Workday Interview Questions And Answers

Workday Interview Questions and Answers

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All the experienced and freshers can benefit a lot from the Workday Interview Questions and answers provided by us in this blog. Companies from all around the world are throwing opportunities to Workday professionals, however, it is the interview that they must crack. Furthermore, in a research conducted recently, a total of 9.45% market share is held by Workday. This gives a good chance of moving ahead in your Workday career. Learnoa, through its advanced Workday Interview questions, helps potential candidates crack the interview & achieve the dream career of becoming a Workday Developer.

1. What is Workday?


Workday is a large scale enterprise-based solution software, being widely used by the companies to fulfil the need for application integration. Workday manages and offers collaborative application and process handling through Human resource management, Payroll Management, finance and Purchase related operations in a single platform. 

It is a cloud-based solution that offers a collaborative platform to the application and company resources to manage the day to day operations with ease. 

It is one of the most popular SaaS (Software-as-Service) Based ERP products that are widely used by corporate, education Institutes and Financial Groups.  It integrates a high level of operational support modules such as finance, HR, Talent Management, Purchase and many more processes which ensure the continuity of the businesses. 

2. What are the advantages of Workday?


Workday is a highly scalable and flexible enterprise solution which comes with N number of advantages such as:

  • It gives you immediate access to the most efficient real-time data transaction.
  • It supports a high level of flexibility 
  • Ultra advanced reports give the ability to find out data insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • You can get your on-demand customized reports without wasting valuable business time.
  • The employee can see and manage their benefits, address change requests, absent requests, work time tracking and many more without holding it to HR command.

3. What kind of Reporting you can expect from Workday Suit?


Well, Workday is an advanced and diverse environment that helps you get the business on track with efficient reports and valuable information assets. It provides access to Real-Time and multidimensional reports with insightful analytics. It gives you the ability to drill down at transactions – level and gives the hand full of information to make data-driven decisions efficiently. Hence it makes you more productively daily. You can analyze the data based on contexts and manipulate the information to get expected Business Outcomes. 

4. How can you get access to Workday?


You need to create a login account using that credentials you can easily access the Workday platform in an organization. As per the access rights given to the particular individual you can get the accessibility of reports and tasks.

5. Define the features of Workday HCM?


Workday HCM stands for Workday Human Capital Management. It is the only application that integrates the HR functions with Resource Management in a single platform. It gives you embedded analytics, employees’ and manager’s self-service platform, and advanced user experiences, unlike any other enterprise solutions. Workday enables an ability to manage In-house, Global and diverse workforce at this level. 

6. List out the Key Advantages of Workday.


  • Time Tracking 
  • HR operations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll solution
  • Target Management 
  • Payroll co-sourcing service
  • Cloud Connect for third party payroll connect 
  • Career and Development Planning

7. What is the cost of a Workday HCM license?


Well, the cost depends on many external and internal factors attached to the business process. Workday has a wide range of offerings for business solutions. It can be subscription-based or can be a one-time license payment. One has to enquire about product sales to know the exact cost of their feasibility.  

8. How can you get access to the Workday information?


Well, you can get the accessibility and implementation details at Workday Home Page. 

9. How can the organization use workday?


Workday gets used by different groups of employees for serving different purposes. Based on the Business Process Requirement and employee role in processing the business information one can get access to the Workday environment. The Workday can be used in many ways in an organization such as managing employee benefits, attendance, time tracking, financial decisions management, leave and absent management and many more. 

10. List out the modules supported by Workday.


The two different modules supported by Workday are

  • Workday Finance
  • Workday HCM

11. What is the browser support available in the workday? 


The Workday supports a good number of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox. 

12. How Workday Support ERP systems?


ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) in a clustered platform which enables the organization to perform various Business Process into an integrated environment. Workday enables you to have an integrated ERP platform that manages various business processes such as (Payroll management, HR and Finance Management systems).

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13. How many Workday updates are released per year? 


Workday releases two major updates per year. 

14. List the modules supported by Workday human Capital Management Suite


  • Absence
  • Benefits 
  • Compensation 
  • Onboarding 
  • Payroll 
  • Recruiting Time Tracking 

15. List out Workday Post-Production and Pre- Production tenants modules.



  • Sandbox Tenants
  • Production Tenants 


  • Implementation Tenant 
  • Gold Tenant 

16. the difference between Workday Reporting and SQL ERP System.


Workday enterprise solution offers Workday reporting for managing data on a large scale. Workday Reporting is designed on an object-oriented relationship model. At the time of creating reports, you need to select the primary business source and data model. 

SQL ERP system follows the relational database model. It offers a wide range of ERP solutions for financial management and accounting systems. 

