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What is meant by the Ionic Framework?

Ionic is associate degree open supply framework largely accustomed produce Hybrid Mobile Applications. Hybrid Applications area unit basically tiny websites running during a browser shell in an app having only 1 codebase which may work on each the iOS and golem platforms. Ionic devolve on high of the Cordova and AngularJS wherever one will write his own logic with the assistance of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript languages.

One of the outstanding advantages of developing Ionic App is, it is developed largely through the browser itself (where developers don’t want any mobile device to correct the changes). Since Ionic is associate degree HTML5 framework, it uses the PhoneGap or Cordova because the native wrapper so as to run because the native apps.

Before we have a tendency to move ahead with the subject business Ionic App, confirm you have got all the stipulations tools put in on your native machine.

Ionic framework is AN ASCII text file UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile apps, desktop apps, and progressive net apps victimization net technologies like hypertext markup language, CSS, and JavaScript. It permits developers to create once and run everyplace. it absolutely was created by easy lay kill, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co. in 2013. the primary beta version of the Ionic framework was free in March 2014.

The Ionic framework principally focuses on front-end user expertise or UI interaction, that handles all the planning and feel of your app. it’s simple to be told and might integrate with alternative libraries or framework like Angular, Cordova, etc. It can even be used as a standalone while not a front-end framework employing a straightforward script embrace.Officially, the Ionic framework has integration with Angular, however it additionally provides support for Vue.js and React.js, that are in development.

What are Progressive Net Apps (PWAs)?

A progressive net app may be a traditional net app that appearance and want native mobile apps. It uses fashionable net capabilities to deliver AN app-like expertise to the user. These apps will simply deploy to servers, accessible through URLs, and indexed by search engines. The PWA app optimizes to be:

Reliable:Load quick and supply offline practicality.

Fast:It ought to be quick and respond quickly to user actions.

Re-engageable:It makes re-engagement with the user through push notification, that sounds like a native app on the mobile device.

Why do you have to use the Ionic Framework?

Ionic may be a nice selection for making basic native functionalities among AN application which might run on multiple devices and OS. the most advantage of the Ionic framework is that we are able to build the app once, instead of multiple times for separate devices and might deploy everyplace. It makes the app development quick and cost-effective. It additionally reduces the necessity for maintenance.

Advantages of Ionic Framework

1.Simple to be told:If the developer contains a basic information of CSS, HTML, or JavaScript frameworks, then learning and developing apps victimization the Ionic framework is incredibly simple. It additionally permits for the event firms to change to Ionic if their needs and desires need hybrid application development.

2.Simple documentation:Ionic provides superb and well-structured documentation. The official documentation coated most of the items needed for the developers.

3.Interface:The interface of Ionic, like themes and elements ar extremely customizable. The ionic platform permits its elements to adapt the platform on that application is running.

4.Engineered on AngularJS:The Ionic framework uses AngularJS which give several functionalities to the developers. Nowadays, AngularJS is that the most generally used framework by designers. AngularJS permits Ionic to supply a strong structure that makes the code a lot of manageable.

Disadvantages of Ionic Framework

1.Security:The app developed with the Ionic framework might not give the maximum amount security as a native application. for instance, if you’re developing a money app, e.g., the app for a bank, the Ionic framework isn’t suggested.

2.Restricted native practicality:There are some native functions might not be obtainable within the Ionic framework. In such a case, you would like to develop the plugin to satisfy that perform yourself. However, there are several plugins obtainable to hide most of the native functionalities.

3.Not smart for game:Ionic framework isn’t good for high-end graphics-dependent applications or video games.

4.Want for specialists:JavaScript is difficult to be told. So, there’s a requirement for somebody United Nations agency can’t solely “do” JS, however even have deep information of advanced libraries and technologies as well as Angular, Cordova, Ionic, etc.

Publishing your Ionic App

Now, I’m forward that you simply have already got the stipulations put in and app is in operating state, that is prepared to broadcast within the world. So first, we want to get a unharness build version of our app supported the target we have a tendency to want to deploy on.

How do I publish associate degree ionic app on golem play store?

Step 1: Manual customization of the config.xml file

Open the config.xml file into the editor of your interest, wherever you’ll be able to notice this go in your project’s root folder.

The first factor to alter is your App Name that ought to be a human-readable name. you’ll be able to replace the name within My Task App.

Second, update the id attribute comes with the appliance tag. this can be vital.

Step 2: Use Xcode to build and sign your software.

To distribute your app on golem Play Store and on the opposite app distribution channels, we are going to ought to build a dito your app, if you have got not done therefore. kind the command given below into the terminal inform to your app’s root folder.

Add support for the golem Platform into your app, if you have got not done therefore. kind the command given below into the terminal inform to your app’s root folder.

Follow the directions given on the terminal to kind in your watchword and alternative data. Please save this go in a secure location as this can be required just in case if you would like to sign a brand new build once more associate degreed unharness an update.

