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Introduction to C# Tutorial | Guide for Beginners

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Introduction to C#:

C# tutorial provides basic and progressed concepts of C#. Our C# The tutorial is meant for fledglings and specialists. Our C# tutorial incorporates all subjects of C# just like the principal model, management articulations, things and categories, legacy, creator, destructor, this, static, fixed, polymorphism, deliberation, abstract category, interface, namespace, exemplification, properties, indexer, clusters, strings, regex, exemption taking care of, multithreading, File IO, Collections.

C# may be a simple, current, broadly speaking helpful, object-arranged programming language created by Microsoft within its .NET drive driven by Anders Hejlsberg. This tutorial can show you basic C# programming and can likewise take you thru completely different progressed concepts connected with the C# programming language.

Hello world

In the greeting world tutorial, you’ll create the foremost basic C# program. You’ll investigate the string kind and the way to operate with text. you’ll be able to likewise utilize the means on Microsoft Learn or Jupyter on Binder.

Numbers in C#

In the Numbers in C# tutorial, you’ll discover however PCs store numbers and the way to perform computations with varied numeric types. You’ll gain proficiency with the necessities of adjusting, and the way to perform numerical computations utilizing C#. This tutorial is to boot accessible to run regionally on your machine. This tutorial expects that you’ve completed the greeting world example.

Branches and circles

The Branches and circles tutorial shows the necessities of selecting varied ways in which code execution in lightweight of the qualities is placed away in factors. You’ll get accustomed to the wacky and bolts of the management stream, that is that the premise however comes merely from deciding and deciding varied activities. This tutorial is to boot accessible to run regionally on your machine. This tutorial expects that you’ve completed the greeting world and Numbers in C# examples.

List assortment

The List assortment example provides you with a visit through the List assortment kind that stores arrangements of data.

You’ll discover a way to add and eliminate things, rummage around for things, and type the rundowns. You’ll investigate varied kinds of records. This tutorial is to boot accessible to run regionally on your machine. This tutorial expects that you’ve completed the examples recorded antecedently.

01 Linq Samples

This example needs the dotnet-attempt worldwide equipment. Once you introduce the equipment and clone the try test repo, you’ll be able to learn Language Integrated questions (LINQ) through a bunch of a hundred and one examples you’ll be able to run intuitively. you’ll be able to investigate varied ways in which questioning, work, and ever-changing data arrangements.

History of C#

History of C#

During the advancement of the .NET Framework, the category libraries were at the start composed utilizing AN overseen code compiler framework known as “Basic Managed C” (SMC). In January 1999, Anders Hejlsberg formed a group to fabricate another idiom at the time known as Cool, that meant “C-like Object-Oriented Language”. Microsoft had considered keeping the name “Cool” because the cognomen of the language, nonetheless set to not do in and of itself for name reasons. When the .NET endeavor was freely declared at the July 2000 skilled Developers Conference, the language had been renamed C#, and therefore the category libraries and ASP.NET runtime had been ported to C#.

Hejlsberg is C#’s key creator and lead designer at Microsoft and was recently engaged with the arrangement of Turbo Pascal, Embarcadero urban center (previously CodeGear urban center, Inprise urban center, and Borland Delphi), and Visual J + +. In conferences and specialized papers, he has expressed that flaws in most vital programming dialects (for example C++, Java, Delphi, and Smalltalk) drove the fundamentals of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which, thusly, drove the arrange of the C# language itself.

James goose, UN agency created the Java artificial language in 1994, and Bill Joy, a chief supporter of Sun Microsystems, the mastermind of Java, thought-about C# AN “impersonation” of Java; goose more same that “[C# is] quite Java with reliability, usefulness, and security deleted.” Klaus Kreft and Angelika Langer (writers of a C++ streams book) expressed in an exceedingly diary “Java and C# are numerous indistinguishable programming languages,” according to the entry. Exhausting reduplication that wants innovation,” “Barely anyone can guarantee that Java or C# square measure progressive programming dialects that modified however we have a tendency to compose comes,” and “C# non inheritable a large amount from Java – additionally because of the different methods around.

Since the arrival of C# a pair of.0 in November 2005, the C# and Java dialects have developed in more and more dissimilar directions, turning into 2 terribly numerous dialects. one among the principal vital takeoffs attended the enlargement of generics to the 2 dialects, with infinitely numerous executions. C# utilizes reification to present “top of the line” typical articles that may be utilized like another category, with code age performed at the class-load time. what is more, C# has intercalary some vital highlights to oblige sensible vogue programming, returning full circle within the LINQ expansions delivered with C# three.0 and its structure of lambda articulations, augmentation ways, and mysterious sorts. These components empower C# computer code engineers to utilize utilitarian programming ways, for instance, terminations, once it’s worthy to their application. The LINQ expansions and therefore the sensible imports assist engineers with alteration what proportion normal code is remembered for traditional errands like questioning an information set, parsing AN XML document, or rummaging through AN data structure, moving the accentuation onto the important program principle to help with more developing lucidness and maintainability.

