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Digital Marketing Ebooks

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                     When you think about your marketing strategies, what are the tools you’re using to deepen your understanding of the current landscape of digital marketing?

As an ever-changing industry, it’s important for marketers to commit to learning as much as possible about digital marketing. But … who has the time?

If you want to expand your knowledge of digital marketing from reputable thought leaders, but have limited resources, or don’t even know where to start, this post is for you.

Below, I’ll list some awesome ebooks on the ins and outs of digital marketing, from SEO, to content building, to beginner’s guides.

1. Digital Marketing for Small Business  :

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  • For this ebook, HubSpot teamed up with the experts at MOO to build a guide aimed at small businesses. It provides everything startups need to know about inbound marketing and gives a great scope of how to test, learn, and grow in an online marketing landscape.
  • This ebook takes readers through accessible ways to maximize resources and get the greatest benefit from marketing. Need help with channels like Facebook, Google, and Twitter? “Digital Marketing for Small Businesses” has you covered.
  • If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for how to start a functional digital marketing strategy from the ground up, this ebook is for you. It even provides templates and concrete examples that will help you organize your strategy.

2. Paid and Earned: The Two Sides of Influencer Marketing  :

  • Do you want to have a robust understanding of how influencer marketing can boost your ROI? This ebook shows you how influencer marketing is a great method for building brand awareness and boosting conversion, while offering a guide on how to choose between paid influencers or earned influencers.
  • Author Jay Baer explores how influencer marketing can be a necessity for brands as well as the inverse relationship between the two. Baer discusses how different kinds of influencers have their own impacts on the industry and how to navigate working with influencers to maximize ROI.

3. The $10 Digital Media Startup Ebook :

  • If you’re building your business from the ground up and need a little help, this guide is aimed at guiding you through how to begin that process. This ebook is for those starting at level zero with building an online digital media strategy.
  • It’ll walk you through fleshing out a social media strategy, SEO, influencer marketing, and how to become a successful digital entrepreneur. If you’re in the space where you have to multitask in order to get your business up and running, consider giving this ebook a look.

4. 25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today :

  • For this ebook, the team at Buffer collaborated with marketer Kevan Lee on social media strategies that are easy to implement. If you think a social media strategy is just about posting consistently, think again. This guide debunks that theory and explains how strategies also need to be delightful, effective, and targeted.
  • You’ll receive advice that’s actionable and useful as you plan out or re-work your current strategy. For instance, you’ll learn how to leave a lasting impression on followers through content and when to post to leave the most impact.

5. Content Marketing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to What Works :

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  • The team at Search Engine Journal put together a comprehensive ebook that focuses on how to build a content marketing strategy for those just getting started. Content marketing encompasses lead acquisition and the growth of your business — but only if it’s done effectively.
  • This ebook is for anyone who wants a content marketing strategy that’s successful. It provides readers with an understanding of the value of content marketing and how to maximize your resources so you get the most bang for your buck.

6. How to Build a World-Class Internet Lead Generation Program  :

  • If you want to know how to attract more target customers to your online business this ebook should be useful. Author Peter Geisheker gives a crash course in improving lead generation, correctly.
  • You’ll receive actionable tips about attracting customers, social media marketing, and how to retarget content to generate leads. Additionally, this ebook talks about how sales funnels work online and how having an online advertising plan in place helps you drive website traffic.

7. Data-Driven Content Marketing :

  • Content marketing works when it’s built from helpful, actionable data. With this ebook, you’ll become an expert at understanding the power of data analytics in building a content marketing strategy.
  • Of course, data isn’t the only necessity when planning out content marketing. This ebook also dives into the creation process, distribution, and strategizing of a content plan that works for your company.
  • This ebook will help you determine if your current content strategy is the best that it can be and provides valuable tips for marketers about how to improve what’s not working.

8. How to Run a Marketing Campaign with G Suite :

  • In this ebook, you’ll learn the best practices for digital marketing using Google’s tools.
  • With so much to manage in the marketing landscape, you’ll learn quick, easy ways to become a rockstar at managing Google Suite, which streamlines marketing activities on a digital landscape. You’ll become comfortable with Google’s offerings of productivity and collaboration software to help your marketing efforts.
  • This guide presents concrete examples of how HubSpot’s marketing team uses Google Suite to create, manage, and analyze campaigns giving you actionable takeaways as you become familiar with the platform.

