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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Introduction to Data Science tools.
    • 2.Top Data Science Tools.
    • 3.Features of Data Science Tools.
    • 4.Benefits of a Data Science Tools.
    • 5.Conclusion.

Introduction to Data Science tools:

Data Science emerged as one of the most famous fields of the 21st century. Companies use a Data Scientists to help them gain market information and improve products. Data scientists work as a decision makers and have a great responsibility to analyse and manage large amounts of informal and also systematic data.

Top Data Science Tools:


  • It is one of those data science tools specially designed for a mathematical operations. SAS is a closed source ID software used by a large organizations to analyze data. SAS uses basic SAS language for the modeling.
  • It is widely used by a professionals and companies that work with the reliable trading software. SAS provides more mathematical libraries and tools that as a data scientist can use to model and organize a data.
  • Although SAS is more reliable and has strong corporate support it is more expensive and is only used by a large industries. Also SAS is pale compared to the other modern open source tools.

2. Apache Spark:

  • Apache Spark or Spark is just a all-powerful analytics engine and is most widely used Data Science tool. Spark is a specially designed to manage bulk processing and streaming processing.
  • It comes with more APIs that help Data Scientists make a repetitive access to Data Learning Storage in SQL etc. It is better than a Hadoop and can do 100 times faster than a MapReduce.
  • Spark has more Machine Learning APIs that can help Data Scientists make a powerful predictions about data provided.
  • Spark performs better than the other Big Data Platforms in its ability to manage a live streaming data. This means that Spark can process the real-time data compared to a other analytics tools that process historical data only in the batches.
  • Spark offers the variety of customized APIs in Python, Java and R. But Spark’s powerful integration is a language of the Scala program based on a Java Virtual Machine and which is a naturally various platform.
  • Spark works more well in cluster management which makes it much better than a Hadoop as the latter is used for a storage only. It is this collection management system that will allows Spark to process of application at high speed.
Data Science tools

3. BigML:

  • Another frequently used data science tool is BigML. provides a fully integrated cloud-based GUI processing environment for machine learning algorithms. For the needs of the industry BigML provides cutting-edge software that makes use of cloud computing.
  • With it companies can use a machine learning algorithms for all the various parts of their company. For example it may use all of these software to predict a sales, risk analysis and brand renaming.
  • BigML focuses on a predictable modeling. It uses a different machine learning algorithms such as addition subtraction time series prediction etc.
  • BigML offers an easy-to-use web interface using Rest APIs and can create a free account or premium account based on a data needs. All interactive data display and enables to send visual charts to a mobile or IoT devices.

4. D3.js:

  • Javascript is widely used as writing language on a client side. D3.js a Javascript library lets to create interactive visualization for a web browser. With a few D3.js APIs and can use a few functions to create a powerful visibility and analyze data in the browser.
  • Another powerful feature of a D3.js is the use of animations. D3.js makes a documents powerful by allowing updates on a client side and actively using a data conversion to reflect visual effects in browser.
  • Can combine this with the CSS to create a glowing and transcendent look that will help to use a custom graphs on web pages.


  • MATLAB is the computerized multi-digit computer system for a processing mathematical information. Closed source software that delivers a matrix functions algorithmic usage and mathematical modeling of a data. MATLAB is widely used in more fields of science.
  • Using a MATLAB library can create a powerful visuals. MATLAB is also used for image processing and also signal processing.
  • This makes it versatile tool for a Data Scientists as they are able to deal with all problems from the data purification and analysis to Advanced Learning algorithms.
  • In addition MATLAB’s simple integration of a business applications and embedded systems makes it ideal Data Science tool.
  • It is also useful for a performing various tasks automatically from a data extraction to text processing for decision-making. However it suffers from a restriction of having closed source ID software.

6. Excel:

  • Probably the most widely used a data analysis tool. Microsoft has developed Excel primarily for the spreadsheets and today it is widely used in a data processing, visualization and sophisticated calculations.
  • Excel is the powerful Data Science analysis tool. Although it was traditional data analysis tool Excel still puts punch.
  • Excel comes with the various formulas, tables, filters, scanners etc. And can also create a own custom functions and formulas using Excel. Although Excel is not compiler of large amounts of data it is still a good idea to create a powerful data visibility with spreadsheets.

7. Ggplot2:

Ggplot2 is advanced R-format data for viewing package. The developers created this tool to replace a traditional R-image package and use powerful commands to create brilliant look.

Features of Data Science Tools:

Here see some options of a SAS:

1. Management.

2. Report output format.

3. Encoding algorithmic program.

4. SAS Studio.

5. Supports a differing types of information Formats.

6. Contains versatile fourth information piece of a writing language.

Here some options of an Apache Spark:

1. Apache Spark has a nice speed.

2. It additionally has an advanced analysis.

3. Apache spark additionally has period of a time streaming process.

4. Dynamic in nature.

5. It additionally has a Fault Tolerance.

Here see some options of a D3.js:

1. supported javaScript.

2. It will produce a Animated Transition.

3. It’s Open supply.

4. Are often integrated with a CSS.

5. It’s helpful for creating an interactive visuals.

D3.js Features

Here see some aspects of a Matlab:

1. It’s helpful for a deep learning.

2. Provides the straightforward integration with embedded system.

3. It’s strong library.

4. Ready to method of advanced mathematical operations.

Here see some options of an Excel:

1. Analyzing an information on a little scale it’s modern.

2. Stand out is additionally used for a hard spreadsheets and mental image.

3. Stand out tool package used for an information analysis.

4. Provides a straightforward reference to SQL.

Here see a number of options of Tableau:

1. Tableau will hold a mobile device.

2. Provides a Document API.

3. Provides a JavaScript API.

4. ETL renewal is one among the key options of a Tableau.

Here see some options of a TensorFlow:

1. TensorFlow are often Trained simply.

2. It additionally has a Future Colum.

Benefits of a Data Science Tools:

Data is an important, as is science at coding. The role of a data scientist is very important and will be more important to many direct organizations across board.Data without a science is nothing:

  • Data needs to be a read and analyzed. This calls for a need for data quality and understanding of how to read and also perform a data-driven discoveries.
  • The data will help create better customer experience.
  • Data will be applied to all the verticals.


Can conclude that information science needs a variety of tools. Data science tools are used to analyse information create aesthetic and collaborative look and create a robust guessing models using algorithms. So in this article have seen the different tools that are used to analyze Data Science and its features. And can choose the tools according to the needs and the features of the tool.

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