage section will be reached from the left-hand menu:

Coverage Error Reports:

While these reports are labelled as errors, it doesn’t essentially mean that one thing is wrong. typically it simply implies that categorization will be improved.

The report provides an inventory of URLs that ar generating the error.

Clicking on one amongst the listed URLs reveals a menu on the proper that has the choice to examine the affected URL.

There’s additionally a discourse menu to the proper of the URL itself within the style of a light microscope icon that additionally provides the choice to examine


Last crawl.

Crawled as.

Crawl allowed?

Page fetch (if unsuccessful, provides the server error code).

Indexing allowed?

There is additionally info concerning the canonical employed by Google: User-declared canonical.

Google-selected canonical.

For the forum web site within the higher than example, the vital diagnostic info is found within the Discovery section.

This section tells America that pages are those that are showing links to member profiles to Googlebot.

With this info, the publisher will currently code a PHP statement which will create the links to the member pages disappear once a research engine larva comes locomotion.

Another way to repair the matter is to write down a brand new entry to the robots.txt to prevent Google from trying to crawl these pages.

By creating this 403 error depart, we tend to liberate locomotion resources for

Googlebot to index the remainder of the web site.

Google Search Console’s coverage report makes it doable to diagnose Googlebot locomotion problems and fix them.

Fixing 404 Errors

The coverage report may alert a publisher to 404 and five hundred series error responses, similarly as communicate that everything is simply fine.

A 404 server response is termed a slip-up solely as a result of the browser or crawler’s request for a webpage was created in error as a result of the page doesn't exist.

It doesn’t mean that your web site is in error.

From there you'll be able to decide if the link is broken and wishes to be mounted (in the case of an interior link) or redirected to the right page (in the case of associate degree external link from another website).

Or, it can be that the webpage ne'er existed and whoever is linking thereto page created an error.

If the page doesn’t exist any longer or it ne'er existed in the slightest degree, then it’s fine to indicate a 404 response.

Taking Advantage of GSC options

The Performance Report

The top a part of the Search Console Performance Report provides multiple insights on however a web site performs in search, as well as in search options like featured snippets.

There are a unit four search varieties that may be explored within the Performance Report:

  • Web.
  • Image.
  • Video.
  • News.

Search Console shows the net search kind by default.

A menu pop-up can show permitting you to vary {which kind|which kind|which sort} of search type to view:

A helpful feature is that the ability to check the performance of 2 search varieties inside the graph.

Four metrics area unit conspicuously displayed at the highest of the Performance Report:

  • Total Clicks.
  • Total Impressions.
  • Average CTR (click-through rate).
  • Average position.


Impressions area unit the quantity of times an internet site appeared within the search results. As long as a user doesn’t get to click a link to examine the URL, it counts as an impact.

Additionally, if a URL is hierarchal at the lowest of the page and also the user doesn’t scroll thereto section of the search results, it still counts as an impact.

High impressions area unit nice as a result of it means Google is showing the location within the search results.

But, the that means of the impressions metric is created meaning by the Clicks and also the Average Position metrics.

Search Console Page Expertise Report

The page expertise report offers knowledge associated with the user expertise on {the website|the web web site} relative to site speed.

Search Console displays data on Core internet vital organ and Mobile Usability.

This is a decent source for obtaining associate degree overall outline of web site speed performance.

Rich Result Standing Reports

Search Console offers feedback on made results through the Performance Report.

It’s one in all the six dimensions listed below the graph that’s displayed at the highest of the page, listed as Search look.

Selecting the Search look tabs reveals clicks and impressions knowledge for the various types of made results shown within the search results.

This report communicates however vital made results traffic is to web site|the web site} and might facilitate pinpoint the rationale for specific website traffic trends.

The Search look report will facilitate diagnose problems associated with structured knowledge.

For example, a worsening in made results traffic can be a proof that Google modified structured knowledge necessities which the structured knowledge must be updated.

It’s a place to begin for diagnosis a modification in made results traffic patterns.

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