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What is Performance Testing? : A Complete Guide with Best Practices

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    • In this article you will get
    • Why do Performance Testing?
    • Types of Performance Testing
    • Common Performance Problems
    • Performance Testing Process
    • Performance Testing Metrics Parameters Covered
    • Performance Test Tools
    • What’s the difference between Performance Testing & Performance Engineering?
    • Conclusion

Why do Performance Testing?

Features and Functionality supported by the software are not the sole concern. A software operation’s interpretation like its response period, trustability, resource operation, and scalability do matter. The purpose of Performance Testing is n’t to pursue bugs but to stop perpetration backups. Performance Testing is conducted to give stakeholders knowledge about their operation about speed, stability, and scalability.

Without Performance Testing, the software is presumably going to mourn from issues similar as running slow while several druggies use it contemporaneously, inconsistencies across colorful operating systems, and poor usability. perpetration testing will decide whether their software satisfies speed, scalability, and stability conditions under anticipated workloads. operations transferred to plug with poor perpetration criteria gratefulness to absent or poor performance testing are likely to discover a nasty character and fail to satisfy asked deals pretensions.

Types of Performance Testing

Cargo testing : Contains the operation’s capacity to act under anticipated stoner loads. The target is to spot perpetration backups before the software operation runs live.

Stress testing : Involves testing an operation under extreme workloads to ascertain how it handles high business or processing. The target is to spot the verge of collapse of an operation.

Abidance testing : Is completed to form sure the software can handle the anticipated cargo over an extended period of your time.

Shaft testing : Tests the software’s response to unforeseen large harpoons within the cargo generated by druggies. Data is enthralled during a database and thus the general software system’s geste is observed. The target is to see software operations ’ performance under variable database volumes.

Scalability testing : The target of scalability testing is to work out the software operation’s effectiveness in “ spanning up ” to support a rise in stoner cargo.

Common Performance Problems:

Utmost performance problems revolve around speed, response time, cargo time, and poor scalability. Speed is generally one of the foremost important attributes of an operation. A slow- running operation will lose implicit druggies. Performance testing is conducted to form sure an app runs presto sufficiently to stay a stoner’s engagement and curiosity. Take a regard at the posterior list of common performance problems and see how speed may be a common divisor in numerous of them.

Long cargo time : Cargo time is generally the original time it takes an operation to produce. This could typically be kept to a minimum. While some operations are unthinkable to form a pack in under a moment, cargo time should be kept beneath a couple of seconds if feasible.

Poor response time : Response time is the time it takes from when a stoner inputs data into the appliance until the appliance labors a response thereto input. Generally, this could be veritably quick. Again if a stoner has to stay too long, they lose good.

Poor scalability : A software package suffers from poor scalability when it can not take the asked number of druggies or when it does n’t house a good sufficient range of druggies. Cargo Testing should be done to be certain the appliance can take the anticipated number of drugs.

Bottlenecking : Backups are obstacles during a system that lessens overall system performance. Bottlenecking is when either rendering crimes or tackle problems beget a reduction of outturn under certain loads. Bottlenecking is generally driven by one wrong section of law. The legend to perfecting a bottlenecking problem is to seek out the section of law that’s driving the retardation and check out to fix it there. Bottlenecking is generally fixed by either fixing poor handling processes or adding fresh tackle. Some common performance backups are.

  • CPU application
  • Memory application
  • Network application
  • Operating System limitations
  • Fragment operation
Types of Performance Testing

Performance Testing Process

The methodology espoused for performance testing can vary extensively but the target for performance tests remains original. It can help demonstrate that your software meets certainpre-defined performance criteria. Or it can help in reaching the perpetration of two software systems. It also can help identify corridors of your software that degrade its performance. Below may be a general process on the way to perform performance testing.

Determine your testing terrain : Know your material test terrain, product terrain, and what testing tools are open. Understand factors of the tackle, software, and network configurations employed during testing before you begin the testing process. It ’ll allow testers to produce more effective tests. It ’ll also help identify implicit challenges that testers may encounter during the perpetration testing styles.

Determine the performance blessing criteria : This contains pretensions and conditions for outturn, response times, and resource allocation. It’s also essential to spot design win criteria outside of those objects and constraints. Testers should be assigned to line perpetration criteria and pretensions because frequently the design specifications wo n’t have a good enough kind of performance marks. Changing an identical operation to check may be a great way to line performance pretensions.

Plan & design performance tests : Determine how operation is presumably going to vary amongst end- druggies and identify crucial scripts to check for all possible use cases. it’s necessary to pretend a spread of end- druggies, plan performance test data, and describe what criteria are going to be gathered.

