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What is Interface in C# | A Defined Free Tutorial

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Introduction C# Inheritance:

Inheritance may be an element of item organized programming dialects that enables you to characterize a base class that gives specific quality (information and conduct) and to characterize determined classes that either acquire or eliminate that quality.

What is Inheritance?

Inheritance is one altogether the principal credits of article placed programming. It permits you to characterize an adolescent class that reuses (acquires), expands, or changes the conduct of a parent class. the category whose folks unit of measurement inherent is assumed as a result of the bottom category. {the class|the category} that acquires the folks from the lowest category is assumed as a result of the inferred category.

C# and .NET facilitates single inheritance as a result of it. That is, a category can acquire from a solitary category. Be that as a result of it may, inheritance is transitive, that permits you to characterize an inheritance-ordered progression for a bunch of kinds. All in all, kind D can acquire from kind C, that acquires from people, that acquires from the lowest class type A. Since inheritance is transitive, the folks from kind space unita|a neighborhood|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a part|a section} square measure accessible to kind D.

How Inheritance is dead in C#?

Inheritance (Derived and Base Class)

In C#, it’s doable to amass fields and techniques starting with one class then onto succeeding. we tend to tend to bunch the “inheritance idea” into a pair of classifications:

Derived class (kid) – the category that acquires from another category.

Base class (parent) – the class being inherent from.

What is the punctuation to amass from a class in C#?

The image utilized for inheritance is Grammar: class inferred class: base-class Example: In to a lower place academic degree illustration of inheritance, class GFG might be a base class, class Geeks for Geeks might be Associate in Nursing inferred class that broadens GFG class and sophistication Sudo may be a driver category to run program.

Which kind of inheritance is upheld in C#?

C# and the internet helps single inheritance as a result of it. That is, a category can acquire from a solitary category. even so, inheritance is transitive, that permits you to characterize a inheritance progressive system for a bunch of kinds,

Implicit inheritance:

Other than any kinds that they’ll acquire from through single inheritance, varied kinds among the .NET kind framework really acquire from Object or a form got from it. the traditional quality of Object is accessible to any kind. To see what verifiable inheritance implies, but regarding we tend to tend to characterize another class, SimpleClass, that is primarily academic degree empty class definition:


public class SimpleClass

You can then utilize reflection (which permits you to assess a sort’s knowledge to urge data relating to that sort) to urge a summary of those that have a neighborhood with the SimpleClass kind.

Although you haven’t characterized any folks in your SimpleClass class, the yield from the model shows that it’s nine folks. one altogether these folks might be a parameterless (or default) builder that is naturally provided for the SimpleClass kind by the C# compiler.

The leftover eight unit of measurement folks from Object, the kind from which each one classes and points of interaction among the .NET kind framework ultimately verifiably acquire.

Methods of inheritance in C#:

The public ToString technique, that changes over a SimpleClass object to its string portrayal, returns the absolutely qualified kind name. For this instance, the ToString technique returns the string “SimpleClass”.

Three ways that take a glance at for uniformity of two items: the overall public example Equals(Object) technique, the overall public static Equals(Object, Object) technique, and thus the general public static ReferenceEquals(Object, Object) technique. As a matter of fact, these techniques take a glance at for reference balance; that is, to be equivalent, a pair of article factors got to bite to an identical item.

The public GetHashCode technique, that registers a value that enables an occurrence of the kind to be utilized in hashed assortments.

The public GetType technique, that returns a sort object that addresses the SimpleClass kind.

The safeguarded terminate technique, that’s meant to deliver unmanaged assets before academic degree items’ memory is recovered by city workers.

The safeguarded MemberwiseClone technique, that produces a shallow just like the current item.

Due to unstated inheritance, you will be able to call any inherent 0.5 from a SimpleClass object equally as if it completely was a district characterized among the SimpleClass class. As an Associate in Nursing example, the concomitant model calls the SimpleClass.ToString technique, that SimpleClass acquires from Object.

Inheritance – infer kinds to make extra specific conduct:

Inheritance, beside embodiment and polymorphism, is one altogether the three essential qualities of item organized programming. Inheritance empowers you to make new classes that recycle, broaden, and alter the conduct characterized in varied classes. the category whose folks unit of measurement inherent is assumed as a result of the bottom category, and thus the class that acquires those folks is assumed as a result of the determined class.

What is an interface purpose category that offers one illustration of it?

A point of interaction may be a programming structure/punctuation that allows the laptop to implement specific properties on associate degree items (class). For example, say we’ve got a vehicle category, a motorcycle category, and a truck category.

Significant focuses concerning purpose of interaction or define of Tutorial

We can’t build-instance (interface can’t be launched) of interface purpose but we will make the reference of it that alludes to the thing of its corporal punishment category.