17. What are the ways to access the Workday Standard Delivery Report?


Below are the ways to access Workday Standard Delivery Reports

  • Browsing by category in the Sitemap 
  • Running Workday Standard Reports 
  • Writing the name of a specific report in the search bar

18.List the main types of Workday Integrations.


  • Workday Studio Integration 
  • Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration
  • Cloud Connect Integration 

19. Explain the RaaS Report.


RaaS is a type of web service enabled report featured by Workday and can be understood as Report-as-Services. 

20. What do you understand by the term Business Process?


The business process is a stream of tasks associated with defining each other in the process of producing business outcomes. Business outcomes and results depend on the streamlined business processes and that process can be anything either internal or external. Auditing is also an important aspect of business which ensures that the existing process is going as business needs and standards.

21. What are the Workday security groups?


Workday facilitates ensure operations for all these below:

  • All users
  • All employees
  • All Contingent workers
  • All Terminees
  • All Retirees 

22. What are the security group types provided by workday?


  • User-based
  • Role-Based 
  • Job-Based
  • Level based 
  • Integration System 

23. Define the process of editing the Business Process Definition. How the Business Process Events will be impacted in case you like the Business Process Definition.


You can search the Business Process Name -> Edit Definition of the related action.

Already running the Business process won’t get any impact of creating a New Business Process Definition. It keeps running in the background without causing event overlap.

24. Name the search prefix which is used to limit the search of Business Processes.


The search prefix is “.bp:”.

25. Name the Task which is used to Test the assigned steps in Business Process whether it’s assigned to you or another co-worker in the organization? Define the configuration process and the environmental limitation of that task.


purpose of “Start Proxy” is to test the task assigned to any co-worker in the Workday platform. “Proxy Policies” can be created or configured using the “Create Proxy Access Policy” task module. It cannot be created and used using the production environment other than Start Proxy.

26 . How can the organization be tied to Business Process Using a Workday environment?


Workday gives flexibility to organizations to define their work process. It allows specifically designed processes per organization as per their need. If the business process needs to be run in a collaborative space with multi-organization dependencies definition, Workday follows a hierarchy approach to check and select which definition needs to be executed.

Take any simple example of the resource hiring process for an organization that refers to multiple departments such as “IT development, Technical Support, Business Process Management, Marketing and Sales and So on.

The requirement may vary for each individual resource. Their responsibility is defined uniquely under different departments. Workday follows a hierarchy based operational architecture which manages the depending on various conditions. 

27. How can you ensure that one has the specific action to perform in the Workday environment?


Well, it’s quite a simple thing to define access in the Workday environment. You need to edit the Business Process Security Policies to achieve this outcome. Business Process Policies control access to resources in a secure environment. Only the authorized person can have access to the specific business process. 

28. Which report can help you get the details of all action types available in the Business Process Type?


The report which can give business process details is Business “Process Configuration Report”.

29. List out the Business Process Steps in the workday?


“Start Proxy” task gives you the details of the Business Process Involved in an organization.

  • Entry Condition
  • Exit Condition
  • Running Conditions 
  • Validation Condition

30. List the approval steps in the Business Process.


  • Individual Approval
  • Approval Chain
  • Consolidated Approval 
  • Consolidated Approval Chain 
  • Mass Approval 

31. Explain Business Process Completion Steps and its importance.


Once the completion step finishes the “Complete step” final execution, it’s called a Business Process Completion Step. As other actions depend on the completion step, it’s important to major this step for Business Process Completion. But at the same time, it does not necessarily depend on all the included steps to final their completion depending on this step.

Let’s take an example to understand this :

Similar to the organizations when they hire a new employee, it’s important to do the background verification to onboard the resource.  Though this is not part of the hiring business process but it’s important for the onboarding process.  It shows that the HR does not need to wait for all the information to cross-check and verify before onboarding but there is certain information related to educational qualification, other job authentications are important to get verified. The rest keeps working in the latter stage of the verification process. Processes can be set and priorities as pre-hire and post-hire based on their requirement. 

In the process stream if no step is marked as completion step then the last step in the stream will be “Completion Step” by default. 

32. How do you check and mark Business Process Action behavior if it is already running? Name the search prefix used in this process.


The Actions such as cancel, reassign, and delegate correctly can be used to make changes in any behavioral pattern of the Business Processes.  To search these events Workday gives you a prefix as “action”.

33. Which group supports the security majors of Workday operations? Can you use this group If you need to modify security?


Workday defines a specific workgroup for security modification that is “Security Administrator or Security Configurator “. Yes, it can be used to modify the security of Business Processes.

34. Name the report which is responsible to view all security groups assigned to users?


View Security Group for Users, Reports give the information of all security groups assigned to particular users.

35. Which report is used to return all items that can be accessible to each security group?


View Security Group, Report is used to return all items that can be accessible to each security group.  

