IBM Maximo Tutorial

IBM Maximo Tutorial

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Every organization manages and monitors its assets using a systematic approach. Assets are classified into two types: liquid and fixed assets. Managing organization assets plays a prominent role in the development of the organization and saves a lot of money and time. There are several asset management tools, and IBM Maximo is one of the tools. Our HRK experts are providing key insights about Asset Management in this IBM Maximo Tutorial. You can learn about the tool from basic to components and architecture of the IBM Maximo. Let’s start with the definition!

What is IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo is a web-based software tool which is a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) arrangement, a pioneer in the world. 

IBM Maximo is an organizational asset that manages all solutions in a single system (hardware, buildings, installations, and so on) and administrations including; work planning, inventory, service desk, purchasing, and management of locations. IBM Maximo was developed based on overall best practice and customer feedback and experience. 

Utilizing this single framework organizations can have a look over the full life pattern of their hierarchical assets, which incorporates production, infrastructure, correspondence, transportation, and significantly more. 

Maximo is a cloud or on-premise technology to introduce innovation and can be effectively obtained from any gadget. In this IBM Maximo tutorial article, we will talk about the significant ideas that are related to Maximo. Without burning too much time, how about we get into the Maximo tutorial part.

Let us know the capabilities of IBM Maximo. The following are the few capabilities of Maximo.

Documented maintenance designs through information-based solutions lead to convenient issues distinguishing proof and goals. 

  • Increment tug time using propelled scheduling instruments 
  • Track asset maintenance and responsibilities prompting to decreased asset downtime 
  • Diminished capital venture through Improved resource valuable life by distinguishing proof of producer related issues and exact guarantee following 
  • To increase the quality of rendered services, manage service providers and merchants/contractors.
    Stock administration for necessary spares, connecting to support plans, prompting diminished conveying costs 
  • Mobiles bolster ongoing access to doled out work and asset subtleties for improved goals times. 
  • Offices administration work area to distribute accessible administrations and give expanded consumer satisfaction
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The following are some of the base products of IBM Maximo Suite.

  • Maximo Asset Manager (MAM)– who manages organizations wide assets. 
  • IBM Control Desk(ICD)– Which manages information technology assets, both logical and physical. 

Different techniques are upheld, for example, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), ABC stock cycle checking, or ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) for the IT organizations.


Extra items are accessible to stretch out the solution to fit your particular needs. Either inside a given industry, for example, transportation, flight, utilities, oil and gas, and life sciences. The base item has been adjusted to fit industry explicit substance. 

Reciprocal items are accessible for specific results for your industry—for example, utilities, oil and gas, transportation, aeronautics, and life sciences. Essential IBM Maximo has been altered to be adjusted to the particular setting of these organizations. 

Items are likewise accessible for included practical capacity, for example, GIS (Geographic Information Sharing) mix or portability, for detached activities. This makes it conceivable to work with electronic maps, tablets, and PDAs. Separated tasks permit work in places without electronic correspondences, for example, mines.


IBM Maximo incorporates an assortment of design devices for the UI, to change the application page formats, marks, and even include client characterized content. Moreover, more than 25 languages are accessible once introduced dialects would then be able to be adjusted for local differences. 

IBM Maximo accompanies the robotization and work process. Propelled job and access definitions require authoritative level access. It incorporates devices to mechanize notices inside the framework, just as to send email notifications for Maximo clients and non-clients of Maximo. 

IBM Maximo effectively coordinates with normal ERP frameworks, for example, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft, through fitting and-play connectors. It can distribute and utilize web administrations for focused framework reconciliation. Too, IBM Maximo can bolster custom coordination for existing or home-developed frameworks. IBM Maximo is a cutting edge web-based CMMS arrangement that is adaptable and scalable.

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IBM Maximo incorporates well over several BIRT reports (Business Intelligence and Reporting). Some random reports can be produced in all the introduced dialects, for example, French and English. 

Explicit reports are created for practically all IBM Maximo apps. In this way, from the earliest starting point, you have created reports for your task request, your files, and your stocks. IBM Maximo incorporates instruments for altering BIRT reports and making fresh ones. 

BIRT is multi-language as appeared in the accompanying screens:



This advantage of the asset management solution underpins versatile support both in associated or detached modes at a work site. 