Inheritance Program
  • A class will do quite one purpose of interaction.
  • A purpose of interaction will expand another interface purpose or interface purpose (more than one point of interaction).
  • A class that executes the interface should do all of the ways within the interface.
  • Every one of the ways is public and distinctive. and each one among the fields is public, static, and last.
  • It is utilized to accomplish varied inheritance.

C# Interface Types:

Interfaces characterize properties, strategies, and occasions, that area unit the people from the interface. Interfaces contain simply the affirmation of the people.

A portion of the interface purpose varieties in C# incorporate.


Basepoint of interaction for each single standard assortment.


A nonexclusive purpose of interaction dead by the clusters and therefore the summing up sort.


A word reference assortment. IEnumerable may be a purpose of interaction characterizing a solitary strategy GetEnumerator that profits associate degree IEnumerator interface. This works for readonly admittance to associate degree assortment that carries out that IEnumerable are often utilized with a foreach proclamation.

The related to shows the execution of IEnumerable purpose of interaction.

  • “ IEnumerable, IEnumerator
  • public article Current
  • }
  • // IEnumerator strategy
  • public bool MoveNext()
  • // IEnumerator strategy
  • public void Reset()
  • }
  • Above you’ll see the 2 ways for IEnumerator.
  • // IEnumerator technique
  • public bool MoveNext()
  • // IEnumerator technique
  • public void Reset() {
  • toss new NotImplementedException();”

Interfaces rundown:

A point of interaction has the related to properties:

In C# forms previous eight.0, a degree of interaction resembles a theoretical base category with simply distinctive people. a category or struct that executes the interface purpose ought to do the whole thing of its people.

Starting with C# eight.0, a interface purpose would possibly characterize default executions for a few of its people as a full. a category or struct that executes the interface purpose doesn’t have to be compelled to do people that have default executions. For a lot of knowledge, see default interface ways.

An interface purpose can’t be started up foursquare. Its people are a unit applied by any category or struct that executes the purpose of interaction.

A class or struct will execute varied points of interaction. {a category|a category} will acquire a base class and do a minimum of one interface purpose.

Implementing Interfaces in C#:

We’ve seen some instances of the purpose of interaction definitions. Presently however concerning we have a tendency to established them as a daily prevalence by corporal punishment them in categories. This means giving the category a way that matches the mark of the interface purpose. Once you have this, you’ll involve your category in something that needs the purpose of interaction it carries out.

In the 1st place, since it’s one among the foremost well known points of interaction, however concerning we stock out IDisposable. This model won’t be sensible, however, it’ll give you an idea of a way to utilize a degree of interaction.

  • “utilizing System;
  • namespace Sub main
  • {
  • public category UserData: IDisposable
  • alternative code
  • public void Dispose()
  • }
  • }”

In this code, the UserData category carries out IDisposable. IDisposable is within the System namespace, thus we’ve got to utilize System; to import it. The colon (:) between the category name and therefore the purpose of interaction demonstrates that we’d like to hold out the purpose of interaction. the instance is, for the foremost part:

After you compose that half, your IDE ought to provide you with a couple of selections for ending the interface purpose within the category. This protects a large amount of your time and evades botches.

Take a glance at the choices for implementing IDisposable:

Keep in mind, IDisposable may be a distinctive interface purpose. it’s extra abilities! that’s the explanation you see “… with Dispose design” within the menu. Regularly, you’d have simply 2 choices:

implementing of IDisposable
  • 1. Implement purpose of interaction
  • 2. Implement interface purpose unambiguously

We’ll discuss specific execution later. Until additional notice, I’m utilizing the first selection “Execute interface” to stay things basic.

You’re presumptively meditating on this uncommon force of IDisposable. I won’t keep you standing by any more. Here is the stunt.

How would you characterize a creator in a very C# interface?”

The specialized response is that you simply can’t; characterizing a creator on associate Interface isn’t permissible in any programing language that i’m conscious of, on no account in C#. Anyway, there’s a difficult methodology for obtaining similar wished conduct.

First, however, the principal motivation behind why you can’t have a creator characterized on associate Interface is as a result of it might build a difficulty for the compiler presumptuous you had a category that is non heritable from varied interface purposes and each point of interaction had its creator characterized. that one can be called? may all of them be called? Imagine a situation during which you would like to sidestep each one of them and utilize your creator within the business category. Their squares measure different theoretical problems conjointly, just like the division of conduct and execution (Interfaces characterize conduct, however they get allotted is up to the category that utilizes them).

The acknowledged declaration of this specific stack flood question had been a concept of utilizing a theoretical category instead of some extent of interaction; since dynamic categories allow the means of a creator. This can be a totally OK arrangement but we will show improvement over this.