Configuring the examination conditions : Design the testing terrain before perpetration. Also, place tools and other help.

Apply test design : Produce the performance tests harmonious with your test design.

Exploration, tune, and pretest : Reduce, dissect and communicate test results. also fine- tune and try again to confirm if there’s an enhancement or drop in musicale. Since progress naturally grows lower with each pretest, stop when bottlenecking is generated by the CPU. also you ’ll have the chance to fire CPU power.

Performance Testing Metrics Parameters Covered

Processor operation : A quantum of your time processor spends executing on-idle vestments.

Fragment time : The quantum of your time fragment is busy executing a read or write request.

Bandwidth : Shows the bits per alternate employed by a network interface.

Private bytes : The number of bytes a process has allocated that ca n’t be participated amongst other processes. These are used to measure memory leaks and operation.

Memory runners alternate : Number of runners written to or read from the fragment to resolve hard runner faults. Hard runner faults are when law not from the present working set is called up from away and recaptured from a fragment.

Runner faults alternate : The general rate during which fault runners are reused by the processor. This also happens when a function needs law from outside its working set.

CPU interrupts per second : Is that the avg. Several tackle interrupts a processor is entering and recycling each alternate.

Fragment line length : Is that the avg. no. of read and write requests queued for the chosen fragment during a sample interval.

Network affair line length : Length of the affair packet line in packets. Anything relatively two represents detention and bottlenecking must be destroyed.

Response time : The time from when a stoner enters an assignment until the primary character of the response is entered.

Payment of bond pooling : The number of stoner cessions that are met by pooled associations. The further requests met by connections within the pool, the more elevated the performance is going to be.

successes per second : The no. of successes on an internet garçon during each second of a cargo test.

Rollback member : The volume of knowledge which will roll back at any point in time.

Database cinches : Locking of tables and databases must be covered and punctiliously tuned.

Top delays : Are covered to work out what stay times are frequently hampered when handling how hastily data is recaptured from memory

Thread counts : An operation’s health is frequently measured by the no. Of vestments that are driving and presently enthralled.

Performance Test Tools

The tool you elect for testing will depend upon numerous factors like feathers of the protocol supported, license cost, tackle conditions, platform support, etc.This pall- grounded cargo testing tool assigns groups to register & incontinently playback complete cargo tests, without complex emotional correlation & run these gear tests in real cybersurfers at scale. brigades are ready to increase test content. & miss cargo testing period by over 60.This tool is able of bluffing numerous thousands of druggies, putting operations under real- life loads to work out their geste.

Plan and style performance test script:

  • In this step, we ’ll install the tools within the Test mastermind Machine and access the test garçon. We also write some script harmonious with the test scripts and run the tool.
  • Once we’re through with writing the script, we ’ll attend the posterior step.
  • Configure the test terrain & spread the burden.
  • After writing the test scripts, we ’ll arrange the testing terrain before the prosecution. And also, manage the tools, other coffers and distribute the cargo harmonious with the “ operation Pattern ” or mention the duration and stability.

Execute test scripts:

  • Once we’re through with distributing the cargo, we ’ll execute, validate, and cover the test scripts.
  • And make sure the result meets the thing within the given response time or not, and thus the response time might be maximum, average, and minimum.
  • Still, also we ’ll choose the negative inflow where will perform the below way.
  • If the response is not meeting the specified time response.

Which operations should we perform?

Performance Testing is generally finished customer- garçon- grounded systems only. This suggests, any operation which is n’t a customer- garçon- grounded armature, mustn’t bear Performance Testing. For illustration, Microsoft Calculator is neither customer- garçon grounded nor it runs multiple drugs; hence it’s not a seeker for Performance Testing.

What’s the difference between Performance Testing & Performance Engineering?

It’s of significance to know the difference between Performance Testing and Performance Engineering. An understanding is participated below Performance Testing perhaps a discipline concerned with testing and reporting the present performance of a software operation under colorful parameters.This process aims to optimize the foremost important operation performance particularity i.e. stoner experience.

Historically, testing and tuning are distinctly separate and occasionally contending realms. Within a former couple of times, still, several pockets of testers and inventors have banded singly to make tuning brigades. Because these brigades have met with significant success, the concept of coupling performance testing with performance tuning has caught on, and now we call it performance engineering.

Tools used for Performance Testing


In Software Engineering, Performance testing is important before selling any software package. It ensures client satisfaction & protects an investor’s investment against product failure. Costs of performance testing are generally relatively made up for with better client satisfaction, fidelity, and retention.

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