9. Complete Guide to Crushing Your Influencer Marketing: Influencer Marketing Blueprint :

  • Unsure about the true benefits of leveraging influencer marketing? Let this guide by Shane Barker lessen your uncertainty. It puts a digital marketing lens on the ins and outs of using influencer marketing to your advantage.
  • This ebook gives you a full understanding of how to effectively use influencer marketing to boost the ROI of your digital campaigns, from picking the right influencers to crafting compelling pitches.

10. The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook :

  • Contently, a content planning platform, offers a guide about executing a fully-fledged Facebook marketing campaign using the platform’s suite of tools. Facebook has a pretty intuitive marketing toolkit, but using it effectively can be an uphill battle — this ebook helps.
  • It’ll give you a deep dive into how Facebook works when aligned with marketing strategies and puts a content marketing lens on how to engage new and current customers. If you want to learn how Facebook’s tools can be useful to you from top to bottom, then this ebook is for you.
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11. The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing :

  • This guide walks you through how online marketing has changed over the years, and it brings you up to speed about how to be a master online marketer in today’s ever-changing landscape. You’ll learn how to leverage email, Twitter, and YouTube to create an effective marketing strategy.
  • You’ll also learn how to develop new approaches to digital marketing, roles, and tools that are a necessity, and how to keep track of what’ll help your company the most.

12. Successfully Generate Leads To Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads :

  • AdEspresso’s ebook focuses on lead generation targeting only one channel: Facebook Ads. This book will guide you through the process of expanding your reach and finding new audiences using Facebook Ads. It also provides strategic insight into how to use the tool in a way that maximizes ROI.
  • You’ll also learn how to leverage Ad tools to engage your audience, and dive into lead nurturing, building landing pages, and how to manage your campaigns. If you want to learn more about how to perfect your Facebook Ads strategy, this ebook will help tremendously.

13. Beginner’s Guide to SEO :

  • This series of articles put together by the team at Moz is formatted like an ebook. It provides readers with a detailed introductory lesson on how to use SEO to grow your business.
  • It gives an in-depth tutorial about how search engines work. Additionally, this ebook provides the fundamentals of how to make your website compatible with search engine results.
  • You’ll also find strategies for making the content you provide to audiences more search-engine friendly, and you’ll develop an understanding about how your target audience interacts with search engines. Plus, you’ll become familiar with keyword research and how your content affects search engine rank.

14. Killer Content Marketing :

  • If you’re comfortable with content marketing, but want an intermediate-level guide to maximize your strategy, this is a great ebook. Going beyond the basics of content marketing, you’ll learn how social data can be used to construct new, innovative strategies.
  • This book is easily comprehensible, and you’ll find out how to organize your content planning and up your brand presence online.

15. Introductory Digital Marketing Guide :

  • This ebook gives you an expansive history of digital marketing and why the landscape has morphed into what it has today. After you gain this understanding, the guide will take you through the different channels you can use for digital marketing, such as blog, social media, and your own website.
  • You’ll learn the importance of understanding your target audience and how your strategies must place the customer at the center.

16. Why Digital Marketing? 

  • Without having a presence online, it’ll be pretty difficult to grow your business. And that’s how digital marketing can step in and help. To aid in that process, this ebook by HubSpot teaches you the ins and outs of marketing a brand online.
  • You’ll learn how to construct a functional digital marketing strategy in seven easy steps that provide robust techniques for managing that strategy. Additionally, you’ll learn the importance of SEO, social media, lead nurturing, and reporting as well as how to accurately perform these methods to help grow your business.
  • This ebook also provides you detailed advice about how to leverage your digital marketing campaigns to their highest performance, earning you the most ROI possible.
  • Whether you choose a few of these ebooks or many, they all dive into the importance of digital marketing. Because we are in a landscape that is continually changing, keeping up-to-date on those industry changes and trends is a necessity to properly execute your job and provide value to customers.
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