IBM Maximo Everyplace is remembered for the base item and empowers associated versatile activity through an improved interface, utilizing Wi-Fi or Cellular Phone for instance. 

IBM Maximo Anywhere can be added to permit versatile activity in remote areas through disengaged portable action, afterward synchronizing when the association is conceivable.


Building Information Model

Presently, IBM Maximo can manage and receive BIM projects. It can import Uniformat and OmniClass groupings. You essentially add the outer BIM watcher to view 3D models of BIM projects, legitimately in IBM Maximo.

IBM Maximo Asset Management is an undertaking resource for the enterprise Asset Management solution(EAM). It is a solution that is utilized to dispose of, operate, and maintain the organization’s assets. It focuses on different types of assets: 

  • Production and Plant (for instance chemicals, gas, mining, food, power generation, oil, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing) 
  • Infrastructure(telecommunications, railways, gas and electric distribution networks, wastewater, and water) 
  • Transportation(for trucking, rail, airlines, military, shipping, and other use) 
  • Land and facilities (for instance, in workplaces, schools, and medical clinics)

EAM is comprehensively known to be crucial in asset-intensive enterprises, i.e., pharma, oil, utilities, gas, heavy manufacturing, transit and rail, and amenities like hotels, hospitals, and campuses.

Following are the six administration modules of Maximo Asset Management to enhance the service-oriented architecture.

  • Asset Management: Accomplish the control to track, manage and locate the data efficiently during the asset lifecycle. 
  • Work Management: in this phase, you need to manage both unplanned and planned activities, from beginning solicitation through finish and recording of actuals. 
  • Service Management: Define administration contributions, build up administration level understandings (SLAs), all the more proactively screen administration level conveyance, and execute acceleration systems. 
  • Contract Management: Attain complete assistant for lease, labor rate, master, user-defined contracts, blanket, software, purchase and warranty. 
  • Inventory Management: Know the deep insights of asset-related inventories and its utilization, including where, when, what and how valuable and how significant. 

Procurement Management: Support all the stages of organization-wide procurement, for instance, inventory replenishment and direct purchasing.

Maximo Architecture:

Maximo and Worklight structure a versatile mobile application frame that coordinates with the Maximo Asset Management venture framework. Maximo gives content that is required to assemble versatile applications for Maximo Asset Management. The Worklight segments work as middleware by empowering incorporation with the venture framework and by supporting the deployment of applications to versatile clients. 

OSLC, which is remembered for the Maximo Integration Framework, is introduced on the Maximo Asset Management regulatory workstation as a feature of the Maximo bundle. 

The system architecture shows the framework of Maximo and highlights the features that represent the connection between critical segments in Maximo Asset Management and Worklight.


The following components are deployed in the Maximo Asset Management Enterprise environment. 

Maximo Integration Framework:

The components package contains an integration framework that is used by Tivoli’s method automation engine to allow the integration between external applications and Maximo Asset Management. The necessary version of the Integration Framework incorporates the OSLC service providers and abilities that are utilized by the Maximo applications to recover and process organization information.

Maximo Anywhere Enablement:

Content that must be conveyed to the Maximo Asset Management circumstance to assist the Maximo Anywhere Work Manager applications. The required segments package incorporates OSLC task automation, license enablement, and object structures.

To implement Maximo Anywhere, you need to deploy the following components. 

IBM Maximo Anywhere Platform:

Many resources are required for deployment and integration on the Worklight stage. These resources incorporate a Worklight-perfect undertaking and an OSLC connector. The OSLCadapter oversees correspondences between Worklight Server and the supplier application, Maximo Asset Management. Before runtime, the Maximo Anywhere venture WAR, the applications, and the OSLC connector must be conveyed to Worklight Server.

Maximo Anywhere Work Manager Mobile Applications

The Maximo Anywhere Work approval application and Maximo Anywhere Execution application must be introduced on a similar PC as the Maximo Anywhere stage. The portable applications can be deployed, tested, and configured to a mobile device or any emulator.

IBM Worklight Server for Worklight Consumer Edition

A runtime holder for the OSLC server-based app and adapter components to incorporate an authoritative reassignment and an application store for distributing portable applications inside the community. Worklight Server must be conveyed to an app server. In a test situation, a similar application server can be utilized to transmit both Worklight Server and Maximo Asset Management.

