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Top Most DevOps Security Tools | The Ultimate Guide with Expert’s Top Picks

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Signal Sciences of Web Protection Platform.
    • 2.A Checkmarx AppSec Accelerator.
    • 3.OSSEC.
    • 4.OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP).
    • 5.LogRhythm SIEM.
    • 6.Venafi Trust Protection Platform.
    • 7.Charles Proxy.
    • 8.Burp Proxy.
    • 9.CyberArk.
    • 10.Snort.
    • 11.JBoss Data Virtualization.
    • 12.Conclusion.

1. Signal Sciences of Web Protection Platform:

Signal Sciences Web Protection Platform (WPP) provides a broad threat protection but at a same time, it is not one of best positioned as a point provider. The company from its more inception took a lessons that they’ve learned over years to develop this platform to defend the against a real-world threats. It is definitely one of applications that will enable the full spectrum of cybersecurity to the web applications. WPP is not just Web Application Firewall (WAF), but it is more than that.Technologies that fall into a bucket of a WAF tend to defend web applications against attacks that are limited to a network level. WPP has a ability to plugin into any given DevOps toolchain and enables a security to that DevOps team without any further hassles. There is a very good integration with Slack for the communication, with JIRA for a bug tracking, with a PagerDuty for alerting, and also with the Datadog for the infrastructure monitoring. On other side, WPP can also a plugin into Apache, NGINX, or even to IIS Web servers or to applications themselves.

2. A Checkmarx AppSec Accelerator:

AppSec Accelerator is a wonderful application security managed service which helps an organizations to transition to a more secure SDLC model combining it with a Static / Dynamic application security testing to provide a best possible security coverage. The tool will help to streamline and also to the automate an application security testing. Through a tool itself, all the needed expertise is also provided to ensure a application’s security is successfully be attained. The tool in itself enables to rapidly ramp up, set up, and deploy an app sec program. It will also enable to transition an Organization to a fully automated secure a SDLC one.


OSSEC is the free, open-source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS). It performs a log analysis, integrity checking, Windows registry monitoring, rootkit detection, time-based alerting, and also active response. It provides an intrusion detection for a most operating systems, including Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, OS X, Solaris, and Windows. OSSEC has the centralized, cross-platform architecture allowing the multiple systems to be simply monitored and managed.OSSEC consists of a main application, a Windows agent, and web interface. The main application, OSSEC, is need for a distributed network or stand-alone installations. It is supported by a Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Mac environments. Windows agent, which is provided for a Microsoft Windows environments. The main application needs to be an installed and configured for a server mode to support Windows Agent. Web interface (deprecated), which as the separate application provides the graphical user interface. Like a main application, it is supported by a Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Mac environments. It is now suggested to use a Kibana, Splunk Graylog, or something similar for the monitoring alerts.


4. OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP):

OWASP’s Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is yet be another famous free security tool that is actively maintained by a hundreds of community members. It helps to identify a security vulnerabilities on your web application while are just developing or testing the web applications. It is one of the best tools that are available for an experienced penetration testers who use a manual security testing. It is ideal for the developers and functional testers as well as a security experts. Penetration testing is an art of testing of applications for a vulnerabilities and also at the same time answering simple question – what should be done to secure the application that could be used an against it?

5. LogRhythm SIEM:

A SIEM is the important instrument in a security toolkit—but it’s not only one. To keep up with an ever-evolving threat landscape, may need a SIEM with the additional capabilities for a network forensics, endpoint monitoring, UEBA, and incident response. A LogRhythm’s unified Threat Lifecycle Management Platform is designed to a scale with an organization’s security needs without a costly integrations or customizations. It delivers a real-time visibility, intelligence, and automation across an entire IT environment.Improve an efficiency and effectiveness of a SOC with a LogRhythm Enterprise or LogRhythm XM. Both will be accelerate a team’s threat detection and response the capabilities and deliver comprehensive compliance assurance and also security automation and orchestration. Both are designed for simple of use out of a box. Select the configuration that is right for an organization.

6. Venafi Trust Protection Platform:

Most of an existing organizations either use a homegrown solutions or completely depend on the excel trackers and stuff like that to track their keys and certificates are manually. Following these methods, gives a subliminal chances to scale a further and doesn’t let grow in a today’s market conditions. Organizations as such can then follow using a tools like Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP) to consume all key and certificate management needs through this platform rather than depending on a manual methods of management. Tools like this offers the required automation towards the protecting machine identities where an Organizations rely on their communications to be private and also secure at the same time.The Venafi Platform secures the communication and authentication across all the machine identity types, including a SSL/TLS, SSH, IoT, and mobile. The Venafi Platform automates a protection for a millions of keys and certificates that organizations rely on to find their machine identities. Protecting these machine identities of across websites, virtual machines, mobile devices, applications, and cloud infrastructure prevents compromised keys and certificates from the granting unauthorized access or triggering the application outages.

7. Charles Proxy:

Charles is an intended to be the dive-in piece of a software. Start it up, it will attempt to an automatically configure a browser so up and running immediately. Start a browsing the web and watch a results appear in Charles; click on them and take a look at what is be recorded. In order to an auto-configure a proxy settings on a Mac OS X, you need to grant permission to the Charles by entering a password.If a proxy settings have been auto-configured should now be able to use a web browser and observe the events being recorded in a Charles. It is incredibly powerful as are now able to see the everything that is being transmitted and also received – it lets look underneath a hood at what is actually happening.

JBoss Data Virtualization

8. Burp Proxy:

Burp Proxy is the another graphical Security Testing tool for a web applications that acts as an intercepting a proxy server. It is the tool that is written in a Java and has two versions to it – A free version that is available for the download and also a Full version that can be a purchased as it is the Professional Edition software tool. It just plays a role of a man in the middle between the browser and also the target .It is developed in specific as comprehensive solution for the web application security checks. These behaviors as the proxy server, scanner, and also as an intruder also offers a more advanced options like a Spider, Repeater, Decoder, Comparer, Extender, and also be Sequencer.

9. CyberArk:

CyberArk, is information security company that focuses a more on privileged account security on the primary basis. It is the complete suite that comprises different security and account management solutions that are specifically designed to an ensure the safety of a privileged accounts and like. One of tools from the aforementioned suite of tools is a Privileged Password Management and Control that is built specifically to meet an Organization’s stringent needs on a compliance standards on a privileged password management.Stronger privileged password management controls are be implemented to enhance the way businesses and an organizations secure and also monitor a privileged accounts. The tools from Organization are specifically observed to be a deployed in a financial industry.

10. Snort:

Snort is the another free and open-source security DevOps tool that finds its usage in areas of a Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS) and Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS). Snort is a cross-platform and can be installed on a Windows NT, Windows 2000, HP-UX, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, MacOSX, and many other of UNIX flavors of operating systems. It is capable to perform a protocol analysis, content search/content match, and alongside those, it can also diagnose the attacks like buffer overflow, stealth port scans, CGI attacks, SMB probes, OS fingerprinting attempts, and more attacks.

11. JBoss Data Virtualization:

JBoss Data Virtualization can be explained as a data integration solution that sits in front of the multiple data sources and then allows them to be treated as single source. JBoss Data Virtualization also provides a plethora of offers that comprise a data abstraction, federation, integration, transformation and also offers a delivery capabilities in order to combine a data from one or more than one sources into reusable set of a logical data models, accessible standard SQL and/or Web Services for an agile data Utilization.


In this article the absolute need for a security in the space of a DevOps. With this common understanding have gone through a various options that had at hand and also understood their advantages when deployed in a DevOps pipeline.

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