The First Step

The current book on programming rudiments is merely the initial introduction building the skills of a developer. forward you had the choice to tackle all problems, this means you have got non inheritable vital data within the programming standards with C# on a basic level. you’re about to begin prime to bottom considering of programming, foster your algorithmic reasoning, and later add innovative data with reference to the C# language and therefore the .NET biological system (.NET Framework, .NET Core, Entity Framework, ASP.NET, then forth), front-end advances (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and various completely different concepts, advances and instruments for programming improvement.

If you couldn’t pay attention to all problems or a large piece of them, come and address them! Remember that turning into a developer needs an excellent deal of labor and elbow grease. This occupation isn’t such a lot for dreamy people. it’s not possible to find out about it except if you genuinely work on programming for quite a long time!

As we have a tendency to be antecedently processed, the primary and essential ability of a coder is to work out a way to compose code simply and gleefully. This can be specifically the mission of this book: to point out your ways to code. we advise you, aside from perusal the book, register for the cheap course “Programming Basics” at SoftUni, that is free from charge, in AN on-location or on-line organization of making ready.

Applications of C Sharp Programming

C Sharp writing laptop programs is broadly speaking utilized for making Desktop applications, internet applications, internet administrations, immense scope Windows applications even as making Games.

Prerequisites for learning C#

For learning C# for amateurs, it’s required to own a chunk of elementary laptop data, essential data on the Object-Oriented programming approach, and essential data on C artificial language concepts to understand C# rudiments with none downside.

Advantages of Programming in C#

Advantages of Programming in C#

There area unit several edges of programming in C#. All things thought of, the language wouldn’t be but renowned because it appears to be while not reason. Initially, the language is somewhat easy to understand once contrasted with totally different dialects in a very similar category. whereas not typically thus simple as Python or Perl, it’s an especially low expectation to soak up data, creating it ideal for fledglings or ready code engineers hoping to feature an additional language to their designer chest.

One more good thing about working out a way to code in C# is however effective the language is. As a statically composed language, C# isn’t troublesome to see and comprehend, creating it easier to trace down mistakes in code (yours or another designer’s) and comprehend the code you’re reading. It likewise makes it easy to compose code by and enormous, with reusable code being an important element of C#.

Part of that simplicity of reading associate degreed committal to writing comes from the approach that C# is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language. This makes it deeply adept, adaptable, versatile, and easy to stay up with.

One more extraordinary part of C# is its native space. There area unit a lot of engineers that utilization C# Therefore, observant facilitating or coping with any consequences relating to queries isn’t this troublesome because it is alright perhaps with a lesser language. This immense native space to boot guarantees the progress with presence – and use – of the language, thus you don’t have to be compelled to stress over it vanishing at any purpose shortly. This can be established by its never-ending positioning within the main 10 of records like TIOBE, connected antecedently.

This equivalent unimaginable native space likewise intends that there area unit tons of C# engineer responsibilities to be had. That pattern doesn’t seem to be easing back tons, however, there’s powerful opposition from the existences of Java, Python, and C.

Disadvantages of Programming in C#

Like any artificial language, C# isn’t while not its shortcomings. a lot of the problems programmers have with C# involve individual inclination, as an example, problems with it being thus smartly Object-situated. Others read C# as a touch weighty and severe as so much as committal to writing pointers and best practices, often griping of not having the choice to “stream” or be as adjustable in their commitment to writing designs as they’d like.

C# was likewise obsessed with the .NET system typically antecedently, and applications that worked with the artificial language were planned for that stage or to run in a very Windows climate. This created you a touch restricted in your market reach somehow or another and might switch bound organizations that require a lot of financially savvy arrangement, as an example, having applications that aren’t OS-subordinate. C# presently runs on macintosh and UNIX additionally, thus this can be no longer such a difficulty.

One more grumbling with regards to C# is that it tends to be delayed to stack – any progressions to your C# code can expect you to recompile, which may be somewhat of a channel.

Disadvantages of Programming in C#

The Future of the C# artificial language

While C# isn’t the foremost generally used language on earth, it partakes during a large fan base that has become dependably throughout recent years. There are unit signs that the event of the language has stalled to a point, however it’s not shown a real decrease and is the most grounded language within the .NET system weapons store.