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IBM Worklight Studio for Worklight Consumer Edition (Optional)

To deploy with Maximo Anywhere, you can develop an integrated eclipse-based environment.  With regards to Maximo Anywhere, Worklight Studio is utilized to arrange and test the Maximo Anywhere applications, and to deal with the assemble and organization process. 

The accompanying things are excluded from the Maximo Anywhere item license. In any case, you can deploy these things to the Maximo Anywhere condition to expand and supplement the capacities that are accessible in the item itself.

Map Services

The map representation in the Maximo Anywhere Work Execution application utilizes situating information that is given by Maximo Asset Management. Maximo Asset Management can be arranged to acquire this situating information from ArcGIS, an outer geographic data framework. To help this design, you should be qualified to utilize the suitable assistance from the guide specialist co-op, Esri. You can likewise design the guide view to show a course and bearings between work request areas. These choices are additionally reliant on Esri administrations.

Endpoint Management

You can convey IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices with Maximo Anywhere to supplement the portable application the board capacities that Worklight gives. IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices gives cell phone the board capacities, including security the executives, for your portable association.


Part 1. Download and installation

First, download Maximo 7.6.1 from Passport Advantage. (See Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 and Maximo Asset Management Multitenancy 7.6.1, too.) Make sure you extract each download into the same directory. When finished, it looks something like this:


Double-click launchpad64.exe, which will bring up the Welcome screen.


Looking at the left side, click Installation Planning.


Here you can access the installation documentation directly from the IBM website. You need the documentation to install the middleware and Maximo properly. I strongly recommend that you download the documentation.

The prerequisite verification tool is a command line interface (CLI) tool that helps you ensure that you have the proper OS versions and resources available on your target server. (The product installer performs some of these tests as well.)

On the left, select Install IBM Maximo Asset Management.


This screen is where you select whether install WebSphere and Db2 and Maximo, and from where you launch the installer. Depending on how you choose to install the product, you can download and run the installer from as many as three machines: one each for the WebSphere server, Db2 server, and administrative workstation. You can combine one or more of these installations to a single server. when installing Db2 and WebSphere to the same server, make sure you have the resources available on the server.

From this screen, you can also install a second instance of these products. [I do not cover that option at this time; it is not yet installed!]

Click Optional components.

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From here, you can install the IBM Data Studio, which is used to manage Db2.

Going back to the Install Product screen, I am installing WebSphere, Db2 and Maximo 7.6.1 on a single Microsoft Windows 2016 server, so I make sure all three items are selected, and click Install IBM Maximo Asset Management components.


The screen capture shows four packages that will be installed:

1. IBM Installation Manager 1.8.8. After installing itself, Installation Manager installs Maximo, WebSphere and Db2. (Db2 uses its own installer, which we built into an Installation Manager package.)

2. Maximo 7.6.1

3. DB2 11.1

4. WebSphere, which includes IBM HTTP Server and the web server plug-in, the customization toolbox and IBM WebSphere Java SDK 1.8. Maximo 7.6.1 requires JDK 1.8.

Clicking Next displays a progress bar, the first of many you will see.


Once that is completed, then to the license page.


Accept the terms, and click Next.

Note: My recommendation is to change the directory to (for example) C:\IBM\IMShared.


The next screen lets us change where Installation Manager installs. I accept the defaults and click Next.


This screen shows, and lets me change, where the products are going to be installed.

Note: My recommendation is to change the directory location so there are no spaces in the file path, for example, C:\IBM\SQLLIB, C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer, C:\IBM\HTTPServer, and so on.

Here we select languages. I am installing to an English language only server, so I click Next.


Here is the summary of packages to be installed.


On this page, we complete configuration information for DB2 and WebSphere.


This is a good example to show how Installation Manager works. On the left side, you can select items on the left side to modify. Items that must be entered or modified are shown with an asterisk. Or, click Next to go to the next item to be configured. The Install button does not become active until all required information has been entered.


In my case, I accept the defaults for IBM HTTP Server, and enter Db2 password information.

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Click Next. The Installation Manager now checks to see that all files are available, and whether there are any blocking processes.




Now the Install button is enabled, so click Install.


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