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36. Name the Report that is responsible to show all the security items in the group (Task, Report, Business Process Security Policy, Web Services).


View Security for Securable Item keeps the information of all items allocated to security groups.

37. Name the two security policies in the workday?


  • Business Process Policy 
  • Domain Policy 

38. Why is the Domain Security Policy Important?


It provides information on security groups that can access and modify tasks using GET and PUT transactions through integration. 

39. Name the Report and Task that helps you review Domain and Business Process Types between different Workday Modules.


  • View: Functional Area Reports 
  • Editing: Maintain Function Area Task

40. How to apply changes in security policies?


For applying the changes in security policy you required RUN “Activate Pending Security Policy Changes”. 

41. What is the process to fix the security and restore the functioning quickly?


You need to RUN” Activate Previous Security Timestamp” to get back to the previous time when the “Activate Pending Security Policy changes” was executed.

42. What are the two types of reports generated in the Workday and what is the difference between the two?


The two types of Reports are:

  • Report Writer Reports: This can be copied and customized as per the user needs
  • XpressO Reports: It cannot be copied and customized. 

43. Name the prefix which restricts the search of the report.


The prefix which restricts the search of the report is “rd:”.

44. How the Business Object and Data Source are related to each other? Explain with an example.


The business object is a template of an entity where the Data Source is the data selection or the group of data that creates the template.

Let’s take an example of 

Business object as =” Employee X’

Data Source= ‘All Active Employees’

The report has to produce the result based on these two selections for All Active Employees within the organization. 

In other hands the scenario for Business Object= ‘Country’

Should return the data source as =’All Asian Country’

This is a Non-Workday example which will return ‘India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and so on’.

45. Name the delivered report which can provide the relationship between the Business Object, Data Source and Security Groups that have the reports access?


The report which provides the relationship between the three (Business Object, Data Source, and Security Groups) is ‘Data Source’.

46. Name the two ways to create a report in the workday?


You can create reports in Workday using the below two ways:

  • Running the Create Custom Report Task.
  • Coping a Workday Standard Report and modifying it.

47. List the types of reports that can be generated using Workday?


  • Simple 
  • Advanced
  • Composite 
  • Search 
  • Matrix

48. Explain the difference between Simple and Advanced Reports.


  • Simple reports can be shared easily but Advanced reports don’t give the flexibility of sharing.
  • Simple reports give you access to related Business Report, But Advanced Reports cannot provide the facility.
  • Advanced Reports can be RaaS (Reports as Services) enabled but Simple Report cannot support RaaS features. 

49. List the Class Report type fields. 


  • Currency 
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Numeric
  • Text
  • 1:1/1: M Object
  • Self Referencing Instances

50. Scenario: Suppose you shared a report with your Co-worker in your organization, will they be able to see the same result while running the reports with similar input values and why?


No, the results cannot be assured exactly the same as the security access to the Data Source defines the results that can be seen by a Coworker. 

51. Name two types of Workday Standard Reports and a difference between them.


Report Writer Reports and XpressO reports. Report Writer can be copied and customized, but you cannot copy XpressO reports.

52. What are two ways to create a report in Workday?


  • Run the Create Custom Report task.
  • Copy a Workday Standard Report and modify it.

53. What are some of the Report Types in the Workday Report Writer?


Simple, Advanced, Composite, Search, Matrix, etc.

54. Differences between Simple and Advanced Reports.


  • Simple reports cannot access related Business Objects while Advanced Reports can.
  • Simple reports cannot be shared while Advanced Reports can be shared.
  • Simple reports cannot be RaaS enabled, Advanced Reports can be RaaS enabled.

55. If you share a report with everyone within your organization, will anyone be able to see the same output when running the report with the same input values? Why?


No, the output will depend on the security access to the data source of the person who is running the report.

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56. How do you select which solution to use?


When deciding over which tool to use we need to take into account some factors; whenever you take in the design of an integration, from the requirements you should follow a roadmap, here is an example of it:

  • Is the solution already pre-built? Am I connecting to a third-party vendor with a solution already in place? – If yes, most likely you will choose a Core Connector.
  • Does this integration just need to export or import some data into Workday? – If yes, then most likely you need to go with EIBs.
  • Do I need to execute several rules, and reports to get the data and calculate the results I need? For example: Determining payroll between Exempt and Nonexempt employees, calculate deductions, etc. If yes, then most likely you need a Workday Studio Integration.

57. Name some Integration ID types.


Workday ID, External ID, Reference ID

58. What do you use XSLT for in an integration?


You use XSLT to transform the input or output data going into an XML document.

59. Will There Be I# On Workday?


No, Workday will replace I# with supplier# which will start with SUPP_INV that

60. Where Do You Go To Look Up The Payment History Of A Supplier?


The payment history can be found under Find Supplier Invoices or View Supplier

61. Where Can You Find The Supplier Information (address, Tax Id, Etc)?


You can find any information about the supplier in View Supplier.