C# information varieties

A data sort determines the kind of knowledge that a variable will store just like the number, drifting, character, and so on.

Esteem information sort

The worth data varieties unit the complete number-based and drifting point-based. C# language upholds each marked and unsigned exacting.

There area unit two styles of vital value data varieties in C# language.

1) Predefined information varieties – like whole number, Boolean, Float, and so on

2) User-characterized information varieties – like Structure, Enumerations, then forth

The memory size of knowledge varieties may modify as indicated by the thirty two or 64-digit operating framework.

Reference information sort

The reference data varieties don’t contain the real data placed away during a variable, however they contain a relation to the factors. forward the knowledge is modified by one amongst the factors, the opposite variable consequently mirrors this adjustment of great value.

Pointer information sort

The pointer in C# language could be a variable, it’s otherwise referred to as a finder or marker that focuses on a location of a value.

Main options of C#

1. Basic

Pointers area unit absent in C#.

Perilous activities, for instance, direct memory management aren’t permissible.

In C# there’s no utilization of “::” or “- >” directors.

The whole variety upsides of zero and one aren’t usually acknowledged as Boolean qualities. Boolean qualities area unit pure valid or counterfeit qualities in C# therefore not a lot of blunders of “=”operator and “=” administrator.

“==” is used for correlation activity and “=” is used for task activity.

2. Current

C# has been supported the most recent issue and is exceptionally robust and simple for building practical, adaptable, vigorous applications. C# incorporates worked in serving to to remodel any half into an online administration that may be conjured over the online from any application running on any stage.

3. Object-Oriented

C# upholds information Encapsulation, legacy, polymorphism, interfaces. (int, float, twofold) aren’t objects in java however C# has conferred structures(structs) that empower the crude sorts to become objects.

4. Typesafe

In C# we have a tendency to can’t perform parlous comes like ever-changing twofold over to a Boolean. Esteem varieties (crude sorts) are unit introduced to zeros and reference varieties (articles and classes) are declared invalid by the compiler consequently.

clusters area unit zero bases listed and area unit sure checked.

Flood of varieties is checked.

5. ability

C# incorporates native facilitation for the COM and windows primarily based applications.

Permitting confined utilization of native pointers.

Clients nevermore got to unambiguously perform the obscure and alternative COM interfacers, those components area unit underlying.

C# permits the shoppers to involve pointers as risky code squares to regulate their previous code.

Parts from VB web and alternative oversaw code dialects and squarely be used in C#.

6. flexible and updatable

.NET has conferred gatherings that area units self-portraying victimization their manifest. The manifest builds up the gathering character, adaptation, culture,advanced mark, then Congregations needn’t be registered anywhere.

To scale our application we have a tendency to erase the previous documents and update them with new ones. No recruitment of the dynamic connecting library.

Refreshing programming components area unit a blunder-inclined trip. Modifications were created to the code. will influence the present program C# support forming within the language. native facilitation for affiliation points and technique superseding empower complicated systems to be created and developed.

C# – Static category, Methods, Constructors, Fields

c# -Features

In C#static suggests that one thing that can’t be unemployed up. You can’t create an associate degree object of a static category and can’t get too static folks victimizing a piece of writing.

C# classes, factors, procedures, properties, heads, events, and constructors may be represented as static victimization the static modifier watchword.

Static category

Apply the static modifier before the category name and once the entry modifier to form a category static. The going with describes a static category with static fields and strategies.

C# Keywords

C# contains control words that have distinctive significance for the compiler. These control words are selected as “watchwords”. Watchwords can’t be utilized as associate degree symbol (name of a variable, class, interface, then forth) Watchwords in C# ar taken over beneath the attendant classes:

Modifier Keywords

Modifier watchwords are specific catchphrases that demonstrate WHO will alter varieties and sort people. Modifiers allow or keep specific items from being altered by totally different components.

Modifier watchwords







Access Modifier Keywords:

Access modifiers are applied to the presentation of the category, technique, properties, fields, and totally different people. They characterize the openness of the category and its people.

Access Modifiers Usage





Proclamation Keywords

Proclamation catchphrases are connected with the program stream.

Proclamation Keywords







Technique Parameter Keywords

These watchwords are applied to the boundaries of a method.

  • Technique Parameter Keywords
  • params
  • ref
  • out

Namespace Keywords

These watchwords are applied with namespace and connected directors.

  • Namespace Keywords
  • utilizing. administrator
  • :: administrator
  • extern nom Diamond State plume


C# may be a last, type-safe programing language, object-arranged language that empowers package engineers to apace and effectively assemble answers for the Microsoft .NET stage.

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