The True Power of the C# Interface:

The C# The purpose of interaction’s actual power is that the patron doesn’t need to apprehend the subtleties of the maker. It simply should understand that something adjusts to the purpose of interaction’s definition? that it’s express methods.

Along these lines, interface points square measure often represented as agreements. Yet, however treats mean? All things thought of, associate agreement expresses aloud no matter you’ll consent to provide, nevertheless not extremely however you’ll tumble.

You may have an associate agreement along with your itinerant organization that claims you’ll pay $300 every month for administration additionally to limitless data for such incalculable lines. You don’t dive into the subtleties however they do? re-associating you from the organization. you ought to merely apprehend that you simply get on the cell organization and might involve data faithful type. It’s one thing comparative with a interface purpose

In the programming scene, {a purpose|some extent|a degree} of interaction permits the United States of America to utilize varied categories and structs to satisfy the agreement characterized by an interface point. All the client should apprehend is that there’s a method that will X. It doesn’t care about the subtleties.


A point of interaction is often private from a namespace or a category. some extent of interaction revelation will contain statements (marks with next to no execution) of the related individuals:

  • Strategies
  • Properties
  • Indexers
  • Occasions

These former half revelations commonly don’t contain a body. beginning with C# eight.0, an interface but half would possibly proclaim a body. This can be called a default execution. People with bodies license the interface purpose to provide a “default” execution for categories and structs that don’t provide a superseding execution. Moreover, beginning with C# eight.0, a interface purpose would possibly include:

  • Constants
  • Administrators
  • Static creator.
  • Settled kinds
  • Static fields, strategies, properties, indexers, and occasions
  • Part announcements utilizing the unequivocal interface purpose execution descriptive linguistics.

Points of interaction might not contain an occasional state. whereas static fields square measure presently allowed, example fields don’t seem to be allowed in interfaces. incidence auto-properties don’t seem to be upheld in interfaces, as they’d verifiably proclaim a secret field. This commonplace subtly affects property revelations. In the very purpose of interaction assertion, the related code will not associate bounce an auto-carried-out property because it does in a very category or struct. All things being equal, it announces a property that doesn’t have a default execution but ought to be allotted in any kind that executes the purpose of interaction:

A purpose of interaction will acquire from a minimum of one base point of interaction. At {the purpose|the purpose} once associate interface purpose abrogates a method dead in a very base interface point, it ought to utilize the unequivocal purpose of interaction execution linguistic structure.

At the purpose once a base kind summary contains a base category and interface points, the bottom category ought to begin things in the summary.

A class that executes some extent of interaction will expressly do people from that time of interaction. associate unambiguously allotted half can’t be gotten to through a category occasion, nevertheless simply through an associate example of the purpose of interaction. Likewise, default interface people should be gotten to through a happening of the purpose of interaction.

For a lot of knowledge concerning the unequivocal purpose of interaction execution, see Express Interface Implementation.

  • “public purpose of interaction INamed
  • }”

The extent of interface point:

  • An Interface is used to urge the utility of the category that is closing it therefore you’ll allot the thing of the category to the Interface reference. What’s additional, you’ll decide techniques from that reference. therefore simply open utility is gotten to.
  • Interfaces declared foursquare within a namespace are public or inner and, significantly like categories and structs, interfaces default to interior access. Interface people are a unit public in fact as a result of the motivation behind an interface purpose is to empower differing types to urge a category or struct.
  • This is the foremost usually asked to speak with the inquiry. This inquiry question is being asked in many web conferences. we have a tendency to see all of the concepts of points of interaction and theoretical categories.
  • Points of interaction are very sturdy. On the off likelihood that suitably utilized, interfaces provide all of the advantages as recorded beneath.
  • Interfaces allow North American nations to execute polymorphic conduct. Of course, abstract categories will likewise be utilized to execute polymorphic conduct.
  • Interfaces allow North American nations to foster just about coupled frameworks.
  • Interfaces empower deriding for higher unit testing.
  • Interfaces empowers North American nation to execute completely different category inheritance in C#.
  • Points of interaction area unit extraordinary for corporal punishment Inversion of management or Dependency Injection.
  • Interfaces empower equal application improvement.

Focuses to Remember:

Focuses to Remember

Interface will contain announcements of strategy, properties, indexers, and occasions.

Interface will exclude non-public, safeguarded, or within people. All of the people are naturally public.

A class or a struct will execute a minimum of one interface purpose definitely or expressly. Utilize public modifier whereas closing interface verifiably, tho’ don’t involve it within the event of categorical execution.

Implement interface purpose without ambiguity utilizing Interface Name Member Name.

An interface purpose will acquire a minimum of one purpose of interaction.


I’ve appreciated interpretation thereon and sharing the information! make certain to program to points of interaction and keep them focused. These key focus points can allow you to compose additional pliable, cleaner code.

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