Generate an unharness build of your app.

  • $ ionic cordova build –release golem

This will generate associate degree android-release-unsigned.apk file below your platform/android/build/output/apk path.

To sign the unsigned.apk file i.e. to form the signed unharness build run the jarsigner command tool that is additionally a part of golem APK.

  • $ jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore my-key.keystore
  • android-release-unsigned.apk alias_name

At last, use the zipalign tool to optimize the APK. The tool is found at the path.

For the mack OS with golem Studio put in the trail to zipalign is:

Finally, kind the below-given command to signed the APK:

  • $ zipalign -v four android-release-unsigned.apk MyTask.apk

If you’re obtaining any error to doing therefore with zipalign, copy the (executable file) and paste in your platform/android/build/output/apk folder. Then hearth the command:

  • $ ./ zipalign -v four android-release-unsigned.apk MyTask.apk

So,the MyTask.apk is your final signed apk file that you simply ought to transfer on the Google Play Store or the other golem distribution network.

Step 3: Submitting app to Google Play Store.

Now that this unharness APK was prepared for the Google Play Store, confirm we’ve Play Store listing to transfer our APK. Before you begin, please visit the Google Play Store Developer Console and build a developer account ( it’ll value nearly $25 ). Once you have got listed with a developer account, you’ll be able to move to “Publish associate degree golem App on Google Play” and follow the on-screen directions.

How does one publish AN ionic app for IOS iTunes?

Step 1: Manually modifying the config.xml file is the first step.

First, make certain you’ve got a sound Apple Developer account (it can price nearly $99). Then, consequent factor is to come up with the certificates for the iOS that could be a bit tedious method, thus make certain to verify Apple’s documentation on what certificates are and the way to come up with them. to form the profiles and certificates required, visit Apple’s member center and follow the links represented within the same. you’ll be able to resolve 2 forms of certificates:

Development:This is often essentially accustomed sign the app and deploy the signed apps to the registered device that has access to certificates.

Distribution:By sign language the apps with the distribution certificate the app is put in on any of the device.

We are exploitation Xcode for business the app to Apple, wherever you may got to associate the expected certification and a provisioning profile.

Step 2: Build and Sign your app through Xcode

Add support for the iOS Platform into your app, if you’ve got not done thus. kind the command given below into the terminal inform to your app’s root folder.

After addition of the platform produce a build inform to the –prod flag. Use the command given below to meet the same:

The higher than command creates the minified code of the online portion of AN app. Now, you’ll be able to resolve the .xcworkspace file within /platforms/ios/. Double click on identical and open the file into Xcode.

  • Go to Xcode > preference > account. you’ll be able to see currently that none of the accounts are registered.
  • Click the left aspect “+” button at the lower aspect and login to your Apple developer account.
  • Pick the account and click on the detail, it ought to open a popup to raise you to request Certificates.
  • Select the current iOS development and distribution certificate.
  • Close the preferences window. you’ll be able to connect with your iPhone to run the app on your connected iPhone instead you’ll be able to select your machine to try to thus.
  • You can choose your App IDs by going back to App Developer Center / Identifiers.
  • You can produce a brand new App ID by clicking on the “+” icon from the higher right corner
  • .
  • Give a descriptive name to a brand new app and place within the Bundle ID (The reverse name. as an example, com.task.appname you found out in your Ionic config.xml file). then hit the “continue” button. within the next screen, make certain everything is valid and proper then click the “submit” button.
  • To add new Provisioning Profiles and click on the “+” button on the highest right corner.
  • Pick “App Store” at the side of the right app ID then click on the continue.
  • Select the certificate then continue.
  • Add a descriptive name like “My task distribution” then click on “Generate”.
  • Download the freshly created provisioning profile and open identical in Xcode.
  • In Xcode, amendment the readying Target to iOS target you’re getting to support on.
  • In the Xcode menu, move to Product > Archive and archive your app for unharness.

Step 3:Submitting the app to the App Store

Generating archive can build a version of the app that is prepared for distribution within the app stores. once archive has been created, Xcode Organizer modal gets opened.

This Organizer displays the list of the builds for the present app with the given version variety.Pick the last build and click on on the “Validate” button to validate App business method.

Once it’s with success valid. Then, you’re able to see the “Upload to App Store” button, simply click on identical to submit your app.

Once uploaded with success, your app is listed in iTunes Connect underneath the Activities section. From there one will modify the TestFlight for the beta testing version of your app instead app is sent for the Approval from Apple.


Ionic could be a more sensible choice for mobile application development that comes with gorgeous options. One will mix Ionic with continuous integration & delivery, wherever it very starts to shine and supply nice worth to the business and better productivity. I hope that this web log has been able to offer you some context concerning business Ionic Apps to the automaton Play Store and therefore the iOS App Store.

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