62. What Happens If Someone Submits An Invoice With The Wrong Information?


You can cancel if the invoice is in draft status and the person awaiting action can send the invoice back before the approval.

63. Can You Check To See If An Invoice Was Already Paid?


Yes, you can go into Find Possible Duplicates.

64. Will Ap Need To Send And Receive The Approval Email To The Department Before Submitting An Invoice In Workday?


No, after you create the invoice Workday will automatically route the invoice to the appropriate department for approval.

65. Will Negative Assurance Apply In Workday?


No, Negative Assurance Will not apply in workday

66. Does The System Require Attached Invoice?


Yes, always attach the supplier invoice at all times.

67. Are Payment Requests Still Allowed In Workday?


Yes, they will be handled via Request Ad Hoc Goods or Services. Please remember that you will need to select a requisition type of “Payment Request” to route it properly for processing. Proper attachment documentation is also required.

68. Will Vendor Travel As Well As A Student And Employee Travel Be Handled Through The Expense Module In Workday, If Not How Will Vendor Travel Be Done In Workday?


Yes, Student and Employee travel will be processed through the expense module. Invoices received with vendor travel expenses will be processed by Accounts Payable.

69. Can The Attachment Section Be Optional?


No, it is required for the cost center manager to approve the invoice. If you forget to attach the document you can always go back into the invoice and edit

70. Can Workday Process A Duplicate Invoice?


Yes, there is a built in compare that will not allow you to process the same invoice number twice.

71. Are The Approvers Determined By The Smarttag?


Yes, the approval business process is based on SmartTag.

72. Can You Delegate Your Work To Another Ap Clerk In Workday?


Yes, if you are out for a few days or weeks you can delegate your work to whom you choose.

73. Who are the industry users of Workday?


Well, Workday serves a good number of industry needs they are:

  • Large Enterprise holder
  • Mid Size Business

74. Explain Workday Payroll concepts.


Workday gives you a vast Payroll Management integration platform which enables you to group employees, manage payroll calculation rules, handle employee benefits with flexibility and their process requirements. You can also integrate with some outsource payroll software platforms such as ADP Payforce. Workday payroll is a part of the Workday HCM (Human Capital Management ) system. It is a unified Payroll management platform integrated with robust HCM to give access to optimum process outcomes. 

75. If The Po Needs To Be Increased, Will There Be A Notification To The Ap Clerk Not To Enter The Invoice?


No, the AP clerk would need to do the research to see the balance on the PO, once you’ve seen that the fund are depleted

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76. In Workday, Is It The Same Procedure To Get The Ach For The Vendor?


Yes, it is same procedure to get the ach for the vendor

77. Can You Split The Invoice On 2 Or More Purchase Order If Needed?


Yes, when you go to Supplier Workbench to locate the purchase order you can choose 2 or more purchase orders needed to complete the invoice process.

78. Can You Have More Than One Smarttag?


Yes, In Create Supplier Invoice or Supplier Workbench you can click to the left at the plus (+) to add additional lines with different SmartTags.

79. Is Workbench The Only Way To Find The Purchase Order In Workday?


You can locate the Purchase order under Find Purchase Order or View Supplier.

80. I Heard The Due Dates/pay Dates On The Invoices Will Be What Is Noted On The Invoice, Is This Correct?


The invoice date is going to be the received date that AP received it for processing.

81. How Will A P-card Be Handled On Workday?


P CARDs will be handled as expense items and will be loaded directly into the cardholder’s profile. The line item data loads into an expense report for processing in Workday. The P CARD charges will be brought in electronically and will route as needed.

82. Can You Create A Prepaid Invoice In Workday?


Yes, you can create the invoice and then create the prepaid amortization schedule.

83. Why the Domain Security Policy Important?


It provides information on security groups that can access and modify tasks using GET and PUT transactions through integration.

84. Does the Workday HCM support mobile configuration?


Yes, Workday HCM can be accessed through iPhone and iPad.

85. List out the support offered by Workday HCM.


It supports the following:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Support 
  • Phone Support 

86. List out the integration supported by Workday.


  • Workday Studio Integration
  • Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration
  • Cloud Connect Integration  

87. What are the security groups supported by Workday?


  • User-based
  • Role-Based
  • Job-Based
  • Level Based
  • Integration System

88. What are the integration ID types provided by Workday?


There are three types of integration ID available in Workday:

  • Workday Integration ID
  • External Integration ID
  • Reference ID

89. What is the use of XSLT in Workday Integration?


XSLT is used for transforming the Input and Output data into XML Document.

90. Does Workday support API integration?


No, Workday does not support API integration. 

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